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@UKHSA This Autumn everyone who wants one needs access to #Novavax. We need protection from a virus that causes #BloodClots #CardiovascularProblems #AutoimmuneDisease #AirborneAutoimmuneDisease #COVID is listed on the autoimmune registry. Our children need protection!
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Time to fire Infection Promotion and Chaos team and bring in some veterinarians, mycologists, occupational hygienists, & building engineers.

A fungal - not viral - thread.

#PrecautionaryPrinciple #BringBackMasks
Asthma and the diversity of ➡️fungal spores in air⬅️…
A year-round comparison of fungal spores in indoor and outdoor air…
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1. Marburg virus infects health workers

A logical result of treating a virus that can be airborne as if it can’t.

Use WHO’s IPC: N95 w/eye protection to protect yourself. #PrecautionaryPrinciple Image
2. “Aerosol Transmission of Filoviruses”

Article comes with disclaimer that NIH including articles in their database doesn’t mean endorsement. Required reading for Ebola virus disease and Marburg, focus on pigs as hosts.

Always read the vet studies.…
3. First rename it. Otherwise how can you tell airborne Marburg from the city? Image
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Do you know that we breathe #Plastics too😱?

Today we released a new briefing analyzing the health impacts of invisible micro- and nano-plastics in the air:…

A short thread with key takeaways from the brief 🧵👇 Image
🥤Multiple sources, same origin: #Microplastics are ubiquitous in our environment, but they are mainly invisible. They can be intentionally produced or result from the fragmentation of larger plastics. They are part of the bigger #StoryOfPlastics, as they are a human creation. Image
When airborne, micro- and #Nanoplastics can travel quickly & cover great distances.

They can move thousands of kilometers in a matter of days to weeks, affecting even remote populations.
Humans can breathe airborne these #Plastics that move through the body via the bloodstream. Image
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Autopsies have previously evidenced SARS viral persistence in gastrointestinal tissues including ocular tissues. This study detected SARS RNA in ocular fluids/tissue in 61% of cases; cornea 42%, horoid/sclera 50%, lens 53%, retina 35%, optic nerve 59%.…
What new with these autopsies results?

SARS experts have long known there’s viral persistence leading to #LongCovid

The viral reservoir was always thought to produce non-viable SARS

Previously, SARS was a “temporary” 2- year viral persistence.…
Now, we are finding out there’s SARS viral persistence and replication!

Beyond epithelium cells!
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"Never ascribe to malice, that which
is adequately explained by incompetence."
- Misquoted Napolean
As we look on in horror
at the shitshow in Ohio.
What tomfoolery are we not witnessing
When reporters suddenly go missing.

AKA Hanlon's Razor:'s_…
"L'incompréhension et la paresse font peut-être plus d'erreurs dans le monde que la ruse et la méchanceté. Du moins, les deux dernières sont certainement plus rares."
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Do you ever stop and think that we only the know the 3 year time course of covid-19 infection and that beyond that is unknown territory?

Or that we don't really know how bodies full of microplastics will age?
Or wonder about the ripples if the shells of billions of tiny creatures in the ocean dissolve away?
Everywhere I look there's fragility & vulnerability (part of life) and a bleak horizon of newly created risks (doesn't have to be part of life).
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#PrecautionaryPrinciple involves complete prevention of transmission and it’s the exact opposite of #SwissCheese which is exactly why “Sit tight and assess” keeps failing us.
Swiss Cheese depends upon repeatable failure, understanding death is not repeatable failure is why gamification of Public Health measures doesn’t prevent harm.
A majority of supporters of Swiss Cheese Method (SCM) have no clue SCM original purpose was an agile rapid response to determine the cause of cancers in toxicology.…
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De huidige uitbraak van #vogelgriep is zorgelijk.

Er is gelukkig nog geen bewijs voor mogelijke mens-op-mens verspreiding en zeer beperkt bewijs voor verspreiding tussen zoogdieren.

Maar dit is wel hét moment om de #preparedness riemen aan te trekken
hoe groot de kans is op een uitbraak onder mensen, wat de route van het virus zal zijn, hoeveel slachtoffers er kunnen vallen: geen idee ⁉️
Maar volgens Ron Fouchier heeft het virus maar een handvol genetische aanpassingen nodig om #pandemic te worden
Het is daarom slim om nu na te gaan: welke lessen uit de #coronapandemie willen we dan meenemen?
We weten dat
- snel handelen in beginfase essentieel is
- er dan nog veel onzekerheid zal zijn
Welke bruikbare #communicatie lessen komen dan van pas?
@JuliavanWeert @DeMarijndebruin
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#DontLookUP and this syndemic of RSV/influenza/SARS is every indicator that society of Corporate Democracies can stare 5 million people dying and walk around the dead.
People are not motivated by equality because they don’t want to join the dying. We all have natural instincts for survival and we know that staying out of poverty is a means of not dying.
We could be at the threshold of the zombie apocalypse where a brain eating virus that requires 5 years to manifest encephalitis. But banks are still collecting mortgages so the zombies are still working and paying taxes!
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Top Canadian WHO adviser under fire after downplaying airborne threat of COVID-19

Dr. John Conly says N95 masks cause 'harms,' focus should be on physical distancing…
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This is the WHO informing nations that #XBB15 has the highest antibody resistance to prior immunity (from vaccination or infection). Anyone suggesting "boosters" to avoid infection instead of N95 grade PPE with eye protection is straight-up lying to you. @EricTopol Image
I don't personally blame Dr. Topol from constantly spewing misinformation about what the vaccines do, and what the vaccines don't do. Wait, yes I do. We never stopped working on a MERS/SARS vaccine and the greatest obstacle was always obtaining long-term immunity.
The amount of bullshit from science-denying skeptical anti-vaxxers, is justifiable bullshit because Dr. Topol is constantly misrepresenting the vaccine solution.… Image
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The obstacles for the United Nations to be an effective intergovernmental agency to achieve the goals of World Peace, Human Rights and equality on a healthy planet are not obstacles of the UN or the UN Charter.

The obstacles are individual nations seeking individual solutions.
Are you old enough to remember 2009?

Nobody who's even old enough to remember 2009 remembers the pandemic of Influenza A virus subtype H1N1, killing 250,000 worldwide.

In 2009, Public Health responsibility was not punted down to billions of individuals…
Trust in the WHO. Transparency, engagement, humility, and inclusion – of opposition voices – are what made the worldwide response to the 2009 H1N1 outbreak effective at preventing a much more virulent and deadly virus from killing MILLIONS!
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Dr. Pasteur invented process in 1862 but he purified wine! Franz von Soxhlet proposed pasteurization of milk in 1886. Pasteurization eliminated constant bovine coronavirus outbreak is how mankind doubled lifespan.

Let'er R.I.P reverses 150 yrs of science.…
The common cold (HCoV-OC43), causes more damage than we are aware.

Let’er R.I.P. population level experiment will answer important question; did Dr. Pasteur eliminate “mysterious” & “spontaneous” BCoV infections, resulting in doubling of life expectancy?…
Dr. Pasteur advance modern Germ Theory, BUT we didn’t have modern scientific observation ability to evidence exactly what caused early death AND we didn’t have Twitter to argue asinine assumption we need to build up immunity debt via hybrid eugenics.
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(1) How will states stop SARS?

We covered the problem; let's explain the solution next year to help people

These elements sustain the pandemic:

(a) Airborne transmission
(b) Immunodeficiency
(c) Lack of leadership

Walensky speaks the truth. CDC can't control (c). #SIDU 221231 ImageImage
(a) airborne spread is known and we have solutions: Check ✅

(b) immunodeficiency/#LeonardiEffect are deniable. Read @RealCheckMarker @fitterhappierAJ

It's dynamic: no solutions but (a) will work. Check ✅

(c) Unaccountable leadership is the problem. ⛔️
@RealCheckMarker @fitterhappierAJ (3) Now reframe the question

How can states stop (a) airborne spread and (b) individual and population-level immunodeficiency to end the pandemic with the tools available (WHO IHR 2005)?

What is the alternative (BATNA) if they don't?

Here the solution:

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Airborne AIDS

HIV t-cell depletion test and HIV antivirals treatment is diagnosis and treatment not being offered to long term SARS patients.

If #LongCovid talks like a duck, and #LongCovid walks like a duck, duck off denying SARS is not airborne AIDS!
The entire #MedTwitter community is arguing over itself about terminology specificity!

When the other anti-science side is inventing fucken “immunity debt” terminology to minimize and misinform!
There’s ZERO interest in funding research to support what China has already evidenced about antivirals treatment!
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I won't sugarcoat this fearmongering.

Candida auris typically infects patients with weakened immune systems. C. auris causes invasive candidiasis (fungemia) in the bloodstream impacting the CNS & multiple organs.
C. auris has attracted attention b/c of its drug resistance, earning the cool name "superbug". But, it's not supposed to infect 600 "weakened immunity" non-patients:
2022-4,616 (not including this recent outbreak)…
A gentle reminder the US/CDC abandoned the WHO's #PrecautionaryPrinciple in 2020. This is the IPC/CDC page for C. auris today, lot's of handwashing, zero isolation of vulnerable patients: Image
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What Operation Warp Speed Did, Didn't and Can't Do - Marginal REVOLUTION…
#OperationWarpSpeed, #mRNAVaccines, #PandemicResponse
Evolution 'Landscapes' Predict What's Next for COVID Virus | Quanta Magazine…
#EvolutionLandscapes, #ViralMutations, #AdaptiveValue, #COVID19
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I see that we are still slavishly worshipping at the idol of RCTs in epidemiologic science as the evidentiary warrant for public health action. I have written LOTS on the foolishness of this, its disastrous ethical & policy implications, & it's role in #ManufactureOfDoubt.

It's almost as if people have never heard of the #PrecautionaryPrinciple. If we demanded evidence of exposure-harm or intervention-benefit that flowed from RCTs to warrant public health interventions, we would have essentially NO public health action AT ALL.

2/ Even granting the presumption that RCTs are a categorically
More on this, from my 2016 paper on importance of maintaining epistemically reasonable standards for proof of harm (& benefit!) as warrant for public health action:

(The subject of the paper is COIs and lays out my arg for regarding them as ordinary epidemiologic exposures)

3/ robust as we might like. If evidence of the kind envisioned
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So in light of depravity emanating from #DrBonnieHenry at today’s presser & complete disregard for protecting lives, can we all just agree that BCPH has violated ALL ethical values & principles in @GovCanHealth #COVID19 Ethics framework now? #bcpoli 1/19…
TRUST: “Trust is essential to the success of the response to #COVID19. In the current context of uncertainty, being open, truthful & transparent in decision making & communication is essential to establishing & promoting trust.”
#firebonniehenry #bcpoli 2/19
JUSTICE:“In context of #COVID19, it means carefully considering impact of decisions & their implementation on those who have greatest needs, are esp vulnerable to injustice or are disproportionately affected by pandemic & PH response measures..”
#firebonniehenry #bcpoli 3/19
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1. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

During this #COVID I am going to create a rolling thread about key issues and articles of interest, just so as you can see the evolution toward a return to normality in 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2025; according to predictions by #Aviation!
2. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

Interesting article about #staycations and their price!!

The attitude of some UK h/makers, is I'm afraid, a common feature found in holidays abroad. I've heard many a tale about the Master vs Serf behaviour of some Brits!…
3. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

It's not done with us yet:

"...hard to anticipate what the timeline will be for the expected shift of COVID-19 to endemicity..."…
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