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We're at our wits' end with Mahindra Team's lack of follow-up. Our van has been out of commission for two months due to non-availability of parts,and its only getting worse. We've scoured every spare part shop in Noida, Delhi,and Gurgoan and even placed an order with Mahindra
Our vans are used for animal welfare projects, and we're now hiring a van daily, costing us Rs. 1000 a day. It's been a frustrating experience with Mahindra's lack of urgency, and we're disappointed that their dealership is not pushing to get this fixed
We're now wondering if opting for Mahindra Vans was the worst decision. Our van is depreciating and rusting in the local workshop. We hope that Mahindra will step up and address this issue soon
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@euro writes (vital thread) to warn us that

1/ EU regulations are not perfect but are not ‘red tape’ either. They improve the quality of our everyday lives by protecting our rights as #workers and #consumers, our #environment and #wildlife and the quality of the #food we eat.
Please, read on 2/ to get more detail on the #REUL Bill (Retained EU Law)
I personally experienced that EU decisions were all scrutinised by UK Parliamentary Committees before they became law!…
2/ These EU laws were created with the support of the governments of all the political parties when the UK was in the EU.
EU laws – that the Government now wants to dismantle – protect us in the workplace. They guarantee our paid holidays, reduce the gender pay gap and protect
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Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that a very talented artist whose work is beloved by many zoos and furries has used their influence and platform to unintentionally spread harmful misinformation. Despite the good intentions of @Elicitie, this must be corrected.
This is a position @Elicitie, I, zoos, and many animal advocates share. Indeed sexual contact between homosapiens and other taxalogical families should be consensual. The term 'zoophilia' has been superseded by 'zoosexuality' in the literature.

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Meet Delilah, one of the starved down mares we rescued with her foal, from Thursday's auction. Thanks to the loving donations of wonderful people, (& NO thanks to the kill buyer who ran the bids up obscenely high 🤬), we were able to bring this poor mare & her 3 - 4 month old-
old colt, Bodie, home to our rescue.Delilah is skin & bones everywhere but her round belly, which is clearly full of worms. We have to be very careful with deworming her so we don't kill off too many worms at once and possibly lose Delilah. We have her on a re-feeding program- Image
where we feed her many small meals of alfalfa, tifton hay and complete feed nuggets around the clock. We can't overload her body with too much food at once; her digestive tract and her organscannot handle free choice hay like all the other rescue horses here at the ranch enjoy.- Image
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🔴 BREAKING: XR Animal blocks #Viangro, Brussels' major meat processing site. We denounce the company's #GreenWashing and gov't funding of animal agriculture.
@DavidClarinval, it's high time for a transition to a resilient #PlantBased, #SustainableAgriculture‼️ Thanks to Brieux Van Elst a...
...#Viangro boasts about its progress in sustainability (e.g. new packaging) and presents itself as an #AnimalWelfare advisor, but in fact their suppliers are #FactoryFarms which sell products that are disastrous for #AnimalWelfare and the #Environment... Image
...The group's financial health has been deteriorating since 2013. Already benefiting from a 20,000 m² plot of land owned by @CityDevBrussels, the belgian government recently granted #Viangro a loan of €3m... Image
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1/ Strict new rules on the use of #antibiotics and other #antimicrobials in pigs, chickens and other #farm animals come into force today across the #EU. What do the changes mean - and are they good for animals and consumers? A thread//
2/ In 2019 alone 5m deaths were connected to #AntimicrobialResistance (#AMR), according to a recent @TheLancet report. The deadly, drug-resistant infections behind these deaths come about because of the over- and misuse of antimicrobials, which makes bacteria resistant to them
3/ When drug-resistant bugs develop in animals because of antibiotic overuse they can easily spread to humans - often through #food. For example, rates of drug-resistant #salmonella have risen - & infections mainly come from #chicken & other #poultry.…
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The Reason We Do What We Do….
This little 6 month old boy was at Kaufman Killpen all alone, scared & unhandled. When we saw him we just couldn’t look away. We knew we had to get him out of there & fast. Once we got him out of there he spent time in quarantine & has made it home.
I had the opportunity to meet this sweet boy this past weekend where he and I formed a bond of love and trust. I am humbled by the bond I formed with him. The peace and calm I felt from bonding with him was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
I walked into his pen with another member of the rescue and he handed me his lead rope. I stood there quietly waiting for him to see that all I wanted was to love him and not hurt him. I stood next to him, waiting for him to feel the love I had for him.
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Remember how we told you last week how much we hate the Slaughter Pipeline of auctions that horses are forced to endure? Horses are forced into auctions all over the country, heading south to Texas with the final destination being a trip to a kill pen or a
(*Part 1)
slaughterhouse in Mexico, if they don't bring their horse tradrr or kill buyer owner enough money at auction. They are crammed onto overloaded cattle trailers. Imagine the mini horses, foals & weanlings, getting trampled on by the big horses.....this is WHY we feel so
passionately about saving as many miniature horses, foals and weanling horses as we can from auctions. With your help, we will save the minis who are injured, have problems & who are depressed & giving up & orphans, foals & weanlings. Our newest save is an example.
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As a world-leader in #WildlifeManagement, Taronga continuously improves how we monitor #AnimalHealth & #AnimalWelfare in our zoos & our #conservation programs. This includes tackling the challenges of remotely monitoring, when we can’t have eyes & ears on the ground. #ScienceWeek Image
Observing #AnimalBehaviour & doing #AnimalHealth checks is only part of the picture. New #tech4wildlife help us identify potential welfare issues in real-time, especially for animals in remote locations, or large groups, or those where immediate up-close assessment isn't possible
Taronga scientists collect and analyse data on wild and zoo-based animals using field-based observation, video footage, #drones, and #CitizenScience. From these data we gain unique insights into both fine-scale movements of individuals, and broad behavioural states of the animals
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Do you see this poor horse? Sadly tonight, we will probably see him at the auction again.💔 He is stuck in the "slaughter pipeline," purchased by a horse trader who will continue to take him from auction to auction, exploiting him, trying to get the price he wants.😭
(*Part 1)
The first time we saw this poor boy, was at an auction over 2 months ago. He was fat and shiny and looked well cared for.❤ He did not sell, the trader wanted too much money for him.😭 Each time we see him at the auctions, his condition looks worse.😭
(*Part 2)
We would love to get him out of the pipeline of misery but we do not have $2,000 to save him.😭 This breaks our hearts seeing a once vibrant pony riding a child around in a halter, change to dull, thinner & sunburned with a chain & bar across his nose to control him💔
(*Part 3)
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Today, on day 3 of #ScienceWeek, we’re also delving into another major driver of #biodiversityloss and focus of Taronga #Science: the #illegalwildlifetrade or #IWT. Tonnes of live animals & their parts are traded illegally internationally driving many species towards #extinction Pangolin being sampled in P...
Taronga and partners are developing novel #IWT tools and technologies to curb the illegal removal of #wildlife from their natural environments, which negatively impacts individual #animalhealth, #animalwelfare, and #ecosystemresilience Dr Phoebe Meagher and Dr Ka...
#wildlife laundering might be a new term for you, but players in the #InternationalWildlifeTrade can pass off wild animals by masquerading them as captive bred. Enter Taronga’s Wildlife Forensic #Science team. #WildlifeCSI #IWT
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The Myall Lakes #Dingo Project is a collaboration between Taronga, @CES_UNSW, @UNSW_BEES, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service through @NSWDPIE, and MidCoast Council, headed up by Taronga’s @HWConflict and @PitcherBen. #MyallLakesNationalPark #ScienceWeek PC: Bobby-Jo Vial Image
Established in 2019, and funded by the Hermon Slade Foundation and Taronga, this project aims to develop and test novel #nonlethalmanagement tools for #dingoes, and to further our understanding and appreciation of this iconic but much-maligned #Australian #carnivore.
#Dingoes and other #carnivores often communicate territory ownership through #scentmarking and #howling. Sound up for this clip! It's a half-hearted howl, but lovely to hear.
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This #scienceweek we’ll also shine a light on our crucial #conservationscience partnerships and how they are underpinned by our specialist staff working across key areas including #wildlifehealth, #ecology, #animalbehavior, #animalwelfare, #reproduction, and #genetics. Image
Some fast facts about #Science at #Taronga. #scienceweek
Our multi-disciplinary, hypothesis-driven research focuses on natural & social sciences, & is structured to: (1) understand, predict & address #keythreats impacting #wildlife & their habitats, & (2) promote species’ adaptability and #ecosystemresilience.
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Today’s #AnimalTransport inquiry committee has brought forward some very interesting and worrying circumstances. Caroline Rowley from @ethicalfarmIE once again stressed, that unweaned calves are simply not fit for long distance transport and breaches of EU-law are very common 1/5
When confronted with proof of serious infringements of regulation 1/2005 during sea transport by my colleague from the left @anjahazekamp, Dr. Cristina Bungardean, Romanian General Director for Official Controls simply denied any breaches despite the clear evidence 2/5
Following my question about poor air conditioning during transport Romain Bardy, CEO of @BardyBresse openly admitted that his company has in the past transported animals in conditions above 30 degrees even though there was no way of lowering the temperatures inside the trucks 3/5
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🧵 on why you should be worried about Cummings ordering MPs to betray YOU by breaking Govt's manifesto pledge to uphold or even enhance our food, #AnimalWelfare & #Environment standards —plus why MPs should listen to you and vote for the Lords Amdts to the #AgricultureBill🚜:
Let's look at the numbers:

92% of the British Public want current farm animal welfare standards to be maintained in trade negotiations with the US and other countries.

(YouGov for #WWF, Oct 2020)

78% of the British Public think that our animal welfare standards are high.

So why would we want to lower them?

(YouGov 28Sep2020)

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MONDAY: #AgricultureBill is back in the Commons.

Most MPs are well-intentioned & #BackBritishFarming, but the truth is, unless standards are enshrined in law, there is a high probability risk farming will be undermined. .@Keir_Starmer understands this.

.@trussliz thinks it's worth undermining our food, farming, animal welfare, countryside & Enviro standards to get trade deals, but has she weighed up the trade-offs? Trade deals gains are tiny compared to losses from trashing our standards —not just £ losses.

Losses from trashing our food, farming & environmental standards are not limited to the 25-50% of British farms DEFRA expects to go bust.

There'll also be massive costs to public health (those who suffer + the #NHS) from food produced by methods banned here.

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In animal welfare science, some areas (particularly where large industries have integrated R&D culture, like dairy/eggs/meat/wool sectors) are well funded. Other human-animal interaction research (where human health outcomes integrated) gets funded too...
... However, the animal experience/welfare side is often under-researched (or absent) in favour of human health outcomes. This is disappointing, only researches half the story & risks exploitation rather than science which helps shape evidence-based best practice #animalwelfare
It's my hope that more researchers, institutes & funders will insist on #animalwelfare being robustly measured in new studies of human-animal interaction and tricky areas like wildlife management in the future. We are lucky to have support of @UFAW_1926 @AnimalWelfareRN #science
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Animal welfare is experienced at the individual level yet so many studies/decisions are based on group averages (means). This is something we need to improve on in #animalwelfare #science. Can learn a lot from human health/psych counterparts using group-based trajectories.
From the individual to the population – and back again? Emphasising the role of the individual in animal welfare science #yawscience #animals…
Animal Welfare at the Group Level: More Than the Sum of Individual Welfare? @UtrechtUni #science #yawscience…
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As well as activities like cognitive bias testing, we use choice (which one do you prefer?) & motivation (how much does this matter to you?) tests in #science to help learn what animals need / want to enjoy good #animalwelfare. Assessment uses behaviour & physiology 🖼@AllieBrosh
In my PhD I collected saliva from young Guide Dogs 🦮 to monitor stress using cortisol. This led to collaborating with @NDreschel @PENNSTATEU1 to do a meta-analysis of lots of studies who had tested salivary cortisol in dogs. Representing over 3L of dog spit 🐶💦 it was awesome!
We were able to identify significant factors that could impact cortisol results using the power of all the different studies. It was a helpful contribution for comparing studies & shaping future atudy design. Cortisol is widely used but still much to learn…
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OK! Let’s squish some #animalwelfare #science into your day! Who has heard about cognitive bias testing in animals?
Cognitive bias testing is pretty much a way of testing if animals are optimistic or pessimistic. If you are used to experiencing good things, you tend to be optimistic, if you’re used to bad stuff happening, you’re usually pessimistic🔎We use pee a lot in #animalwelfare #science! Image
If animals experience good lives, we expect them to be optimistic when tested. Tests can take different formats but usually associate a good outcome (food!) with a cue (eg high tone sound) and a comparatively neutral/unattractive outcome (eg water) with a different cue (low tone)
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I’ve been sharing canine science at @DoUBelieveInDog since 2012 with the wonderful @DogSpies. It started as a pen pal style blog and grew into an amazing, supportive community of researchers, Sci-commers and everyday doggy folk. It has led to #scicomm opportunities and been fun!
I’ve earned my #SciComm stripes through independent research, being a consumer, watching others, making mistakes, adjusting & trying again. One nice thing the pandemic offered is the chance to do a discounted Grad Cert in #SciComm @ANU_CPAS, learning from @willozap @lindyorthia
This has prompted me to think more broadly about taking #animalwelfare science and sharing it more broadly. To support a community of people to share #science, opportunities & help one another in this space and let more people know our work exists. Cue @YAWScience #scomweb2020 Image
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Dogs with flat faces (like pugs, bulldogs, etc) have been selectively bred over a relatively short time frame to have extreme features. This has resulted in much less space to try and contain the same anatomy as a dog with a regular muzzle length [image: CRUFFA @JemimaHarrison] ImageImage
The result of breeding dogs/cats/rabbits with extremely flat faces is that they can experience significant breathing, dental, eye & skin issues. The anatomy just doesn’t fit in reduced skull/muzzle. Breathlessness is a serious #animalwelfare issue, well documented & understood Image
See… @MasseyUni also… @DogsbodyRVC @RoyalVetCollege - many others. A large issue is that although we understand the problem & solution (breed selectively for longer muzzles) the problem persists #animalwelfare #science #brachcephaly
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While we are on looks, let’s talk cute animals and #kawaii 😍 Without cheating, who’d like to suggest what features we perceive as CUTE in animals? (Yep, we have scienced this) #animalwelfare #science Image
Great work from @DogSpies @DogUmwelt showed us that ‘baby schema’ of round head, large wider-spaced eyes with coloured irises & a mouth approximating a smile rang our human-sees-cute bells. Other research by @AnthroZooRG shows we perceive cute dogs to have desirable personalities Image
Interesting side note, children have been shown to perceive snarling dogs as smiling and friendly. They are terrible at reading dog behaviour cues unless we actively teach them. Most dog attacks happen to children under 7yo, often a dog known to them.
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Anthropomorphism is a great word. It describes the way we can assume that animals (or objects) have human-like qualities/feelings/behaviours, even though they might not. Image
There are some well-known examples of anthropomorphism that are animal-related... like Grumpy Cat (she wasn’t grumpy, just had a face shaped that way) #animalwelfare
Another classic example is the ‘guilty dog’ look. Excellent research by @DogUmwelt @DogSpies shows that although we can’t tell if dogs can feel guilty, the behaviour we perceived as guilt isnt shame but a learned response to our behaviour. See @sciam…
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