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Hello again and thanks for reading, this is Thursday's #RussiaUkraineWar thread.

It's Day 435 since #Russia launched its full invasion.

I am still recovering from yesterday - what a day. Relive it here:
Some breaking news, we are learning about repeated explosions in #Zaporizhzhia this morning.

S-300 anti aircraft missiles again being used by #Russia to attack civilians, but monitoring groups say one exploded just after launch, before it crossed the frontline.

It's noisy.
The weather has improved in #Ukraine. But though the ground may be drying out a little on the frontline, conditions are still incredibly tough.

Here's the only viable route for #Ukraine to/from #Khromove (then beyond to #ChasivYar)

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Welcome to your daily thread for Sunday, the final day of April.

All the news from, and about #Ukraine, in one handy place, updated throughout the day.

Lots of late news yesterday with explosions in #Russia - you can catch up here:

A quiet start to the day and I don't "pad out" the thread with inconsequential stories.

But I know a lot of people like to see the daily losses for #Russia (published by #Ukraine). But even here we see much lower numbers in the last 24 hours.

#RussiansGoHome Image
The British update outlines to a wider audience a practice which has been increasingly employed by #Russia in #Ukraine.

That's punishment of their own soldiers (please note this is the regular army. Wagner can just shoot or sledgehammer you.

#StopRussia Image
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Today marks 1 year since the Armed Forces of 🇺🇦 liberated #Kyiv region from Russia’s brutal occupation. To help rebuild lives and communities, @USAID is providing critical support to local govts and those most affected by Kremlin atrocities. THREAD:
When Putin invaded Ukraine, he planned to capture #Kyiv. His plan failed, but not before Kremlin forces committed atrocities against civilians in the nearby towns of #Bucha, #Borodyanka, and #Irpin. Amid the horror of occupation, people stood strong.
In #Bucha, @USAID provided power generators and boiler houses for kindergartens, social service centers, and the local govt to support recovery, while helping citizens access legal assistance and document Kremlin war crimes.
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It's Day 376 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread, bringing you the news, analysis and some interesting insights into what's happening on the ground. Today news of drone attacks + more..

To catch up on yesterday, click and scroll here:

Overnight #Russia released mulitple drones over #Ukraine, thought to be Iranian "Shaheed" attack UAVS.

Reports of explosions in #Dnipro turned out to be air defence according to local officials who say they shot down 4 drones.

In total Ukraine says 13 of 15 were taken down.
Today is a day of mourning for the victims of the Terrorist Attack on #Zaporizhzhia 4 days ago.

Emergency workers have finished clearing the rubble after the missile atttack on a block of flats.
13 people were killed including a baby and another child.

#RussiaIsATerroristState Image
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So, I’ve made #TokyoMarathon2023 today.

All goddamn 42 195m. However, not in #Tokyo, but from #Borodianka through #Irpin and #Bucha to #Kyiv.

Danger: long 🧵 ahead.
Why. Bcoz we have to be ready for #marathon in this war, in UZ, in our lives.

It was my 2nd marathon (1st one was @nycmarathon in 2019).

Today I had 3 goals:
1. Not to die - ✔️
2. Not to stop - ✔️
3. Run in <5h - ✔️

My result today is worse than 1st one, but I'm fine with it.
I've started training exactly one month ago. On 5th of Feb. My trainer Alexander Kuzin drafted my training plan right on the napkin. 4 weeks, 3 trainings a week.
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#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #Russia
Siège de #Chernihiv, ma ville ukrainienne d'adoption depuis 2015.
Les 1ères unités blindées russes sont arrivées en début d'ap-midi le 24/02/22 sur la rocade N-W en provenance de Gomel (Biélorussie).
La ville fut encerclée du 24/02 au 04/04 ⤵️
2) L'attitude de l'armée russe a été sans réelle surprise pour moi, qui l'ai côtoyée durant 22 mois en OPEX. Improvisation à tous les niveaux. Les soldats russes ne savaient pas le 24/02 qu'ils envahissaient l'Ukraine. On leur a dit qu'ils allaient "protéger la frontière".
3) côté ukrainien : la seule 119ème brigade territoriale du district militaire nord de #Chernihiv. Elle reçu quelques jours plus tard le renfort d'une partie de la 1ère brigade blindée venant de Brovary.
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Ich sag es mal gerade heraus. Der Film ist so krass, die Bilder teilweise so heftig, dass ich die Tränen nicht unterdrücken konnte. Ich dachte nach einem Jahr Ukraine 🇺🇦 Krieg Berichterstattung hätte ich alles gesehen. Habe ich nicht. Das Doku Team war so nah dran am Geschehen /1
wie vorher noch nie gesehen. Sie haben als „emended Film Team“ mit den 🇺🇦 Soldaten unter anderem als erste #Bucha und #Irpin betreten. — #Budanov erklärt, wie knapp es wirklich war, dass #Kyiv fällt, und wie sie es verhindert haben. #Reznikov erklärt, warum die RF 🇷🇺 die

zivilen Flughäfen nicht einnehmen konnten. #Zalushny sagt, sie hatten nur eine Chance, den RF🇷🇺 in kürzester Zeit die größt möglichen Verluste zuzuführen, die 🇺🇦 Zivilisten spielten dabei eine große Rolle. Auch ein Team von Computer- Spiel Profis. #Selenskij sagt, erst als er

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1⃣🧵🏴‍☠️ Crímenes de Bucha.
Recopilatorio de noticias y post publicados.
Los "pensadores independientes" negacionistas de Bucha.
¡Dentro hilo!
2⃣🧵🏴‍☠️ Crímenes de Bucha.
"Grabaciones del espionaje alemán demuestran que la masacre de Bucha fue premeditada" @abc_es
3⃣🧵🏴‍☠️ Crímenes de Bucha.
Reportaje de investigación: The Associated Press @AP, @frontlinepbs y @situ_research
Youtube "Escena del crimen: Bucha"
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#Meloni: "L'#Italia non intende tentennare" nella vicenda #Ucraina "e non lo farà". Image
#Meloni: "Mi ha ricordato la nascita dello Stato italiano, presidente #Zelensky: si diceva che l'Italia non esistesse, che fosse un'espressione geografica, poi è arrivato il Risorgimento italiano: è un po' quello che sta accadendo a voi oggi".
#Meloni: "Abbiamo voluto recarci a #Bucha, a #Irpin, per vedere con i nostri occhi la devastazione, la sofferenza. E per cercare di trasmettere quello che abbiamo visto con i nostri occhi ai nostri popoli".
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Welcome to the daily news thread for Day 338 of the #RussianUkrainianWar, with all the important bits, hopefully some stories you won't see elsewhere and a bit of comment too as #Ukraine continues its heroic defence of freedom and democracy.

Read on...
Awful start to yesterday, but a quiet end to the day and still calm this Friday morning so far.

If you need to catch up on Thursday's events, here's the link to the start of yesterday's thread - scroll through at your leisure.


First let's update you on the territorial situation at the front. You probably know I seldom publish or link to maps; to be frank many are guesswork and often out of date.

The British MoD has validated my previous rebuttal of #Russia's claims of gains in #Zaporizhzhia oblast
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So, now when the story with @BorisJohnson’s stylish hat became public, have to tell the whole story.

Danger: long 🧵 ahead.
The story starts in #Irpin, where @BorisJohnson was during his recent visit to Ukraine. Look how grumpy he was. And I thought that the reason could be in his hat. That’s #londonunderground hat, btw.
So when Boris visited our station shop, @Pertsovskyi_O asked @BorisJohnson whether he’d like to try a different hat. A proper one. Ukrainian Railways hat.
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Too late. I don’t care what you do. It’s been nearly year since we found r@ped 4 year old girl blindfolded and laying dead on top of her also r@ped mother in #Bucha. It’s been nearly year since we see child after child with similar trauma across country,
Those #Bucha girls held in basement for month and made pregnant, those #Irpin girls found in mass graves with multiple DNA in them. #Izium, torture chambers for children in #Kherson, #Mariupol people all gone,
Disappeared and stolen children. Mass graves. 21 concentration camps, executions, mass murder, freezing, starvation, trauma. We are suffering for year.

And you decide that #Dnipro was worth flowers? Take your flowers to hell with you. I don’t forgive you. No one does.
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So we bid farewell to 2022
A year etched into the history books as the start of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine.

This is my daily thread number 311. Updating the news concerning the war in real time 24/7 each day.

Please share, spread the word and support!
I want to say thank you to everyone who's supported me in 2022, whether it's with words of encouragement, tip-offs, donations to my fundraiser or buying me a coffee.

I have tried to answer all comments and questions (tho some don't show up from time to time) and DMs remain open.
I didn't post much on the thread yesterday evening as it was quiet and remains so for the first 4.5 hours of Saturday in #Ukraine so far.

Here's the link for the start of yesterday's thread. If you missed anything you can scroll though:

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Friday 30 December and welcome to my daily news thread for Day 310 of the #RussiaUkraineWar.

Yesterday was another difficult day for people in #Ukraine and the new days starts with #Kyiv under an air raid warning yet again.

If you missed y'day click⬇️

The air raid still active right now is due to a couple of suspected kamikaze drones in #Kyiv oblast.

The Head of the region Oleksiy Kuleba says air defence is working, but one UAV is still thought to be active as they followed the river Dnipro towards the capital.
This looks like a photo from another world.
It's #Opytne, a small village on the southern outskirts of #Bakhmut.

There's still little change on the frontline here, though #Russia may be making ground in #Soledar after repeated attacks with #Wagner convicts.

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Acá va 2da parte

📌Cuando quedó claro que la invasión sería desde el territorio de #Bielorrusia, 7 horas antes de la invasión, #Ucrania dio la orden de redesplegar sus tropas hacia el norte. Por supuesto que era demasiado tarde. Muchas tropas no llegaron
y no tuvieron tiempo de preparar posiciones. Las tropas ucranianas tuvieron que aceptar una batalla de confrontación.

📌Así, #Rusia logró tomar la iniciativa a nivel OPERATIVO. Pero a nivel TACTICO, los militares rusos, como se mencionó anteriormente, se sorprendieron
por la orden que se les dio. Ucrania se sorprendió por las acciones de Rusia a nivel operativo. Pero a nivel táctico, los militares de las Fuerzas Armadas de Ucrania estaban mucho mejor preparados, porque habían estado luchando durante ocho años. Esto decidió el resultado
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♦️Wie könnte der Volksverhetzungs-Paragraph § 130 systematisch gegen Putin-Versteher* genutzt werden?

Thread. Teil 3: Schema für Verharmlosung und Beispiele (Shoa, Chrupalla, Holodomor)

#ukraine #russland #genozid #putin #holodomor #nato #kherson #butscha #irpin #afd *w/m/d
♦️ 16 Links zu vorherigen Teilen:

Teil 1:

Teil 2:

Nochmal der neue § 130 Abs. 5 (aufgearbeitete, nicht originalgetreue Wiedergabe; vgl. Teil 2, Tweet 10):
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♦️Wie könnte der Volksverhetzungs-Paragraph § 130 systematisch gegen Putin-Versteher* genutzt werden?

Thread. Teil 2: Der neue § 130 Abs. 5 StGB / Fokus auf publizistische Fälle

#ukraine #russland #genozid #putin #holodomor #nato #kherson #butscha #irpin *w/m/d
♦️ 9
Das originale Wording von § 130 Abs. 5 StGB ist verschachtelt und verweist auf andere Gesetzestexte. Zum Zwecke der logischen Übersichtlichkeit gebe ich deswegen eine Version wieder, die zwar nicht die Originalversion ist, …
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♦️Wie könnte der Volksverhetzungsparagraph § 130 systematisch gegen Putin-Versteher* genutzt werden? Ein Thread.

Teil 1: Einleitung

#ukraine #russland #genozid #putin #holodomor #nato #kherson #butscha #irpin *w/m/d
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Key points from @RUSI_org report regarding Russian invasion of Ukraine, period Feb - Jul 2022.
1/x. Russia planned to invade Ukraine over a 10-day period and thereafter occupy the country to enable annexation by August 2022.…
3/x The plan was to murder #Ukraine executive branch (president Zelenskyi and the government) and imprison the parliament. Pro-#Russia parliamentarians would form a "Movement for #Peace".
4/x #Nuclear power plants were planned to function as secure bases, depots and command centres, to control #energy in #Ukraine and to threaten #Europe countries with pollution.
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Another beautiful and touching story is accomplished. #IronVillage in #Irpin officially closed today.

Danger: 🧵
Hoow it started. #Irpin had 7000 people whose houses were damaged or destroyed. City mayor @markushyn asked @Ukrzaliznytsia to help his people with temporary housing. And we are always happy to support such stories, even if that's not about our core business.
In 2 weeks we established 5 railway carriages for temporary housing in #Irpin. We paid pretty much attention to minor details. We wanted to give our residents a decent living space. Otherwise we wouldn’t give this village our trademark #iron label :)
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A few thoughts about 🇺🇦🇷🇺 #ceasefire #negotiations:
Like 🇷🇺's war against 🇺🇦, they did not start after 24 February 2022. They started in 2014, after 🇷🇺 had illegally annexed #Crimea and instigated a military conflict in #Donbas. 1/19

For more details 👇…
In other words: 🇺🇦🇷🇺 negotiations have already lasted 8 (!) years. They went through different stages:

1. From 2014/15 through to 2022, 🇺🇦 and 🇷🇺 negotiated about the implementation of the #MinskAgreements.
They never managed to agree on elementary status questions and the sequence of political and security-related provisions – which is why the implementation of the MA remained blocked. Negotiations took place in two formats:
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You can now support my mom's volunteer work long-term!❤️

Buy Me a Coffee –
GoFundMe –

With a brutal winter approaching, mom has continued delivering aid around Kyiv and to the frontlines.

A thread with some of her latest work👇🏼
Yesterday, she delivered a big heater to a group of women who are making camouflage nets for the military. These women work out of a building in #Irpin that was heavily shelled by Russia in spring. It's missing a few windows, and it was super cold there. Not anymore🤗
Two weeks ago, mom went to #Kharkiv to evacuate 4 dogs and deliver food parcels to the elderly
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I’ve gotten a lot of questions this week about #YevgenyPrigozhin’s public statement about his role as founder of the #WagnerGroup.The incoming is almost too much to handle so I thought I’d lay down a few thoughts here for journalists and other interested parties. 🧵 Image
1/#Prigozhin has had a kind of coming out party over the last few weeks with the buzz surrounding the release of a video showing him making a recruiting pitch to prisoners in a #Russian penal colony. The timing is, of course, curious. Image
2/We can get into the significance of the fact that the prison pictured is in the Mari El Republic in a separate thread--but suffice it to say there are a lot of stakeholders w/ overlapping interests co-located there. Image
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