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1/ Here with English subs.

I got the phone content of top German #ISIS widow Omaima Abdi.

1000s of pics show she carries gun, arms her child &marries jihadist Deso Dogg.

She returned to Hamburg &now lives as if nothing happened.

Our EXCLUSIVE @akhbar:

2/ Why story about German #ISIS widow Omaima Abdi crucial?

Normally ISIS members give interviews &mention what they want u to know. Journalists can't check anything.

But these pics from Omaima's phone give uncensored view &hard evidence into life of a top ISIS widow.

3/ This exclusive investigation into German ISIS in #Syria started months ago when we managed to obtain content of phone of ISIS widow Omaima Abdi from #Hamburg.

Content of phone consists of 36 GB, 24.634 files. Mainly pics taken by Abdi herself while in Germany &Syria.

4/ My exclusive investigation into the content of the phone of top #ISIS widow Omaima Abdi from Hamburg, Germany is 20 minutes long.

So let me break it up, go through it part by part and tell you what I learned.

5/ Also please note that we have prepared a special website with hundreds of pics from the content of Omaima Abdi's telephone.

This website will be up shortly.

6/ After obtaining content of #ISIS phone, 1st thing was to go through 24.000+ files to understand it. Took weeks.

After realizing it was about German/Tunisian ISIS widow, I thought she might have been killed in Syria.

But shocked to realize she was quietly living in Hamburg.
7/ After realizing ISIS widow Omaima Abdi survived Syria &might be living again in Germany, I went myself to Hamburg to seek answers.

Among files in her phone I found some addresses in Hamburg. At one of those address she now lives again.

Here 1st part of my report. @akhbar
8/ As twitter only allows 2.20 min per clip, here the second part of my 20 minutes investigative story on #ISIS widow Omaima Abdi in #Hamburg.

Moral of the story: when you join ISIS, never lose your phone.

9/ As you can see in this exclusive document I found on Omaima's phone, German authorities knew in March 2015 that Omaima went to Syria.

Omaima left Germany January 13th 2015. Letter dated March 10th 2015 and cancels her social benefits due to "travel abroad, (Syria)".

9/ I cannot see the question because it comes from a locked account, but this seems to be a comment by the police in South Germany regarding my story on ISIS widow Omaima Abdi in Hamburg.

"It is known to us and it is being worked on."

10/ The website is up now. Please find here pics from the content of the phone of #ISIS widow Omaima Abdi.

We chose a collection so you can easily scroll and check.

11/ The site is divided into 5 folders.

a/ Omaima in Germany until 1/2015: bit.ly/2X7nDbY
b/In Syria until 3/2015: bit.ly/2XbwHN1
c/In Syria with Deso Dogg: bit.ly/2Go7jhm
d/Downloads: bit.ly/2XcHG8U
e/Various files: bit.ly/2IkfrBF
12/ We went to Hamburg, #Germany and tried to get a comment from #ISIS widow Omaima Abdi.

So I knocked on her door, not knowing who would open. Here is the third part of the report.

13/ This is the 4th part of the story. After Omaima became aware of my presence in Hamburg, I didn't dare to return to the house.

So I called her instead. She hung up twice when I asked her about her ISIS past.

14/ Due to the enormity of the story of the tragic fire at Notre Dame, I paused last night my thread on German ISIS woman who lost phone in Syria.

I'll pick it up now again with few remaining tweets.
15/ The 5th part of my story on #ISIS widow Omaima Abdi whose mobile phone content we got.

This part is about Omaima's radicalization in Germany prior to her departure to ISIS in Syria in 2015. Begs the question of how she could easily move around & travel.
16/ With Omaima's husband Nader already in Syria, Omaima &her 3 children follow in his footsteps.

In Jan 2015 they fly to Turkey, incl a "Mahram" (Family member who accompanies Omaima). They meet Nader.

Then they move into ISIS territory in N-Syria.
17/ As Omaima Abdi, husband Nader Hadra and their children arrive in ISIS territory in Syria, their new life starts.

18/ First, life in ISIS territory in Syria seems to be going fine for Omaima.

She carries a gun at the juice bar. Daughter Firdaus attends an ISIS school in Raqqa.

But the German authorities inform Omaima she is losing her social benefits due to "departure to Syria"

19/ Omaima is then faced with a huge crisis. Her ISIS husband Nader is on the frontlines of Kobani but he stopped replying to her messages. He is killed.

ISIS pays Omaima usd 1310 as compensation. She then moves from Raqqa to Homs province.

20/ German ISIS widow Omaima adds a second ring to her finger &marries notorious German jihadist Dennis Caspert aka Deso Dogg.

The happy ISIS couple pose for pictures. And Omaima's little son has one day a pacifier in his mouth, the next day he has a pistol in his hand.

21/ In addition to spending time with Deso Dogg, Omaima Abdi works from Syria as an online ISIS propagandist.

Over Whatsapp she stays in touch with her family in Germany. The last pics from the content of the phone are from the end of 2015.

22/ One last tweet to this thread: this story wouldn't be possible without the help and work of @HaraldDoornbos. Thank you 🙏

We are packing now. Soon heading to a next destination for hopefully another revealing story.
23/ Hello all, I will provide you now with an update on the story of #OmaimaAbdi.

Please follow this thread.

24/ German party Die Linke asked questions to Hamburg senate regarding my story on #ISIS returnee #OmaimaAbdi.

The answers are in.

Got it translated.


-Omaima was not viewed as danger
-Radar-iTE assessment not used
-No further info on "preliminary investigation"
25/ For sake of accuracy, here is the original German document.

(Questions by Die Linke on my story about German ISIS returnee #OmaimaAbdi and response of Hamburg senate.)

26/ Answers by #Hamburg Senate regarding case of #ISIS returnee #OmaimaAbdi very meager.

Nevertheless interesting details:

a/ There seems to be an investigation going as Senate writes: "Senate does not provide information on any preliminary investigations in this connection."
27/ b/ Hamburg senate is at least clear in the following:

In answer to question 5, they admit that #ISIS returnee Omaima Abdi wasn't viewed as a danger upon her return from Syria.

28/ c/ Also, according to Hamburg senate (again as answer to question 5) #ISIS returnee #OmaimiAbdi wasn't assessed by RADAR-iTE, a German risk assessment tool to analyze danger posed by extremists.

Here an interesting blog post in English on RADAR-iTE:
29/ But answers of Hamburg Senate in case of #ISIS returnee #OmaimaAbdi leave lots of questions.

For instance: When German authorities judged Omaima not a danger, did they know about pics from her cell phone in which she carried gun, armed her kid, married Deso Dogg?

30/ Also this: Did German authorities know that Omaima was involved in #ISIS online propaganda and that acc to UK media MI5 wants to question her about possibility of online recruiting of UK citizens?

31/ That leads to fundamental questions.

If German authorities didn't know about Omaima, her phone &her activities in Syria, how good is their information on #ISIS returnees?

But if German authorities knew about full story, why didn't they act &at least question #OmaimaAbdi?
32/ What do u have to do in Germany to attract attention of authorities?

Pics show #ISIS returnee #OmaimaAbdi joined ISIS, carried gun, armed kid, married top ISISguy, ran ISIS propaganda accounts...

Cynically during our investigation in Hamburg we got 2x a speeding ticket! ;-)
33/ To wrap it up: The questions to Hamburg senate regarding the strange case of ISIS returnee #OmaimaAbdi were asked by German politician @CansuOezdemir.

Here Die Linke press statement. The original in German and the one I got translated into English.

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