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2.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
By @telesurenglish
The Bolivian Air Force said that a presidential helicopter that was moving to @evoespueblo had to make an emergency landing due to a mechanical failure, near Colquiria, La Paz, where the president was inaugurating a road.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo By @telesurenglish
"Brothers & sisters, today, after inaugurating the Colquiri's road, we had an accident that will be properly investigated. Thank god, the Pachamama (mother earth) & our achachilas (ancestors), we are fine & nobody was hurt...
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo By @telesurenglish
The Radio Education Network of #Bolivia (Erbol) leaked 16 audios involving opposition leaders who are calling for a coup d'etat against the government of President
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo By @telesurenglish
President Evo is participating in a massive rally in #Bolivia against right-wing destabilizations attempts. He is expected to speak live.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "#Bolivian President @evoespueblo addresses a massive rally in La Paz: We recovered democracy. Remember how interventions were, the repression, how the curfew and the martial law were lived when bullets ran free everywhere."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo .@evoespueblo: Now they propose annulling the elections, after the #Bolivian people had exercised their right to vote on October 20.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo . @evoespueblo: When they cannot win elections they invent the term fraud, but it is nothing else other than a coup d'etat. Thanks to all who are with us today [against such attempt]
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo #LIVE | #Bolivia's President @evoespueblo: "Our economy began to improve. In 2007, the opposition said, "this Indigenous is going to stay for a long time, something must be done."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "#Bolivia's President @evoespueblo: "The #Bolivian people ratified us with 67 percent. There was the people's decision. Since they couldn't that time, they tried to separate #Bolivia."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "#Bolivia's President @evoespueblo: "As they failed with separatism, they now come with the coup. We said before the Constituent that we guarantee autonomy."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "#Bolivia's President @evoespueblo: "We must know how to respect people, however, we have many differences of a social nature. I thought we had buried hatred and racism."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "#Bolivia's President @evoespueblo: "These peoples have the ethical authority to defend participatory democracy. Democracy does not end on the day of the vote but is done every day."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "#Bolivia's President @evoespueblo: "We will not go into a confrontation. We will keep our struggle peaceful. We have to defend #Bolivia calmly."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "#Bolivian President #EvoMorales insisted that allegations of alleged fraud made by the opposition are a pretext for executing a coup, he told thousands of supporters from different social movements as they gathered in the center of La Paz."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "The Radio Education Network of #Bolivia (Erbol) leaked 16 audios involving opposition leaders who are calling for a coup d’etat against the govt of President Evo Morales, a political action which would have been coordinated from the #USA embassy"
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo #Bolivia | Thousands of women are mobilizing in #Cochabamba city in support of President #EvoMorales, the rural vote and democracy.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 By @telesurenglish
"They are disabled elements with no influence on the #Army and their political calls have no impact"
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 🤬📢They follow the #CIA #Handbook in #Venezuela #HongKong #Bolivia

#Bolivia|A mob led by the right-wing opposition set fire to the #Vinto Town Hall & dragged socialist mayor #PatriciaArce down the street, where they humiliated her physically & verbally.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 #USA-backed "democratic" opposition in #Bolivia behaving as you'd expect. Today they #kidnapped a mayor from Evo's party, paraded her on the streets, cut her hair & threw paint on her. Expect zero attention from MSM
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 🗣️📢@UN @IntlCrimCourt
Via @telesurenglish
#Bolivia | Mayor #PatriciaArce was forced to walk barefoot for several kilometers while listening to sexist and racist comments.
#HumanRights #HumanRightsViolations
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 @UN @IntlCrimCourt 🗣️📢@UN @KremlinRussia_E
🗣️📢Today #Bolivia lives the attempted coup, with the script created by the #Yankees.
🤬📢The opposition is doing the same as they did in #Venezuela.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 @UN @IntlCrimCourt @KremlinRussia_E 🗣️📢@UN @KremlinRussia_E
Una alcaldesa fue víctima de una brutal agresión por parte de unos protestantes que primero quemaron el edificio municipal y luego humillaron y ultrajaron a la alcaldesa de una ciudad en #Bolivia. Bernabe López tiene la historia
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 @UN @IntlCrimCourt @KremlinRussia_E Alberto Fernández: "@evoespueblo, hizo la revolución más enorme en América Latina porque cambió la estructura económica de #Bolivia. No se lo perdonan porque al cambiarla incorporó a los sectores más postergados"
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 @UN @IntlCrimCourt @KremlinRussia_E The city of La Paz records, for the third consecutive day, incidents in the area where the headquarters of the Government of #Bolivia is located, with clashes with the police by groups of protesters, mostly young
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @timand2037 @UN @IntlCrimCourt @KremlinRussia_E "The protests that have taken place in #Bolivia for more than two weeks last Wednesday left a third deadly victim and more than 100 injured."
"#UN has strongly condemned the death of a 3rd “victim of intolerance & violence,” as well as the more than 300 people injured so far. "Nothing justifies the confrontation between #Bolivians & #Bolivians & the death of citizens is absolutely inconceivable"
"The rallies began after the opposition, & several civil movements denounced fraud in the October 20 election vote count in favor of President Evo Morales, who would give him his fourth consecutive term.
"The #Bolivian Government has requested evidence of the alleged fraud and has accused those protesting the attempted "coup d'état".
"The #UN expresses its "profound dismay & indignation" over the high levels of violence on Wednesday, sympathize with the victims' families"
"The #UN demand that the National Police, the Public Prosecution Service & the Judiciary "investigate, prosecute & punish the as soon as possible to the people responsible for these heinous crimes.”
"In addition, the #UN, it "deplores the violence and inhumane treatment" exercised against the mayor of Vinto, as well as attacks on other women, men, youth, girls and boys."
"The #UN reminds the #Bolivian authorities that it is their duty to guarantee the human rights of all #Bolivians & urges them to act pre-emptively against any act of violence."
"In addition, it urges all actors to reduce "political tensions immediately" & dismiss any violent demonstration.
The #UN makes "an inexorable call for dialogue as the only way to prevent further deaths & restore peace."
"In Cochabamba, Limbert Guzmán, 20, died in a hospital after suffering serious injuries during the clashes. He is the 3rd person who dies as a result of the uncontrollable wave of violence that has rocked the South American country since Oct20." #Bolivia
"According to the latest information, at least 35 people are injured, many of them severely injured, in this town, where both sides fought with stones, sticks & fireworks, & even students launched rockets with artisanal bazookas."
"Meanwhile, in the neighboring town of Vinto, the town hall was burned by opponents and its mayor, Patricia Arce, was dragged down the street, where it was sprayed with paint & her hair cut. The mayor was rescued by police."
Supporters and opponents of govt clash on #LaPaz streets #Bolivia
🗣️📢🚨Attention citizens of the🌎,a attempted coup is under way in #Bolivia
UAGRM pays 400 students travel, meals, lodging & lodging to protest in La Paz
Volunteers Register to Support La Paz Protests By determination of the illustrious University Council
#COMMUNICATE | The Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia denounces the attempted coup
🗣️📢@UN @KremlinRussia_E please help Bolivia
A attempted coup is ongoing in Bolivia.
@UN @KremlinRussia_E #Bolivia protests escalate as riot police fire tear gas at protesters
@UN @KremlinRussia_E "Without a single proof of fraud, Bolivian opposition is unaware of the outcome of the elections that Evo Morales won by +than 10 points & calls the police to mutiny. Coup against the govt that reduced poverty to the lowest point in the history of Bolivia"
@UN @KremlinRussia_E 🗣️📢🚨No Evidence That #Bolivian Election Results Were Affected by Irregularities or Fraud, Statistical Analysis Shows
See 🤨👇🏼
@UN @KremlinRussia_E "Statistical analysis of election returns & tally sheets from #Bolivia’s October 20 elections shows NO EVIDENCE that irregularities or fraud affected the official result that gave President Evo Morales a first-round victory"
@UN @KremlinRussia_E "Contrary to a postelection narrative that was supported, without evidence, by #OAS, statistical analysis shows that it was predictable that #Morales would obtain a first-round #win, based on the results of the first 83.85% of votes in a rapid count..."
@UN @KremlinRussia_E The new paper “What Happened in #Bolivia’s 2019 Vote Count? The Role of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission,”presents a step-by-step breakdown of what happened w/ #Bolivia’s vote counts (both the unofficial quick count, and the slower official count)..."
"...seeking to dispel confusion over the process. The report includes the results of 500 simulations that show that #Morales’s first-round victory wasn't just possible, but probable, based on the results of the initial 83.85% of votes in the quick count."
“There is simply no statistical or evidentiary basis to dispute the vote count results showing that #EvoMorales won in the first round,” CEPR Senior Policy Analyst, & coauthor of the paper, Guillaume Long said."
“In the end, the official count, which is legally binding and completely transparent, with the tally sheets available online, closely matched the rapid count results."
-Guillaume Long-
Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of #CEPR, noted that it was very unusual, & highly questionable, for the #OAS to issue a press statement questioning election results without providing any evidence for doing so."
"Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of #CEPR, noted that the OAS preliminary report on the election also provided NO EVIDENCE that anything was wrong with the vote count."
“The #OAS press statement of October 21 & its preliminary report on the #Bolivian elections raise disturbing questions about the organization’s commitment to impartial, professional, electoral observation.”
-Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of #CEPR-
“The #OAS should investigate to find out how such statements, which may have contributed to political conflict in #Bolivia, were made #without #any #evidence whatsoever.”
-Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of #CEPR-
"The paper verifies that historic voting tendencies favoring Morales in later-reporting polling areas explain why the gap between #Morales & #Mesa widened as votes were counted, ending with an official result that put Morales ahead of Mesa by 10.57 points"
"The paper also shows that the respective voting trends for #Morales & #Mesa were consistent, contrary to the OAS’s early postelection statements:"
“Neither the quick count nor the official count exhibit sudden changes in trends in the final results, and the same well-known trend, explainable by geography, is evident in both counts.”
“We encourage anyone interested in what happened in #Bolivia’s elections to do their own examination of the tally sheets and their own statistical analysis.”
-CEPR Senior Policy Analyst & coauthor of the paper, Guillaume Long-
🗣️📢🚨Bolivians wake up🚨
“The @OAS_official press statement of October 21 & its preliminary report on the #Bolivian elections raise disturbing questions about the organization’s commitment to impartial, professional, electoral observation”-@MarkWeisbrot-
🗣️📢🚨Bolivians, WAKE UP🚨
But we also need to remember that an #OAS electoral mission overturned election results in #Haiti in 2011 with no statistical or other basis for doing so.”
-Guillaume Long-
@SachaLlorenti @evoespueblo @Marco_Teruggi
@SachaLlorenti @evoespueblo @Marco_Teruggi By @21WIRE
#Bolivia: #Washington & #CIA's work is never done it seems, only now many countries are wise to the old Neocon games being played by the likes of #MarcoRubio and company...
@SachaLlorenti @evoespueblo @Marco_Teruggi
@SachaLlorenti @evoespueblo @Marco_Teruggi @21WIRE #BOLIVIA
"The #CIA snake is once again spitting its poison into #LatinAmerica.
If the majority in #Bolivia wish to preserve their democratic right to have the president & government of their choice now is the time to act & cut out the tongue of the snake"
@SachaLlorenti @evoespueblo @Marco_Teruggi @21WIRE By @agent_of_change
Brothers & sisters, our democracy is at risk due to the coup d'etat being attempted by violent groups that are threatening the constitutional order. We denounce,before the international community, this attack on the rule of law #Bolivia
@SachaLlorenti @evoespueblo @Marco_Teruggi @21WIRE @agent_of_change Via @DemoiselleOral
#Bolivia here you have Mr. Camacho(who didn't run in the recent elections) asking the Bolivian army force to help him take down Evo Morales government.

Coup d'etat.🤨👇🏼
@SachaLlorenti @evoespueblo @Marco_Teruggi @21WIRE @agent_of_change @DemoiselleOral By @telesurenglish
#Bolivia's President @evoespueblo asked people to remain calm amid racist and violent acts prompted by opposition groups that do not recognize the results of the October 20 presidential elections.
@SachaLlorenti @evoespueblo @Marco_Teruggi @21WIRE @agent_of_change @DemoiselleOral @telesurenglish "#Bolivian socialist leader #EvoMorales said that rioters pose a threat to peace & democracy as protests over allegations of vote rigging continue to rage across the country."
“Our democracy faces the risk of a coup d’etat the violent groups try to launch in order to undermine the constitutional order,” #Morales tweeted on Saturday, denouncing “this unlawful attempt in front of the international community.”
"One of the few countries that has had economic success in South America is #Bolivia.

Now they want to appropriate it to do the same as always, dictatorship, external debt, destruction of SMEs and poverty."
🗣️📢🚨Bolivians wake up🚨
🗣️📢Please read this article. It is very important to know the truth.
🗣️📢Bolivians, you do not let yourself be manipulated by the United States.
🗣️📢#EvoMorales calls a press conference for this Saturday at 1:00 pm in the hangar of the #Bolivian Air Force (FAB) in La Paz.
"President @evoespueblo denounces that the Bolivian opposition uses religion, the Bible & in the name of Christ they commit acts of aggression & violence. RACIST, against peasants, women, indigenous peoples in the end against the poor. #Bolivia "
@evoespueblo #Bolivia | El presidente Evo Morales exhortó al pueblo a defender “pacíficamente” la democracia, que -afirmó- se encuentra en riesgo por un golpe de Estado que llevan a cabo “grupos violentos”
@evoespueblo 🗣️📢They want to loot your wealth again, #Bolivia, as they did for years and years before Evo changed things. #EvoNoEstasSolo in this fight.
🗣️📢The citizens of the world accompanies you to shout these truths.
@evoespueblo 🗣️📢Alert! The Bolivian right wing is trying to overthrow President Evo Morales, despite the fact that the election was clean. The will of the #Bolivian people must be respected! #Bolivia
@evoespueblo "Our new paper presents results from statistical analysis of election returns & tally sheets from #Bolivia’s Oct 20 elections & finds no evidence that irregularities or fraud affected the official result that gave President Evo Morales a 1st-round victory"
@evoespueblo #URGENT
"A coup against the future of #Bolivia is currently underway.
#Evo you are not alone, your people and #America are with you.
Let us denounce the attacks of the coupist right that tries to snatch victory from the people."
@evoespueblo 🗣️📢‼️ I accuse the #USA govt & the #CIA of being the instigators of the attempted coup in #Bolivia ‼️
🤬📢#USA govt & the #CIA are #Liars, #Warmongers
🗣️@UN @KremlinRussia_E Help #Bolivia PLEASE🙏🏼 see the truth🤨👇🏼
@evoespueblo @UN @KremlinRussia_E 🗣️📢I accuse the #OAS, for having a issued a press statement (October 21) questioning election results without providing any evidence for doing so.
🤬📢#OAS are to blame for what is happening in #Bolivia
🤬📢 How much #USA will pay💰you for this lie😡?
@evoespueblo @UN @KremlinRussia_E President #EvoMorales from El Alto:

"I call on the dialogue to the parties that won assemblies in the last national elections, I call them to an open agenda to debate to pacify #Bolivia."
"I invite international organizations, be it the @UN or the Organization of American States, countries from any part of the world and the different churches, to accompany this dialogue."
@UN 'Elected by the people': #Bolivian President Morales refuses to step down amid protests
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