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2/“By drilling into sediment cores 100s of feet beneath Antarctica’s sea floor, scientists discovered that during previous periods of global warming—3M & 15M yrs ago—loose sediment layers formed & slipped, sending massive tsunami waves to the shores of S America, NZ & SE Asia.”
3/“Weak layers beneath 3 submarine landslides, consist of…oozes & glaciomarine diamicts. The lithological differences, from glacial to interglacial variations in biological productivity, ice proximity & circulation, caused changes in deposition preconditioning slope failure.”
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1/7 🐦 Just finished listening to an incredible #EpicenterPodcast featuring the genius minds of @sunnya97, the founder of #Osmosis, and @el33th4xor, the originator of #Avalanche. A must-listen for anyone interested in the future of #Landslide! 👂🔥
2/7 🐦 The insights shared by Sunny and Gün truly illuminate the promising potential of #Landslide, an exciting endeavor that sits at the unique intersection of their ground-breaking ventures. 🌐🚀
3/7 🐦Sunny's experience with #Osmosis and Emin's work on #Avalanche provide invaluable context for understanding how #Landslide can leverage both platforms for a transformative impact on the blockchain ecosystem. 🌉🔗
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7:40 pagi: Suasana sekitar pusat operasi mencari dan menyelamat mangsa-mangsa tragedi tanah runtuh di Father’s Organic Farm hari ini.

📹 Syed Iylia | Digital Media BERNAMA

Agensi Pengurusan Bencana Negara @mynadma membawa satu unit alat ‘Ground Penetrating Radar’ ke lokasi operasi mencari dan menyelamat bagi membantu usaha mengesan mangsa di dalam tanah menerusi refleks gelombang.

📹 Syed Iylia | Digital Media BERNAMA

📌Ground Penetrating Radar digunakan untuk kesan mangsa tanah runtuh Batang Kali yang dikhuatiri tertimbus - Pengarah Bomba Selangor

📌Tanah runtuh: Waris mangsa diminta ke Hospital Sg Buloh bantu proses pengecaman mayat - Polis

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Avui fa 40 anys d’un dels episodis d' #inundacions més importants del s.XX a Catalunya, els #aiguats de novembre de 1982, que van impulsar l’estudi dels riscos geològics a CAT. #landslide #flood 📷 de l’#esllavissada de la Coma, extreta de Corominas i Alonso, 1983. Obro fil 👇
Les conseqüències del episodi són inabastables per aquest fil de Twitter. No obstant això, destacaré alguns trets i fenòmens geològics que van ocórrer. Per més info:… 📷 La Moleta de Roní. Estat de la carretera després de la riuada de 1982. Arxiusenlinia 👇
Com deia, tal dia com avui de l’any 1982, es va produir un aiguat pel fenomen meteorològic conegut com a gota freda, principalment sobre les comarques de l’Alt Urgell, Cerdanya i Pallars Sobirà, i a la Val d’Aran i el Principat d’Andorra. 📷El Segre a Lleida. Diari Segre. 👇
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#landslide videos from South Garo Hills...
Rain is just the trigger. If you notice the trees are mostly #Plantation trees, Betel Nut... Once these hills were thickly covered with multi species trees.
But with new plantation economy, illegal coal mining, rampant boulder quarrying and topped with obsessive road making - these hills are scarred and destabilise.
Whether it is Haflong railway station or now Manipur - in the name of bringing empire of development - hills are being bulldozed through. These are not acts of God but acts of deliberate destruction
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#Brazil - #RioDeJaneiro
Death toll has risesen to 23 after heavy rainfall causes major flooding in suburb

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On Nov 15, 2021 an #AtmosphericRiver hit the #Fraser Valley and Canyon. In support of a BC Salmon Restoration Innovation Fund #BCSRIF project and with support from @HakaiInstitute, we flew the Fraser Canyon to document the #floods and #landslides that occurred. 1/18 #BCStorm
Our research examines how the size and frequency of landslides in Fraser Canyon affect river morphology, flow dynamics, #salmon migration, and their genetics. What follows are names, pictures, and coordinates of #landslide events we identified, both big and small. 2/18 #BCStorm
Wahleach Slides (49°14'10.01"N; 121°40'40.35"W). Debris flows tracks that fail every few years on East side of Fraser River near the Wahleach Hydro Plant. They cross the TMX pipeline construction. There are two major deposits on #Highway1 and many smaller failures. 3/18 #BCStorm
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1. Some are reporting #LaPalma island is being manipulated unnaturally in order to trigger a #Landslide leading to a #Tsunami. The evidence, allegedly, lies within the @LastQuake earthquake map. I have my doubts
@LastQuake 2. If you look at the Longitude and Latitude data provided by EMSC, there are two decimal points in each value, resulting in a less-granular dataset is less granular than it should be.
@LastQuake 3. This might explain why there is such uniformity. Had there been three, four, or more decimal points, the result would be a greater level of granularity. You can think of it in terms of pixilation.
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Several people feared buried as vehicles were trapped under debris of a major landslide in #HimachalPradesh's Kinnaur district
#HimachalPradesh: A landslide occurred on the Reckong Peo-Shimla highway in the Kinnaur district today.

One truck and one HRTC bus reportedly came under the rubble. Many people reported being trapped. ITBP teams rushed for rescue: Indo-Tibetan Border Police ImageImageImageImage
#Update | "Have directed police, local administration to conduct rescue operations. NDRF has also been put on alert. We have received information that one bus and a car could be have been hit; awaiting detailed information": Himachal Pradesh CM Jairam Thakur on #Kinnaur landslide
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#Turkey:At least six people have been killed and two people are missing after heavy rains hit Turkey’s northeastern Black Sea coast, triggering floods and landslides, Turkey's health minister said Thursday.
At least six people have been killed and two people are missing after heavy rains hit Turkey’s northeastern Black Sea coast, triggering floods and landslides, Turkey's health minister said Thursday.
#turkey #floods #landslide #flashfloods #floodin
At least six people have been killed and two people are missing after heavy rains hit Turkey’s northeastern Black Sea coast, triggering floods and landslides, Turkey's health minister said Thursday.
#Rize #güneysu #Turkey
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#Indonesia #Nganjuk #Java #Landslide


The death toll from landslide in Indonesia's East Java province rose to 18 after five more bodies were found on Thursday, an official said.
"Today we found five victims, one in sector B and four in sector A. From the results of the autopsy, three were males and two females, including adults and children," the East Java Search and Rescue (SAR) Agency's Head Hari Adi Purnomo said
"Due to the bad weather, the search didn't continue as the team didn't want to take any risk. In addition, land fractures were also reported at the location, making the team stop the search temporarily," he said.
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Election Fraud
THREAD 1/: Lets begin with basics. Trump is winning in MI, WI, PA, GA, NC on election night, then all stop counting. Most of these states were the first to begin counting, yet took several days to count all the votes.
2/: Early Wednesday morning both WI and MI flip to Biden around 4/5am. Both states that stated they would pause counting for the night miraculously resumed counting when most of the country is sleeping to give Biden the lead.
3/: Now remember during the night before AZ was called very early and Trump was telling AZ to keep counting while tweeting at WI and Mi to "stop the count" once Biden took the lead, but it appears after he tweeted it encouraged them to keep counting.
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#Philippines #Marikina #Manila #TyphoonVamco

Desperate families climbed onto roofs as Typhoon Vamco caused severe flooding in the Philippines on Thursday (November 12).
Footage shows the devastating scene in the Marikina area of Metro Manila where 6-foot-deep muddy torrents swamped tens of thousands of homes.
A Stranded resident said: "We had nowhere else to go so we climbed on our roofs. If we didn't do that, we would have drowned. It was so scary and most of us could not swim and we even had a baby with us."
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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#Nepal #Sindhupalchowk #Landslide

A landslide killed at least eleven people in Nepal. A further 21 missing persons were searched under the rubble in the town of Bahrabise in central Nepal, authorities said.
Torrential rain had caused a mountain to collapse, the masses of earth struck the place in the district at midnight, as Mayor Nimphunjo Sherpa announced. The landslide destroyed more than 100 houses in the village in the Sindhupalchowk district, which borders Tibet.
There have already been three major landslides there since June. "We fear more landslides because the ground has become more fragile after a major earthquake in 2015," said Sherpa.
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On this day in 1934, the inhabitants of Tafjord and Fjora, Norway🇳🇴, have been awakened by a strange sound in the night. A few minutes later, a huge tsunami wave destroyed houses and boats and killed 40 people. Most of them will never be found. ⬇️

#OTD #tsunami #landslide

The culprit ? A rock avalanche of about 3 million m3, which the scar is still visible (see orange line). The generated waves (at least three) reached an altitude of 62 m above sea level (more than two blue whales 🐋!!).

I let you see the damages by yourselves with these before and after pictures taken in Fjora. The source is a website with incredible testimonies.

Feel the vibe: "Dead cats, goats and lambs are found in the bushes" 🐈🐐🐑

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In #Tokyo's #Shibuya ward, you notice little of the threatening storm that is approaching

Until you want to get water or cash

None of the stores I visited had large water bottles (even though they bought extra stock), ATM's had people waiting

Apparently there also many stores where far more than water has been sold out

#Tokyo and surrounding areas seem to be getting ready for something serious


Weather warnings by the Japan Meteorological Agency as of 17:39 JST on Oct 11

The typhoon is not expected in Tokyo until Saturday

More information at…
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Thread on the Contentious Communication session at #GSA2019
Our 1st speaker is @honu_girl from the Geological Survey of Alabama speaking about communicating #earthquakes to the public.

“Part of being a voice for science is being yourself” - Dr. Hill
Alabama has oil shales! This alarmed the citizens, in part because of incorrect media articles.

@honu_girl corrected misinformation, held public meetings and gave the citizens agency to make their own choices.

“What does your audience need? What are their concerns?”
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#Inktober index card 1: Relative dating is a snippet of simple magic. As soon as you stop to think logically, entire landscapes unravel in eagerness to tell you their story. #sciart #geology #teaching
#Inktober index card 2: #DonnaStrickland is the 3rd woman to EVER win the #NobelPrize in #Physics for her work on chirped pulse amplification, an engineering #optics technique to create short, intense laser bursts with broad industrial & medical applications. #sciart #cansci
#Inktober index card 3: I’m #TeamIce for #MinCup2018, infatuated with this simple & elegant mineral.

Here’s my interpretation of ice from chemical composition to melt molecules to crystal hexagons. I couldn’t find my blue pens for sketching the #thinsection. Shush.

Vote ice!
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