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Many smaller or underdeveloped nations rely on international remittances for a large portion of the money that circulates in their economy.

co: @LordFusitua Image
💡Also a Fact:
Sending money from 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸 to foreign nations can be challenging b/c:

A) Banks (domestically & abroad) aren’t always accessible

B) The cost of sending $$$ reduces the funds that actually make it to recipients abroad.
The banking services that we have access to in 🇨🇦/🇺🇸 can distort our view of life for people in other countries.

Estimates say more than 1.6 Billion people globally don’t have a bank account……
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We think we always move forward with technology. Often, technology allows us to move backward to our original preferences.

We go from...

Preference ➡️ Productivity ➡️ Preference with technology

Here are some examples... but please add your ideas 👇
1. Hieroglyphs ➡️ words ➡️ emojis

2. Books ➡️ phones/computers ➡️ Kindles

3. Encyclopedias ➡️ internet ➡️ Wikipedia

4. Radio ➡️ podcasts ➡️ live podcasts (radio)

5. Instant Polaroids ➡️ cameras ➡️ instant camera phones
6. Barefoot running ➡️ running shoes ➡️ barefoot running shoes

7. Build it yourself ➡️ craftsmen ➡️ 3D printing (build it yourself)

8. Garden ➡️ factory food ➡️ organic

9. Farm (work from home)➡️ factory/office ➡️ remote work
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Bitcoin & remote work are like...

Peanut butter & jelly
Chips & salsa
Milk & cookies

...people just aren't quite aware of the paring yet.

There are 5 principles where #Bitcoin and #remotework perfectly align. Together, they'll drive the benefits of the digital age.

1. Digitally native

Remote work's breakthrough is the ability to communicate digitally. When we can communicate, we can create value over the internet.

Bitcoin's breakthrough is the ability to store and transact value digitally with out the need for paper, banks, or gold.
2. Portable

Remote work: You can bring your income, or value creation, anywhere.

Bitcoin: You can bring your money, or stored value, anywhere.
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We can think of $OHM as promissory bank notes fully backed by reserve assets in the DAO’s treasury and the DAO being like a private bank. A Comparison of Monetary Systems; Source: Messari
Why non-pegged #stablecoins when using another crypto-native #cryptocurrency like #Bitcoin or @Ethereum is possible?

The issue w/ pegging to other cryptos is price volatility. Stablecoins are mainly pegged to $USD, exposing them to US regulation & @federalreserve policy.
@OlympusDAO currently focuses on supply+ over price+, w/ the target of having $OHM function as a currency that holds purchasing power regardless of market volatility.

+There are perks for putting one’s resting capital to work in the #DeFi ecosystem to generate revenue.
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(1/n) @OlympusDAO Ω $OHM is using community-governed monetary policy to reach a lofty goal — Unpegging #DeFi from fiat currencies

How?  A DAO-governed treasury that’s expanding quickly and creating the right participation incentives to keep the gods happy. Thread 👇 Immortality113, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
(2/n) @OlympusDAO gained some traction on social media for a couple reasons:

-High APY

-@mcuban allegedly owns a small stack.…
(3/n) The DAO’s governance manages the monetary policy of @OlympusDAO and its token $OHM, which is a reserve currency backed by a treasury of assets (DAI, FRAX, OHM-DAI SLP, OHM-FRAX LP, and SUSHI rewards from the OHM-DAI SLP)
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Ayer poco tiempo después de las 21:00 hs tuvimos una suba muy grande y rápida en el precio de #Bitcoin. La idea de este breve hilo es explicar el por qué más allá de las jodas con el Mike Oscillator y la tremenda señal de compra que tiro ayer ese buen hombre
El precio paso de 34,5k a 40k en el mercado spot de casi todos los exchanges en poco tiempo pero en el marcado de futuros la suba fue aún mayor. En el caso de Binance por ejemplo, el perpetual contra USDT alcanzó 48k. Qué fue lo que paso?
No se si se acuerdan pero el 19 de Mayo de este año tuvimos una caída monstruosa e hice este hilo explicando las razones por las que yo creía que había sucedido. Bueno, lo que pasó ayer fue lo mismo pero para el otro lado
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🧵20 minutes back on #TwitterSpaces I just heard @michael_saylor saying:

1) The no.1 looser is going to be gold in front of #Bitcoin

2) Bitcoin is a bank in cyberspace.
3) Amazon, Facebook, Apple will are going to be the biggest banks in cyberspace. They all will accept Bitcoin.
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My latest piece with @BitcoinMagazine is short, sweet & at times brutal..

It's in response to an Australian EcONoMicS Professor's "Dummies Guide to Crypto".

It answers a series of misconceptions so I hope you find it useful as a FUD buster..…
2/ It’s always fascinating when experts of the old comment on the new paradigm that makes their old paradigm obsolete.

The classic meme that comes to mind is @paulkrugman's fax machine comments (not to mention his #Bitcoin ones)

It's like asking a Mechanic to do Heart surgery Image

It’s a superior form of money that does not rely on a central authority for issuance or maintenance of the ledger. It’s a money rooted in the second law of thermodynamics, that transforms energy into a fixed, incorruptible unit of account.
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The next #Bitcoin growth narrative and parabolic growth trajectory will come from a community focus on its near-infinite scaling ability as a payments and smart contract platform 1/
#Taproot and layer 2 solutions like Lightning and wrapped public chain assets (i.e. #EOS) will allow #BTC to leverage any architecture, network, or code base, making it not only the largest monetary crypto network, but the most universal in accessibility and functionality 2/
#BTC’s stable base layer and limited on-chain throughput is driving long term multi-layer solutions as opposed to incremental on-chain upgrades that only “kick the can down the road” and will never be enough for #BTC’s potential.
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Inflation is running hot. Even the Fed cannot deny that.

Now the big debate seems to be whether or not inflation is going to be transitory.

But the real question is: if prices never go down, does it really matter?

Big 🧵👇 [1/22]
The Fed is aiming for a 2% average inflation rate. But the latest June numbers are:

🟥 Core inflation +4.5%
🟥 Headline inflation +5.4%

Last time those two were so high together was 30 years ago… [2/22]
As a reminder, core inflation is calculated by removing some of the most volatile components of the CPI.

So when both core inflation and headline inflation are going parabolic together, you know there is an issue... [3/22]
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WHY does #Bitcoin RIP on weekends? A Wall Street Fraternity called Theta Delta Gamma. #crypto
A thread 👇👇👇
People love to speculate on #Bitcoin. It has made billionaires and it is wildly volatile. But if the volatility isn’t enough, you can speculate doing options. And that’s just what people do. The primary buyer of #Bitcoin options are retail investors like you and me.
Someone has to sell those options. Those are called “market makers.” Their job is to make $ by selling options to investors. When an they sell you a call, they take the other side of your bet. To make $, they try to “hedge”– to transfer off risk, by trading #bitcoin itself.
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Yesterday #Bitcoin pumped thousands of dollars within hours after weeks of sideways price action, and many might be wondering, why?

Here's a thread on derivatives, naked shorting, and $BTC accumulation

1. In a matter of hours, $BTC pumped from mid 34k up to nearly 40k on many spot exchanges, and actually hit 48k(!!!) on the BTC/USDT Perp Futures Contract on Binance.

48k? How does that even happen? Let's dig in:
2. First off, for bitcoin or more broadly crypto derivatives, you need underlying collateral to enter a margin contract.

Derivatives are used to place directional bets on price, and major dislocations in derivatives of an asset can lead to explosive moves in either direction.
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New Analysis of $BTC,
Uranus line is sitting at major selling point, so there might be a two scenarios a rejection or break if we consider actual market. You cannot know what Uranus will bring as outcome of it. (exactly) thanks to #GannToolbox and @Nasser_Humood for this view
Uranus line is orange line with dashes and solids. Every time price goes up there in bear market there were major rejections. It must be considered. #astrology #bitcoin #btc $btc #cryptocurrency
Uranus is the known planet but effects of it is still unknown by many astrologers, it might be most unknown planet in terms of prediction. Surprises as always! #astrology #bitcoin #btc $btc #cryptocurrency
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
Next 👇

#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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#Bitcoin after the Halving
Jul. 25, 2021

439 days after the 3rd halving
#BTC at $34,043

We are finishing this week with:
🟧 BTC bouncing back on the $30,000 level.
🟧 But still stuck in the 2nd longest drawdown in a post-halving market.

... (1/5)
Indeed this #Bitcoin drawdown:
🟧 Now lasted 103 days.
🟧 Bottomed at -55% from the ATH.
🟧 Has been caught in a relatively low volatility environment since then.

... (2/5)
So while it is nice to see #BTC on the uptrend for the last few days it could still take a while for a new parabolic move to develop.

Remember than the massive drawdown of 2013 lasted 200 days... (3/5)
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1/ #BITCOIN thread, monthly update
In this thread:

-Bearish on-chain signs📉
-Mixed signs
-Bullish signs📈
-My take, fwiw

Stick with me here, it’s a long one.

Let’s go!🔥🔥

2/ The general sense of these threads is to help you a bit with creating a global picture of the current state of the market.

I recieved a few hateful DM’s during the range.
Desperate people who want to play it all out the next day.

Wrong take homie.
3/ First: I’m no expert at all, DYOR and don’t take anything for granted!
Use this thread next to your own ta/fa. Nothing more.

Also, it’s not an UP ONLY thread. I may be a macro bull still, but in the past year, there were several corrections to be seen with this too.
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#bitcoin / $BTC
If you want to experience a constantly rising equity curve, you may have an edge while keeping in mind that this alone won't assure you of consistency.
What you need most is to think in terms of probability.
There is a random distribution wins and loses for what you want will define as edge. The losses are just the cost of business that allow you to be available for the winning trades.
Managing self sabotage and euphoria is important because such beliefs will negate the full potential of your edge and probabilistic mindset. Your edge and probability are your friends. Self sabotage, euphoria and fear are your enemies.
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If you have a ledger, I found an easy way to create a new #Bitcoin wallet that doesn't first have to connect to Ledger Live. (quick thread)
Your first wallet, with 12 or 24 words and no passphrase gets created. You need to connect the device to Ledger Live to get the Bitcoin "app". It is not clear if there is any data sent to Ledger at this point. To be sure of privacy, do this...
Disconnect the device, now that it has the necessary Bitcoin app.

Create a new passphrase and set it to a new pin.

Next time you log in, the device loads up the wallet with the passphrase (as long as you use the new pin). This wallet has never been exposed to Ledger Live.
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Yes the reports of protests against #Bitcoin in #ElSalvador were real. I believe 100 news reports and 10 actual protesters
Of course all the news stories made sure to only use close up photos so you couldn’t see the size of “the crowd”
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There has been lots of talk about #uniswap front end interfaces blacklisting #tokens that might be #securities. This is not an attack on #DeFi or regulation of #DeFi specifically, but instead a logical example of how existing regulation applies to legally addressable entities /1
including those that facilitate the use of #decentralized systems- in this case, legally addressable interface providers. And this isn’t new. Quietly, many front end providers are also engaged in #sanctions compliance. While laws obviously apply to legally addressable actors, /2
this does not mean that regulation has applied or will be applied directly to protocol code, at least not yet. This is b/c code itself is not legally addressable. It has its own rule-set governing its environment, & law cannot change code, although law can act on people /3
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$BTC Analysis
Case 1) TR Jupiter / Radix Venus conjunction in Pisces is temporary transit and might loose its strength until 29th July which is exact date for back into Aquarius.
Case 2) Jupiter RX into AQ might bring bull market and "crypto hype" back to masses. #astrology #btc
Lets dive into this it looks like time to revise bearish ideas because I was expecting more deep fall rather than 29K but things can change with time.
Glossary of terms
➡Radix (R) #natal placement
➡RX #retrograde motion
➡AQ #Aquarius
➡TR transiting
➡PROG progressive
Disclaimer: Astrology will never say you exact things except some cycles and transits, it is just probabilities in time/space. (imo)There are exact things that cannot be changed and there are things that you can change. All is self. This is holistic approach to Astro Logos.
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My current weekly view on #Bitcoin: potential bullish engulfing candle forming after testing the 1.618 Golden Ratio of the 2018 decline. Watch this as the weekend closes on Sunday. If proves to be a bullish engulfing, this is an indication of trend reversal
Long-term logarithmic growth line intact since March '20, potential support as we move on.
Weekly resistance level at about $39k; $30-39k being the same price range we have been in since late May.
Weekly RSI remains mildly overbought and approaching a descending resistance
(3/?) Some context: 1.618 Golden Ratio forms a support level during a mid-summer 4th wave correction in each #Bitcoin cycle.
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Events from 2021 that are building the momentum for this #Bitcoin bull run

▪️ El Salvador make #Bitcoin legal tender
▪️ 56% of #Bitcoin mining reportedly renewable
▪️ @amazon looking into cryptocurrency payments
▪️ @Twitter want to introduce #Bitcoin for variety of features
▪️ China ban mining - miners relocate looking for renewable energy - further decentralising mining
▪️ @BustaRhymes buys #Bitcoin
▪️ @SpaceX own #Bitcoin
▪️ Multiple #Bitcoin companies become Unicorns
▪️ Lightning infrastructure/nodes expanding at fastest pace to date
▪️ BlackRock buys 12% stake in MicroStrategy
▪️ Following El Salvador the following countries look to adopt #Bitcoin
✅ El Salvador 🇸🇻
✅ Paraguay 🇵🇾
✅ Panama 🇵🇦
✅ Brazil 🇧🇷
✅ Argentina 🇦🇷
✅ Nicaragua 🇳🇮
✅ Mexico 🇲🇽
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1/ Hard to soft Money: The Hyperinflation of the Roman Empire

Thousands of years before 1920s Weimar Germany 🇩🇪 hyperinflation, there was the great currency debasement of the Roman Empire 🪙 .
🧵 👇
2/ At the turn of the 2nd Century AD, the Roman Empire controlled all of Western Europe, parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Some estimate up to 65-100 million people lived under Roman rule. (Approximately 20% of the world 🌎 population) .
3/ Yet, 150 years later the Empire was near collapse. There are many factors which caused the ‘Crisis of the Third Century’ (235–284 AD).

Notably political disorders, corruption, slowing expansion, wars etc… The biggest factor IMO was the debasement of the Roman Currency 💴
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