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#Illegals are carrying diseases we have not had to worry about in 60 years: Whooping Cough, measles, mumps, Diptheria, TUBERCULOSIS, POLIO, and HIV. They also carry DENGUE fever, malaria, YELLOW FEVER, and some REALLY old ones like BUBONIC PLAGUE & Leprosy. There’s more.
2/ These children of illegals wind up in our PUBLIC SCHOOLS; making children a walking WMD.…
3/ Tuberculosis is expected to hit 50% of the population is immigration goes unchecked. The TB strain currently being brought in from HONDURAS is 60% RESISTANT TO ANTIBIOTICS. This is a national emergency. #BuildTheWall
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1. News ~ John Solomon: Top Prosecutor Has Proof Ukraine Colluded with Hillary Clinton Campaign 2016 Election Against Donald J Trump Campaign For President

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #FactsMatter #GreatAwakening
2. News ~ Nikki Haley to Headline Pro-Life Group’s National Gala…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. News ~ Dunce Rep. AOC Wants To Install Solar Panels On LaGuardia Airport As Part of Green Plan – Before She Eliminates All Air Travel…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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1/ I watched “Jezebel,” with the great Bette Davis yesterday. I had forgot it was a pre-Civil War setting featuring the Yellow Fever that occurred in New Orleans and killed over 8K in 1853. It is airborne & originated in Africa. The illegals crossing our borders today
2/ have been found carrying Yellow Fever. Our last major outbreak was in 1905. #Illegals are carrying diseases we have not seen in over 100 years, and some, like a flesh eating bacteria & an eye disease in children, our CDC cannot even identify or treat.…
3/ Others, like TYPHUS currently raging in LA, or measles & mumps in Oregon and Houston, are spread by #Illegals They also carry LEPROSY & the BUBONIC PLAGUE.…
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Yet, #Democrats - #Socialist #Commucrats - deny the #violence occurring on the #SouthernBorder!

📣 #Terrorist Cartel Boss Dismembers 16 in Six Months - NEAR #TEXAS BORDER 📣
#BuildTheWall… via @BreitbartTexas
2019 - Cannibalism inside Mexican drug cartels: Teen hitmen eat victims' hearts… via @newscomauHQ
December 2018 - GRAPHIC — Cartel Boss Found Hanging in Mexican Border State Prison via @BreitbartNews
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Mikaela BearPaw, real name Mikaela Martinez, from Bishop, California, is the daugther of Evangelist Marty and Debbie Martinez who administer the World Harvest Ministries.
Father of Mikaela Martinez, Mikaela BearPaw, is an Internationally recognized Evangelist who has promoted his faith and his family's faith for many years.…
This CD is Mikaela BearPaw, Mikaela Martinez's attempt to break into the music scene through her fahter's…
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MONGERING, and spreading #INTOLERANCE. ENOUGH! ENOUGH OF YOUR TALK OF ILLEGAL INVASION OR EQUATING ALL MUSLIMS WITH TERRORISTS. ENOUGH WATCH THE MASSACRE OF #NewZealandMosqueShooting. Some seemed to play dead, he returned to shoot them up mercilessly. He riddled them with

Every single decent media outlet, journalist should HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR WORDS!
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This is going to help the predictions of the CDC come true. Tuberculosis, mumps, Diptheria, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Pertussis, Bubonic Plague and Leprosy will all spread more quickly with tent cities is Sanctuary states.
2/ The CDC predicts a 50% tuberculosis rate if Immigration is left unchecked.…
3/ #BuildTheWall This is an INVASION. Our immigration service cannot deal with the influx. This is a HEALTH CRISES. They are also bringing in flesh eating bacteria. Diseases we have not seen in 60 yrs. THIS IS A WMD: the Cartels are sending in enough Fentanyl to kill MILLIONS.
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While homeless & Vets sleep out on streets, illegal invaders enjoy regular meals, nice warm showers & cozy beds inside at taxpayer expense! Video @OportoMelinda 🙏
Part 2. Melinda is angry, but I completely understand. It must be difficult to see this everyday and feel helpless to stop it. God Bless her for being out there alone reporting! #BuildTheWall #ImmigrationReform
Look at the resources and expenses used...police...fbi...multiple employees...public transit buses...absolutely crazy. Even crazier.. note what the marquee says on the front of the public transit bus... “Thank a Veteran!”
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While the DHS secretary testified at the House circus, there was another hearing in the Senate yesterday.
The opening statement by Mr Ballard was so powerful, one of the best arguments for the wall I have ever heard. Its about 10 minutes.
He is a former CIA agent that worked undercover at the border on sex trafficking, and is the founder of the organization Operation Underground Railroad that rescues children from sex trafficking.
The US is the #1 child porn market in the world. Because the US is where the money is, that is where the traffickers want to sell the children.
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Border Hearings on The Hill today, as Customs & Border Patrol say the system is at the Breaking Point! Yet, Democrats & some GOP RINOs oppose Border Security and are fighting the National Emergency after Congress failed to do their job!
Do your JOB, @SenateGOP & @SenateDems! @SecNielsen just testified that the US is predicted to have OVER 1 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT BORDER CROSSINGS IN 2019! IT IS A CRISIS!
LIVE: Sec. Nielsen testifies on border security before House Homeland Security Cmte.

@SecNielsen said the US is predicted, based on the current numbers, to have over 1,000,000 illegal immigrant border crossings in 2019!
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Aggregate IQ, SCL Elections, and Cambridge Analytica, launched out of the same addy as the News Corp building (same as Fox News HQ, NYC):
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Dear @RandPaul @senatemajldr @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski
1. Exactly how many people have to die from drugs smuggled across the southern border for it to be a #NationalEmergency ?
2. Exactly how many women and children have to be raped and trafficked--encouraged
2/ by section 224 of the horrible bill you just passed before it's a #NationalEmergency?
3. Exactly how many #American citizens have to be killed by #illegal #Aliens before the invasion of #Illegals is a #NationalEmergency?
4. Exactly how many Law enforcement officers have to be
3/ injured by invading #Illegals before it is a #NationalEmergency?
5. Exactly how high does our deficit need to run from the BILLIONS #illegals cost hard-working #taxpayers before it is a #NationalEmergency?
6. Who EXACTLY do you all represent? because it's not the interests
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They say #BuildTheWall.

I say the wall has already been built.

These are some figures of visa denials from US consulates around the world.

2018 numbers are out, and basically, everyone is getting denied.

This is what happens to people who do it the "right" way.
Inadmissibility grounds explained, with % increase in 2018 over 2017:

212a4: public charge (you might take a public benefit: 415%)

212a6Ci: misrepresentation (you lied: 137%)

212a6E: alien smuggling (you snuck someone in: 213%)

221g: visa refusal (generally: 134%)
I guess everyone around the world decided 2018 would be the year to try all these illegal means to do such.

A likely story.
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It's a NATIONAL EMERGENCY, Senator. We need to #BuildTheWall NOW. It is frightening that you would allow the outright invasion of our country to continue.
Listen. A country without borders IS NOT A COUNTRY. How can you possibly risk the sovereignty of our great country over PRINCIPLES? We are being INVADED, Senator. By crime, drugs & disease all on the backs of every hardworking LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN.
If you will not stand with our Commander in Chief in a time of crisis & NATIONAL EMERGENCY when will you? When it's too late to do a damn thing about it? You are no friend to any LEGAL American Citizen & certainly not to all who went thru the LEGAL PROCESS to become citizens.
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We had a great presentation from @VP Pence and his team regarding the emergency declaration and the need for additional spending to protect our southern border at today's Senate Republican lunch.

@VP In 2014, President Obama declared a humanitarian crisis at our southern border because 120,000 unaccompanied minors were apprehended.

As of today, we have already apprehended 120,000 in Fiscal Year 2019.

The problems of 2014 are only getting worse.
@VP For years I have worked across the aisle and with any willing participant to reform immigration.

During this time, I never heard any Democrat – in either the Senate or House of Representatives – say there was NOT a crisis at our southern border.
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ppl your not awake try this 1more
Time the words WE THE PEOPLE
Even #116thCongress says it but they dont get it
The three branches of government is
The people they report 2 U & not they tell U what 2 do U tell them
This is our constitutional crisis

This is war
Ask why so.many presidents call it a emergency and why nothing your president says is wrong actually you th people are wrong

If you dont take charge you deserve this

Even the Democrats keep throwing the words back in your face as of they are in charge



Or do you let them tell you the people what to do
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JustTryingToMatter @NoFacebookForMe
@SenateDems @senatemajldr @congressdotgov @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews #LauraLoomer I'm going to solve all your problems by rallying my fellow Americans into taking back control of our great land & righting the wrongs you have perpetrated on Her:
1) Mr. Schiff - You may NOT use MY portion of tax dollars for more investigations of @POTUS. You think Dem's had sit-in over guns? Hold America's beer & watch half of us sit around your House & Senate while half sit along the border. Watch farmers feed us, L.L. Bean clothe...
2) us, Lowes shelter us & Patriots protect us. Stand helpless as commerce & stock market take hits for our inactivity. You defend yourself against the banks, corporations, industries & CEO's while we sit idly by & watch You struggle for a change. This crap all of you have been...
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WE ARE THE NEWS NOW and it's a privilege
We as Patriots and Anons are more than ready to awake the still asleep
Hope soon we have our own programming station #QANON45
We get the news directly from the boss #POTUS45 and #Q at any time of the day. We don't wait at 4:00 AM BOOM=45
#QPosts for 02/20/2019
Are we still a conspiracy theory? I don't think so, and [they] know it.
When [their] attempts to silence through 'print' fail, [they] must now include in TV/video
[They] are in PANIC!
Q !!
Feb 20 2019 10:30:02 (EST)
Why put so much attention into a so-called conspiracy?
Why is it critically important for them to change your opinion or prevent you from opening your mind?

#POTUS #QAnon #FakeNewsIsDead #WakeUpAmerica
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A few wks ago new words in the wordclouds of our domestic subset of #Hamilton68 Russian sympathizer accnts appeared on the topic of abortion. President Trump has been bleeding support among evangelicals & campaigns #walkaway & #buildthewall have proved ineffective #infosec #osint
It makes sense the #GOP would go back 2 their time tested political issue of abortion. And in this case push the most emotionally charged fringe like late-term abortions. The #Hamilton68 subset focused on Russian geopolitics showed a steady uptick around the topic #infosec #osint
We also looked at another #Hamilton68 subset that focuses on US Politics and contains a high level foreign sourced accounts & saw the same thing. This subset showed a dramatic increase in terms like abortion and late-term abortion. Something we've not seen before #infosec #osint
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5) #Hussein orchestrated $ shipments 2Iran. At least $1.7bil went there. The #TreasuryDept & #DOS (Bureau of Polical-Military Affairs - which links 2the #DefenseDept -Think big #BudgetAllocations) control the flow of $, but bottom line, the #Fed secretly, or not, controls $$$. It
6) can be greatly aided in the effort with an #Executive's blessings. The Office of the Inspector General has a hand in distribution & the accounting of #ForeignAid. The #GAO (General Accounting Office) investigates $ moves.
7) orgs & then be redirected to the personal holdings of the creator/s. Another secondary shuffle is the covert placement in offshore holdings 4distribution. Activities attributed to slush funds come to mind. They move in all directions as needed. These methods are in use
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☑️You get to go to JAIL.
☑️You get to go to JAIL.
☑️You get to go to JAIL.
☑️You get to go to JAIL.
☑️You ALL get to go to JAIL. #Gitmo

☑️US paid Iran $1.3B two days after $400M cash transfer
☑️How did NK obtain Uranium?
☑️How did Iran obtain Uranium?
☑️Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran?
☑️When you are awake you can see CLEARLY…
☑️Investigation Into Missing Iraqi Cash Ended in Lebanon Bunker
☑️Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran?
☑️Money funded U1 #Iran
☑️Money funded U1 #NK
☑️Who really controls NK? #DeepState…
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In PART 1: INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW... I'll explain the #DeepState #NWO corruption @POTUS is fighting.

Please search #JQPNWO for ALL threads in this series 🔍

Or check my Moments:…
2/60-Before we begin, pls note... the #Globalist #Cabal has unlimited resources to hide their crimes. 🦹‍♂️💸🦹‍♀️

They also use disinformation to mislead & divide us. 🤹‍♂️🎭🤹‍♀️

This leads to MANY different opinions, about the #NWO's origins, methods & motives. 🤔😬😵

So... 🧐👇
3/60-Furthermore... I'm no expert on #Globalist #NWO corruption, so I won't ask you to agree w/all my theories. I'll just ask you to:

Keep an open-mind 🤔

Check the info provided 📔📽️

Do your own research 🤓

Ask yourself how many "coincidences", you're willing to accept? 🤨
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Here's a thread with my thoughts on the #Crisisattheborder and why we need to #FinishTheWall

What prompted me to do this? The mantra from the left that they do not 'beleive' there is a crisis at the border or that it is a fiction made up by President Trump
When people use words like I dont believe this, especially in today's world it calls to mind postmodernism and how there is no real truth. Truth is what I believe and it not based upon facts, but my interpretation of them.
When we cannot as a society agree on facts, it leads us down so many dangerous paths.
We cannot agree on when life begins, how many genders there are, and now we cannot even agree on the definition of the word crisis.
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