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1) #Comey is a #DeepState player.

Why did he sell Hillary out?

Comey & the #FBI of course have massive amounts of #Kompromat (компрометирующий материал) on Hillary (#FrazzleDrip) & Bill via Wiener's laptop & #Epstein's videos which they have had access to for many years ....
2) long before Epstein's brief incarceration and "death."

He was an intel asset (everyone knows this) and the #FBI and #NSA had access to many of his videos which were of course circulated throughout the IC, because so many people of power and influence have been compromised.
3) The graphic videos of pedophilia in their possession allow them to manipulate some of the wealthiest people on earth - as well as some of the most influential politicians - from dozens of countries.

That is why the #PedoIntelOp was allowed to continue for so long.
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In 2006, $50B Was Set Aside For The 'Secure Fence' Act. It Was Supposed To Be A Wall Fence 700 Miles Long.
President GW Bush Signed The Bill And Obama Was To Oversee The Project. On May 16, 2011, Obama Announced That The Fence Was Virtually Completed.
There Was Only 36.3 Miles of The 700 Mile Fence Completed When He Made The Announcement.
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🔴 #Hilo 503 - #ObamaGate

1. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al pensar que, votaron por él, #Obama quería lo mejor para todos los estadounidenses mientras estaba en el cargo.
2. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al pensar que @HillaryClinton ganó la nominación demócrata de manera justa y directa y nunca trató de socavar a #Trump Trump. #LockHerUp
3. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al no mirar a #Trump como un serio contendiente cuando anunció por primera vez su candidatura. #MAGA #TrumpTrain
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Is Texas Gov. Abbott deep state? OH YEAH!

Abbott explained what return to normal looks like. He said that things will not be completely normal again until there is a vaccine in the end, ..…
[They] controlled the major elections.
Border states very important to drug and child-trafficking.

Pence, James Baker, ??, Gov Abbott at Superbowl 2017 w/Poppy Bush.

Every state is deep.
Matthew McConaughey & Texas AG Ken Paxton team up to end human trafficking.... or maybe not.

Learn about #virtuesignaling — an important map.

Number listed: 1 (888) 373-7888
#ClintonFoundation number.

Posted by TX Attorney General, August 2018
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What if...

There exists a technology which renders the bombardment of, harmful to biological entities, frequencies/wavelengths of radiation harmless.

What if...

It were installed along side generators of said harmful radiators?

What if...
"#BuildTheWall" had multiple meanings.

What if

the real discoverer/creator/inventor was himself a #StableGenius.

What if

This #StableGenius happened to have worked discreetly with the Uncle of a current #StableGenius.

What if...
THIS #StableGenius were born

July (4)

Day (10)

Year 1856 1+8+5+6= (20)

At the stroke of midnight in the midst of an electrical storm.

What if. . .

There were no coincidences.

What if. . .
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President Trump Town Hall.

@realDonaldTrump if they come out hit me I’m going to hit back. We forgot to fight back!
.@realDonaldTrump if a Republican did what Chuck Schumer did they’d be in jail right now.
There’s a big difference between President Trump saying it was a Obama judge and Chuck Schumer threatening to justices.
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As The US Supreme Court Decides On Policies That Are Keeping The Worst Of The Worst Illegals Here To Stay For The Free Benefits... Take A Look At These 👇
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.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump rally in New Jersey.

Since the election there has been 7 million new jobs created and the unemployment is lower than any time in history.
.@realDonaldTrump under the Trump economy we are having a blue-collar boom.
.@realDonaldTrump has ended the war on energy. We are now the number one producer of oil and natural gas.
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President @realDonaldTrump rally in Milwaukee, WI.

#Soleimani what is the king of roadside bombs. There’s a great percentage of people missing arms and legs because of this son of a bitch.
President Trump says he made a mistake. He should’ve said he didn’t want a wall because they always want to do the opposite of anything he says. #BuildTheWall
We are building the wall very rapidly. Very soon it should be up to 1 mile a day and over 400 miles by the end of the year. #TrumpRallyMilwaukee
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I’m feeling too lazy to make a whole big thing about stuff I published this year but I’ll make a thread of a few 2019 threads #HappyNewYear2020
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The biggest impediment to #BuildTheWall at this point isn’t money (though more is always better!) but that the owners of the Texas land targeted for wall construction aren’t selling. Hence DHS walking back some of their more optimistic construction estimates for next year.
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1. Former CIA, Charles S. (Sam) Faddis: "The ESSENCE OF A COUP, which some might refer to as covert action, is the HIDDEN HAND."

2. BREAKING: Supreme Court CRIPPLES 2nd House Impeachment Charge Against President Trump!
~ Harvard Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Explains

#TRUMP #NEWS #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG #ImpeachmentInquiry #impeachment #ImpeachmentSham
3. Oklahoma Democrat Slammed By Voters Over Impeachment: “We’re Mad As Hell” #TRUMP #NEWS #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG #ImpeachmentInquiry #impeachment #ImpeachmentSham
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1. CNN Gets Triggered By a Supercut of Their Impeachment Coverage of President Trump, Has It REMOVED From YouTube

(But We Have It)

#TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing #FakeNews
2. Senators Sanders and Warren Could Face Arrest if They Skip Impeachment Trial… #TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing
3. President Trump Calls on CNN to Retract Fake Story That He Uses a Personal Cell Phone… #TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing #FakeNews
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It's going to be tricky to designate New Hampshire ...errr ... I mean the Drug Cartels, as terrorist organizations ...

Just sayin 🤷🏽‍♀️
Is Mike Gill still alive? #stateofcorruptionNH on youtube.

They imprison, smear, Arkancide everyone who tries to expose them.

They unleashed every asset against Mike Gill.
Judicial corruption is 100% in NH.

Most corrupt state in the Union, bar none.

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Schiff Finally Releases Transcript of Tim Morrison Testimony
— NSC Sr. Director BLOWS UP Ukrainian Hoax
— Destroys Schiff Top Witness Lt. Col. Vindman… #NEWS #StopTheCoup #ImpeachmentHearing

– Obama, Brennan & Lynch Involved in Spygate Scandal

- Explains John Brennan’s many panicked attacks against President Trump on Twitter.…

3. U.S. defense chief rejects Amazon’s accusations of bias in cloud contract… #NEWS
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A 2017 FAIR study found illegals are net consumers of taxpayer benefits $100B+/yr

Illegal workers—subsidized housing
Illegal’s children—free education
Hospitals/clinics—free urgent medical care
Pregnant illegals—free prenatal care
Illegals w/US born children—food stamps
This doesn’t include state benefits

This doesn’t include border security costs

This doesn’t include law enforcement costs

This doesn’t include court system costs

This doesnt include penal system costs
An additional one million illegals are expected this year

This does not include refugees, which receive these plus additional benefits, paid by American taxpayers
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Time to talk about Border Security ~ Let's go to the Library and visit Harold.…
#mexico #buildthewall narco #terrorism counter #terrorism
Time for a Thread! Let's delve into the issue of Securing the US Southern Border and conducting real, meaningful Counter Drug/Counter Narcotics Operations.
Last night, Tucker Carlson had a very interesting segment on border security and counter drug operations. His guest for the four-minute segment was Lt Col Doug MacGregor. MacGregor is a highly decorated, and well respected soldier.
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A United Nations Security Officer claimed that the UN took over the venue on Sunday and that it's now under UN jurisdiction.. in America folks. Democrat politicians in Utah approved this
#AmericaFirst #CitizensFirst
The event is over. The point once again is that the UN Security Officer says that when you go outside, you are in the US.... for however long, days, hours or minutes, the UN doesn't respect US laws and constitution while on US soil.
#CitizensFirst #AmericaFirst #BeSilentNoMore
I think the UN taking over Salt Palace convention center was joint test by the Liberal Democrats and the UN to see what they can get away with. I predict that we will soon reach a point where liberal agendas and ANTIFA rallies will be held under the pseudo jurisdiction of the UN.
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Because the current lack of immigration law is allowing people to enter carrying BUBONIC PLAGUE, TUBERCULOSIS, LEPROSY, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever & worse. Our disease had been ERADICATED for 60 yrs until migrants from Africa, South America, & Mexico began pouring in. Our people
2/ are not vaccinated against measles, mumps or rubella as frequently as 50 yrs ago, as a result, our children are exposed in public schools to these diseases, and take them home. A case of whooping cough could easily kill grandmothers & grandfathers. FLU, PNEUMONIA, and other
3/ airborne virus’ could kill smaller siblings. These immigrants are also taxing our infrastructure to the breaking point: border patrol, hospitals, emergency healthcare & teachers all have larger burdens they could not have PLANNED. America may be a large country, but our
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Very Important @anncoulter Segment on What Conservatives Must Focus On

"Our entire country is about to be over if we don't stop immigration. Absolute stop, deport illegals, build the wall, go after refugee frauds. Otherwise all of your Congressmen are going to be Ilhan Omar."
@AnnCoulter .@AnnCoulter: "This is the last Christian country on earth and it is being swept away by morons who will not face what the truth is."

#BuildTheWall #DeportThemAll
@AnnCoulter Highly Recommend watching the Full Interview with @AnnCoulter on the @ericmetaxas show.

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1. The border wall construction is progressing marvelously. 44,000 panels have now been installed already!

#BorderWall's happening!
2. Unable to scale the new #BorderWall & flee back to Mexico, 2 men who entered the U.S. illegally near San Diego were arrested by #BorderPatrol. Barriers give agents the time they need to respond and contain illicit activity at the immediate border. @CBP
3. Many thanks President Trump and all involved with the Great Wall! ❤️🇺🇸
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