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The surprising thing is they're surprised about #Brexit. They're as out of touch about this as they are #Covid19

Some examples

1. Don't Break Most Favoured Nation! - It's a WTO basic you can't set different terms, for that you need to be in the EU!…
1a) Even more surprising is they've agreed to this.
TLDR is they know they're fooked in a no-deal no FTA scenario, and with this, they're confirming that.

Like everything else in Johnson land, it's more deception, the wrong idea, delivered in the wrong way, by the wrong people
1b) But it gets worse. I'm not sure whether Truss is smart enough to cover her ass, but I am sure that countries will fall over themselves to challenge this - not just for spite (though that'll happen with Russia), but due to the size.


A little more than a breach
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THE @ChildCare_TO OF @NSPCC WHEN @TheDukeOfYork WAS PATRON WHEN MANY IN OUR @childrensociety IN @GREATBritain @AbusedKids WENT #Missing.

THAT IS LEAVING #PrinceAndrew AND WHEN HE WAS PATRON RIGHT OUT OF THE #IICSA ALTOGETHER WITH @GOVUK @pritipatel @Conservatives @labourpress @BorisJohnson AND THE @RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal OUR SO CALLED NEXT #KingandQueen #WilliamandKate WHO HAVE MANY #charities
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The #InDivEU panel "The EU's Differentiated Future after Brexit" is about to start! 💪

🇩🇪 @GermanyonBrexit
🇪🇺 @BrigidLaffan
🇨🇭 Frank Schimmelfennig
🇩🇪 @FundaTekin17
🇱🇮 Christian Frommelt (Moderator)
Christian Frommelt from @LieInstitut is opening proceedings on the #InDivEU #Brexit panel at #PPCBerlin - tune in before you miss our great expert contributions!

@GermanyintheEU @parleu2020de @AuswaertigesAmt @EPinDeutschland @EUinDE @GermanyDiplo @EUCouncil @MercatorDE

"While the political declaration is not legally binding, it is the best basis to achieve agreement: it is disappointing to see the British government mover away from it"

Axel Dittmann (@GermanyonBrexit) breaks down the worries surrounding the #Brexit negotiations

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4 years ago there was a political disaster, which has damaged the UK and it’s standing in the world, brought about by liars and charlatans and snake oil salesmen who pulled off a massive con. thread /1. #BrexitShambles
They have kept none of their promises. Project fear is most definitely project reality. But their con brought a massive group of us together and we turned our collective pain and anger and the attack on our lives into a European movement of epic proportions #FBPE . /2
We taught ourselves about aspects of the EU and trade that we didn’t even understand before, we learned how to network, how to form alliances. We made friends with people who we would never have had the opportunity to meet in our ordinary lives. /3
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The ultimate #Brexitshambles victory. The partly Turkish, American born, Brussels schooled prime minister waving a Dutch/French produced #bluepassport made in Poland, offering inferior travel rights to Britons whose currency has fallen in value. Bon voyage! #gladtohaveanirishone
Does #PritiPatel not realise that waiting, a lot longer, is exactly what she will be doing with a #bluepassport? I'm sure she does, but hey, that's what. #Brexitshambles koolaid does to you.
@davidschneider @PeterMannionMP @IanDunt @Otto_English @gavinesler @Bonn1eGreer @MarinaHyde @mrjamesob @terrychristian The #brexitshambles brigade can't even take back control of their passport making process without help from the Poles.
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I just find these realisations and pennies dropping extraordinarily tragic. This man didn’t think about his business when he voted leave. It just shows that people were truly taken in by the cherry picking arguments from leave. #brexit /Thread

They were made to believe they could have everything, that nothing would change, that we could still continue enjoying the full effects on business of the SM and CU and FOM whilst not having to accept the costs or reciprocal responsibilities of the four freedoms.
In truth the government will have to try and mitigate the effects on thousands of businesses but I can’t see how they can do that without slashing standards and regulations and the regulations won’t be what you think, they will be those related to workers rights etc.
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The Daily Mail have systematically hunted Meghan and Harry down like Diana over a number of years. Now they claim H&M to be "traitors" for being hunted and choosing a different path for themselves ... cont'd

@DailyMailUK @MailOnline @AlisonKMurray @carolJhedges @RachelAshleyVox
Cont'd ...

The Mail's treatment of Meghan and Harry is the same behaviours that tabloids apply to Remainers, Judges etc.

They invested 17 pages of hate in their pursuit of H&M today because they chose a different pathway for their exit instead of a tunnel of love ...

Sorry seems to be the hardest word for Mail readers. It seems to me that they live their lives like candles in the wind ...

Meanwhile, #WWIII, #ClimateCrisis, #BrexitShambles get no coverage due to the #gaslighting of our gutter press ...

@EUflagmafia @velvetsilk
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.@toryboypierce just declared on his @LBC show that busineses, not civil servants, are the only ones with real experience negotiating trade deals. Nope Andrew: business lobbies governments, govt 'civil servants' do the negotiating
We're leaving in 1 month, media: read up on it
@toryboypierce @LBC One @LBC caller, Simon (.@toryboypierce agreeing) just said we all need to buy 'the power of positive thinking' for Christmas to change how we see Brexit.
Given how little our govt & media seem to know about EU & global trade, I'd recommend this instead…
@toryboypierce @LBC .@LBC now debating whether or not Big Ben will 'chime' on 'Brexit Day'.
I go to France for one week and come back to this.
#BrexitShambles #NotMyPM
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SIGNIFICANT - Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament, Dominic Grieve, who is aware of the contents of a report assessing the security threat posed by Russia to the UK's electoral events, has today accused Boris Johnson of preventing its publication...
Opposition MPs don't appear to want to let this go, Barry Sheerman has another bite of the cherry whilst Seema Malhotra raises a concern which Dominic Grieve addresses...
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Please share with friends, family, democratic leavers

Everything you've been told about #Brexit is a lie.

It is not the will of the people, and it is your duty as a citizen to oppose and reject it
So we can build NHS, schools, our future.
There are hysterical myths that fly around Brexit.

You prefer the facts.

Bookmark this thread. Use it as a resource. Share the evidence.

Help urgently with the message we must oppose the cries of "will of the people". Their last "argument".

Let's look at the Brexit Tyrannies
Tyranny 1. The Brexits.

Whatever Brexit was in 2016, it's now unrecognisable. #FBPE

None of the 2016 promises delivered. None of the consequences has consent.

This evidence? We can compare all the 2016 promises against the deals. Detail in the thread.

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So, there is #BrexitShambles #SudanUprising #Barcelonariots #Trump2020 #KurdsGenocide #abortionrightsNI and a whole lot more of dreadfulness. But GC feminists are ‘really angry’ that one brand of sanitary towels will no longer have a teeny purple sign 🤔
GC feminists, fear not, Ive found your little purple thing. It’s here, in Madrid! Image
Damn, I tried to get it but some bloody bloke got there first. Image
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Good evening from Madrid Image
Escaping #BrexitShambles Image
Meet my new bezzie Image
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On the 19th October 2019 we travelled from Cheshire on trains coaches and automobiles for a #PeopleVoteMarch to demand a chance to have a say on this #brexitshambles which threatens our jobs, our families, our rights and freedoms /thread

We had a little song song on the way to pass the time on the road #singingtoremain
We assembled before joining the march. As we walked through the streets of our capital city we were cheered and smiled at and given the thumbs up. #FinalSay
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My hot take for who the #caretakerprimeminister should be: @theresa_may
... Bear with me.

#brexitshambles #toryconference #rebelalliance
@theresa_may Reason 1/5: She won't want it. That makes her perfect. Been there, done that, hated it. No chance of her trying to make a power grab. Keeps things neutral for the election.
@theresa_may Reason 2/5: No-one will want her to do it. She is universally hated We're never going to find someone everyone wants; why not someone no-one wants? Equality, innit?
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12. The I can't make it any easier than this FFS why Brexit makes bugger all economic sense. Thread⬇️

13. *Bots - Unlucky for Some.*
This is not a fashionable issue, but honestly, I personally worry about it more than most other things. It could win or lose more than a bit of CA interference

If you can help, please get in touch.
or just RT :).

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More chalked comments seen in a Northern city. Has the #GraffitiGranny of #Wakefield inspired Chalksy of Lancaster?

"Let's bin Brexit"

#Chalksy #LancasterChalksy #RebelAlliance #JustMakeItStop
2) Spotted tonight on my way home:

"Brexit is building walls not bridges"

#LancasterChalksy #StopTheCoup
#MoreInCommon #HeartsNotHate
3) Another message seen on some steps near the river:

"Brexit is wrong on so many levels"

#LancasterChalksy #StopBrexit JustMakeItStop #BrexitShambles
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[Thread] Evening to those following #BrexitShambles. In part 2 of my @BorisJohnson Tweet Analysis (I absolutely refuse to use the term 'deep dive'), I have analysed approximately 900,000 of Bojo's Twitter followers. Why you ask? Well who knows what you may find... #HouseOfCommons
@BorisJohnson Of the 900,000 followers analysed (he has around a million), around 53,000 joined Twitter in July and August 2019. That's around 6%. You can see a clear spike at that time on the graph, well above the average no. created per month, and one standard deviation. What does this mean?
@BorisJohnson Remember, the graph shows when people JOINED Twitter, not FOLLOWED Boris Johnson. If this was a sample of Tweets in a hashtag, it would be highly likely that most of these accounts are fake followers or bot accounts, designed in this case to boost Bojo's follower base, and ego
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Watch the former head of the WTO, sat next to Andrea Leadsom back in 2016, perfectly predict our current situation, 3 years down the line. Amazing.

#brexit #BrexitShambles #BorisJohnson #EUelections2019 #RemainSurge #RemainerNow #RevokeArticle50 @mrjamesob #TrumpVisitUK
Potentially the next PM of this country everyone:
Here's a brilliant graphic which visualises the different trade relations the EU has with various countries
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#MayForceOne out from Berlin

Next stop for @theresa_may - Paris

🇬🇧 Royal Air Force
BAe 146
ZE700 KRF59
#MayForceOne heading back to London from Paris

🇬🇧 Royal Air Force
BAe 146
ZE700 KRF59

#BrexitForceOne #BrexitChaos #BrexitShambles #TheresaMay #Brexit
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Have you read how the Lisbon Treaty will force the UK to adopt the Euro and join the Schengen Area?


(Spoiler - it's a load of codswallop. Read on and debunk the myths yourself.)

#Brexit #LisbonTreaty #BrexitShambles #BrexitLies #PeoplesVote

@mrjamesob @campbellclaret
You've probably seen one of the attached during your journey through social media. The Lisbon Treaty outlines plenty of changes happening in 2020 and 2022, right? Wrong.

'Why should I believe a remoaner?', you ask. You don't have to. Debunk the myths yourself.
1. Open up the Treaty -… (web) or… (PDF)
2. Ctrl+F
3. Search '2020' - no matches will be found
4. Search '2022' - no matches will be found
5. Pat yourself on the back, you've debunked the myths. The Treaty contains no such changes.
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HoC Brexit indicative votes: FOR-AGAINST

160-400 No Deal
188-283 Common Market 2.0
65-377 EFTA & EEA
264-272 Customs Union
237-307 Labour's 'plan'
184-293 Revoke A50
268-295 Public vote
139-422 WTO terms
Theresa May's deal has - on both attempts - secured significantly less support than a #PeoplesVote achieved tonight.

But the Government groundhog day rhetoric continues...

The public deserves better than this #BrexitShambles - we should #PutItToThePeople Handwritten tallies of votes for different options
Let's just analyse those figures.

#PeoplesVote secured the biggest vote in favour - 268 votes

Obviously I'm not a fan of first past the post, but it did beat all the other options.

In an ironic twist, the vote share on this was 48% - 52%...

#ExitFromBrexit #BrexitShambles
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My thoughts on #PutitothePeopleMarch
Thread #fbpe
Sincerity? Why did so many people go to London yesterday to stand and shuffle a couple of short miles over a period of 5 hours? Sincerity drove us there in coaches and cars and trains and planes.
Only a sincerely held belief can draw over a million, probably 2 million ordinary citizens from across the UK and make the statement they made to political leaders and self serving political gamers and operators.
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1. Neither I nor #Remain millions R Extremists but #Brexit's marginalised the Centre to the point we've become extreme
Extremely Angry
Extremely Politicised
Extremely Determined

Govt/Opposition/#Brexiters/#Lexiters thought we'd just Suck It Up, Get Over It, Move On.

2. We no longer see Tories or Labour, PM or Corbyn as the only alternative to each other. That's a false conceit you want us to swallow. Tactical voting & social media played out in GE2017. #Brexit is toxic & will continue to be if U don't #RevokeA50. A plague on both your houses
3. This is an Existential & Generational Crisis sucking the life & soul out of our Country..there is No Good..No Viable #Brexit nor #Lexit..both = #BrexitShambles
Both Remove Rights w/o Consent & leave us Worse Off.
There is NO COMPROMISE between IN or OUT beyond the one we have.
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