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Dünya ABD borsalarında ki düşüşle Kriptolarda ki, silkelemeleri konuşuyor.

Savaş kaynaklı Avrupa para birimi Eur değer kaybediyor, ama; Dax düşmüyor..
Nasıl senaryo ama !!
Adamların para birimi, gün geçtikçe değer kaybediyor ama, borsaları düşmüyor.

Bu küreselciler aşırı zekiler.
#DAX Haftalık

Koca hafta ABD negatif, savaş kaynaklı EUR pert kriptolar pert, ama; bir bakıyoruz Avrupa'nın koca borsasının Haftalık mumu hala yeşil..

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#PowerBI is an awesome tool and we tend to see many beautiful and colorful dashboards there.

However, sometimes they get too complicated and not as effective as they could be. 😖

In our most viewed webinar so far, Andrej @lapajne, CEO&Founder of Zebra BI, shared some of #DAX modeling best practices and tricks with the goal to help you speed up the creation of your dashboards in reports and make them easier to maintain:
@lapajne 💥 If you need some tips on how to
- create calendar dimensions,
- add new columns,
- build a dashboard, and
- how to build the MTD/YTD switch and the KPI switch (slicer), you'll find the answers in this #PowerBI webinar:
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👉 "El sector defensivo, también se ve arrastrado por el mercado" Image
1⃣ Análisis de índices y sectores
👉 MSCI World
En velas mensuales, podemos ver como la caída que estamos viviendo actualmente no queda ni cerca de la línea de tendencia donde ha habido otros rebotes.
En semanal, vemos un canal bajista y un soporte que parece que puede perder. ImageImage
👉 #DAX
Cierra el gap de la apertura semanal y vemos gran volumen.
Es normal, estábamos muy sobrevendidos.
Vigilaría la tendencia bajista como posible zona para averiguar si esto se trata de otro rebote "muerto" o algo más. Image
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Precision in market timing & proper position sizing is a 90% determinant for the success of my leveraged trades!

There’s simply no other ways around this 🚀

#SnP500 #VIX
#NQ1 A highly probable roadmap for the coming weeks; but if this looks too obvious to you, my word of caution is that it'll be 20x the opposite in real-time especially when dealing with your open leveraged positions in the lower time-frames...

#PositionSizing Image
#NQ1 roadmap updated; #NotThereYet
#Nasdaq100 #QQQ Image
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#DAX Update

I don't really think this Update is necessary, but since there is always a lot of noise in fintwit, I will try to remember and specify something else my idea

In this medium-term trade, TP1 (Main) ✅

Now I'm looking for a bearish continuation (especially TP2)
Current situation:

The key is to break below 16049 tomorrow (the earlier the better for the move)

In this case we have:

16010/00 as first TP (intraday) (unimportant if we have a lot of movement tomorrow, and with a possible bounce to 16049/72)
If we have a big bearish movement, that intraday zone will finally be broken, and then we will reach medium-term TP2 15896/73

Adjustable in intraday to 15861/51 approx

If the bearish movement is even deeper, it would be possible to reach TP3: 15721/698 (extreme situation)
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#DAX Hello friends! Like I said yesterday, time to review...

TP1 (Main) ✅

I put these images, but I recommend carefully reading all the previous tweets

And now... Long thread (again🤦🏻‍♂️😂) 👇
1) Yesterday:

We briefly traded below 16224, but it was not the time to go to TP1 (intraday levels aside, unpublished)

Important to see as I had already commented, that after that it was not ruled out to go back to the top (see image above)
Essential factor ➡️ OPEX

Context is very important

You must never forget the importance of OPEX, never ... but even less when that moment is close

Any bearish movement is stopped yesterday afternoon, and then ...
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#DAX Just my two cents 👇

It's usually a sign that the market will continue bullish, but...

It' one of those excessively extreme cases for me...

In excessively extreme retail sentiment situations, there is often a decrease in the spread between longs and shorts

There are basically 3 ways to do this
1)New bullish momentum, forcing to close many open shorts

Even slight increase in lengths (IMO, longs opened too late, fewer chances of success)
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#DAX Update

In case someone is in a similar situation 👇, I will try to better clarify what was previously explained:

16247/24 (previously long TP) I want to use it as the main shorts zone

16268/81 is a theoretical intraday resistance (less important than the previous one but can be useful)

➡️Most bullish case: few points above 16281 no shorts

➡️Around 16268/81 zone rejected➡️ 16247/24

Two things happen here:

A)16247/24 support: Short risk above 16281
B)break below 16224: short move activated (Risk above 16247, without completely ruling out a spike to the upper zone next days)


➡️16072/49 (Main) (adjustable to 16100/72 for preferibly this week)

➡️Under these circumstances, TP2 15896/73 is feasible for next week
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Some explanations using the latest proposed bearish trade

Probably some traders do something similar, or will do it in another way, they may even disagree...

It doesn't matter, it is just my vision and I think it can be a help for other traders


Simply the evolution of the trade and all the zones and indications proposed

Highlight Moment: When TP1 hit and price rapidly bounces, a common temptation is to expect a strong bullish momentum, in the session and in the medium term

Reality was very different


(associated risks)

➡️Option 1:

Too close to the bullish option, apparently better positioning, but more chance of failure

There is no significant reference level above

(Remember that for me, above 15760 DAX should reach 15850/900 easily)
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Der Aufstieg und die immer noch enorme Stärke der #AfD in Ostdeutschland geht halt eben nicht nur vom rechtsradikalen Bodensatz (~10%) aus.
Die AfD hat die Rolle der #Linke'n als Protestpartei im Osten mittlerweile übernommen. Und das "Warum?" ist eine tiefgehende Problematik./MS
Punkt 1: ostdeutsche Medien, und damit auch eine Perspektive die ostdeutsch-spezifische Probleme darstellt, spielen im bundesweiten Mainstream-Diskurs 2021 absolut keine Rolle. Weder im Print noch im TV. /MS
Punkt 2: Ostdeutsche Probleme, z.B. die DDR-Sonderrenten und Zusatzrenten (die in den Nachwehen der Wende gestrichen wurden), fallen im Westen und im politischen Betrieb in Berlin auf taube Ohren. Dieses Gefühl der jahrzehntelangen Ignoranz ist lähmend./MS…
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#Nasdaq futures down 0.85%;
#Dowjones futures down 1.3%;
S&P500 futures down 1%.
#US #futures #stockmarketnews
🇩🇪#DAX -1.59%
🇫🇷#CAC40 -2.93%
🇬🇧#FTSE100 -1.42%
🇪🇺#STOXX50 -1.20%
🇮🇹#MIB -4.11%
#Europe #StockMarket Image
🇩🇪DAX extends losses to 2% to the lowest level since July 19. #Europe #DAX #StockMarket Image
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(2) Yatay piyasa filtrelerinin amacı önce yatay piyasanın varlığını belirlemek sonrasında da o kuralınıza göre yani piyasa yataya sarınca açtığınız işlemi kapamak veya hiç işlem açmamaktır. Kullanırsanız işlem sayınız azalacaktır.
(3) En klasik/basit yatay piyasa filtresi ADX'tir. Grafikte 30 dk altı periyotlarda ADX(14) için 25 daha uzun periyotlarda 20 değeri trend varlığı için sınır kabul edilir. Yani sisteminizi yatay sınırlarınız içinde işlem yapmasın isterseniz .... "AND ADX(14) > 20" yazacaksınız.
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1⃣ Herkese iyi geceler. Özellikle #algotrade yani #robot işine yeni giren, girmek isteyen arkadaşlar için bir flood yazacağım. #btc #etherium #dolar #altın #garan #isctr #thyao #viop #viop30 #bist #bist30 #borsa #fx #DAX #dowjones #ASELS #kozal #sise #otkar #kozaa #petkm
2⃣ Yazacaklarım benim tecrübelerim; bu konuda süper olduğumu iddia edemem ama tecrübeliyim diyebilirim, yazacaklarımda aklınıza yatmayan yerler de olabilir. Sorun beraber konuşalım, ben de sizlerden öğreneyim. Kendimizi geliştirelim.
3⃣ Öncelikle bir platforma ihtiyacınız var. Türkiye için Matriks veya İdeal seçebilirsiniz. Matriks için klasik veya IQ seçebilirsiniz. Programları kendiniz satın alabileceğiniz gibi aracı kurumunuz üzerinden komisyon durumunuza göre ücretsiz/indirimli temin edebilirsiniz.
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#DAX My psychology...

This is a time when many of you think, after a 150 point trade (respecting my TPs), that you have to continue in the market ... some thinking about bigger falls, others about buying the bounce, right?
For me, here are three long-term psychological failures to be consistent:


➡️Too greedy

➡️Chase the price
For me the main move is done, all TPs reached and the probable intraday buy zones have too much risk in this market situation (understanding the market context is very important, and very difficult too)

In fact, first buy zone is broken (15550),and the second is far away (15409)
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#DAX Hello friends!

Finally, 9 days after this tweet, this is the final result

I have not been very active, but as I said everything was in this Chart (even without intraday adjustments)

Since then my messages have been:

The main move was the previous Monday

Tight range afterwards, little volatility and many traders' paradise

I warned of the fake, 2/3 hours before

Bullish targets intact if 15506/486 zone held
If you were smart and used these zones and levels + understanding my messages, everything will have gone well😉

Recently I have seen that every time I go to Twitter I have lost followers 😱😂 so instead of "welcome new followers" I say "goodbye old followers" 👋😂😂
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This morning I read the phrase "legacy Power BI" on the site of a "modern" tool, which uses SQL as a query language.

With all respect, marketing hype should understand when their words become counterproductive.

#powerbi #sql #mdx #dax #sequel #legacy #modern

I know hundreds of issues and limitations in Power BI, but when it comes to comparison, I can hardly understand why "moving data" should be considered "legacy".

How do you call any "caching" mechanism?
What is an "index" if not a copy of data?
Seriously, do you know business users who really care about how many copies of the data are around the world?

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@Monitor zeigt daß vor allem Kleinunternehmer vom Staat während der Pandemie im Stich gelassen wurden, während die Gewinne der #Dax-Konzerne im Laufe eines Jahres um 97% zunahmen.
Die Zahl #Superreicher stieg um 170 Personen

#Sozialismus für Reiche
#Kapitalismus für den Rest
Hier ein Link zur aktuellen Sendung.

Unter anderem geht es um mögliche Manipulation der Zahl der Intensivbetten, durch Krankenhäuser, um mehr Zuschüsse vom Staat zu bekommen.

Auch wird das Thema: #Grunderwerbssteuer + Spekulation mit Boden/Immobilien
Und wen wundert es:

Die #CDU hat eine effektive Steuervermeidung/Steuerflucht bekämpfung bei Immobilienspekulationen (überhöhte Zinskosten aus dem Ausland bedienen) verhindert.

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$DAX And now, "The Million Dollar Chart" 😂

It's a chart that I've divided into five charts

The explanations are all in the charts, and especially, every step has been commented in detail in my Twitter the last weeks


#DAX #DAX30 #fintwit

Many of you will remember every step, anyway everything is on my Twitter, I never delete any tweet

Chart 1) Complete Main Levels Thursday 30th July

Chart 2) The 3 buying zones for the OPEX commented on my Twitter
Chart 3) Thursday 30th July and immediately following days, traded section by section

Chart 4) Second part of the movements in this OPEX

Chart 5) Third part of the movements in this OPEX
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📣DUYURU #İşVarant #varant
30 Haziran vadeli #Endeks varantlarımızın İtfa süreci yaklaşırken sizlere birkaç hatırlatma yapmak isteriz:
🤔Endeks Varantlarının Son İşlem Günü?
🤔Vade Sonu Uzlaşma Hesaplaması İçin Kullanılacak Dayanak Varlık Fiyatı? Image
🤔Vade sonunda #BIST30 #Endeks Varantları için Yatırımcıya Ödenecek Tutar Nasıl Hesaplanır? #İşVarant #varant Image
🤔Vade sonunda #DAX #Endeks Varantları için Yatırımcıya Ödenecek Tutar Nasıl Hesaplanır? #İşVarant #varant Image
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Zur Wahrheit um #Wirecard gehört auch, dass sie viele nicht hören wollten. Als ich vor einigen Monaten diesen Artikel über #Wirecard (der sich auf eine Anfrage von mir bezog) teilte, wurde ich im Netz und durch anonyme Zuschriften angefeindet.…
Dabei geht es ja gerade um den Schutz von Kleinanlegern. Der Geschäftsführer der Julis @crepge kritisierte mich ich würde #Wirecard schlecht reden, weil ich u.a. wg dieses Artikels von „dunklen Kellern“ bei WDI sprach und mich gegen Anfeindungen wehrte.…
Und hier erzählt die Financial Times noch einmal den deutschen Wirtschaftskrimi um #Wirecard und das Fiasko für den #DAX. Auch ich komme dort zu Wort…
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People ask why I was the only politician on #Wirecard quoted in the NY Times! Quite simple: Because I am probably the only MP in 🇩🇪 who has even asked critical questions about #WDI and the role of financial supervision #BaFin in the last few years #HouseofWirecard @FD Image
Not only have too many small investors lost their life savings, this is the „German Enron“ and a massacre for the reputation of the German capital market.
Wirecard was only an issue among German politicians when it came to celebrating the New FinTech Kid on the Block in the #DAX on the red carpet.
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Ich wurde gefragt warum ich in NY Times als einziger Politiker zu #Wirecard auftauche! Ganz einfach: Weil ich wohl der einzige Abgeordnete in 🇩🇪 bin, der in den letzen Jahren kritische Fragen zu #WDI und der Rolle der #BaFin gestellt hat #HouseofWirecard… Image
Sonst war Wirecard nur Thema wenn es darum ging auf den roten Teppich das New FinTech Kid on the Block im #DAX zu feiern.
Ich bin im Netz als Nestbeschmutzer bedroht worden, mir wurde unterstellt ich würde von Leerverkäufen profitieren (obwohl ich sogar selbst ein Verbot von Leerverkäufen in Coronakrise forderte).
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Die dramatischen Entwicklungen bei #Wirecard nehmen kein Ende. Innerhalb von zwei Tagen ist der Aktienkurs um knapp 70% eingebrochen. CEO Markus Braun ist zurückgetreten. Die Hinweise für einen Betrugsfall von großem Ausmaß verdichten sich. Eine Chronologie. /1
#Wirecard hat ein jahrelanges rasantes Wachstum hinter sich. Gegründet in Aschheim expandierte das Unternehmen für Zahlungsdienstleistungen schnell. Gekrönt wurde das Wachstum mit dem Aufstieg in den #DAX im Sept. 2018. Die Aktie notierte in Hochzeiten bei knapp 200 €. /2
30.1.19: Die Financial Times erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen #Wirecard. Demnach habe ein hochrangiger Manager in Singapur womöglich Verträge gefälscht und Geldwäsche betrieben. Die Aktie bricht schlagartig um knapp 20% ein. /3…
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Dieser Artikel offenbart, dass wir zuweilen auch Problem mit Wirtschaftsjournalimus in Deutschland haben.…
Da wird mit Hyper-Inflation an Wand gemalt obwohl wir krasse Unterauslastung von Kapazitäten haben und Vermögensverwalter und „Anlagestratege“ als unabhängiger ökonomischer Kronzeuge zitiert.
Und dann wird in Nebensatz vermittelt die Börsen würden bereits die Zukunft einpreisen, die ja aber niemand kennt. Häufig preisen die Börsen vielmehr die Vergangenheit ein oder das Verhalten anderer Marktteilnehmer was Trends in die eine oder andere Richtung verstärkt
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