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1. "Die #Renten sind sicher!" sagte Norbert Blüm, oder eher lügte Norbert Blüm - Ein THREAD:
Einige #Betriebsrenten kürzen gerade massiv ihre Renten, dazu gehören die BR der
- Die Caritas
- Die Deutsche #SteuerberaterVersicherung

#Panorama #PanoramaGate
2. Es gibt in #Deutschland 135 #Pensionskassen, mit 11 Millionen Mitgliedern - 36 Kassen stehen bei der #BAFIN unter "verschärfter Beobachtung" = Jede vierte Pensionskasse hat finanzielle Probleme (meist durch 2 Ursachen: #NullZinsen seit fast 2008 und Menschen leben länger).
3. Es gibt in #Deutschland 3 mögliche "Renten-Säulen":
- Die #Gesetzliche (über mehr Schultern verteilt, sehr konservativ gemanaged)
- Die #Private (auch Opfer der #NullZins-Politik) und
- Die #Betriebliche (kommt jetzt immer stärker unter Druck)

#Renten #Pension
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1. #Wirecard - The Facts:
- Olaf #Scholz, German Finance Minister, knew about issues at Wirecard since February 2019
- Jörg #Kukies, Finance-Secretary under Scholz, met Wirecard-CEO (#Braun) on 5th November 2019 & thereafter attended Braun's birthday-party

#DAX #DerSumpf #Bafin
2. #Wirecard - The Facts:
- Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, former Minister in the #Merkel-cabinet, lobbied on behalf of #Wirecard (from 2016 to 2020) to gain access to the Chinese market (known by the #Merkel-government).

#DAX #DerSumpf #Bafin #TeamMerkel
3. #Wirecard - The Facts:
- A Committee of Inquiry to look into the shady dealings by the German government (Team #Merkel) and #Wirecard are very likely.
- Oliver #Bellenhaus, who looked after the #Wirecard-entity in the #Emirates, has been arrested for fraud in #Munich.

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#DPR & #Wirecard: Teil 1

#BAFIN "Wir sind nicht zuständig!"

#Finanzunternehmen #DAX #GermanEnron
3. Und Jetzt: "Das Bundesjustiz- und das #Bundesfinanzministerium wollen den Vertrag mit der Deutschen Prüfstelle für Rechnungslegung (#DPR) kündigen"

#Wirecard #DAX #BAFIN #Tatort…
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Die dramatischen Entwicklungen bei #Wirecard nehmen kein Ende. Innerhalb von zwei Tagen ist der Aktienkurs um knapp 70% eingebrochen. CEO Markus Braun ist zurückgetreten. Die Hinweise für einen Betrugsfall von großem Ausmaß verdichten sich. Eine Chronologie. /1
#Wirecard hat ein jahrelanges rasantes Wachstum hinter sich. Gegründet in Aschheim expandierte das Unternehmen für Zahlungsdienstleistungen schnell. Gekrönt wurde das Wachstum mit dem Aufstieg in den #DAX im Sept. 2018. Die Aktie notierte in Hochzeiten bei knapp 200 €. /2
30.1.19: Die Financial Times erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen #Wirecard. Demnach habe ein hochrangiger Manager in Singapur womöglich Verträge gefälscht und Geldwäsche betrieben. Die Aktie bricht schlagartig um knapp 20% ein. /3…
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Angesichts der nun all-täglichen #Milliarden an #Staatshilfe für Konzerne drängt sich die Idee einer am #Gemeinwohl orientierten #BundesBenchmark auf - Auftakt der Debatte hier - und heute #Konkretisierung: (1)
Morgen beim #Autogipfel wird erneut intransparent und ohne Bürgerbeteiligung über Unsummen entschieden - diese werden fehlen: Für #Daseinsvorsorge #Bildung #Gesundheit #Klimaschutz #Europa u.v.m. (2)
Warum sind uns #Autoprämien wichtiger als funktionierende #Zuschüsse für Selbständige und #KMU? Wie nutzen wir die #Coronakrise als Chance, um genau jetzt unsere Industrien auf #Klimaziel von 1,5 Grad zu transformieren? (3)
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1. Japan #Nikkei

Trading near #Resistane level (Recent Support) & also strong resistance zone 20,400/20,800 level. Index also formed #ShootingStar at resistance means overall structure fully bearish. Index will be bullish only if able to break 20.8K level.

2. China #SSE

Trading in #UptrendChanne pattern and now sign looking for a bearish move, we can see upside movement count. towards 2,900/2,940 levels as per chart support near 2,820 level.
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#powerbi tips and tricks comin atcha in this thread - thanks Alina! starting with: disable ALL visual headers at one time using a teeny little code snippet!
Useful #DAX shortcuts - these are amazing! So much I never knew! (I didn't get a good screenshot - but maybe Alina will blog about her faves!)
I can't even explain this properly - but it's a nice way to use conditional formatting in cards :)
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1. In the German news they now claim that a "global government" response may be needed to fight the #COVID19-crisis.
Of course the #NWO-pushers are pushing for a World Government. They always have & the #UN, the #IMF. EU-Brussels and many more will do so too!
2. That a more centralized response brings little can be seen with:
- The UN & #WHO: They failed to alert the world to a new Killer-Virus! The WHO was alerted to #COVID19 back in December 2019!
The UN was still playing the virus down end January 2020!
#Covid_19 #GlobalGovernment
3. A more centralized response brings little:
- The #EU under #VonDerLeyen has failed completely in the #COVID19-crisis. They rather push more mass-#migration (which will help spread the virus) & Von der Leyen cries that she can't push her new #GreenDeal harder!
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1. In the past months I am often asked what I think of the #DeutscheBank's notional #derivative exposure, which as of Dec 31 2018, according to the bank's annual report, stood at a terrifying €43.5trillion (compare the German annual #GDP of €3 trillion).
Info @tbgstephen #Banks
2. To make it more real: The annual #GDP in the #EU is just €14.6 trillion per year, so the #DeutscheBank's derivative exposure is almost 3 times larger!
3. Reality is that the total in #DeutscheBank's report represents positions both long and short positons including hedging transactions.

#Banks #EU
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1/ Would you like to know how an aspiring furu and a rogue trader loses real money for his clients while publicly claiming to be profitable every day? I spent $30k to find out and sharing with you here for free. Meet @odelys__ 👇

#DAX #FDAX #DAX30 #ES_F #emini
@odelys__ 2/… Remember his daily “Hope you participated…”? Well, I did participate. All of the screenshots are of my own personal account that @odelys__ has been trading since mid-August 2019 and ran into the ground by the end of October.
3/… It started as a modest $63k account that promptly hit the turbulence, dipping 12%. At the time @odelys__ offered assurances that this was absolutely not the norm. And the man sounded passionate about client satisfaction.
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Jetzt #Schattenmacht #BlackRock im #ZDF.
Um 00:45 morgens.
Werden sicher wenige sehen.
#Merz & die 1% wird es freuen!
2. #BlackRock currently has just under US$7 trillion under management & with #Vanguard they control two thirds of all #ETFs.

Now if BlackRock decides to sell a bigger share because the market turns you can quickly get a "run for the exit", A RUN!

#Markets #Stocks #Merz
3. #BlackRock has major shareholdings in many of the global Top 500 companies.

In Germany BlackRock is a major shareholder in ALL #DAX-companies!

#Stocks #Markets #Merz #CDU
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Good morning!😀Trust you are well and enjoying this Saturday morning. Deflation is developing in economy. Signs are very clear. Black swan will appear at some point. Stay tuned for a heads-up on my perspectives on market #HZupdates
#Copper sets the direction for real economy. My EW-model for Copper sets target A or more likely B to be reached some time in late 2021 or early 2022. Copper = Real economy. This is a pot. timeline for the total duration of the coming crisis (deflation & stagflation) #HZupdates
Zooming in on #Copper, we have seen the expected development this week. Break has been confirmed by small retest and acceleration. I think we will see further downside develop soon - but cannot rule out a pot. 2nd retest. The outlook for Copper is deflationary #HZupdates
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Good morning! 😁Deflationary phase is developing in economy. Stay tuned for my perspectives on coming developments in markets based on charts - technical and fundamental analysis #HZupdates thread coming up!
SP500 recovered some of the loses from early trading this week. Still, I think we have seen the top of the Expanding Diagonal, and we are currently in the Deflationary part of the crisis, where growth in economy is rolling over. Target ~2050 by Q1/Q2 2020 #HZupdates
#SP500 - will we see rally to 2950 for pot. top of wave 2 (black) before reversal and strong decline? That would close the gap in market from early Aug. #HZupdates
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Hope you enjoy the weekend! 😀Deflation unfolding in economy. Stay tuned for my view on market and coming macro developments #HZupdates
Short term we may see a bounce in #AUDUSD, as wave 2 develops - which sets us up for strong wave 3 down #HZupdates
#OIL develops in Ending Diagonal, which sets a target <20USD before LT-bottom. Again - we could pot. see that LT-bottom in around early Spring 2020. The period from now - until then is the #DEFLATIONARY phase of the crisis. This is where liquidity (USD) is scarce #HZupdates
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Good morning all! 🙂 Morning in Copenhagen - listening to Ludovico while I'm updating analyses and family sleeps. Fantastic piece of music: #AllisGood
Time for some #HZupdates. Let's take a look at the market from the way I see it. Where is that deflation, I have been forecasting? Did CBs succeed to do their magic and eliminate that threat? What about the Kondratiev's winter - over/done? Stay tuned! 🙂
AUDUSD is inflation gauge. Rally=inflation up; Decline=inflation down. LT perspective looks like this. Decline in 2008 = wave A. Rally up to 2011 = wave B. We have since been in wave C. Wave 5 will take us to ~0.5. Note the horizontal line. When this goes -->free fall #HZupdates
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1. Erkenne einen Trend
2. bestimme einen guten Einstiegspunkt
3. bestimme einen "Stop-Loss" (Verlustgrenze)
4. Bestimme ein "Take-Profit": nicht ändern, ODER "mitziehen"
5. Korrigiere den Stop-Loss bloss in Deine Richtung (Stop [ins Plus] mitziehen)
Persönliche "Regeln":
- pro Monat maximal 50 Euro Einsatz

Public Go-Live:
- wenn 3 Verlust-Trades = Feierabend
- wenn zweimal 3 Verlust-Trades = 1 Tag Pause
aktueller Stand:
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"It has emerged that an institute co-run by the chairman of the #UN’s joint meeting on pesticide residues (#JMPR) received a six-figure donation from #Monsanto, which uses the substance as a core ingredient in its bestselling #Roundup weedkiller."
2. "Professor Alan #Boobis, who chaired the #UN’s joint FAO/WHO meeting on #glyphosate, also works as the vice-president of the International Life Science Institute (#ILSI) Europe.
In 2012, the ILSI group took a $500,000 (£344,234) donation from Monsanto!"
3 Lawyer, ClientEarth group: "There is a clear conflict of interest here if the review of the safety of #glyphosate is carried out by scientists that directly get money from industry.This study cannot in any way be reliably considered when deciding whether to approve glyphosate."
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Some analysts seem to think, that #USDJPY must decline when/if #SP500 is to decline or crash. That is not the case! Observe yellow markings #HZupdates
#USDJPY and #Gold have strong inverse relationship. Both have formed triangles since 2015. Now - main direction will continue. USDJPY towards ~154 - and Gold towards ~800 USD #HZupdates
#Gold did bottom in 2015 - but only for a bounce! A "ZigZag-pattern" is defined by A-B-C waves. A from 2011-15 = 5 waves. B from 2015-19 = Triangle (abcde). Now 5 waves down in wave C. Decline may be very strong! #HZupdates
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..poi un giorno ci farete sapere quanto avete alzato shortando italia quando eravate sovranisti (hawkish) e poi rigirandovi una volta tornati euristi (dovish)
Il "flip-flop" di questo governo oltre ad essere un bail-out mascherato per banche IT via BTP, è "gain" per establishment
Establishment IT alla "canna del gas"..."o XI...o MORTE"...
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...provano a mostrare che questo sia un "mondo" meraviglioso quanto più possono...Eurodollar timidamente si porta a sostegno di #ES_F ma #FED Fund Futures segnalano ancora ZERO chance di un rate hike e sono ancora in negativo per il 2019!!!
...occhio qui ...liquidità dal Tesoro partiva da 403, siamo 363...arrivo a 320 a marzo e 300 a giugno...è tutta liquidità che arriva al sistema, alla fine sulle riserve delle banche commerciali e che sostiene gli asset finanziari...#ES_F
...aggiornamento sulla liquidità globale,come detto il miglior indicatore di volatilità=liquidità lo avete dalla differenza tra max e min sul ticks Index US,serve uno "spread" >2.500 stabile altrimenti "no party"
CBs e Trump Boys sono in controllo totale, establishment brinda...
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#Equities #SP500 was rallying and the bulls are cheering. The excuse seems to be, that Powell has blinked. Remember 2007-09? Fed started lowering rates by September 07. Yet that did not prevent Financial markets to decline hard until March 2009 #HZupdates
The thing is, that when liquidity #crunch snowball gets rolling, some announcement from #Fed will not do the job. Down the line, Fed will need to scramble (QE or the like) to fight USD shortage. My LT #SP500 model remains like this. Major Bear market ABC-structure. #HZupdates
I will not reveal my EW-count for #SP500 here. That is reserved for subscribers and buyers of Weekly Update. Only say, that we have not seen an impulse wave since Sept high. I expect a MAJOR decline to set in rather soon, taking us to my bottom of wave A from LT-chart. #HZupdates
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Good morning to all 😀Interesting weeks/months ahead of us as my deflationary scenario plays out. Will have massive consequences for currencies, gold, equities etc. I keep my subscribers updated closely on Daily/Weekly updates. But for now - stay tuned for some #HZupdates 👍
"#Deflation" or "#Disinflation" have been my call for a long time. We are not out of Kondratiev's winter yet. We haven't seen the all events which unfold during K's winter. Still to come Pension Funds Crisis, Currency Crisis, Run from Paper Money ...and War #HZupdates
And "#Deflation" outlook is clear in the charts imo. I look primarily to #AUDUSD and #Copper for guidance. Observe this chart of #Copper. Major ABC pattern. Length of C can be set by the irregular pattern indicating low in Copper below 2008-levels = deflation in 2019 #HZupdates
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Hi all 😀It has been a good year! 2019 will be difficult for world economy. A lot of fall outs ahead from disinflationary environment. Get ready for last #HZupdates from the old year 👍
As I laid out at the beginning of 2018, we have seen a rally in #DXY. The USD rally is not over yet. I expect the rally to continuing into 2019 - reaching min. 107 before the rally is over, This will have deflationary consequences across various markets #HZupdates
#EURUSD topped early 2018 and has dropped to a low of 1.121 by Nov. But - this is not the end of this major Bear market for Euro. LT-target remains 0.91 likely to be reached by Q2/Q3 2019 #HZupdates
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Hi all 😀Ready for some #HZupdates? I have had some busy weeks - however, I expect to post more regularly soon again. I'm also spending more time on my Whatsapp list for subscribers. Some great trades ahead. Stay tuned! 👍
#EURUSD No changes to LT-view. We are on the path towards 0.91. I do expect a bounce in EURUSD, before a crash will set in #HZupdates
#EURUSD Following the bounce, the decline will be forceful - comparable to the decline in 2014-15 in steepness. One small bounce on the way towards 0.91 will be wave 4 #HZupdates
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