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#MarketReport 2023/04

1) In this thread, I'll cover comparative performance of

📌 #Stock Indices
📌 #Exchange Rates
📌 Treasury #Bills and Government #Bonds

both for April and since pandemic. Image
2) #StockMarkets

MoM returns in April, at their own currency:

➡️ #SPX #IXIC #DJI #DAX #NI225 #XU100 Image
3) #StockMarkets

MoM returns in April, based on USD:

➡️ #SPX #IXIC #DJI #DAX #NI225 #XU100 Image
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#ChartStorm: 1/17
🗓️ March Performance of ...

🇺🇸 #SPX #IXIC #DJI 🇯🇵 #NI225 🇩🇪 #DAX 🇹🇷 #XU100


#TreasuryBills #GovernmentBonds #Yields
2) Here I'll cover 6 stock market indices in 4 countries:

In order to compare the relative performances, I've chosen a pre-pandemic basis, which is 31/12/2019 closing values.

As Nasdaq, S&P500 and DJI are denominated in US dollars, but the others not, returns are misleading.
3) I have adjusted the data, and now all are denominated in US dollars.

#BIST returns are still amazing with its 30.4%, but not striking as above. Besides it is positive only after Sep'22. #Nasdaq is leading with 36.2% return. #Nikkei225 is the only index below pandemic level.
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Weekly Profiles are gems. If you use them properly you can know the whole week's direction. I personally use it from Tuesday till Thursday.

One of them is T.L.O.W and it appears almost every week. Train your eyes to see it.

More profile threads in the coming days.

🧵 Image
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Lets breakdown our #GBPUSD Long in London Session from our 50k Twitter Funded Challenge

+2900$ 6%✍️

Acoount is now up 53466$ -> Target 5000$ (10%) to pass Phase 1

Trade Breakdown 1/4 ⬇️
For Intra-Day Trades i always hunt my Setup on 15min Bellwether Chart.

My Bias was Bullish for 3 Reason:
- relative Equal Highs + FVG above
- MSS with Displacement

For confluence i always look at #DXY Chart

It needs support my Idea for High-Probality Condition

U see DXY had a bearish Structure with SSL + 15min FVG still untouched

DXY supports my Narrative -> Check☑️

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Booked 2900$ +6% in #GBPUSD on our Twitter 50k Funded challenge

Like outlined in the tweet where i posted im entering the trade -> Narrative and Trade Setup will be Posted later

short clip of tp hit ⬇️

TP 1

full TP


If u want to know why i entered this trade -> just follow me.. later in the Day i will Share in Detail

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Daily Currency 🧵- Nov 11th, 2022


Huge moves happening, some that require attention. Starting with the dollar, we saw this blow through momo yesterday and continue to fall this morning. To get a solid trend shift, we're going to need to see some components shift too! Image
A trend shift in the dollar will add more confirmation to the Risk-On regime, which has been brewing under the surface for over a month now. Market Illiquidity improving is supporting the narrative of a possible shift. This really comes down to how the major components trade... Image
$EUR (largest $DXY component)

The EUR was able to blow through parity and get a good squeeze going in the last two days. We still have some distance to momo, a failure to break there will give very low confidence of a DXY trend shift sticking.

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Daily Currency 🧵- Nov 10th, 2022


The dollar is holding a bid ahead of the CPI print today. Remember, it's bullish trend until it isn't. Lower VAMP AND momo MUST hold for the trend to remain intact. Image
$EUR (largest $DXY component)

EUR is back under parity this morning ahead of US CPI. For the time, we're still holding above mid-VAMP, but parity has been the key for quite some time now. If we can't hold it post-print, watch for lower VAMP.

$JPY (2nd largest $DXY component)

Despite the Yen edging off its lows, we're still under the BoJ initial intervention level. Can we get back above and squeeze some shorts or will this shit the bed post CPI? Trend remains🐻

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Daily Currency 🧵- Nov 9th, 2022


The dollar seems to continue to hold above momo and lower VAMP. These levels would need to break before we can talk about a confirmed dollar top / "peak dollar". Image
$EUR (largest $DXY component)

The EUR is still stuck around parity as bulls and bears fight for dominance. We are at upper VAMP so some significant momentum is going to need to appear quickly as this has almost 300bps of short-term downside risk.

$JPY (2nd largest $DXY component)

Similarly to the EUR, this is still unable to get above and run from its resistance level, with this one being the BoJ wall. Lower VAMP has yet to really lift off lows...

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DISCLAIMER : This is for educational purpose and not financial advise.

Monthly market analysis Oct 31, 2022

#StockMarket #DowJones best month since 1976

Let's look at more closely 🧵👇
1. After technical oversold and very negative sentiment in Sep month, #StockMarket was finally able to reverse direction this month. $DJIA had the best month since 1976 (+14%). $NDX was underperformed (5%) compared to $SPX (8.8%), $RUT(11%).

2. Let's look at US 10Y #Bond Yield price action. It was very volatile and tested 4.3% Jun'08 high before reversing -9.8% to the end of the month. This month it finished up 5.7%. RSI did not make new high at Oct 21 when it reached peak 4.33% (bearish reversal)
#StockMarket Image
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DISCLAIMER : This is for educational purpose and not financial advise.

Monthly market analysis Sep 30, 2022

#StockMarket Worst week, worst month, and worst quarter of the year since Financial crisis and dot-com bubble. Why it happened?

Let's look at more closely 🧵👇
1. After making reversal at H/S neckline in early Aug, US 10Y Yield #bond broke out from Feb'11 high 3.73% and have held up strongly for about a week. This month, yield has gone up +20%, bad for risk and long duration assets

#StockMarket Image
2. US 02Y Yield #bond broke out resistance 3.7% and past 4% strongly after Fed Reserve hawkish announcement and never look back. This month yield has gone up more than +22%

#StockMarket Image
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Hello everyone,

1/23 This thread is dedicated to @SantiagoAuFund - Dollar Milkshake Theory.
I thought it's a good idea to break down the "ingredients" in DXY milkshake, but from TA only perspective.
Let's dive in 🧵👇:

Start with the video below first.

2/23 Good, now that you have watched the video I want to remind everyone that "The Dollar Milkshake Theory" is a THEORY not a certainty that those events will happen and that all #USD scenarios will play out.

Same thing for my TA breakdown, so take it with a grain of salt.
3/23 So everyone has a clear understanding of the #DXY , here is a quick explanation below:

The U.S. Dollar Index consists of 6 foreign currencies.:

Euro (EUR), JapaneseYen (JPY), BritishPound (GBP), Canadiandollar (CAD), SwedishKrona (SEK), Swiss Franc (CHF).
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Macro Analysis of FX. Putting my erstwhile FX trader hat on to analyze what is happening with global markets.

I see the #CrudeOil move, #EURUSD move as a flight to safety move into USD.

I'm trying to explain the causation of flow in below thread 🧵

What all is losing ground against #USD?
#CrudeOil 🔻8.32%
#EURUSD 🔻1.77%
#GBPUSD 🔻1.49%
#Gold 🔻2.1%
#BTC 🔻2.7%

All these are being sold against USD. The money doesn't leave the system. So where does it go?

In risk-off environment it goes to safe havens such as:
#USD, #CHF, #JPY, Long-Dated US bonds (30Y) & #GOLD.

While some G10 FX pairs have lost upwards of 1.5%, both safe-haven currencies of JPY(🔻0.11%) and CHF (🔻0.89%) are seen relatively stable when compared to other G10.

US30Y Yields are down (bonds are up) by🔻4%.
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First up let me just say, I cannot predict the future...

I can offer 12+ years of market experience & nothing more

The $Dxy has positioned itself for a humongous Bullish move...

Major multi year & even multi decade #Dxy breakouts are happening *Right Now*

Charts Below 📈🧵👇
Lets start by looking at the $Dxy itself (Monthly Chart)

On this time frame we are close to breaking out of a 7 year consolidation (when the 2015 rally stalled out)

This failure to make a low, followed by a break higher, tends to create a large amount of short covering...
As shorts close out positions on the breakout & new traders add long positions, explosive moves tend to follow

These are the mechanics behind what some traders refer to as a "Wave 3"

To me it's just mechanics of a successful breakout, but "Wave 3" if it helps understanding...
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Je prends moi-même tous les signaux que je donne à mes abonnés.

3 exemples :


#PinkStarMoney 💰
En cours….
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Credit Suisse 1/5: Today’s highlights
#EURUSD has surged higher to our recovery target of 1.1950/92 – the 38.2% retracement of the Q1 fall, mid-March highs and 55-day average and our bias remains to look for the rebound to ideally end here.
Credit Suisse 2/5: #USDJPY has broken support from the 23.6% retracement of the Q1 rally at 108.99, which is seen exposing more important support at 108.55/33. Failure to hold this latter area would see a top complete.
Credit Suisse 3/5: #EURGBP not maintains a base above .8643/65 as well as a bullish “reversal week” and we look for a deeper recovery to .8732 initially, then .8851/61.

#GBPUSD above 1.3783 would see a minor base complete to suggest the trend is shifting sideways.
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Credit Suisse 1/5: Today’s #Forex highlights
#EURGBP not only maintains a base above .8643/65 but the close above .8574 on Friday has also seen a bullish “reversal week” established to reinforce the likelihood for a deeper recovery to .8732 initially, then .8851/61.
Credit Suisse 2/5: #GBPUSD maintains a bearish “reversal day” to keep the risk lower in its range with supp seen at 1.3641, then 1.3514.

#EURCHF continues to weigh heavily on the bottom of its recent range at 1.1004/1.0994, below which would confirm a top & a correction lower.
Credit Suisse 3/5: #EURUSD continues to struggle to clear its 200-day average at 1.1896 and the current strength stays seen as a temporary and corrective move higher.
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UOB Group 1/4: #EURUSD: Further sideway-trading would not be surprising even though the slightly firmed underlying tone suggests a higher range of 1.2030/1.2085.

#GBPUSD: underlying tone still appears to be positive & there is chance for GBP to edge above 1.3760. That said, next
UOB 2/4: resist at 1.3800 is not expected to come into the picture. On downside,1.3680 low is acting as a solid support and is unlikely to come under threat (1.3710 is already quite a strong level).

#AUDUSD: Upward momentum is beginning to improve and AUD could edge above 0.7730
UOB 3/4: For today, next resist at 0.7765 is likely out of reach. Supp is at 0.7685 followed by 0.7660.

#NZDUSD: Upward momentum has improved & risk is for NZD to move higher. 0.7250 is a solid resist & NZD may not be able to maintain a foothold above this level. Supp is at 0.72
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Credit Suisse 1/4: Today’s #Forex highlights:
#GBPUSD has pushed to a new high for the year and above trend resistance at 1.3788, which should reinforce the existing major base for a move to 1.4000, ahead of 1.4302/77 and eventually our core objective at 1.49/1.51.
Credit Suisse 2/4: #EURGBP maintains a bearish “outside day” to reinforce its existing large bearish “head & shoulders” top and we stay bearish for .8609.

#USDJPY has seen a decisive rejection as expected from our first objective of the 200-day average at 105.57 and we see scope
Credit Suisse 3/4: for a deeper setback to the near-term uptrend at 104.20.

#EURUSD maintains its recovery after the bullish “reversal day” from our 1.1945/14 target – the 23.6% retracement of entire 2020/2021 rally – & we continue to look for a recovery from here to test 1.2104
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OCBC Bank 1/5: #EURUSD Downside risks averted? Choppy action left the $EURUSD still anchored on either side of the 1.2050 level. Buoyant early Tue, but the 1.2080/90 resistance still intact. Despite negative lead from
fundamentals (German lockdowns etc),
OCBC Bank 2/5: the technical picture may turn positive if the 1.2000 level is not breached again soon.

#USDJPY Upside momentum eased. $USDJPY pull-back extended towards 105.00 overnight after an initial attempt to move towards 105.80. The stalling of the 10y UST yield at 1.20%
OCBC Bank 3/5: may have contributed to the implicit heaviness. The risk-on environment should provide some, albeit limited, supported. Will not turn negative on this pair unless 104.80/00 is breached.

#AUDUSD Bearish bias erased. Riskon and firm commodity complex spurred $AUDUSD
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Credit Suisse 1/5: Today’s #Forex highlights:
#USDJPY remains capped as expected at our first objective of 200-day average and November high at 105.59/75 and a pause is looked for here. Big picture,with a bullish “wedge” & “reversal month” in place we continue to look for a break
Credit Suisse 2/5: in due course, with the “wedge objective” at 106.95/107.05.

#AUDUSD reverted sharply higher from the 55-day average, posting a bullish “reversal day” and is now pressuring against the “neckline” to its top at .7683.
CS 3/5: #EURUSD has posted a bullish “reversal day” from our 1.1945/14 tget – 23.6% retraceme of entire 2020/21 rally – & we continue to look for a near-term recovery from here.
We continue to watch #EUR in outright terms closely though as an important top may be close to forming
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@borsaninizinden Geç de olsa #DXY için notlarımı siteye yükledim.…

Pariteler hakkındaki yorumumu ise gün içinde bu başlığın altında paylaşırım.
@borsaninizinden Merhaba İbrahim Bey, sizin bu konudaki tecrübe ve birikiminiz kadar sizi izleyenlerin de katkısı olur diye pariteler hakkındaki görüşlerimi buraya eklemeyi düşündüm.

Ancak sayfanızı meşgul ederse kusura bakmayın şimdiden. Buyrun başlayalım:
@borsaninizinden 1) Benim konuya yaklaşımım farklı olduğu için belki farklı fikirler de çıkar hem.

Ancak yeni katılanlar için bu tür pozisyon paylaşımı yapmadığımı, sadece DXY ile ilgili çalışmamı tamamladığı için bunları yazdığımı baştan belirteyim. Sonra yanlış anlaşılma olmasın. 😊
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Im going to give you a free trade opportunity today but first a free lesson in market observation....
Why are the bonds offering, despite the aggressive sell-off in risk? If you can answer this then the easiest trade opportunity will present itself...
I will give you a clue......what is the play for bonds if the democrats clean sweep the election next week?
Ok so clean sweep for democrats and we have massive steepner in US curve. WHy. Because stimulus will come thick and fast. Note the curve steepened aggressively at start of Oct when the biden/trump spread widened. It reversed at start of week but this was opp to put steepener
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"Something is Breaking!" and we are going to see decades worth of developments in the span of few weeks or months. #Coronavirus has been the trigger of the #Deflation, I have been expecting for so long. It is now here! Stay tuned for #HZupdates to get my view on markets
"Something is Breaking" has been taken from…. We are observing an extreme USD Shortage developing fast and it is going to cause a wild #DXY rally the coming weeks & months. Chart of FRA/OIS provides overview of the severity of the developing USD shortage
My #DXY model supports this macro outlook exactly. Correction from late 2019 has concluded and DXY will now explode higher in 5 impulsive waves higher to target ~111. I expect this move to reach target ~Mid-2020. The consequences of a strong DXY will be wide-spread. #Deflation
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🛡️Dayanak varlıgı #GBPUSD olan varantlardır.
🛡️Vade sonu uzlaşma fiyatı #TCMB tarafından saat 15:30 itibarıyla belirlenen gösterge niteliğindeki #Pound - #AmerikanDoları çapraz kurudur. ⬇️
#VarantAkademi'de #varant türlerini tanıtmaya devam ediyoruz. Bugün #GBPUSD varantları 🤔
🛡️Yatırımcıya ödenecek tutar kullanım fiyatıyla dayanak varlık vade sonu uzlaşı fiyatı arasındaki farkın çarpan(5) ve 15:30 TCMB Türk Lirası - Amerkan Doları alış kuru ile çarpılmasıyla elde edilir.
🛡️#GBPUSD varantlarının son işlem günü vade sonu tarihinden bir önceki iş günüdür.
🛡️Vade sonu sonrasında 3. iş günü değerde (karda) biten varantlara ödeme yapılır.
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