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Microsoft just got slapped with a $20m fine for spying on kids.

Here’s what you need to know: (Thread)

#Microsoft #Xbox #Privacy 1/6
Microsoft violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by collecting data on children who had started Xbox accounts without parental consent. They also shared the data with third parties. #COPPA #FTC 2/6
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reached a settlement with Microsoft on Monday, which also includes increased protections for child gamers. Microsoft admitted that it did not meet customer expectations and said it was committed to improving its safety measures. #Safety 3/6
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial in our series of educational programs on #hypertrophic #cardiomyopathy #HCM. Previous programs, still available for 🆓CE/#CME, are at
Now you can earn another 0.75hr credit by following this 🧵!
2) Our expert author is JA Linderbaum MS, ARNP, FACC, FPCNA @jlinderbaum, Associate Professor of Medicine, @MayoClinic, CV #NursePractitioner, Assoc. Medical Editor #AskMayoExpert.
#FOAMed #MedEd @MedTweetorials #CardioTwitter @transformingHC @TNPJ_Journal #cardiology
3) This program is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bristol Myers-Squibb. Statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at Credit for #physicians #nursepractitioners #physicianassociates #nurses #pharmacists from @academiccme.
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🚨🚨🚨🚨another edition of #fromthetrenches🚨🚨🚨🚨
Recent case of mine —> clinical details altered for anonymity
59 year old male presents to ED with SOB. Family states was at home at fell in bathroom. Hx of HTN/DM. Unsure of meds or compliance to therapy. Arrival BP 79/42 😱😱
Patient was given IVF bolus but this worsened SOB—>started on Bipap—>intubation. Post tube pulse ox 77% on 100% and 10 PEEP 😫

Post tube CXR—->very convincing pulm edema

MICU called to help with oxygenation . Some concern for cardiac event but too hypoxic for Lab
I go and immediately walk PEEP up to 20.

Plat/driving pressures all improve with PEEP titration. Sats go from 77–>92. I’m happy.

Diurese, get some labs, little levo, +/- cath depending on what happens, and I’ll be back to the call room in no time.
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Most of us want to open the @WillYouOpenIt but don't understand the assignment and how to do the task.

Here is a guide on how to go about it.

A thread 🧵 1/
2️⃣ / 🔟
Pandora Box is a project that helps build Social alpha trackers.
How do you get access to this?

1; join Discord
The first this you need to do is join their discord and search for a key 🔑. Image

2; After Using the “Search for Key” button, it would redirect you to Twitter to make a post. After tweeting, you can go back to the discord later to Mirror Yourself.

You will get the “key” role if you successfully found the key.
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Today we had a massive PE patient with McConnel sign. I explained the pathophysiology of McConnel sign on this👇 glove. It’s all physics. #CardioTwitter #Echo Image
McConnell's  sign is RV free wall akinesia/hypokinesia with preserved RV apical contraction in massive PE patients.
Here is the physics; the radius of RV inflow(palm of the glove) is much larger than the RV apical radius(thumb of the glove). According to Laplace law, wall tension increases with a larger radius. Image
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Dr. Karen Stout - presenting the 7 rules to evaluate #Congenital #HeartDisease by #yesCCT at #SCCT2022

Rule - 1: ALWAYS be prepared. Check cases a day prior & PLAN the imaging

@Heart_SCCT @FiRSTSCCT @SinghVasvi @AChoiHeart
KNOW the anatomy.
If you don’t understand the repair- LOOK up. #Google

@Fentanes_MD @JWeirMcCall @Nidhi_Madan9
Rule - KNOW the surgical history

@Heart_SCCT @SandeepHedgire @JWeirMcCall
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Together again for the first time since 2018, Charlie Cox's #Daredevil and Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin will both appear in Marvel's #Echo series, starring Alaqua Cox: Image
Sources say #Echo will include a plotline in which #Daredevil is searching out a former ally. It has been reported that the ally is Jessica Jones ImageImage
Charlie Cox recently told THR he longed to reunite with Vincent D’Onofrio onscreen: “I am imagining, I am hoping, that our worlds will collide again because the stuff we’ve done in the past was tremendous fun to do" Image
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L'étude d'Umar Iqbal, un chercheur postdoctoral et son équipe (8 chercheurs dotés de compétences interdisciplinaires travaillant ds 4 universités américaines différentes) montre comment #Amazon bafoue ses politiques de confidentialité en utilisant les…
données vocales des utilisateurs à partir de son service #Alexa.
Ces chercheurs ont créé des personas cibles (la persona est la représentation fictive d’un membre appartenant à un grpe de personnes aux comportements, motivations et objectifs proches, utilisée en marketing
publicitaire pour créer des profils ) pour leurs recherches, afin de découvrir comment #Amazon collectait et utilisait exactement les données échangées entre les locuteurs d'enceintes vocales et les serveurs #Alexa. Cette étude révèle également que les publicités ciblées
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Des documents internes d'#Amazon révèlent ( comme de nbreux acteurs l'avaient déjà identifié ! ) que si les enceintes #audio #Echo pilotées par l'#IA #Alexa sont les plus achetées, leurs usages restent essentiellement cantonnés à 2 ou 3 fonctions :
1-L'#audio (flux/délinéarisé) Image
#music, #radio, #podcasts, #meteo, #InfoTrafic ...
2-La domotique (éclairages, caméras, minuteur, stores, prises...)
3- Alarmes
Ainsi les principales préoccupations des responsables de la division #Alexa (10K personnes !) restent l'engagement et la rétention des auditeurs.
A ce stade le #smartdisplay (enceinte-écran tactile-#Alexa, gamme Echo Show) serait le device le + polyvalent et celui à même de dépasser les points de frictions inhérents à la gamme d'enceintes purement vocales !
En effet l'interaction tactile avec l'écran permet de contourner Image
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Thrilled and delighted to be a part of the GOAL trial team – published in @NEJM this week.…
What is the GOAL trial and what does it mean? A thread.
1/🧵 Image
GOAL stands for GwokO Adunu pa Lutino meaning “Protect the Heart of a Child.” ❤️🩺🚸
This trial tested a new strategy to prevent premature death and disability from Rheumatic Heart Disease #RHD 2/ Image
RHD causes >300,000 annual deaths & enormous morbidity, esp in LMIC countries, Indigenous and disadvantaged communities. Many are children or young adults in their prime. Most present with advanced disease, so little opportunity for intervention. 3/…
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#POCUS con USPed Latinoamérica🌎

En #SabadosdePOCUS Roberth González Cardiólogo Pediatra de 🇵🇪 nos habló de #Ecocardiografía en el Paciente #Critico en #Pediatria.

¿Quieres saber un poco de qué trato?

Abrimos 🧵 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
Comentarios iniciales #PedsICU:

No vemos internamente la interacción cardiopulmonar. El #POCUS ha cambiado eso.
Dicha interacción regularmente había sido estudiada por separado.
La integración ❤️-🫁Pulmón debe ser siempre en contexto.

Algo que le sirvió mucho al Dr. Roberth: la #Fisiología, su funcionamiento.

Ojo, este dato se ha mencionado mucho en nuestras sesiones. El #POCUS en verdad te ayuda a mejorar tus conocimientos básicos, cuando ves lo que tanto estudiaste.
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Patient in Janus Jeneral Hospital with neutropenic septic shock. 3ml/hr of single strength noradrenaline - MAP 65, FiO2 30%, Lactate 7. CVP 5. UO 50ml/hr. CTPA negative for PE. AP4C on arrival. #vexus #echo #shock #FOAMed @GUH_ICU_Anaesth @IrishEMtrainees @ICSIreland
Has already had 3L of crystalloid pre admit to crit care.

RVSP = TR Max PG (18.4) + CVP (5) = 23mmHg
Overnight, lacto-bolo reflex sets in & gets 'maintenance' plus multiple boli of IV crystalloid b/c of high lactate.

In the am, increasing shocked state. On norad 20ml/hr SS, vasopressin max, adrenaline 5ml/hr to maintain MAP > 60.

RV & RA acutely dilated on focused US.
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#polio, let's go right to the beginning to understand that vaxx did nothing to eradicate it. So what is polio? In simple terms it is the inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord. It can also occur in the brainstem. Image
We have been conditioned to believe that polio equals braced limbs, iron lungs etc. Actually only those infected with #bulbarpoliomyelitis, which affects the brainstem, were placed in #ironlungmachines Image
We've also been conditioned to believe that polio was wide-spread, which actually is not the case at all. Naturally existing poliovirus was a common bowel inhabitant for
millennia, always there, continuously circulating through humans,
but never causing paralysis. Image
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#Pulmonary Hypertension (pHTN) can really take your breath away!

For today's #MTC, Chief @photon_ick, PGY3 Dr. Armando Martinez, & #CTEPH expert Dr. Demos Papamatheakis reviewed a super cool case of a legit #SPY diagnosed with pHTN & CTEPH, flown to #UCSD for management!
1. pHTN is increased pressure in the #pulmonaryarteries
2. Most common symptoms include: EXERTIONAL #dyspnea, fatigue, pleuritic chest pain, and even #hemoptysis🩸
3. It's typically diagnosed on #ECHO showing dilated arteries, right❤️strain, & elevated RV systolic pressure!
4. There are 5 #WHO Classes of pHTN, distinguished based on physiology and treatment options:
1⃣ Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
2⃣ pHTN 2/2 LV failure
3⃣ pHTN 2/2 Respiratory/Lung disease
5⃣ Other causes Image
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Over the last few months the DIY #engineer in me has been busy turning the family home to #smarthome via a plethora of #IOT products. In the thread below are few of my observations and a possible glimpse into where I see this space moving. Always happy to receive feedback.
1/n So one of the first steps before going #Smarthome is to identify the ecosystem you wish to plug your home into. Now the two primary options that most users should choose are @Google & @amazon #Alexa. Over an above these you have exotic options which I stayed away from.
2/n I nailed my choice down to @alexa99 for these reasons. 1) A ton of compatible products available on @amazonIN. 2) #Echo input devices available by the dozen fitting all sizes from dot to spot to show etc. 3) Relative ease of setting up once you get a hang of it. 4) #Alexa!
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(1/22) Acute PE treatment. An ever evolving landscape.

How about a #tweetorial on acute pulmonary embolism (#PE) and how to use mechanical #thombectomy with @InariMedical #FlowTriever?? Lets goooooo!

#InariFellowsEdition #IRad #IC #cardiotwitter
Pic credit @Jonathan_PaulMD Image
2/ From @CDCgov data one American dies of a blood clot every....? #VTE #PE @PERTConsortium #InariFellowsForum
3/ Acute #PE stats

📊100,000–180,000 PE-related deaths annually in US

📊PE is the most preventable cause of death among hospitalized patients

📊3rd leading cardiovascular cause of death after coronary disease and stroke

⏱ 1 American dies of a blood clot every 6 seconds Image
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Years have fallen
Swept away
From her eyes

Creases #bear
Pain of tears
Never wailed

Tides of green
Have tsunami of
Stories veiled

Dreams stacked
As secrets in lashes
In a blink

Of life revealed
In ebb of her eyes
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Here’s a great #Echo of a young lady who suddenly collapsed to the ground in Cardiac Arrest. Bystander CPR was performed and 911 was called. Paramedics shock her once for pulseless VT and get ROSC on the scene. She’s intubated, in shock, on an Epi drip.

What’s the diagnosis?
The RV is very dilated with poor systolic function. The RA is also very big. The LV is Hyperdynamic with no obvious wall motion abnormality. This appearance of Severe Right Heart Strain is common during arrest, but when it persists AFTER ROSC, you must think Massive PE!

But the other caveat is that this Right Heart Strain could also be the result of *chronic* pulmonary hypertension.

So here’s what we did: We placed an Arterial Line & added a Norepi drip. We notified the CT techs that she needed to be next in line for an Emergent CTPA...

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Great news at the #saaids2019 conference in Durban! The #ECHO trial shows #NoLink between contraceptive method and HIV….
The #ECHO trial was needed due to concerns from observational studies that progestogen-only injectable contraception (e.g., DMPA) could be linked to HIV acquisition in women. This concern has at long last been put to rest:…
There are now #NoExcuses -- we must accelerate efforts to integrate #SRH/HIV responses and support women to make the choice of contraception that is best for their circumstances
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1/#Tweetorial #papillary #fibroelastoma for
#ASEchoJC 10/23

🐙= #PFE 1975 named #papillary #fibroelastoma by #armed #forces #institute of #pathology

#papilloma 1973

#Collagen core with elastic fibers & matrix covered by endothelium sheath
Attached by stalk
multiple fronds
2/ What is the incidence of #PFE 🐙 compared to #myxoma (diagnosed in same time period)?

#PFE 511 vs. #myxoma 112

#PFE incidence ~1/1000

common “benign”primary ❤️tumor #modern #EchoFirst (Most common @MayoClinicCV)

#myxoma (autopsy based prevalence)
3/How to tell if a #PFE🐙by #echofirst ?
(Vs.Atypical myxoma,SBE,
small mobile mass attached #endocardial surface frondlike extensions #independent motion stippled border
Usually on atrial surface of AV valves or either side of semilunar valves,🚫interfere valve Fxn
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