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Welcome to our #EveryDayIsEarthDay Q and A session with Taiwo Adewole, @taiwoadewole. We will be having a conversation around "Human induced climate impact".
Don't forget to join in by using the hashtag #ACIEarthDay #EarthDay
Q1) Going through your profile one cannot help but be impressed by your numerous achievements, help us understand how you came across your passion for environmental sustainability.

#EarthDay #ACIEarthDay #EverydayIsEarthDay
Interesting, so it was a conscious decision.
Q2) To address the issue of human-induced climate impact, we first need to have an understanding of what we are dealing with; Kindly help us understand what this means.

#EarthDay #ACIEarthDay #EverydayIsEarthDay
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1/3 Watch steam+motor propulsion extend sailing season into rough weather seasons 1845-1915:
#fossilfuel shipping -> more speed, predictability AND duration of season.

#climhist #envhist #dkvid #dkhist #LivingOnTheEdge #twitterstorians #coastalhistory #EarthDay2020
2/3 1825 North Sea storm flood -> Breaching sand dune barriers northwest Denmark -> access between The North Sea and Limfjord -> natural disaster providing new shipping route ...

#maritime #history #twitterstorians #dkvid #dkhist #envhist #climhist #oceanspast #EarthDay2020 Image
3/3....Connecting Limfjord area to wider World

One of many topics in @DFF_raad funded project: Living on the Edge:

#maritime #history #twitterstorians #dkvid #dkhist #envhist #climhist #oceanspast #EarthDay2020 Image
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🧵Absolutely amazing commentary in a key insurance industry journal, just in time for #EarthDay2020

We couldn't have written the headline any better:

🔥"Why the Insurance Industry Must Stop Supporting Fossil Fuels"🔥

You'll want to bookmark this one. Here's some choice quotes:
"The industry is seeing record-breaking losses from extreme weather events that are intensified by a warming planet. Paradoxically, it's simultaneously fueling climate change by underwriting & investing in the dirty energy projects & companies that are at the root of the crisis."
✔️U.S. insurers have $450 billion invested in fossil fuels. Many underwrite the expansion of coal, oil, & gas.
✔️ New coal plants are planned in 60 countries; if built, these projects will add over 579 GW to the global coal plant fleet.
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Earth Day 2020 and working from home has substantially reduced greenhouse gas emissions #Earthday2020 #WorkFromHome Image
An ongoing commitment to remote work programs could sustain a positive environmental impact experienced amid the Covid-19 tragedy, making this Earth Day a paradigm shift in how we fight climate change #Covid19 #EarthDay #ClimateChange
To do this, we need to make remote work secure and productive. We're here to help this Earth Day and we're excited to support telework initiatives #WFH #Telework
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From the archive: #EarthDay2020

This time last year I saw the longest tusks in the world in the wonderful museum at Malia in northern Greece. These belonged to the remarkable Pliocene beast Mammut borsini 🇬🇷
The longest tusk is 5.02 m long and was excavated in July 2007. It is the second from right in this photo. This beat the previous record of 4.39 m excavated in 1997 (far left) #EarthDay2020
Here’s the excellent palaeoart of Mammut borsoni by Remie Bakker. His work appears in various displays at the Natural History Museum in Malia. This was not an ice age beast. The Pliocene was warmer and this animal was a forest dweller 🌳🌳
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SPECIAL REPORT: The World Food Program is warning that #Yemen and countries in the Horn of #Africa – not coincidentally states that the #US has been destabilizing for decades, could face mass starvation amid the #CoronavirusPandemic.
By: @AlanRMacLeod…
The World Food Program predicts #Yemen to feel the worst impact of a prolonged global #pandemic and famine; 16 million people are already suffering a food crisis, the highest number in the world.
#EarthDay2020 Image
40 percent of #Yemeni households had already lost their primary source of income before the #pandemic, because of the Saudi blockade. Over half of children born since the conflict started in 2015 are already physically stunted due to lack of food.…
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Humanity faces two unprecedented threats. One, #Covid19, is a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. The other, climate change, will span many lifetimes, and remains our most dire challenge. But we have the technology to conquer it—now.

Here’s how 1/
We’re in desperate need of a decades-long investment in the fight against climate change. A moon shot won’t cut it; neither will a few more Elon Musks. But the full might of the US government can. This needs to be our new Cold War 2/
Nature is the most effective technology available to save the planet. It’s time we stopped overlooking our biggest potential ally in the climate fight 3/ #EarthDay2020
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Grisly experiments have become synonymous with the #US government, which has meted out untold horrors against humans and animals alike.
By: John Whitehead
#COVID19 #EarthDay
The cannibalistic experiments involve killing cats and dogs purchased from Colombia, #Brazil, Vietnam, China and Ethiopia, and then feeding the dead remains to laboratory kittens, bred in government laboratories for the purpose of being infected with a disease and then killed. Image
"We the people” have also become the #Police state guinea pigs. Back in 2017, FEMA “inadvertently” exposed nearly 10,000 #firefighters, paramedics and other responders to a deadly form of ricin during simulated #BioTerrorism response sessions.
#COVID19 #lockdown Image
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#EarthDay2020 Anche se passerà in secondo piano per via della pandemia che stiamo vivendo, oggi ricorre l'anniversario dei cinquant'anni dalla prima giornata della terra.

Un breve recap storico per capirne l'impatto culturale e per tracciare le differenza tra ieri e oggi.
La prima manifestazione del 1970 non fu solo l'opera di un gruppo di attivisti, ma anche un raro esempio di collaborazione tra democratici e repubblicani, che portò in soli 7 mesi alla nascita di enti governativi fondamentali come l'EPA.
Tuttavia, negli USA come in Europa, oggi il tema è politicamente più polarizzante che mai: a destra si rasenta il negazionismo, mentre a sinistra si lavora per slogan e banalizzazione dei problemi ambientali. Eppure, il tema è fortemente sentito dal pubblico.
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Today, fifty years after the first #EarthDay, we’d like to thank you for helping us build a more just world for all. Image
A world in which we refuse to allow fear—fear of “the other,” fear of the loss of the status quo, fear of change and uncertainty—sway how we treat other beings and make public policy.
A world in which we make decisions at all levels based on science, justice, and the interconnectedness of all life on earth.
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Earth Day began 50 years ago as a way to show how important environmental protection is to all of us. Now, as we celebrate #EarthDayAtHome, it’s more important than ever that we recommit ourselves to a safe, clean environment.
One way you can mark #EarthDay2020 is by tuning in to watch California Natural Resources Secretary @WadeCrowfoot and others talk about how we got where we are today and what’s in store for the next 50 years. You can watch online here:…
Another way you can celebrate #EarthDay is through the Earth Day Network’s 15-hour live stream. You’ll see musicians, celebrities, environmental activists and more talk about what we can do to help save the planet. Tune in here:
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For #EarthDay2020
"The Lord was able to invite others to be attentive to the beauty that there is in the world because he himself was in constant touch with nature, lending it an attention full of fondness and wonder...
As he made his way throughout the land, he often stopped to contemplate the beauty sown by his Father, and invited his disciples to perceive a divine message in things: “Lift up your eyes, and see how the fields are already white for harvest” (Jn 4:35).
“The kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field; it is the smallest of all seeds, but once it has grown, it is the greatest of plants” (Mt 13:31-32).
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#EarthDay2020 | Fifty Years On, World Comes Together Virtually to Put Spotlight on #ClimateAction.

Here is a quiz to put your knowledge to test.

Answers will be out at 5:30 PM🌎

No Google, phone a friend or any method of cheating allowed.
Q1. Who initiated the nationwide environmental forum in the US on April 22, 1970, which became the first Earth Day?
Q2. What is the monthly average carbon dioxide concentration for March 2020 at the atmospheric baseline station, Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii?

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#JourDeLaTerre Aujourd’hui, une espèce de mammifères sur quatre, un oiseau sur huit, plus d’un amphibien sur trois et un tiers des espèces de conifères sont menacés d’extinction mondiale.
#EarthDay #EarthDay2020 #JournéeDeLaTerre
#thread ⬇️
Comment le sait-on ? Grâce à la Liste rouge mondiale de l'UICN, qui permet de connaître le niveau des menaces qui pèsent sur la #biodiversité.
Dans sa dernière édition, sur les 116 177 espèces animales et végétales étudiées, 31 030 sont classées menacées.
#JourDeLaTerre #EarthDay
La France figure parmi les 10 pays hébergeant le plus grand nombre d’espèces menacées : au total, 1 546 espèces menacées au niveau mondial sont présentes sur son territoire, en métropole et en outre-mer.
#JourDeLaTerre #EarthDay #EarthDay2020 #JournéeDeLaTerre
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¡Feliz Día de la Tierra!
Hoy celebramos 50 años del #DiaDeLaTierra . En este hilo os dejamos algunas imágenes, reportajes, curiosidades que os harán amar nuestro planeta. Image
Aquí os explicamos por qué se celebra justo el 22 de abril y cómo nació hace justo 50 años la necesidad de celebrar este #DiaDeLaTierra :…
Por cierto, ¿conoces a alguien que piense que el calentamiento global es falso? #DiaDeLaTierra #EarthDay2020 #EarthDay
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Part 6

_A Thread_

#Ramadhan #EarthDay2020 #EarthDay
Aku berusaha menenangkan ibuku yang terus mengomel tanpa henti. “Mungkin jatuh ke bawah,” kataku sambil mengecek bagian bawah meja. “Jatuh apanya?! Barusan mau diambil, uangnya hilang begitu saja di depan mata!” bantah ibuku.
“Ya sudah, kita cari aja bareng-bareng. Paling juga diumpetin lagi,” ujarku pura-pura santai. Ibuku masuk kamar dan menangis. Mungkin ia sudah tidak tahan dengan semuanya.
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Karena mengira cupu manik astagina jatuh kedalam telaga Sumala, 2 anak Rsi Gotama, Guwarsi dan Guwarsa, menceburkan diri dan menyelam kedalamnya. Itulah jalan bagi semesta untuk menghukum mahluk yg mengejar sesuatu yang bukan miliknya.

#EarthDay2020 Image
Maka dgn air telaga itu, Guwarsi dan Guwarsa berubah mjd 2 ekor kera, dan nama mereka berganti mjd Subali dan Sugriwa. Kemudian atas petunjuk illahi, Subali melakukan tapa spt kalong: menggelayut di pohon dgn kaki diatas kepala dibawah, dan Sugriwa bertapa seperti seekor kijang.
Bertahun2 bertapa, Subali begitu rindu dengan bumi. Dulu, menginjak bumi bukanlah hal yang istimewa. Semua orang bersenda gurau, hidup, makan, sedih, gembira, hingga mati diatas bumi. Menanam, memetik, mengubur, di bumi. Tak ada yang istimewa.
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आज अर्थ डे पर पृथ्वी के पर्यावरण के संतुलन को बहाल करने और उसके विविधतापूर्ण परिवेश का संरक्षण करने का संकल्प लें। ये समझें कि मनुष्य इस पृथ्वी को अन्य जीव, जंतुओं और वनस्पति से साथ साझा करता है, उनका भी इस पृथ्वी पर उतना ही अधिकार है जितना मनुष्य का।

#EarthDay2020 #EarthDay
कोविड 19 के विरुद्ध मनुष्य के अभियान ने हमारी विकास की अवधारणा पर गहरे सवाल उठाए हैं, जिनका निराकरण करना मानव के अस्तित्व मात्र के लिए अपरिहार्य है। हमें सोचना होगा कि आधुनिकीकरण की अंधी दौड़ में मानव ने प्रकृति को कितनी हानि पहुंचाई है।
अर्थ डे के अवसर पर एकात्म मानववाद के प्रणेता पंडित दीनदयाल उपाध्याय जी के उस मंत्र का स्मरण करें कि प्रकृति सम्मत विकास ही संस्कृति है, प्रकृति को नष्ट कर किया हुआ विकास विकृति उत्पन्न करेगा। अपने सनातन संस्कारों, अपने शांति मंत्रों से सीखें, उनसे मार्गदर्शन लें। #EarthDay2020
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Water pollution is destroying the remaining 0.007% of all water, which is left to support the population.

Join our guest @ayoade_adegbite on #WASHDriversHangout this Thursday. A conversation for people and planet

#ClimateAction #EarthDay2020 #WASH #SDG6 @NigeriaEarthday Image
#WASHDriversHangout starts in 20mins.

Our guest, @ayoade_adegbite is set to share with us on #WASH and Freshwater Conservation.


Join the conversation. #Covid_19

It is a15 minute countdown to #WashDriversHangout.
Do join the conversation Image
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#EarthDay2020 is coming up on Apr 22nd, so this week's jobs thread is themed around everything #environment! If you've got any jobs to add, feel free to comment below! #GreenJobs Image
A few jobs still active on last week's thread. Take a look here 👇
. @Sustainalytics is hiring a Senior Product Operations Manager in #ESG and Impact Metrics, based in Toronto. #GreenJobs…
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