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Hey fam! 🚀 Join us tomorrow for a thrilling Twitter Space on #Launchpads: Where to find the next gems? 💎

📅 Save the date: Tuesday, 30th of May
⏰ Time: 3 pm UTC +0
Hit 🔔 to tune in……
Are you ready to dive into the exhilarating world of Launchpads? Discover the untapped potential, the hidden treasures, and the rocketing opportunities that await you in the #Web3 universe! 🌌✨
🔍 Curious about the hottest Launchpads and how they identify those dazzling gems before they skyrocket? Wondering how you can get in on the ground floor of the next big thing in the crypto space? Look no further!
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One of the easiest ways to hit 50x-100x returns in #crypto is #launchpads let me show you how 👇

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◆◆ What's a Launchpad? ◆◆
It's a project that allows you to access #crypto presales if you hold the launchpad token. For example, DAO Maker is a launchpad, their token is $DAO. If you hold enough $DAO you get access to any project launching through DAOmaker.

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◆◆ Launchpad Returns ◆◆
In a bear market, you can hit over 100x returns from launchpad releases. In a bull market 300x or more 👀 First pic shows returns since March of projects launched from DAO maker and the second all time highs for projects they listed:

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[1/16] Selbstbestimmt #NFTs auf dem #XRPL auszustellen ist derzeit noch sehr schwierig, weshalb sich sog. "#Launchpads" etabliert haben, die den Prozess über eine Webseite erleichtern

Welche Fallstricke sind auffällig? Richtigstellung zur Reserve und techn. Error Meldungen

🧵👇 Source:
[2/16] Wer den Ablauf der #BCB NFT-Serie ".702" bei Twitter mitverfolgt hat, hat sicher mitbekommen:

"Outch, da lief einiges schief. 😅"

Aber wer hatte Schuld? Welche Fehler waren die Ursache und war vll. sogar der #XRPLedger schuld?
Spoiler: Dem #XRPL geht's prima. 😉 Source:
[3/16] Fangen wir bei den Fehlern an.

Wie sich jeder vorstellen kann, gibt es eine Unsumme an #Transaktionscodes, deshalb hier die Grundlagen der Präfixe:

• "#tec" – Die Transaktion hat nicht geklappt, aber die Transaktionskosten (min. 0,00001, aka. 10 #drops) wurden zerstört Source:
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It's common to question the credibility of projects posted on decentralized #launchpads. But with UniCrypt, investors and deployers enjoy an extra layer of security. 🛡️

This is because #UniCrypt = credibility. Here's an overview why 👇
First Movers:

Many of the tools that all launchpads are using such as #liquiditylockers, we created them. The status associated with our name revolves around the fact that our tech is superior and original. UniCrypt set the industry standard. The rest.. follow, fork, and fud😏
Auditing: 🧐

We always strongly encourage projects to get an audit by one of the auditors we've partnered with and we clearly indicate each project's state of audit. When an investor clicks on a listed project, they can get details about the audit and security threats noticed.
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1/ You have months to deep-dive and research the best #altcoins to accumulate in the #crypto bear market.

Don't waste that time being angry that $BTC dumped.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use your time productively 👇
2/ Research cryptos that survived the last bear market and came back strong.

You can learn a lot from these projects. Like what makes a resilient crypto.

A few examples $BNB $ADA $TRX $DASH $XMR $ZEC $EOS $XRP $XLM and many more.

What makes them tick? What keeps them strong?
3/ Go through the top 100 and find projects with strong teams and use cases.

Do a deep dive into interesting projects. Figure out if they have funding from outside of crypto. If they do, they could keep building through a bear market.

Some projects are 100% crypto funded. ngmi.
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With uncertainty around the market at the moment, one thing that has become clear is that every project must be properly evaluated before investing

Whether its #DeFi #NFTs #Launchpads or some #Shitcoin plays

200% is the new 10x

How to properly evaluate a project
A thread 🧵
The team: this is really the most important. Most projects have anon team, and that's okay.

Look at their credentials. Past records & present involvement(s)
Pay attention to what they have said and how they live up to it.

Expertise and drive is what you want to see
Tokenomics - How many times have we seen great ideas + great team with bad tokenomics? Most of the "#Metaverse" and "#GameFi" projects have failed due to bad tokenomics.

If there are <5% tokens in circulation at launch and the rest unlocked in <4 years, that's bad!
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[THREAD] Réflexions sur les #tokenomics

Le marché est beau, le soleil revient, les oiseaux chantent, c'est le printemps, il neige à Toulouse selon @Crypt0celot (c'est le 1er avril prenez ses élucubrations avec des pincettes)

C'est aussi l'occasion de parler un peu tokenomics
Les tokenomics c'est quoi ?

Savant mélange de token et economy, les tokenomics sont un ensemble de paramètres qui vont régir la construction d'un modèle économique du token d'un projet, et c'est primordial, surtout pour ceux qui souhaitent devenir investisseurs
Avec l'avènement du "launchpad time", nous sommes beaucoup à devenir investisseurs, et à ce titre il est important de prendre les réflexes qui vont avec, notamment l'analyse de ces tokenomics pour comprendre comment le projet vous embarque, et embarque les autres.
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As our platform launch date is approaching (Q2), we want to take this opportunity and introduce ourselves to the #World using this THREAD👇

#DeFi #Blockchain #Metaverse #NFTs #NFTCommunity #Ethereum #BinanceSmartChain #SolanaNFTs #opensea
What is @poolify_finance?

#Poolify is a hybrid multi-chain #DeFiProject that allows leveraged #YieldFarming and provides a Crowd Metaverse Marketplace for #CrowdInvestments.
We are a team of like-minded individuals that all share the same goal of revolutionizing the #DeFi and #Metaverse space by providing every single individual - no matter his/her financial power - the tools to join the game of the whales.
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Token Economics Advanced Class

How to understand if a token could become big in the future?

A lot of people are still unaware of token economics evaluation. I wanted to take the time to provide a simple overview on Token Economics.

Lets get to it!💪

I recently saw great beginner overview on token metrics from @LadyofCrypto1

If you are new to #ICO #IDO small caps, then I would recommend you to first read over her thread👇

I see a lot of people talking shit CT so first of all:
Why am I qualified to give this overview?

As CEO of @TheDaoMaker I've have helped design & launch > 80 tokens including $OMI $EGLD $XCAD etc

Joined & Studied Private Sale Metric since early 2017 of many tokens such $ICX $AVAX $SOL $MATIC

What questions to ask yourself?
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1/ There is too much going on in #crypto to keep track of it all yourself.

A team of people you trust is essential.

My team is me and three other guys. We work together daily and have complete faith in each other's ability to do our jobs.

I would not be successful without them
2/ I am the #metaverse and #playtoearn expert in the team. This is my main focus for now. I also look at new #blockchains.

If I tell someone on my team I am buying a gaming or blockchain crypto, they will buy without needing to do their own research.
3/ The same goes for me with passive income cryptos. The passive income person on my team focuses on finding and researching these cryptos.

Another guy on my team focuses on #launchpads, he does research on them, and manages them by buying launched tokens for the entire team.
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best tokens to buy during this dip

Thread Includes #gaming #Metaverse #NFTs #DeFi #INFRA tokens to keep under your radar

Top Tier Games
2. $CWAR
3. $THG
4. $WARS
5. $DFL
6. $GENE
7. $BZN
8. $NGL

#altcoin #altcoinGems #PlayToEarn
Mid Tier Games
1. $ASPO
2. $TITA
3. $DAR
4. $KBOX
5. $MSCP
6. $DRUG
8. $DNXC
Guild & DAO Tokens
1. $GGG
2. $GF
3. $PATH
4. $UNIX
5. $MC
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#alphaleak (outside of $AVAX) #BNB #launchpadstrategy
Yesterday, I saw a big spike-up on $BNB among an ocean of crypto weakness
It could've meant a variety of things, perhaps regulatory clearance in a key market (@binance has been getting shut down), but I was hopeful that it could possibly mean... #BNB #launchpad season. And yes my prayers were answered!
So what's the #BNB #launchpad strategy? It's a tried & true strategy I've deployed successfully to get *outsized* gains. When @binance does a launchpad, it typically means very large gains for $BNB w/ a very nice #IDO dividend at the end

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A thread on why NOW is the time to invest in @avalancheavax $AVAX

I've been tweeting it, but for posterity, I want to state here that I think this week marks the start of AVAX #defi summer

Here are my reasons:
1/7 Image
a) General macro renewed interest in L1s
Specific catalysts:
b) @BenqiFinance $IQ launch Aug-19 with incentives
c) @AvalaunchApp $XAVA launch this week
a) General macro renewed interest in L1s, with @solana $SOL & @terra_money $LUNA leading & $AVAX now following

Not that SOL & LUNA are better, just that they're larger cap & more visible. At this stage, I'm loading up on $AVAX > SOL/LUNA (though IMO both deserve a place)
3/7 Image
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(1\25) The #vision & addressable market opportunities of Blockchain’s such as @ElrondNetwork & accompanying #community/network $EGLD ⚡️ is vast beyond what many can fully grasp. It’s the opportunity to re-write the rules of the status quo system that currently serve the few (1%) Image
(2\25) & inherently promotes inequitable opportunity & wealth inequality. #Blockchain systems can re-shape every industry #Finance, #Entertainment, #SupplyChain, Content Delivery, #BigTech, #Food, #Agriculture, #Education, #Politics/Government, #Transportation, #healthcare
(3\25) #Digital gaming etc. The existing status quo system restricts the majority from participating both in the value sharing (#investing) at the ground level due to supposed accredited investor protections & the value creation (new products/services) unless one has access to
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