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Populism, correctly understood, has only one commandment:

Delegitimize the ruling class.
There are many people who want to delegitimize the ruling class, but dislike many mainstream populists, and that's understandable. I certainly have policy disagreements with mainstream populists. I think its a mistake nonetheless to dismiss populism.
This thread is for the libertarians, centrists, classical liberals, and IDW out there. The populists will enjoy it too, because its nice to watch someone who was wrong about you change his mind.
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NEW WP 🚨: How did collaborations between men & women change after #MeToo?

Overall, I show women’s productivity falls post #MeToo, largely due to fewer collaborations with men.


A 🧵 (n/8)
Comments are welcome! Image
I provide evidence from research collaborations in economics:
Annual output of (the same) junior female academic fell post #MeToo by 0.7/1.7 projects. A drop in new projects with all male co-authors explains 60% of output decline—largely new males at the same university.
Women don’t make up for the loss in projects with men by collaborating more with other women or solo work.
Junior men do make up for lost collaborations with women by collaborating more with men. So, men don’t have a loss in projects overall.
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I have received quite a number of personal emails and messages following the column I wrote for @NZStuff. Many of these make for really tough reading, as people describe their trauma. A few thoughts:
There is so much hurt out there about being bullied at school, still only partly said, disorganised, waiting to be recognised and acknowledged.
For some of the people who have written to me, the breakthrough of what I and others have written is hearing someone say: "you were hurt and that wasn't OK."
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Above the law: Rioters in 2020

Not above the law: Parents in 2021
Above the law: The FBI

Not above the law: anyone lying to the FBI*

*offer not valid for Democrats
Above the law: Eric Holder's DOJ when running guns

Not above the law: man driving through state with gun not locked according to state law
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this thread: Putin’s secrets
the things he revealed to me while in his inner circle

1. Putin has stomach cancer -- the reason for the fidgeting is a constant dull stomach pain, and massive amounts of painkillers;
it is one of the reasons for the cruelty on civilians in Ukraine;
2. the inner circle members really thought i was one of the mafia, part of the team by the sheer power of the celebrity in it:

Glenn Greenwald
H.G. Tudor
Chelsea Manning

Putin wanted me to do intel work for him. That’s when I escaped.
Glenn Greenwald is the czar of misinformation and disinformation;

Manning does itech stuff: security, deepfakes etc -- i think the hacking software they use to hack phones of Democrats (and mine) are enabled by her;
HG Tudor is sitting there being pretty. He “brought me in.”
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#metoo 朱军案,从2014年6月到2022年8月发生了什么 1/6
#metoo 朱军案,从2014年6月到2022年8月发生了什么 2/6
#metoo 朱军案,从2014年6月到2022年8月发生了什么 3/6
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People were easily swayed by Johnny Depp’s PR campaign because of their own internalized misogyny, victim blaming beliefs, and inability to do research before coming to a conclusion on a highly sensitive matter. It has nothing to do with manipulation.
The public reaction to this trial truly undid years of work that domestic violence experts, researchers, and advocates put in. It’s as if people put aside everything we learned during the #metoo era to preserve an actor because they grew up on his movies.
Amber Heard did almost everything that victims are told to do. She documented years of injuries, she spoke to several medical professionals about it, she got a restraining order, and yet the majority of the public believed she was lying.
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Stick figure poking "cancel culture" saying "
Just remembered David Simon blocked me after it came out he still worked with James Franco despite his abuse history.

(iirc, dude lied & said he was just muting me lmao)
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We are now at the sickening part of the DeShaun Watson story where the serial sexual abuser gets a woefully short suspension, after signing a contract that makes him the highest paid QB in NFL history. And he is supported by his team and their fans.

A thread. /1
Here are 10 Tweets on this mess. Because it says a lot about our culture and society, none of it good.
I wrote about the history of this up through the point that Watson was traded to the Browns and signed his monster contract here for @GoodMenProject:…

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Τρεις. Μέσα δύο 24ωρα.
Το "σπάστε τη σιωπή" δεν ειναι στρατηγική.

Να δημιουργηθεί τώρα ένα πρόγραμμα για τις γυναίκες που υφίστανται ενδοοικογενειακή βία.

Προστασία άμεση, στέγη, ψυχ στήριξη και για τα παιδιά, οικονομική στήριξη μέχρι να βρουν σπίτι & δουλειά.

Εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα σε όλα τα σχολεία της Ελλάδας για την πρόληψη της κοινωνίας και την ευαισθητοποιηση σχετικά με την βία στο σπίτι και τη κακοποίηση παιδιών.

Πρέπει γυναίκα και παιδιά να έχουν άμεσα, γρήγορα και όσο χρειαστεί στήριξη, όπως επίσης κάθε θύμα.

Στις 🇪🇺 χώρες η γυναίκα- ιδιαίτερα τα παιδιά- ξεχνάμε πάντα τα παιδιά! - προστατευεται. Οι πιο αδύναμοι υπό αυτές τις συνθήκες προστατευονται!

Δε γίνεται - επειδή έτυχε να ζουν στην Ελλάδα - να μην υπάρχει ακριβώς το ίδιο επίπεδο και η ίδια ποιότητα στήριξης.

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A small story:

Sometimes, I see someone famous talking and I flinch because while I know what they mean, this is not going to be taken well.

Hi, @sydney_sweeney. Welcome to your time in the Outrage Barrel.

"What the ever-loving fuck is this child talking about, acting like she's broke? She makes a ton of money and boo-hoo, she can't take six months off after a baby; I was back at work in my postpartum diapers."

I know.

I know.

(Pets your fur back down)
Allow me to translate this from Los Angeles to English.

1. She's not saying she's broke. She's saying the money flows out as quickly as it flows in. For every job she does about 18% of the money is gone to agents, lawyer, manager.
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After tweeting about Nick Cohen and Guardian News and Media (GNM’s) attempts to discourage complaints from W1 and W2, I received a number of messages from other women wanting to talk about how life is at GNM. 🧵
I had never previously met any of the women who contacted me. They were motivated to get in touch by their experience that GNM cannot be trusted to investigate complaints and/or has actively sought to discourage them. And they want things to be better.
A few preliminary points.

(1) We made an offer to GNM which would have avoided the need for this thread and met our concerns. You can read it below. But it wasn’t accepted. Image
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🧵 It’s Natural Family Planning Awareness Week! Humanae Vitae is FIRE. Here’s how Pope Paul VI predicted the future in that encyclical. 1/8 Image
In 1968, he said one of the consequences of artificial birth control would be greater marital infidelity. Amiright? #kinsey #divorce 2/8
Another consequence would be the “general lowering of moral standards”... 3/8
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As traditional masculine norms are tossed into the dust heap of history, men are failing to embrace new freedoms and finding only inner conflict.…
The General Social Survey, a massive dataset meant to give researchers and policymakers a snapshot of how Americans are doing, shows that male happiness has been curved over time.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, men were the most unhappy when data was first collected in 1972, with 27% of men reporting that they were “very happy” compared to 33% of women.
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Bullying and sexism are forcing staff to quit the health service amid the “greatest workforce crisis in NHS history”, a report by MPs says.

Record waiting lists of 6.6m are likely to rise as the government had no plan for staffing shortages…
Latest figures show there are 105,000 vacancies in the NHS as doctors, nurses and midwives are driven out by burnout, bullying, pension rules and low pay
The report says that chronic shortages in health and social care are putting patients at risk and are making government plans to clear the Covid care backlog by 2024 “unachievable”…
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1. The current Thermidorian Reaction we're witnessing (establishment backlash against trans rights, #metoo, BLM) echoes a forgotten moment in history: the widespread elite freak-out over 2nd wave feminism and gay rights in 1969-1973, after Stonewall ignited new militancy.
2. In conventional historical memory, 1960s/1970s backlash is remembered as a few Cold War liberals turning right over Black Power, anti-war movement, New Left. True enough but broader backlash went beyond this faction & opposition to feminism & gay rights was crucial part.
3. Feminism & gay rights, along with the Black freedom movement, challenged fundamental hierarchies that made many people, not just conservatives or Cold War liberals, uncomfortable: in the 1969-1973 moment, it included many mainstream liberals, left-liberals & leftists.
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Bill Wyman played in the Rolling Stones for 30 years — so where is he in the BBC documentary about Keith, Ronnie, Mick and Charlie? | ✍️ @dancairns123…
The band’s bassist was there from the start and his departure from the band in 1993 after three decades marked the end of an era
When, at the age of 52, Wyman married the 18-year-old aspiring model and singer Mandy Smith, with whom he had allegedly been in a relationship for five years, all his bandmates and their wives attended the wedding 👇…
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Republican benefactor of conservative Christian groups, Richard A. Dasen Sr., was charged with rape for allegedly paying a 15-year old girl for sex. Dasen, 62, who is married with grown children and several grandchildren, has allegedly told police that over the past decade he
paid more than $1 million to have sex with a large number of young women.
Democratic donor and billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, ran an underage child sex brothel and was convicted of soliciting underage girls for prostitution.
Democratic New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, plead
guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor as part of a plea agreement for sexted and sending Twitter DMs to underage girls as young as 15.
Democratic donor, activist, and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is being criminally prosecuted and civilly sued for years of
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As a Dartmouth alum, WTH is going on here @JDCocchiarella and why did you transfer from Dartmouth to @Columbia?
Thread 1 from the Dartmouth subreddit…
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‘Men pretend #MeToo is confusing, but it’s really easy to not grope anyone.'

🟠 @Gwendolyn_Smith interviews Rafe Spall…
@Gwendolyn_Smith 📺 As series three of his adoption comedy Trying hits TV screens, Rafe Spall talks to @Gwendolyn_Smith about why success doesn’t fix your insecurities, toxic masculinity – and how he wishes he was a more present father.
@Gwendolyn_Smith Rafe Spall is listing what he wants from the next 10 years.

🗣️ “I’d like to do more comedy: I love making people laugh. I’d like to do painting. I’d like to do more cooking.” His voice pricks with emotion as he gets to the last one.

“I’d like to be more of a present father.” Image
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Dear mainstream media (🧵):

We can have all these "conversations" about "the era of #MeToo" and its response, but let's keep it simple:

People are goddamn tired of everything being called assault. A tap on the shoulder, a slammed cabinet, a "sexist joke," FWB being "coercion."
He's moody ("psychological abuse").

She gets in his face, yelling, & he shoves her off ("physical abuse").

He drinks a bit too much (no real abuse, but you'll call it "years of torment").

He slips up, calls her a bitch (inappropriate, yes, but you call it "verbal abuse").
She'll post a story on Instagram. In 1 hour you've typed up a long piece about him being the next Harvey Weinstein.

You'll do this without any investigation, then disseminate this "breaking news" to millions of people.

Which brings me to the #1 reason why people hate you:
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「当時は、(性暴力被害の)当事者が話すということがまだまだ珍しかったのか、報道で注目される点が服装など思わぬ方向に向けられたのは残念でしたが、同じ年に #metoo 運動が始まり、これまで届くと思わなかった声が少しずつ届くようになりました」
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1/. Around the world - from Russia to Sri Lanka, France to Senegal, Iran to Nicaragua - our right to protest is under attack

In the UK the introduction of the #PolicingBill has shown how swiftly hard fought freedoms can be stripped away
2/. Q: How did these unarmed women in Belarus strike fear into a bunch of secret policemen?

A: They pulled off their balaclavas

LESSON: Tyranny thrives in secrecy

By coming together, we can strip off the masks & reveal the truth

It’s what they fear
3/. “Our deepest fear isn’t that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”

I’ve been privileged to be part of movements that have harnessed the power of protest

In South Africa, the protest could made the country ungovernable
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