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Right Wing #NeoNazi #CancelCulture trolls published students private info online #Doxxing her- wins $725,000.…
Hey @joerogan- you gonna bring this up on your show since you’re so against cancel culture on the left?
BTW - I helped get Andrew Anglin’s You Tube account DELETED by networking thousands people to report him.
He attacked my friend Heather after she was murdered. He smeared her like the sociopath is.
And if anyone has a problem with that - then too bad.

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UK 🇬🇧 SEPT 19, 2019
The head of UK counterterror policing warned that teens were increasingly being drawn into #FarRightExtremism —the UK’s fastest-growing terror threat. #HateIsNotAHoax…
SEPT 20, 2019
Teen #neoNazi who threatened to ‘kill many people’ was jailed for 5y.

Kieran Cleary, now 16, had researched “extreme right-wing and anti-Muslim material” online and praised Adolf Hitler. #HateIsNotAHoax
Leeds Crown Court heard that he first came to the police’s attention aged 13 and was referred to the Prevent counter-extremism program, but was not deradicalized.
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One viral image being shared on social media used a bit of reverse psychology, asking what Americans would think if the details of this story involved the #tRump family rather than the #Biden family. #GreatWhiteHunter…
A viral image being shared on social media uses reverse psychology, asking what Americans would think if the details of this story involved the #tRump family with its #GreatWhiteHunter sons rather than the #Biden family with its "great white" son, Hunter.…
#HunterBiden was a senior VP for financial services giant #MBNA — an arrangement that drew criticism during the 2008 elections for potential conflict of interests.
As senator, #JoeBiden spearheaded legislation that would have affected MBNA’s business.… #DNC
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A new wave of #neoNazi propaganda glorifies and pulls from ISIS and al Qaeda, illustrating how the terror groups have some shared priorities.
As the threat of militant #neoNazi groups expands and gains the attentions of federal authorities, their online propaganda tactics are taking a page out of an unlikely playbook:

well-known #jihadist groups.
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White supremacist extremists are interconnected internationally in at least 5 expanding areas.

Fundraising, sharing of tactics are boosted because of the Internet.
I’ll be posting video clips from the hearing in a bit.

I couldn’t live tweet bc work.
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He was a #neoNazi leader. Now he’s standing in a synagogue seeking one thing from his Jewish audience
‘The ideology is secondary, It’s the need to belong that makes them susceptible to #whitenationalism,’…
SALT LAKE CITY — In the days leading up to the Jewish high holidays in 2017, Tony McAleer found himself on a stage with the rabbi of Temple Sholom in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.
A YouTube video of the event shows a somewhat nervous, yet resigned, McAleer listening to Rabbi Dan Moskovitz explain the observance of Slichot or the offering of prayers for divine forgiveness that begin a process of reflection and repentance
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‘acknowledging them was to effectively hand over a “megaphone” so they could spread their views to an even larger audience.’… h/t @hopenothate
The report references a playbook produced by a US #neoNazi website, advising online trolls that the best way to gain “media attention and general infamy” was “to troll public figures and get them to whine about it”.
“It is perfectly natural for a victim of trolling to want to defend their reputations and values. But it is precisely this instinct that trolls exploit to keep victims engaged and to amplify their hate.”
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(Background From FEB)
FBI agents contend Bogard could have engaged in mass violence had they not stepped in and arrested him on a child pornography charge over images that were found on his cell phone. #Atomwaffen…
Benjamin Bogard of New Braunfels created “disturbing” videos in which he embraced #whitesupremacy, said he wanted to kill minorities and discussed obtaining a chemical substance to make a bomb
But the 20-year-old told FBI agents he never intended to follow through with the mass violence he discussed on his social media posts and that they were simply part of an online fantasy to gain attention and “likes” from followers.
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How Teachers Are Fighting the #WhiteNationalists Brainwashing Their Students…
German government officials have called for an investigation into @YouTube for allowing right-wing groups to use the Internet platform for disseminating #neoNazi material.
It used to be much easier to spot a budding #Nazi in the classroom, or at least a student harboring #extremist views, says Nora Flanagan, a Chicago public school teacher for 20+y.

You’d just look out for the troubled skinhead kid, maybe wearing steel-toed boots & a swastika pin.
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A federal judge has ordered the immediate release of a man whose relatives reported concerns about his behavior and far-right #extremist rhetoric after last year's Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.…
U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly in D.C., sentenced 31yo Jeffrey Clark to the 10mos he already has served in jail since his arrest by the FBI on gun charges. Kelly also ordered 3y of supervised release.
Clark told the judge that prison has changed his worldview for the better.

"What I've realized is that my words do, in fact, have consequences," said Clark, a Washington resident.
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Meet the Proprietors of the Internet's Largest #neoConfederate #Propaganda Machine

by @splcenter…
Identity Dixie (ID), a #neoConfederate propaganda group, was instrumental in organizing the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

Jason Kessler, who eventually joined #IdentityDixie, secured the permit for the Aug. 12, 2017 event.
The group’s growth is notable considering the tight controls for membership, a power struggle with its parent organization, The Right Stuff (TRS), and the bad press following the bloody and violent protests at Unite the Right.
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Before the former Marine junior ROTC cadet joined violent #neoNazi group #AtomwaffenDivision or #AWD (German for Atomic Weapon), he was interested in communism & antifa.

#IdentityCommunityPurpose #radicalization…
His ideology drifted across a spectrum of contradictions from antifa — “anti-fascists” — to a violent hate group prepping for a race war.

#PSAparents a lot of the time they don’t join bc of ideology—

📌It’s about wanting #IdentityCommunityPurpose…
Marine Lance Cpl. Vasillios G. Pistolis ultimately was booted from Corps mid-summer 2018 for his ties to a #hategroup.…
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Schools Go to FBI After Hate Site Uses Jewish Students Pics… via @thedailybeast #HateIsNotAHoax #neoNazi #WhitePowerExtremism
🚨The FBI has been contacted by officials at two universities after photos of hundreds of Jewish students and staff appeared on a website run by a #whitesupremacist who openly advocates for “exterminating Jews and those who serve them.”
Journalists from student newspapers at Brandeis University near Boston and Yeshiva University in New York City sounded the alarm in recent days after discovering the cache of photos on the #antiSemitic and #racist message board VNN Forum.
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#PSAparents --

Gain a better understanding of some of the terminology used by #whitesupremacists, #neonazis, the #altright movement, and other neo-reactionaries.


Watch and listen for the terminology in this thread.
Most of these words and phrases are going to sound ridiculous but...

"Annudda Shoah" – used to mock Jews who (supposedly) use every slight against them to express concern that another Shoah, or Holocaust, could be around the corner. Alt-right website The Right Stuff defines it as simply a “displeasing situation.” See Shoah
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How experts are trying to DERADICALIZE America's youth in the age of @realDonaldTrump

Former #whitenationalists are working to stop the spread of extremist ideologies online.

Back in 1987, when he was just 14 years old, @cpicciolini was smoking weed in an alleyway in Illinois when a man with a shaved head came up & pulled the joint out from his lips...
The man said,
“That’s what the Communists and the Jews want you to do to keep you docile.”

The child of working-class Italian immigrants, Christian was raised not to judge a person by the color of their skin, but...
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AUG 30, 2019
#WhiteSupremacist with possible links to violent #neoNazi group, Atomwaffen Division , CHARGED with threatening to kill Jewish man and his infant in L.A. 😡… #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism

Cameron Brunson Blake, 34, was charged with making criminal threats and vandalism of a religious property, which is a hate crime, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.
AUG 12, 2019
Blake screamed “das Juden,” which is German for “Jew,” and several other slurs and profanities at a man and his daughter in the Pacific Palisades area, according to Deputy Dist. Atty. Richard Ceballos, who is prosecuting the case.
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How 75 Fascists Were #REDPILLED
THREAD 2: 4chan
(2018) by @bellingcat with @UR_Ninja

Ten of @bellingcat’s seventy-five fascists credited 4chan with red-pilling them.

⁕ Many other activists have referenced it as a place that was critical in their #radicalization.
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DEC 3, 2016
Extremists Turn to a Leader to Protect [White] Values: Vladimir Putin #HateIsNotAHoax
As the founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party, an American group that aims to preserve the privileged place of whiteness in Western civilization and fight “anti-Christian degeneracy,” Matthew Heimbach knows whom he envisions as the ideal ruler: Putin.
“Russia is our biggest inspiration,” Heimbach said. “I see President Putin as the leader of the free world.”
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January 2018
#WhitePowerExtremists KKK, NSM (#neoNazi) & others deliver hate propaganda to Columbus, Ohio area neighborhoods… ht @leesgirl9

Members of the NSM held a rally at Columbus City Hall in 2006.
One of the flyers distributed in a Clintonville neighborhood on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day 2018 said it was from the National Socialist Movement
( fka The American Nazi Party)


• NSM has its roots in the original American Nazi Party

• Leadership passed to Jeff Schoep in 1994, who renamed the group the “National Socialist Movement” or NSM

• largest neo-Nazi org in the country
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Hi @Roblox —🚨

My kid plays Roblox.
Did you know you have members on your site promoting #WhitePowerExtremist #DomesticTerrorism groups?

ATOMWAFFEN is responsible for 5 deaths over the last few years & is one of the most violent #WhiteSupremacistTerrorist groups in the US.
In case you don’t know who #WhitePowerExtremist groups like ATOMWAFFEN DIVISION or AWD are, I’ve gone through the trouble of providing some info for you.

Why are they on your site?
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#WhitePowerExtremists 🚨
Based on @FightExtremism report on 8 especially virulent #WhiteSupremacist groups

These eight groups principally espouse
#WhiteEthnoNationalism and/or
aka National Socialist Movement /NSM and #neoNazi
These Neo-Nazi (NSM) groups don’t hide their belief that the white race is superior to others.

⚑National Socialist Movement (NSM)
⚑Hammerskin Nation
⚑Atomwaffen Division (AWD)

Their ideologies also usually include anti-Semitic & homophobic components in line w Nazi dogma.
Other groups propagate their radical stances under the GUISE of WHITE ETHNO-NATIONALISM, seeking to highlight the distinctiveness––rather than the superiority––of the white identity.↴

➝ League of the South
➝ Identity Evropa/IE
(IE was renamed American Identity Movement/AIM)
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#WhitePowerExtremists #HateSymbols

Parents: Learn to recognize hate symbols, hand signs etc.
Via @ADL
Starting with the kkk. #HateSymbols
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ALERT: Neo-Nazi Organizing “Salute to President Trump” Rally, September 14 in #Dahlonega, #Georgia

Chester Doles, a longtime neo-Nazi & “fourth-generation” Klansman, is organizing rally in downtown Dahlonega, GA 9/14…

#LumpkinCounty #racism #noklan #gapol
Despite the #Dahlonega rally being organized by a notorious neo-Nazi with a history of violence, the national director of Bikers for Trump - Dale Herndon - has pledged his support.

#BikersforTrump #NeoNazi #klan #Georgia
Looks like the local #LumpkinCounty #GOP also give a nod and a wink to the Nazi-organized event.

Care to comment @ga9_gop @GaRepublicans?
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By law, vehicles are deadly weapons. #Charlottesville and #Virginia officials were lax with traffic mgmt. Vehicular manslaughter victim #HeatherHeyer died on 4th St, called 'alley' by locals, narrow, only 31.5 ft between buildings. Road also has a steep downward sloping grade.
Pedestrians further endangered by presence of parked cars, including two, obscured by crowd, blocking passage. #NeoNazi #JamesFields recklessly entered the roadway heading downhill, #HeatherFields struck, and ejected from hood upon impact with 2 double parked cars. Many injured.
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