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Wait till u see how the OPERATIONS r being interrupted using WOMEN as #HumanShields?
Remember the intercept posted recently which talked abot using ppl to stop Indian Forces from moving❓

🟡#Molotov were thrown at the vehicles
2/3 To those who don't know what MOLOTOV COCOKTAIL is:
It's a crude BOMB‼️
A Molotov cocktail is a glass bottle containing a flammable substance such as petrol (gasoline), alcohol or a napalm-like mixture and a source of ignition. @NEAnalysis Image
Imagine the same scene in pakistan?
Will these women be spared???

Only INDIAN FORCES show patience, so these ppl better stop testing the patience of our forces. 👎
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“The Essence of the #Myth

The policy of the #USSR before the #Second #World #War only included support for world peace and stopping #Hitler’s aggression.
Only because of the West’s rejection of #Moscow’s peace proposals was the #Soviet leadership forced to conclude the #Molotov#Ribbentrop Pact in order to win some time and postpone the beginning of the #war.”
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@marcopalears @HerrGlanz Se anche fosse, da quando prendere tempo per organizzarsi e difendersi da una possibile aggressione sarebbe sbagliato?
@HerrGlanz non sa che anche la propaganda Russa afferma lo stesso quando loda il patto #MolotovRibbentrop?
Era il 21-12-2009 quando
#žyuganov affermò [1diN]
@marcopalears @HerrGlanz Era il 21-12-2009 quando
#žyuganov affermò ai giornalisti presenti sulla Piazza Rossa "Qualunque cosa si dica, il Patto #Molotov #Ribbentrop è stato il brillante passo avanti di #Stalin nella geopolitica. Ha reso innocua la Germania fascista per due anni, ci ha permesso [2diN]
@marcopalears @HerrGlanz di formare nuovi
ordini industriali e iniziare a produrre il miglior equipaggiamento da combattimento: carro armato "T-34", aereo d'attacco "Il-2", "Katyusha".
"Se la guerra fosse iniziata dall'#Estonia, Leningrado era a soli 140 km di distanza, i fascisti [3diN]
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Demolishing #Ukraine’s talking points about the #Hitler/#Stalin alliance. (Known as the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact of 1939)

“But #Russia liked the #Nazis

No, they didn’t. Stalin NEVER trusted Hitler.

This fateful alliance was made out of self-preservation.👇🏽
This thread is sourced from William Shirer’s classic history “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” the ultimate study of #Nazi Germany.

Shirer had exclusive access to the archives of the captured German Foreign Office archives, which detail circumstances leading to the alliance.
We begin on page 638: 📕
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Note what looks like polystyrene being added to make the Molotovs more potent - acting like a plasticiser or home made napalm.

A truly horrible but sadly necessary defensive weapon in this context unless the world rearms or better reinforces #Ukraine
This image says it all wife’s, sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers forced to prepare for war.

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦 Image
Saw this the other day and wanted to add it to the thread

A well known #Ukranian politician who needs to the know the world
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#OTD 1940, Stalin's foreign minister Vyacheslav #Molotov arrived in #Berlin for talks with Hitler on the second phase of the German-Soviet strategic relationship.
Staying at the Schloss Bellevue (now home to the German President), Molotov had two days of talks with Hitler and other senior Nazis.
The talks were strained, however. Molotov wanted German agreement to Soviet control of the Bosphorus, and of Bulgaria. Hitler, unwilling to agree to any further westward expansion of Soviet power, wanted the USSR to aid him in the destruction of the British Empire.
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#molotov thrown as police charge at the #PortlandProtest. Then they drive us half a mile west, assisted by #feds, popping off pepper balls and flashbangs along the way. Unconfirmed reports of multiple #arrests
Crowd control #munitions launched into encampment of #houseless people who are evicted as #police clear the #PortlandProtest
To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email
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Deloitte, 2017: "Operations will cease to be delivered by humans."

Deloitte: The #Future of Operations, Deloitte Global Impact Report, Nov 13 2017


#Covid19 is the conduit to the #4IR now in full motion. As people come to terms w/ what is being forced upon humanity, we will soon regret that we did not unite to oppose to draconian lockdowns/expanding surveillance that will serve to protect/insulate ruling classes from revolt.
#UBI (universal basic income) is a tool designed by the rich to stave off #Molotov cocktails - while at the same time enriching themselves even further. The ruling class knows full well what they are unleashing - but the citizenry does not.

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Ok. Voy a contar mi versión de los hechos respecto a la bomba #molotov porque yo estuve allí y tengo todo grabado.
Uno de los contingentes ponía un letrero que decía ‘México Feminicida’ en la parte frontal del Palacio Nacional. Frente a la Puerta Mariana.
Una vez que colgaron un extremo, las chicas se dirigieron al otro extremo a colgar la otra orilla.
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Aug23 1939: #GermanReich & #USSR entered into a non-aggression pact, signed by J. #Ribbentrop & V. #Molotov
The treaty had a secret protocol on the division of sovereign states of 🇪🇪 🇫🇮 🇱🇹 🇱🇻 🇵🇱 and 🇷🇴
In Sept1939 both states attacked 🇵🇱,starting #WWII.

#80WW2 #BlackRibbonDay
1939: On 1 Sept, Germany attacked Poland. The German battleship Schleswig-Holstein shelling a 🇵🇱 base on the Westerplatte peninsula fired the opening shots of WWII.

On 17 Sept, Red Army invaded 🇵🇱, as set out in the secret protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

Sept1-Oct6 1939: During the Poland campaign, battles were fought against the aggressors, #GermanReich & #USSR.

The campaign's largest clash was Battle of the #Bzura, an offensive maneuver at the rear of the #German troops heading toward #Warsaw without almost any cover.

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Even anti-#Maduro & pro-regime change #CNN said they could attest that no truck had crossed the border #Brazil - #Venezuela, ensuring that they had people on the ground that confirmed this information:…

#SantaElenaDeUairen #HandsOffVenezuela
"Our (#CNN) reporter Marcos Moreno reports from #Pacaraima that although #JuanGuaidó tweeted that Humanitarian Aid had crossed the border between #Brazil & #Venezuela, HE HAS NOT SEEN THE TRUCKS CROSSING YET."…👈LINK🤨

#FakeNews #HandsOffVenezuela

The #CNN team in #Paracaima, Roraima state, #Brazil, has NOT observed that trucks with aid have entered #Venezuela.…👈LINK

#HandsOffVenezuela #FakeNews
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By @BenjaminNorton
Reporting from International People's Assembly in Venezuela. President Maduro about to speak…
By @DidjaThinktwice
#RWO Real People with Real Values rising up for Real Democracy
"People in 150 cities around the world oppose US intervention in Venezuela"
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