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Reporting from International People's Assembly in Venezuela. President Maduro about to speak pscp.tv/w/b0L75TF4bmpy…
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#RWO Real People with Real Values rising up for Real Democracy
"People in 150 cities around the world oppose US intervention in Venezuela"
By @bodhibrian
Codepink Disrupts Venezuela’s Illegitimate ‘US Ambassador’
By @sahouraxo
Hello Mainstream Media! Why aren’t you showing us the Venezuelan people that massively come out opposing US intervention and aggression against Venezuela?
By @spain_1957
Peter Gabriel did not perform at the aide concert .. genesis-news.com/news-Peter-Gab…
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Please sign this petition and spread it to all your contacts
US Congress: Marco Rubio. Demand for Resignation due to Promotion of Violence - Assine a petição! chng.it/y9xSQhv2
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Feb 21
@NicolasMaduro announces the arrival of 7.5 tons of medicines to Venezuela bit.ly/2E5eqcp
The president explained that 108,428 units of drugs, surgical equipment & equipment to strengthen the health system arrived in 🇻🇪.
By @Miami_Rebelde
The "humanitarians" used the so called aid trucks as a barricade so that when they were throwing molotov cocktails across the border in Venezuela which led to a forrest fire, the Bolivarian National Guard wouldn't be able to reach them.
By @Miami_Rebelde
Pro Coup Media outlet inside🇻🇪(how weird that they can openly support a Coup in a "dictatorship"🤔)Admitted that the "unarmed protesters"throwing molotov cocktails across the border to🇻🇪.You even see it on video. Wanna know what isn't on video? Guards attacking.
By @Pussyca78972899
US military personnel man the cockpit in the C-17 cargo plane carrying "humanitarian aid" to Colombia on February 22, 2019. (Photo by AFP)
By @TopeteGLZ
🇻🇪, Caracas Avenue Urdaneta-Grand march Chavez silenced. Feb 23, 2019
Okay, it wasn’t on TV!
Because the lies that MADURO has his days told don’t correspond to the great popular support he has, not only in Caracas but throughout the country ✌🏼
By @timand2037 🤔🧐
Colonial media claims "soldiers" or "police loyal to #Maduro" set fire to #Trump's 'aid' trucks 🔥. THEY LIED 🤥. Here are the #Guaido kids preparing their molotov cocktails 😲😏😠😡🤬. OPEN FALSE FLAG😏🤨.
What an impressive number🤔😔🧐! 160 soldiers?😲 Oh look much less😖🤥 I must be seeing something wrong🧐 A very representative number... 😏of the lies that have been said about Venezuela 😆😅😅😅😅
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A morbid and scantily veiled death threat directed at Venezuelan President @NicolasMaduro by U.S. Congressman @marcorubio has triggered harsh criticism from across the web.
By @telesurenglish
Yesterday, the #US and #Colombia claimed they would enter #Venezuela and deliver #USAID goods. They failed to do so. bit.ly/2XilOd2
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Welcome to the coverage of the solidarity meeting with Venezuela that is part of the International Peoples' Assembly
Delegates from 85 countries are in Caracas to express solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution #LosPueblosConVenezuela
By @MV_Eng
Director @BootsRiley denounced the coup d'état against Venezuela after receiving the #SpiritAwards for his film Sorry To Bother you.
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"Guarimberos" are currently crossing the river under the Santander bridge. #Colombia #Venezuela
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"Guarimberos" are currently crossing the river under the Santander bridge. #Colombia #Venezuela
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela | Tires are being burned on Venezuela's side, bordering with #Brazil.
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"Guarimberos" are currently crossing the river under the Santander bridge. #Colombia #Venezuela
By @telesurenglish
"Guarimberos" moving freely in front of #ESMAD (Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron), around the Santander bridge on the #Colombian side of the border.
By @telesurenglish
A few minutes ago: A group threw stones and burned tires near the #PDVSA gas station on Venezuelan territory, the Venezuelan guard responded with tear gas, on the border of #Brazil with #Venezuela.
By @telesurenglish
For the latest on the situation at #Venezuela's border, we have been joined LIVE from #Ureña by Alejandro Kirk, journalist and correspondent from @Hispantv
By @telesurenglish
The deputy @Miguel_Pizarro who is in contempt said that "humanitarian aid" crossed the border with Brazil. It is not what we saw today in the border city of Pacaraima. The two trucks are in the facilities of the Brazilian Army.
By @telesurenglish
This is a demonstration in support of # Venezuela, today at Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain.

The protesters shout No pasarán! They won't pass!!

via @EmbVZLA_enEsp
By @telesurenglish
#BREAKING | Vice President of #Venezuela @DrodriguezVen announces that tomorrow, the Lima Group will approve an international coalition to invade Venezuela.
#FromTheSouth News Bits | @MaxBlumenthal tells us what's next for the Venezuelan opposition & the right-wing led coup against the government of president #NicolasMaduro, after their attempts to get "humanitarian aid" across the border on Saturday failed.
By @telesurenglish
.@AmeliachPSUV: Reporting absolute normality from the border of #Venezuela with #Brazil, in Santa Elena de Uairen.
By @telesurenglish
Senators ask Mike Pence not to use Colombian territory as a platform for military operations against Venezuela. @IvanCepedaCast, Colombian senator.
By @telesurenglish
The Army vehicles incident, another false flag operation.
By @telesurenglish
Disturbances erupted along the Venezuela-Brazil border Sunday morning after a group of people began throwing stones and burning tires dangerously near a Venezuelan state oil station
By @telesurenglish
"We have to denounce to the world the immense and powerful operation of false flags attacking Venezuela," stated the Bolivarian politician.
By @telesurenglish
The US and Colombia failed to deliver any USAID goods to Venezuela today.

However, staged operations were pulled off in an effort to blame Venezuela's government.
🗣️SEE THS 📹‼️
By @SoniaKatiMota
Before a truck was also set on fire👇Bus On Fire At #Venezuela Border Part Of FALSE FLAG
Feb 23, 2019
@telesurenglish correspondent Madelein García is reporting from the border,where a bus was burnt as part of a false flag
🗣️‼️Leaders of the World, wake up‼️

🗣️Make this VIDEO VIRAL
By @SoniaKatiMota
#Venezuela FALSE FLAG
This video found by @graffitiborrao appears to show the moment when an opposition guarimbero throws a #Molotov cocktail on a truck loaded with #US aid.
By @telesurenglish
The fire didn't consume all the load that the trucks were bringing, in a supervision, it was possible to observe that there were steel cables, whistles, masks, caltrops, the complete kit for the "guarimbas". Look closely at the images.

THE "GUARIMBEROS" OF THE COLOMBIAN SIDE beat up @joseolivaresm for not paying what he had said he would pay to the "guarimberos" to burn the trucks !!

He said: "The deal was to burn all the trucks, you burned one! NO PAYMENT"
By @leftiblog
🇨🇺&🇻🇪offered aid to the US in response to Hurricane Katrina. Venezuela offered 2 mobile hospital units, 120 rescue & 1st aid workers & 50 tons of food. Cuba offered 1586 trained, equipped & totally self-sufficient medical personnel. The🇺🇸refused to allow the aid in.
By @wikileaks
Because nothing says human rights like gloating over a human being getting sodomized to death with a bayonet.
Yet more of those trying to breach Venezuela's borders are dressing themselves in unofficial Red Cross jackets.

Red Cross have officially condemned those appropriating their symbols for political and violent ends. buff.ly/2ErjCZc
John Pilger: The War On Venezuela Is Built On Lies - New Matilda - go.shr.lc/2EbEVN9
"The heartbreaking violence inVenezuela must stop. I stand with President @JGuaido, the National Assembly & the people of Venezuela..." -@BillClinton- 🤬

Let's meet the real Bill Clinton😲🤨😏🙄😠😡🤬MF 🤬
By @jerojasrodrigue
I just got this video from the local TV of Cucuta that shows the preparation of Molotov cocktails in the Colombian part of the border bridge, shortly before the riots and the incineration of one of the trucks. Judge you ...
By @telesurenglish
Some people were trying to illegally enter Venezuela using Red Cross jackets.
By @telesurenglish
A Bolivarian National Guard command was attacked by a group of 60 paramilitaries.
By @telesurenglish
"There'll be a meeting of the #LimaGroup on Monday, where further action will be contemplated. There are more sanctions to be had," #Pompeo said.😠😡🤬
The war criminal @SecPompeo 😈💀☠️ who should have been arrested, now he posts FAKE NEWS 🤥on his Twitter page, just to have international support, in regime change🤬 🤬even after we all know that most of the 🇻🇪 are on the side of the legitimately elected president @NicolasMaduro
.@sanchezcastejon @theresa_may @EmmanuelMacron @SwedishPM @sebastiankurz @larsloekke @KucinskisM @marcelorebelo_ @JunckerEU @MorawieckiM @LithuanianGovt @AngelaMerkeICDU @markrutte if 🇻🇪becomes a new🇱🇾,I swear I will do everything so that you are all tried for THIS CRIME 🤬🤬🤬🤬
By @SoniaKatiMota
.@marcorubio again lying!
🇨🇴Newspaper #LaOpinión👇
#FreddySuperlano & #CarlosSalinas hired prostitutes, took them to a Hotel in Cúcuta, they were presumed poisoned & robbed. Security cameras recorded everything!
By @SoniaKatiMota
The Donald Trump Administration Starts Their False Flag in #Venezuela.
@Rumoaohepta7 Published on Feb 24, 2019

#HandsOffVenezuela #HandsOffVenezuelaTrump #FalseFlag Source:
By @madeleintlSUR
1. From this moment, I will tell you two stories, the first is very important: What did the trucks bring as supposed "humanitarian aid"? Pic.twitter.com/ypO2DCY36g
By @madeleintlSUR
2. The fire could not consume all the load that the gandolas brought, in an inspection we can observe that there were "guayas", whistles, masks, "miguelitos", this is the kit for the #guarimbas to observe with attention the images
By @madeleintlSUR
3. Watch again #ATTENTION
By @madeleintlSUR
4. The big question: What do you have to do "guayas", whistles, masks, "miguelitos" with "humanitarian aid"?
By @madeleintlSUR
5. "We found in the gandolas that supposedly brought "humanitarian aid", material to promote the #guarimbas: whistles, cables, gas masks, "clavos"
via @LeonelTeleSUR
By @madeleintlSUR
6. While my partner @LeonelTeleSUR recorded what was in the gandolas with the supposed "humanitarian aid", we went to the #GNB post in #LaMulata, 15 minutes from the bridge #Ureña, where they were burned & nd that was attacked at dawn
By @madeleintlSUR
7. At 1 a.m. #24FEB, about 60 paramilitaries surrounded the GNB command post at #LaMulata. Hear the recording of the attack
By @madeleintlSUR
8. At the #GNB #LaMulata station there were 33 soldiers, the paramilitaries asked that they surrender their weapons, negotiate, not give their lives for the government of @NicolasMaduro "to surrender,never,we are firm in the defense of🇻🇪"
By @madeleintlSUR
9. Outside, other soldiers "What did we think then? In resisting, at least I don’t want to give up, I don’t want to, I wanted to continue fighting, surrender was death. Has anyone left? This is the decision of each one, I don’t want to go
By @madeleintlSUR
10. The attack lasted an hour, do not rule out that they can be ambushed again, but "we are prepared with the same desire to defend the homeland". "
By @madeleintlSUR
11. The paramilitaries threw two grenades, literally surrounding the post, one of the attackers was injured
By @madeleintlSUR
12. The attack is linked the gandolas in the bridge #Ureña with the "humanitarian aid" that didn’t advance because a #PNB took the key of the driver of the 1º, after the fire began in the 2º, where were the kits for the "guarimbas".
By @madeleintlSUR
13. If the caravan with "humanitarian aid" had advanced with the material for the guarimbas, it would have been difficult for the commissions to take control of the #GNB station and Rua Ureña would have been the head of the beach
By @MaxBlumenthal
I’m at the International People’s Assembly in Caracas with hundreds of people from around the world who oppose imperialism and would never fathom supporting a US-backed proxy war. It has been a real relief to be away from all this.
By @codepink
Economic warfare is still warfare.
Economic warfare is still warfare.
Economic warfare is still warfare.
Economic warfare is still warfare.
Economic warfare is still warfare.
#HandsOffVenezuela #NoSanctionsNoWar
The🇺🇸economic war has prevented🇻🇪from paying debts, sending athletes to compete abroad, importing anti-malaria medicine & blocked 400,000 kg of food for its citizens. 🇺🇸&🇨🇴even created an intel group to prevent the import of food & medicine.
By @DrJillStein
"Much of🇻🇪’s crisis is actually manufactured in Washington, though you would be extremely hard pressed to understand that from mainstream coverage."
One of the best articles yet debunking the ocean of Fake News on #Venezuela Read & retweet!
The war criminal @marcorubio😈💀☠️ who should have been arrested, now he posts threats to the Venezuelan soldiers & President Maduro 🤬🤬 This murderer who has his hands stained with blood every day quotes the Bible😇. You have to be very devilish. F*********😈💀☠️😈👉🏼💩💩💩💩👈🏼
By @telesurenglish
A Bolivarian National Guard command was attacked by a group of 60 paramilitaries.
By @cryptoalcon
Possible plan that CIA would be running against🇻🇪
With a "false positive" from a group of few FANB defectors & the rest of mercenaries who will pretend to be deserters to form a rebel army that will be supported by🇺🇸with weapons & bombers
By @cryptoalcon
Hired mercenaries will be the new Guaido army to attack Venezuela.
I wonder who will pay them? Concert for humanitarian aid? Drug production in Colombia? USAID funding?
Marco Rubio and Israeli support?
By @ErikaOSanoja
[WARNING] Denounce the presence of an alleged US Marine in acts of violence that took place on February 23 at the Simón Bolívar bridge, on the Colombian side. The man was recorded requesting military intervention to @POTUS
See how far Hypocrisy has come🙄The United Nations Charter is run over🤕Sovereign countries are invaded💣💥🔥 The media make FAKE NEWS for a minority to stay in power 👑🤑. Democracy is replaced by a dictatorship💀☠️. All because of Oil & Power⛽️💰. Damn 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇪🇺& his lackeys🤬🤬
By @camilateleSUR
There's a 🇺🇸Marine terrorist on the 🇨🇴-🇻🇪 border organizing among other guarimberos. Anyone who grew up in the 🇺🇸KNOWS just how brainwashed these people are. There's not one drop of 🇻🇪 left in him, Luis Medina is completely at the service of the Empire.
By @EliPajuelo
Several weeks ago military weapons and uniforms were confiscated. Those would be destined to the "operation" of Guaido
The US offers more money to finance mercenaries🧐😲🤬💰💰
Mike Pence: "The United States offers $ 56 million to respond to allies in the region who support Venezuelans fleeing the country."🤬🇺🇸🤬In 2018 a total of 53,195 people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County,🇺🇸😡
By @Elfara2009
Why could Juan Guaidó be interested in humanitarian aid not entering Venezuela?
The explanation of Pedro Baños | LA SEXTA TV lasexta.com/programas/al-r…
By @Elfara2009
Pedro Baños Bajo is a Spanish military officer, Colonel of the Army of the Earth, specialist in geostrategy, defense, security, jihadist terrorism and intelligence. Since 2012, is in reserve situation.
By @SoniaKatiMota
🇨🇺FM denies🇨🇺troops in🇻🇪
Feb 19 2019
🇨🇺's Foreign Minister vehemently rejected assertions by the Trump administration that it maintains a private army in🇻🇪to assist the Maduro govt to remain in power, calling the charge a"vile accusation"
By @PressTVPrograms
As the #US continues to provoke #Venezuela by making more threats, #Russia has warned #Washington not to interfere in the Latin American country's internal affairs.

What happens now? #OnTheNewsLine
By @AbbyMartin
Welcome to America 2019, where politicians are asked to resign for stating facts about lobbying, but not for openly threatening to murder sovereign leaders. #ResignRubio
By @timand2037
Branson's anti #Venezuela free concert at #Cucuta attracted between 10,000 and 20,000, but WaPo falsely claimed 200,000 and organisers claimed over 300,000. #FakeNews - detail here: zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-2…
By @RoaJavier
🇨🇴diplomats leave #Venezuela territory, after the President @NicolasMaduro gave them 24 hours to leave the country, after breaking diplomatic & political relations with the interventionist government of @IvanDuque
# EnVenezuelaLaPazVencerá
By @dancohen3000
It’s times like this when the charade of partisanship is discarded and establishment politicians come together to reveal their true colors as elite gangsters
By @pablonav1
1st clip from my @thecanaryuk interview with @SepulvedAllende, the grandson of former Chilean president #SalvadorAllende, who has lived in #Venezuela for >10 years. He warns of how the US wants to turn #Venezuela into another #Libya
By @Motivated2insp_
US-backed opposition caught on VIDEO throwing Molotov cocktails at aid truck on Venezuela border rt.com/news/452326-ve…
By @BenjaminNorton
Economist @MarkWeisbrot points out the crippling🇺🇸sanctions on🇻🇪right now are even worse than those imposed on🇮🇶in 1990s (which led to the totally preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of children)
They amount to a trade embargo
🗣️If there is a bloodbath in #Venezuela💖🇻🇪💖, it will be because of people who do not know ANYTHING about the country and the wonderful things President Maduro has done for his poorer citizens. ‼️See the TRUTH‼️

🗣️Stop regurgitating the lies of media FAKE NEWS.
By @Ozkok_
‘Behind me is toothpaste CNN said doesn't exist in #Venezuela’ – Max Blumenthal explores markets

Watch the full video:
By @Ian_Flaming
If #Trump can rapidly rustle up many tons of aid for #Venezuela, an independent sovereign country, surely after 17 months he should have got around to delivering disaster relief toPuerto Rico, a US Territory. But they don't have any OIL!
By @Slate
Rubio hands Venezuela’s Maduro a propaganda victory with graphic tweet of Qaddafi’s murder. 💀☠️💀☠️💀☠️💀☠️
By @Ian_Flaming
#Trump UNMASKED. If this outburst of #Trump's doesn't get him IMPEACHED, then nothing will and the USA will rapidly descend into brutal, fascist dictatorship:
By @dc_unstoppable
So-called 'humanitarian aid' for🇻🇪is cover-up for regime change. It is complete bullshit as you will see in this article from investigative journalist @caitoz We have seen this crap too many times to fall for it again. MAKE THIS VIRAL
By @PaulAdams72
🗣️In #Venezuela #Maduro won a free & fair election according to international observers on the ground, Don't believe the lies in main stream media.
By @PressTV

By @MintPressNews
Should Guaido and his white supremacists grab power, it will be the 68th overthrow of a sovereign government by the US, most of them democracies.
By @RaniaKhalek
I have zero tolerance for wishy washy positions from important politicians on 🇻🇪. This is as serious as the lead up to the🇮🇶war. Silence & middle of the road isn’t an option. This requires courage to push back against Trump/Rubio/Abrams destabilizing the region.
By @RaniaKhalek
And for those who just don’t care about social justice beyond US borders, consider that a war on Venezuela will cause a refugee crisis that will fuel the far right xenophobes at home. You’ll have a more difficult time pushing left policies domestically.
By @evoespueblo
Our deep respect to the people of #Venezuela. In defending his country, he defended the sovereignty of #AméricaLatina. By rejecting military intervention, he defended peace & there can be no☮️without social justice, without respect for dignity, identity & freedom.
By @GeorgeSzamuely
🇷🇺must immediately demand an emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the instigation of violence at Venezuela's border. It was an attempted invasion & a provocation. If that doesn't qualify as an "international emergency," I don't know what does
By @RT_com
Nothing says human rights like a death threat on.rt.com/9p0p
By @sahouraxo
Fev 24
Marco Rubio, a sitting US Senator, openly threatens 🇻🇪 with the fate of Libya, formerly Africa’s most prosperous country & now a safe haven for jihadist terrorists.

Tell us more how US meddling in #Venezuelan affairs is all about “humanitarianism” though.
Mr & Mrs Clinton (@BillClinton @HillaryClinton): speaking of real humanitarian aid... Can you explain where the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Clinton Foundation received to help the people of Haiti are? #HandsOffVenezuela
By @BootsRiley
Here's an article from two years ago documenting the opposition forces burning up food that was to be distributed to the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela: "Terrorists" Torch 50 Tons of Food as ex-National Guard Chief Indicted venezuelanalysis.com/ZtL
Remember: No amount of money that you gain in this life is going to be enough to buy you forgiveness in the next one. You WILL pay for your crimes.
@Potus @SecPompeo @AmbJohnBolton @marcorubio @VP #ElliottAbrams @LindseyGrahamSC
#HandsOffVenezuela #VenezuelaCoup #NoBloodForOil
By @DidjaThinktwice
Did @HillaryClinton's State Dept help suppress the minimum wage in🇭🇹?
"In 2009, She was at the State Department working with🇺🇸corporations to pressure🇭🇹not to raise the minimum wage to 61 cents an hour from 24 cents."-#LeeCamp
By @DrJillStein
Listen to 1 of the 86% of🇻🇪against intervention: "We want the🇺🇸to know we're their friends, but we're against the oligarchy that right now is ruling the🇺🇸that wants to destroy countries for their Nat resources. Look at what happened in🇱🇾."
By @BlueDot2018
It must be remembered that Nicolás Maduro received 68 percent of the popular vote in last year's presidential election. The Venezuelan election process was conducted under the watchful eyes of international observers.
By @UnauthorizedDis
ICYMI: Our interview with Christina Schiavoni, food sovereignty activist, on food politics in Venezuela. Even more relevant after forced “humanitarian aid delivery” on Feb 23. Includes partial transcript. shadowproof.com/2019/02/18/int…
By @Alfreddezayas
The mainstream narrative on Venezuela is like most artificial constructs -- once you start lying, you must continue lying. or the house of cards collapses #HandsOffVenezuela
By @RaniaKhalek
Hey @mattduss, can you please tell Sanders that🇻🇪accepted 933 tons of food & medical aid just last week & that the govt is only rejecting politicized aid from Trump/Rubio/Abrams? It’s all laid out by Forbes UN official @Alfreddezayas here
Red Cross Denounces Unsanctioned Use of Its Emblems to Smuggle US Aid to Venezuela ow.ly/Yucg30nOVtv #redcross #venezuela #unitedstates #usaid
By @IrisVarelaANC
EnVenezuelaLaPazVencerá @irisvarela "We are in the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge in the city of Ureña & in the images we can see the signs of violence where yesterday a group of stateless people tried to attack our country" # 24Feb
By @venanalysis
Fev 24
Skirmishes broke out on the Colombian and Brazilian borders but efforts to bring in aid have so far been unsuccessful.

Catch up on the developments of a tense day at the border

By @caitoz
Fev 24
Psychopathic US Senator Openly Calls For Maduro To Suffer Gaddafi’s Fate

"Whenever someone supports any part of this coup agenda, this is the side that they are standing on. This is the flag that they are flying."
#Venezuela #Libya
By @wikileaks
Fev 24
Red Cross says that its staff are being impersonated on Venezuela's border after US backed "aid" regime change efforts yesterday.
By @FionasRevenge
“Centrist Democratic Socialist “ Civil Society, OAS, and Pope install their patented “Socialism” while bashing socialism. Duality of evil.
By @DoctoredMind
Did #MarcoRubioorgasm like #HilaryClinton 🧙‍♀️did at #Gaddafi's death❓🤔
See video at 3:08 😉
By @teleSURtv

They signal to #USA for the authorship of #BanderaFalsa operations in #Venezuelabit.ly/2tCTVil

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza warned that the current US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is a CIA specialist in False Flag operations
By @dancohen3000
Meet the new self-declared President of Colombia, Alejandro Muñoz
By @dancohen3000
Interim President of Colombia Alejandro Muñoz announces the first humanitarian drug shipment to the United States, “the biggest consumer of drugs in the world!”
By @dancohen3000
Interim President Muñoz calls for another urgent humanitarian aid shipment to the US and definitive declaration of peace so their sons aren’t victims of wars and then go shoot up supermarkets and schools
By @RealAlexRubi
New at @MintPressNews: American socialists are scoffing at what the supposedly socialist members of Congress - Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - are saying about Venezuela mintpressnews.com/roger-waters-b…
By @tatianycoeuvre
rt.com/news/452384-wa… … The 🇺🇸has announced a fresh round of 🇻🇪-related penalties, adding four new individuals to a list of people already subject to Washington’s hit-list of restrictions. If they care for 🇻🇪 ppl so much, why adding more sanctions? No logic!
By @tatianycoeuvre
Opposition supporters clashed with Venezuelan police on Saturday in several places on the border with Colombia. They attempt to force a way for American ‘aid’ to enter the country against the wishes of the government. #HandsOffVenezuela
By @Mision_Verdad
Testimony of a Colombian "protester" surrounded by police from that country waiting to enter Venezuela with "humanitarian aid" this Saturday, February 23.
By @Mision_Verdad
Feb 24, a group of hooded men gather to cross the border below the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge in Colombia to the Venezuelan side. They have Molotov cocktails and they assure that "they can not back down". Via @JohaFuentes.
By @telesurenglish
Let's raise our voices against an #Americanintervention in #Venezuela. We cry out for peace in the region. Let us defend the Proclamation of the #CELAC that declares #LatinAmerica & the #Caribbean as Peace Zones. #HandsOffVenezuela
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela | Today, the #Chavista people of #Trujillo went to the streets to defend #peace and #sovereignty for their country, rejecting #US attempts of #intervention
By @telesurenglish
Conflict along the #Venezuela #Brazil border in the city of Santa Elena de Uairen has been controlled.
By @telesurenglish
If the so-called #LimaGroup doesn’t modify the Declaration imposed by the🇺🇸& isn’t opposed to a military action from the🇺🇸against🇻🇪it will take on a serious historical responsibility as an accomplice of a NewImperialistWar in OurAmerica.
By @telesurenglish
With #Venezuelan flags, popular organizations reject interventionist actions of the Group of Lima and of the #UnitedStates #Colombia
By @telesurenglish
#InPhotos | Social and popular organizations of #Colombia protest against meeting of the Lima Group in #Bogota and demand respect for the sovereignty of the people in #LatinAmerica.
By @madeleintlSUR
1. We moved with🇲🇽's #LaJornada journalist Luis Hernández to the #Ureña bridge to confirm what the @teleSURtv team saw from the "Guayas" "humanitarian aid", whistles, nails, hooks used for guarimbas, cookies have nothing to do with hunger
By @madeleintlSUR
2. Now watch closely what has been removed from the ashes of the truck where "humanitarian aid" came, nothing more and nothing less cuts nails, something super necessary for the "humanitarian crisis."
By @madeleintlSUR
3. Thus, journalist Luis Henández del Diario @lajornadaonline & I described what we saw in the "humanitarian aid" which seemed to us incredible & confirms the complaint that the "food & medicines" came with supplies for the #guarimbas
By @tmaniglia
This photo should remain in history as the most disgusting and deplorable evidence of how three violent people, the axis of evil, make a pact to seize Venezuela.
By @madeleintlSUR
#PorSiNoLoViste | For the opposition, the dead are their investment
more and more the "democrats" are exposed to #world
so you can see and judge
BY @jaarreaza
🇻🇪denounces that🇺🇸Government, together with a group of subordinated countries, is conducting a fierce campaign to overthrow the🇻🇪 Government & the Constitutional President, Nicolás Maduro, in clear violation of the most elementary principles of International Law.
How did a Member of a Party who only has 14 seats out of 167 in the National Assembly get to declare himself President. What were the other opposition parties thinking- agreeing to it & backing it. Are they so corruptable they will disregard Democracy. What happens next time?
By @AngelDanielCCS
Fev 24
Do you know who burned the gandolas with the humanitarian trash?
Watch ths VIDEO🧐😲🤨😏😠😡🤬🤬🤬MF🤬🤬🤬🤬
bY @JoseDteleSUR
In Bogota's Plaza de Bolívar, a crowd begins to congregate infront of the Congress & Foreign Ministry against the ‘Lima Group’ which meets with Mike Pence today, in order to cook up new intervention plans for Venezuela. 📹@HablaLaJradio
By @telesurenglish
#FromTheSouth News Bits | Filmmaker @BootsRiley criticizes the #US government for once again using the guise of "humanitarian aid" in order to topple a #LatinAmerican government, this time in #Venezuela. #HandsOffVenezuela
More than 400 social leaders from the 5 continents, gathered in the International Assembly of the peoples, value as a popular #victory that the Group of Lima were forced to reject the military aggression against🇻🇪

They chant: Victory, popular victory!
By @telesurenglish
The #EuropeanUnion is urging the world to abandon a “militarized intervention” into #Venezuela

Thank you @EU_Commission 🙏🏼
By @telesurenglish
Who burned the ‘humanitarian Aid’ trucks in Venezuela?
By @madeleintlSUR
23 Feb
1. Breaking news | in #exclusivo @teleSURtv here the evidence of who was who burned the truck with the supposed humanitarian aid in #Ureña, were the same guarimberos
By @PeterSchlusche
“Of the 92 elections that we’ve monitored,” said former President Jimmy Carter, whose Carter Centre is a respected monitor of elections around the world, “I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world.”
By @telesurenglish
Do you want to know what really happened on the Colombian-Venezuelan border on February 23?

By @Ian_Flaming
Maduro has been re-elected many times, to the annoyance of the 100 wealthiest families in Venezuela; who think nobody else matters. So they always claim the election was rigged somehow - despite international observers.
🗣️‼️ALERT Leaders of the World‼️
By @Jose_CordovaB
Masks falling off. Trump's recruits with "humanitarian aid" are bringing military intervention.
By @Jagawraith
If you travel in Latin America, you’ll see a lower standard of living virtually every place except where the wealthy live.
By @BoneSpurs2000
🗣️‼️ALERT ‼️The speaker in the VIDEO is Colombian. His accent says Medellin, I could be wrong but definitely Colombian campesino
By @bodhibrian
Reuters says 'many countries recognise Guaido as the rightful interim Ruler'of Venezuela
Yes I notice that word ' interim' . He's something on the way to some else !
Meanwhile 'countries' = politcians & total bollocks
By @bodhibrian
Foreigners want to create a puppet ruler, let's ignore the Venezuelan people who voted for @NicolasMaduro and dont know @jguaido the Guided One from a hole in the ground
By @bodhibrian
Kochs = greedy billionaire dr and money from a country being sanctioned by USA . Nothing humanitarian in that !
🗣️📢📢‼️Leaders of the World‼️
To analyze the truth about what is happening in Venezuela🤔😔🧐, remember😲🤨😏😠😡🤬MF🗯️🗯️🗯️🗯️🗯️🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
☑️Since 2014 that the🇺🇸imposes sanctions on🇻🇪
☑️The @BankofEngland does not deliver the gold of 🇻🇪
🗣️‼️Citizens of the 🌐‼️
President Maduro is not to blame for the 🇺🇸coup attempt against 🇻🇪
It is because of these Imperialist Countries that #Venezuela is going through a crisis. 😲🤨😏😠😡🤬MF🗯️🗯️🗯️🗯️🗯️🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
US Humanitarianism at work:
☑️Nov 2017 blocked transfer shipment 300,000 doses insulin for kids
☑️Nov 2017 Euroclear blocks $1.65 billion food & medicine
☑️Over years🇻🇪state-wned Citgo blocked from transfering $9-10 billion in profits that could buy food & medicine🤬
By @petrogustavo
When you are asking for a🇺🇸military invasion in🇻🇪are you thinking of exterminating the way these people think & themselves, who, in mass, go out into the streets of Caracas?It isn’t barbarism,isn’t fascism? Doesn’t accept the difference?🤨
.@IvanDuque the next time you want to pass trucks at the border, don’t trust your political friends, gas gang bosses & drug dealers, they end up burning their trucks🤨😏😆🤣🤬🤡

It's good that you gain experience😅
.@IvanDuque you say it was the Bolivarian Guard who burned trucks with international help @USAID.
Those who did this "work" were the "moderate opposition" the "Guarinbeiros" led by Guaidó.🤬🗯️🤡😏🤨😆
By @IlhanMN
Bret Stephens
- Agitated for the Iraq War
- Called for war with Iran
- Supports assassinating foreign leaders
I’m not surprised that he doesn’t know the difference between opposing military. intervention in a foreign country & supporting the regime.
By @IlhanMN

Opposition to intervention ≠ support for a country’s leader.

We must support the 🇻🇪 people’s right to self-determination and not make a bad situation worse. @RoKhanna washingtonpost.com/news/theworldp…
By @IlhanMN
As a spokesman for the UN said, "Humanitarian action needs to be independent of political, military or any other objectives. The needs of the people should lead in terms of when and how humanitarian assistance is used."
By @IlhanMN
Only Congress can approve military action in #Venezuela. The Trump administration must respect the checks and balances provided by the constitution. For too long and in too many places, we have ceded our Constitutional authority over foreign intervention.
By @morphonios
US-backed street thugs posing as Red Cross workers while setting humanitarian aid trucks on fire in #Venezuela to blame on @NicolasMaduro Libya, Ukraine, Syria... rinse and repeat. #HandsOffVenezuela
By @timand2037
Exposed: US marine embedded with violent guarimberos at the border of #Venezuela - yet another fake 'revolution'.
By @Jose_CordovaB
@jguaido said at BogotaAirport:"Yesterday we saw an unprecedented crime in burning humanitarian aid.."🤨
The Lima group: "Hundreds of people die today because of the sadism of some people who burned food & medicines"🤨
How much CYNICISM🙄
By @DidjaThinktwice
How many leaders anywhere can and do go visit real people like that? Usually the scene is all staged: actors, security, photographers in the right place and..action. @NicolasMaduro just strolls out & says hello.
By @azardsphere
The argument that he is the acting president under clause 233 of the Constitution could only work if he had declared himself before Maduro was sworn in. @NicolasMaduro took the oath on January 10 & @jguaido self-proclaimed leader on January 23.😏🤨 It is clear?😎
🗣️📢‼️Leaders of the World 🌐‼️
By @okrable
It’s all planned...🤯
Despite🇺🇸sanctions (since 2014) & the @bankofengland not delivering the $1.2 billion in🇻🇪gold, Maduro🥰:
☑️Build houses for the poor
☑️Opened +universities
☑️Increased the salary of teachers
☑️Increased the Minimum Wage by 95%
☑️Provides a basic food carton with 24 products/month
By @drJim4TulsiBern
And even @SenSanders thinks they should accept US 'humanitarian aid'?😲
Makes no fuckn sense🙄😖
But the aid stunt at the border was supplies demanded by the rich 🤑who are incobvenienced by the shortages of their trinkets 💵💰💳📱😏🤪
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