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The speeches about the capital that millionaires contribute in taxes and how much the poor and the middle class receive from this forced generosity, are a whole literary genre … 🙄 the millionaire factory of #myths 🙄
What's more, this genre is cultivated above all by those from below, as the principle of the genius of propaganda Edward Bernays says: “you should never say that what you want to sell is good, but make others say it”.
That the poor and the workers (oh! excuse the redundancy) defend the rich as kind donors, is the direct result of such a publicity strategy and, as Bernays himself knew, it is not just a massive inoculation but an exploitation of the weaknesses of the consumer, as is the desire
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#Financial #Literacy begins at home.
Teach your children to save coins, and small notes, inside a locker, or some other toy which imitates a treasure chest.
Once they do that, they will be careful with spending and saving for the rest of their lives.
Awareness matters!
When I was a kid, I remember banks visiting my school to open student #savings accounts.
They used to give students #passbooks, which operated as cheque books.
Parents were cosignatories.
That is how I developed a passion for saving money.
Most of the developing economies fail to grow well because they have a savings crisis!
They need to import #capital from overseas to fund development projects and fix the gap between investment resources.
SE- Asian Nations have done well because of a high domestic #savings rate.
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De elektrische wagen is niet zo schoon als de #autobouwers beweren. Olie is geschrapt en zeldzame metalen zijn in de plaats gekomen. Zeldzame metalen zijn minder aanwezig op deze aarde. Het gaat om goud, zilver, tin, platina, europium, samarium, gadolinium, neodymium, koper. 1/25 Image
Deze heb je nodig om een elektrische #wagen te laten rijden. Zonder #neodynium zou een elektrische wagen gewoonweg niet rijden. Het wordt gebruikt om #magneten te maken voor elektrische motoren. Ze zetten elek. energie om in mechanische energie, zodat de wagen vooruit gaat. 2/25 Image
De #batterij is het hart van de wagen. Ze weegt half zoveel als de #wagen en zou niet werken zonder die zeldzame metalen. Om een zo groot mogelijke autonomie te krijgen, bevat zo'n elektrische #batterij o.a. #kobalt of #grafiet. Er zijn nog meer stoffen nodig zoals #lithium. 3/25
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Danke für die Formulierung der Argumente,
welche ich jetzt anwenden darf:
- Verhältnis unausgeglichen
- Perspektive konzentriert auf den Ort der Macht, Rolle, Inhalt & Form (Funktion), keiner hatte Bock auf „to do“ oder „google.doc“
Hiermit bestelle ich den Zeitslot 15 Minuten Image
Was war gut & schlecht am #PaulWatzlawick #ZRH #Festival? Welche Ideen gab‘s?
Welche haben sich wie & wodurch realisiert?
Was hat sich bewährt?
Wozu die terminierten Besprechungen?

Homogenisierung des hybriden Settings?
#SmartSetting - 1 LiveStream - 1 Kanal
TV - Moderation Image
1. Tag liefen zwei LiveStreams
2. Tag lief ein LiveStream mit digitalen & analogen Aktionen
3. Tag lief ein LiveStream mit Timeslots
4. Tag aufwerfen der Fragen, die bis heute die Besprechungen dominieren // „Gestaltungs- & Abstimmungsmöglichkeiten“ werden unterbunden ...
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The most difficult thing for our campaign has always been fundraising. The services that provide donor contacts usually cost thousands up front so you have to raise money before you get the contacts to raise money.
About a year and a half ago, a campaign volunteer asked a service that supposedly only supports “left wing” candidates, and does it with no money up front, Grassroots Analytics (@grassrootsmath), working with our campaign. They said no because I’m not a Democrat.
A few weeks ago, I decided to ask them myself. They charge no money up front, but charge 3% of what your campaign raises (with or without using their contacts). They set up a phone meeting and then sent over a contract after that meeting!
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Today many countries have an interesting #paradox.

Do we continue #lockdown for a very long time and wipe out our economies or let a few people die and keep the economies going.

The #ProtogorasParadox succinctly captures the #paradox of our times !!
I am sure most of you know about the #ProtagorasParadox.

In case you don’t, please read on this #TooGoodNotToShare explanation received recently from a friend ..

I am told, The story goes to over 2000 years ago and is about a lawyer in Greece, with the name Protagoras.
A young student, Euthalos, requested to apprentice under him but was unable to pay the fees.

The student struck a deal saying, “I will pay your fee, the day I win my first case in the court”.

The Teacher agreed.
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USE THIS #Thread #Paradox of #AntiracistEdLeadership in #Edsystems- thoughts I've been really mulling abt in the past while. Have to admit, I've been sitting on this for a couple weeks. Grateful to those who helped me sift through my thinking <3 Here's to #courageousconversations
True #AntiRacist Leadership can only happen when you are anchored in #communities and you do the work #buildrelationships #seekadvice #love & #beLoved by those who give you #permission & #legitimacy to continue the struggle in boardrooms.
When I became a senior leader in Edu. I was advised that - You cannot be on the streets & in the boardrooms. "its time to choose. Its a different struggle." I didnt choose bc WE deserve to be in the boardroom but THAT choice comes at a #price
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முரண்பாடு போன்று தோன்றும் மெய்யுரை

கொழப்பா இருக்குல? அதான் Paradox. #Thread
Paradoxசை டெக்லிக்கலா explain பண்ணணும்னா it is a statement of conclusion that seems self-contradictory but is really true. அதாவது உண்மை பொய் போன்றும் பொய் உண்மை போன்று தோன்றும் ஒரு முடிவிலி. கிட்டத்தட்ட Boy Bestie மாதிரி 😂
இந்த Paradoxகள் நமக்கு ஒன்னும் புதுசு கெடையாது. அந்த காலத்துல பாண்டிய மன்னனே அவரோட Quarantine periodல பெண்கள் கூந்தலுக்கு இயற்கையிலேயே மனமுண்டான்னு கேட்டு பரிசு அறிவிக்கலையா? அது மாதிரி தான்.
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A favorite source of anxiety is a #paradox: a literal impossible situation. The most succinct paradox is the instruction, 'Be spontaneous!' Your reaction by definition is now not spontaneous. For those in caring field, the paradox of a client is often, 'come here, go away.'

They want help, they don't want help at the same time.

A mixed message is often also a paradox. It puts your brain into anxiety, trying to interpret two opposite messages, or trying to accomplish the impossible task. You spin, because you can't win.

I worked for a boss who painted a clear target and then punished you when you hit the target. Paradox.

The way out is simply to recognize you are in one. Name it, lose as quick as you can and get on with your life.

Netflix also helps.

Kidding about Netflix...sort of...

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Today was spent packing up my office @SSPLeeds after 12 years #endofanera Now feeling very old- though not so much from the aches of book and file lifting as from the mementos uncovered of teaching past. Top of the list has to be an OHT on postmodernism! POMO on an OHT #paradox🙃 Image
And NO, actually, I am *not* retiring! Heading to @SocStudiesShef
Ha! Bit late now!!
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The wise, one alone, unwilling and willing to be spoken of only by the name of #Zeus, the name of Life.

- #Heraclitus 113

[Kahn 1979, pp. 267-271]
“With deliberate antimony #Heraclitus here presents his positive conception of the divine ... The #aphorism is unusually dense and puzzling, full of conflicting forces mysteriously under control.”

- Kahn, ‘Art and Thought of #Heraclitus,’ 1979, pp. 267
“... for #Heraclitus as for Aeschylus ‘#etymology’ must be taken literally: an ‘etymos #logos’ is a ‘true statement’ hidden in the form of a name ... the name ‘Zēnos’ affirms that the supreme #deity is also a principle of life, like the ‘everliving fire’ ...”

- Kahn 1979 p. 270
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There are a lot of experts online & in Corporates, those who are quick to find shortcoming of an explanation wrt a terminology. That is easy to do. Search about the terminology in Google and compare the relevance. Although tell them a story and ask them to relate it
with a Paradox, Law, Jargon and Nomenclature. Suddenly everyone vanish because that need effort and knowledge. A good Consultant may take time to come up with the right research connecting the references dots. Be it less witty and outspoken but
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#nebrasummit opens with reminding we are a region of 156 clubs, 2300 license holders, 139 events
SoTU: road rider days, 11,766, down 7%, for 41 events, down from one YoY
cx rider days, 11498, down 22% for 31 events, down from five YoY
#hotlinetake : KMC is looking at Hartford for '19
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I started developing software 35+ years ago and sw people mostly ran sw companies. That changed. Today traditional businesses must transform to software companies, or die, but business experts aren't largely *teaming* with software experts. #Paradox and #seachange is needed.
What if software experts once again ran software companies, which means most companies? Clearly some business people understand the power of software. How do we engender more of them? #thoughtexperiment
Sounds like the kind of help we need in @kalele_io and with @vlingo_io Building trust comes though simplicity, not over-complicated solutions. Need quick iterations rendering marked knowledge acquisition and solution refinements. Everything else is junk.

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