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Earlier today, Medical Director and Physician Quality Officer @kylejrehder delivered @Duke_Childrens Grand Rounds on #PsychologicalSafety. Check out this thread for some highlights:
Speaking up improves #teamwork and patient outcomes. Dr. Rehder showed a long list of publications backing up this statement and also highlighted efforts like @WHO's first ever World Patient Safety Day and the TeamSPEAK program our friends @dukenus @SingHealthSG have launched.
One definition of #PsychologicalSafety: being able to show and employ one's self without fear of negative consequences for self-image, status or career @elliesmd @ELM_Eckert
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Get it right miniature figurine makers! 😂 #QI

Babbacombe Model Village have been in touch to let us know that miniature Sandi is now wearing trousers, so everything is right with the world.
We are now sorely regretting not using the word 'betrousered'.
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30-day Readmissions!

They can teach us a lot about the management of #cirrhosis
Highlight the systems of care that benefit patients with cirrhosis

Join me for a #livertwitter #tweetorial?

1. What
2. Why
3. How to address

#QI #meded
Readmissions are:
1. Common. >1⃣in4⃣ pts readmitted by 30days (Fig1)…)
2. Costly. >$700 million/year
3. Morbid. Independently associated w/⬆️risk of death (Fig2)
4. Barely predictable. No matter what variables go in2 the model the AUROC ~0.6-0.7 (Fig3)
Q: Why do patients with #cirrhosis get readmitted so frequently?
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Good morning! 👋🏽

I know it’s Saturday, and you’ve been waiting to read the #GPcontract documents so here are all the link you need, in one easy thread.

Our next @NHSEngland #primarycarenetworks #twitter chat will take you through the documents on Tuesday 9th April, 8pm...
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@memcculloch's #QI and Ultima Thule. The idea with testing new theories is to make bold predictions about the near future that contrast expectations. The power in the best theories is in predicting new facts. space missions give these opportunities. 1/
On New Year's Day 2019, New Horizons will be sending back the first glimpses of a never before seen object, being a "cold" classical KBO. By mainstream science, these should have been orbiting at these distances for billions of years. 2/
The orbit of Ultima Thule is of low eccentricity - that is it is almost circular, and has no gravitational influence from Neptune or any other large body. At the distance it is at it gets so little sunlight that temperatures and time should have reduced everything to solid. 3/
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What is hepatorenal syndrome?
A #Livertwitter #tweetorial

Hepatology is awesome, exciting, but also humbling.
Nowhere is that clearer than HRS, a true unmet need for patients with ascites

1. What
2. Why
3. How to prevent/treat
4. ❤️ #cirrhosis physiology
1. Ascites trashes QOL & is deadly enough to merit mention in the bible(Fig1)
2. Ascites physiology damages other organs; Austin Flint said it 1st (Fig2)
3. HRS is the knockout punch of portal hypertension. What begins as elevated portal mmHg and ascites ends as HRS(Fig3)
1. HRS is not rare in pts w/ascites (Fig1)
2. HRS is deadly (Fig2)
3. For a definition of terms, check out the Ascites Club (that's a thing!)
or see my review:… (Fig3)
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@memcculloch #QI's idea of mass and inertia contrasts considerably with *the narrative* of particle physics. In particle physics, mass is derived from particle interactions with fields, and scales up from those subatomic processes. 1/
The models associated with particle physics (eg. QCD, the Higgs field and so forth) are derived from extensive empirical experiments. Logically, other models, to be considered, need to concur with the physical experiments. I think #QI is up to the task. 2/
It is not a trivial exercise to separate results of empirical experiment with the interpretation through the "eyes" of the prevailing model. One has to start somewhere and realise that if one particle's experimental results can be explained with QI, then all may be. 3/
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Back to school!! @kgshojania kicking off the 6th cohort of the @CQuIPS Certificate Course in QI & Patient Safety with 30 interprofessional learners. Cautioning them in coming #QI pitfalls to avoid...
Pitfall #1 - Rushing to a solution @kgshojania @CQuIPS — need to make sure you understand the problem and pick a solution that matches it.
Pitfall #2 - no theory for how the solution address the underlying problem @kgshojania @CQuIPS
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