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#Thread on Measurement of Time & Astronomy in Ancient India as observed by Hieun Tsiang (Yuan Chwang) (602-664 CE) in ‘Record of Travels to the Western Regions’👇 #History #india #bharat #civilisation #travel #time #measurement #astronomy #sun #moon #science
“the names of the months are derived from the position (of the moon in respect) of the asterisms.
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#Thread on Units of measurement of Length in Ancient India as observed by Hieun Tsiang (Yuan Chwang) (602-664 CE), the Chinese traveller, in ‘Record of Travels to the Western Regions’ 👇 #History #india #bharat #indic #civilisation #travel #math #measurement #science
“In point of measurements, there is first of all the yojana (yu-shen-na); this from the time of the holy kings of old has been regarded as a day’s march for an army....
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New book out this week with @ElgarPublishing, edited with @MungiuPippidi: A Research Agenda for Studies of Corruption.… Great contributors covering where we’ve got to and where we need to go. Quick thread:
2/@MungiuPippidi and @mihaly_fazekas discuss advances in #measurement of #corruption and emphasise importance of developing actionable measures, showing how these can be informed by appropriate indicators.
3/@pmheywood analyses how meanings and modalities of #corruption have changed in line with broader socio-economic developments in a more interdependent world and what this means for future research.
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New paper!
Are you missing spending time with your friends? Perhaps during this time of self-isolation you need to be with other people?
You could be an offline friend addict! After all 69% of people are addicted to their friends... or are they?

There are now a lot of social media addiction scales cropping up in the literature. These scales are used in a number of papers to report a % of people addicted to social media (up to 34% of some samples, see Andreasson, 2015).
This number is surprising as a pathology prevalence.
We looked into how the social media addiction scales are developed.
They usually adapt the wording of an existing scale like how the Social Media Craving Scale was adapted from the Penn Alcohol Craving Scale (Savci & Griffiths, 2019). They just change 'alcohol' for 'social media'
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Here's my internship paper with Francis Tuerlinckx on #measurement/#psychometrics of affect & #ESM using graded-response #IRT.
The main finding:
The state & trait latent constructs of affect—contrary to the common belief—are essentially different.
Summary in 9 tweets:
Nonergodicity has been heavily ignored in psychology. In the intro we give an extensive historical overview of how this has troubled our idiographic (person-centered) and nomothetic (~individual differences) understanding in psychology—and the way people have tried to fix it.
In #ESM, sum-scores of PANAS-like positive & negative items are used as constructs of affect—but is that a valid decission?
To account for non-normality (& to allow nonlinearity & check latent nonmonotonicity), we used graded-response item response theory for factor analysis.
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Proud that my first paper as first author just got published in @ejpblog! It’s called “Resting Frontal EEG Asymmetry and Personality Traits: A Meta-analysis”. I worked on it with @w_kaeckenmester and Jan Wacker. I’ll explain what we found below! 1/12…
Frontal asymmetry describes the difference in brain activity between the left & right frontal cortex and is often measured in the resting state via EEG. It has been used in hundreds of studies as an indicator of motivation, emotion, and psychopathology. 2/12
Research has linked resting frontal asymmetry to personality traits, especially trait approach & withdrawal motivation (BAS & BIS). However, there have been replication issues & it was unclear whether these effects exist & what their magnitude is – so we did a #metaanalysis! 3/12
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Last month a friend asked me "what's the best resource you've read thus far on human decision-making?" 1/
After thinking about it, I decided to recommend her one of the first such resources I ever encountered, seven years ago: Doug Hubbard (@hubbardaie)'s How to Measure Anything. 2/…
While I don't agree with every word of it, How to Measure Anything is quite possibly the most important and useful book I've ever read on any topic. Here's why. 3/
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1/ What's wrong with #lawfirm compensation? Let @jordan_law21 count the ways.As predicted 🔮 (by me, about what I was going to do 😇), a #tweetstorm. First the link:…
2/ Next, my favorite #micdrop 🎤 quote: "law firms incentivize their lawyers to act in ways that are counter-productive to lwayers' happiness, clients' satisfaction and the firms' effectiveness." and 💥goes the 🧨-- more #truthbombs follow.
3/ 💯 agree that legacy compensation systems (and the attendant infrastructure of #tech, #process, #policy, governance as well as resulting #culture) emphasizes #lawyer effort over #client outcomes (namely, the billable hour). BUT I add here: what would be a better #alternative?
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