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How dirty are the #RoyalFamily ...
Did Kate have a hand in this #explosion in #LondonEngland? Are they covering up something big the #BritishPolice? #Andrenchome #RedCross #Fema #CHIA #Clintons? #Obama? #Ukraine? @madmandave1011 @TheCabbie2
Where Are The Babies!!
Red Cross??
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BREAKING NEWS: Pedophile #PrinceAndrew EXPOSED!!
#princeandrewandtheepsteinscandal Accuser V.R.
Watch Video! All Proof In Video and More.
He Talks #Pizza #Symbolism Will be their Downfall
#PrinceAndrewCoverup #GhislaineMaxwell
Which All in All its takes you back to my #PinnedPost on Twitter. This Dirty Circle of Crimes Is a Big Circle Jerk!Been Happening For Years! #RoyalFamily #BuckinghamPalace
#RabbitHole Just Got #Deeper #DarkToLight
Here IS the Doc of 2024 Pages of the Virginia Roberts who Accused Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Several others along with other Jane Does who Accused these Vile Monsters of Procuring Minors as Prostitutes.
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Q DROP 133 "Q"
Hard to swallow.
Important to progress.
Who are the puppet masters?
House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+
Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+
Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+
Focus on above (3).
Public wealth disclosures – False.
Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.
133 B
Think slush funds (feeder).
Think war (feeder).
Think environmental pacts (feeder).
Triangle has (3) sides.
Eye of Providence.
Follow the bloodlines.
What is the keystone?
Does Satan exist?
Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?
Who worships Satan?
133 C
What is a cult?
Epstein island.
What is a temple?
What occurs in a temple?
Why is the temple on top of a mountain?
How many levels might exist below?
What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?
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1/ ICYMI: in my previous thread relating to the “mysterious Russian ogliarch” whom Ghislaine Maxwell has been frantically trying to contact.. per CDAN & Himmmm
See my previous thread for context & back story:
2/ This tip from CDAN places Ghislaine Maxwell on a yacht, somewhere in Europe... but isn’t specific as to where..
3/ now, I have narrowed the Russian ogliarch down to two “suspects”, but this one particularly glows.. for various reasons, one of them being that he is the richest Russian ogliarch of them all.. Roman Abramovich..
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#PrinceAndrew: I did not suspect #JeffreyEpstein's behavior 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣😂🤣👇🏼- BBC News
’The denials, the contradictions, and the outright lies.’
#Screwed #RoyalFamily…
In prison, he would be considered a #Chomo
Prince Andrew continues he's denial.
Andrew would reportedly become 'abusive' if challenged by officers at Buckingham Palace about his young female visitors.
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David Koch died age 79…
Stories all over the news Nillionaire David Koch networth $59billion Dead…
David Koch dead smother story
Where’s the news about @realDonaldTrump SUCCESSES???…
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At same period the UK Authorities, banks & state owned companies all converged with their plans to take our home, our car & our money, my mother's #DWP welfare benefit was also targeted on several occasions, the worst being what happened at #Adecco #Guardian #TheTimes #GMB
My mother was seeking #employment & arranged an appointment with #OfficeAngels who she was already registered with & had worked for, for years. However, the time & date of the appointment was at a similar time to that of her sign on with the #DWP. #Jobseekersallowance #Jobseekers
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The #UKGovernment #Torture Report. Instead of addressing it, they keep trying to frame us. We want answers! @10DowningStreet

To read the full thread (draft at this stage as 4 more years of frame ups need to be added)…

#bbcnews #royalfamily @metpoliceuk
The short outline version is as below in this thread. It's still quite long because it started in 2006 & the UK Authorities, mainly the #MetPolice, have invested a lot of time & resources in trying to get rid of this problem by hook or by crook
#bbcnews #royalfamily
It started with the #MetPolice being caught out falsifying paperwork - a search warrant. When caught out they tried to frame me for a crime I did not commit. #bbcnews #royalfamily #Metpoliceuk
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After the #MetPolice tried & failed to frame me & after ex #MetPoliceUK turned private investigators @Surelock_ tried & failed to frame me & my mum, attempt number 3 was #EE & #UKMail. I had never used @EE but they made me their customer

#SwitchtoO2 #o2 #Vodafone #Three #LBC
#EE said I had ordered mobile phones & sim cards & #UKMail said they had delivered them to me (with me showing my passport) at home. I did neither. I didn't order any mobiles & I didn't receive any mobiles. It was a complete stitch up

#dontbuythesun #c4news #r4today #itvnews
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You may have seen that £2.4 million from the Sovereign Grant was used to pay for renovations of Frogmore Cottage, the home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

This is how royal finances work (a thread) 👑…

The Queen receives three forms of income.

One is income from her private investments. These investments are owned by the Queen personally.

For example the Queen owns the Royal Stud at Sandringham which makes money which she pays tax on.

The second is income from the Duchy of Lancaster. The Duchy contains land, property and assets which make money from things like rent. The portfolio is held in trust and passed from Sovereign to Sovereign (so the Queen can't just decide to sell it all).

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Q Decodes #DigitalSoldiers
State of the Union Canceled #SOTU
To end membership of the United States in the United Nations
Why the DS does not want borders NAFTA #Smuggling
Cooper CIA /Owl #symbolism

@Potus @GenFlynn @IvankaTrump #QAnon
Senior Executive Service (SES) = Cabal #Handlers
SES Symbol/logo = KeyStone #keystone
What is a keystone?
Find the keystone
You have the keystone
What Nation dominates all others? #Britain #RoyalFamily
@Potus @GenFlynn @IvankaTrump #QAnon #SOTU
(SES) was created as Title IV in the Civil Rights Reform Act of 1978 under President Carter.
President Carter called SES "the keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act
The Act reformed the civil service of the federal government, partly in response to the Watergate scandal.
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