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✔️ The difference between correlation and regression:…

#Correlation #Regression #Statistics #DataScience
1. Correlation: Correlation is a statistical measure that expresses the linear relation between two variables.
2. Regression: Regression analysis is a mathematical technique used to analyze some data, consisting of a dependent variable and one (or more) independent variables with the aim to find an eventual functional relationship between the dependent variable and the independent ones.
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New release for @Uber forecasting library 🌈

Orbit is an open-source #Python library for Bayesian time series forecasting and inference applications developed by @UberEng 🧵 👇🏼

#timeseries #forecast #MachineLearning #PyTorch #Bayesian #Bayes
The library uses under the hood probabilistic programming languages with libraries such as #Python @mcmc_stan , Pyro, and #PyTorch to build the forecast estimators.

The new release, version 1.1 includes the following new features and changes: 👇🏼
New #forecasting model - Kernel Time-based #Regression (KTR). KTR model uses latent variables to define a smooth, time-varying representation of regression coefficients. Tutorials: 👇🏼…………
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Going to break-down how easy it is to use #autoML and more specifically JADBio AutoML. If you need an account to try it out, head over to and grab a free Basic plan. Ready? #data #ML (1/16)
STEP 1: You start by creating a Project on JADBio and generating all your study #data. That could either be data that has been processed and normalized by a #Bioinformatician, or public data available in the known data repositories (2/16)
If you’re using software for #molecular diagnosis like our Partner’s @QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands platform, your data is ready to be uploaded on JADBio. #ML 3/16
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1/ Excited to share how T cell therapies kill #leukemia!! multi-omics + new #computational #singlecell tools for longitudinal analysis 👉unexpected answer!…

*👏* @elhamazizi! 🙏 @dpeer Cathy Wu @MDAndersonNews @CPRITTexas @ColumbiaBME @sloan_kettering
2/ We studied donor lymphocyte infusion (DLI) - an #Immunotherapy for relapsed #leukemia after #BMT & the #og of #celltherapy. Previously, we showed DLI reversed T cell exhaustion - but didn't know why/how/which T cells were responsible...…
3/ To address these ?'s, we modeled intraleukemic T cell dynamics by integrating longitudinal, multimodal data from ~100K T cells (!) during response (R) or resistance (NR: nonresponder) to DLI.
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A fascinating conversation between Jan-Werner Müller
@Princeton and Rahel Jaeggi @HumboldtUni on what is needed to (re)democratise our #democracies.
These are my key insights on what can be deduced from this for a strong progressive strategy 👇🏽
As progressives, we have to be careful to use the concept of democratic #regression to describe the status quo of democracies. Rather than a regression, we currently witness an inability of democratic institutions to respond to systemic crises such as the climate crisis.
There are two central aspects that constitute this crisis: On the one hand, key social institutions such as central banks, financial markets or schools lack democratic ordering principles and with that democratic legitimacy.
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Here's a basic tutorial for how to do simple linear regression in R!

(all in one thread?!)

#regression #Rstats #datascience #tutorial #ecology #Rthread #linearmodel #dataanalysis #statistics

First we are going to load some data. Let's use the built-in "trees" dataset by running:


This dataset is based on 31 black cherry trees trunks: their diameter at breast height (DBH) in inches (girth), height in feet, and wood volume in cubic feet.

Let's first rename the columns for clarity:

names(trees) <- c("DBH_in","height_ft", "volume_ft3")

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From last year but wanted to share for those like me who are newcomers to or broadening their skills in #bioinformatics - really easy installation and usage (GitHub link supp). #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #ScienceTwitter…
Also, for me watching #statsquest overview of ridge regression (Part 1) and lasso regression (Part 2) in tandem just made everything click more reading how precision lasso is different from lasso #Statistics #regression
And finally I recommend reviewing this @DataCamp review as well to get a better understanding of why you should use regularized regression (and what type) based on your data. It makes the paper much easier to understand! Plus useful #rstats on the side 😉…
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My answer to Why do you need to use Visual UI regression testing?…
Code related Regression Testing practices can’t be implemented in the same way in Visual UI. The reason being Visual UI are tested through behavioral #Usability Testing methods Qualitatively and Quantitatively. They should not be tested through Opinionated Approach.
There is no absolute way to decide proximity of a UI Element through opinion, on adding a new feature. Qualitative and Quantitative Usability Testing is relative and not absolute. Heuristic Evaluation (thumb rule approach to evaluate a UI by an Expert) is Opinionated
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