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#SemanaSemiconductores 2023/16 (1/5)

Estados Unidos continua la implementación de #ChipsForAmerica con la publicación de la Visión del Centro Nacional de Semiconductores

#SemanaSemiconductores 2023/16 (2/5)

La #Revision2023Q1 de los dos grandes fabricantes de #semiconductores coreanos señalan retroceso de ventas con expectativas de recuperación en segundo semestre


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🧵THREAD - #TSMC : Dump massif des fonds d'investissement

Pourquoi Warren Buffett et les fonds spéculatifs se détournent ils du géant des semi-conducteurs taiwanais ? 👇 Image
Il s'agit d'un revirement inhabituellement rapide pour l'investissement de Warren #Buffett

Le 14 Novembre, #Berkshire Hathaway a révélé pour la première fois sa participation de 4,1 milliards de dollars dans TSMC.

4 mois plus tard, elle était réduit à environ 618 millions. Image
Berkshire a vendu ses actions après qu'elles aient grimpé d'environ 18 % par rapport au moment de leur achat initial.

Warren Buffett n'a donc pas perdu d'argent mais il a déclenché une véritable fuite des investisseurs et une chute importante de l'action.

Et l'explication...
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2023 will be the year of layoffs…
20/1/2023 - #Google's parent #Alphabet to lay off 12,000
18/1/2023 - #Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

#layoffs #layoffs2023
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Overledgers aim is to solve #interoperability via API gateways, also with the work alongside #MIT and many others (like #intel) to solve this via the IETF proposal- #SATP

Secure Asset Transfer Protocol.

Overledger as a SATP compliant gateway utilises $QNT for all usage.
As pictured above it shows many industries that will benefit from a hyper connected network of networks across many verticals.

Lets take one of these and pretend Blockchain Platform ABC123 is utilising Overledger for their offering.

(Or like #Oracle) $Qnt.
Overledger enables their platform to offer multichain applications that can operate on private, public and legacy networks.

(Like SIA, and an application called Spunta)

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🧵 Everyone’s chatting about 🤖#ChatGPT. Here are 11 things it can do for #malware analysts, #security researchers, and #reverse engineers. A thread >>👇 🧵
🙋🏻‍♀️ Learn how to use reverse engineering tools more effectively. Use #openAI chat bot to get rapid interactive help on your reversing tools.
👾 Teach yourself #assembly language. Ask #ChatGPT to convert high-level code into assembly. #arm #intel little endian big endian #nasm #masm. It knows them all.

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The difference between what russia does - SCORCHED EARTH, and what Ukraine could do - STRATEGICALLY TARGET transformers supplying military & industrial capacity killing Ukrainians, is self-explanatory.

100km buffer in RU is a start to protect Ukrainians. Image
@CinC_AFU @ua_industrial @itarmyofukraine @ng_ukraine @KpsZSU @JayinKyiv @i_army_org @EuromaidanPR @Ukraine /2
Who remembers the Bryansk Oil Depot fires?

To its SE & only 55 kilometers from Ukraine is the Druzhba crude oil hub in Vysokoe that sends oil to Belarus (Mazyr) & north towards St Petersburg.

Electricity pumps oil, not diesel or gasoline.

How this is civilian or off-limits? Image
На південний захід від Високого і лише за 40 кілометрів від України знаходиться Новозибківська підстанція 110 кВ.

Його трансформатори 110 кВ живлять електродвигуни, які перекачують сиру нафту далі по лінії до Білорусі.

Операція «Темне небо Росія» Image
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Hey #OSINT #100daysofcodingchallenge #100DaysOfHacking #CodeNewbie

Code Search Engines are dedicated search engines for finding source codes on the Internet.

Here's an awesome list of 22 'Code search engines' for digital investigators, hackers, programmers & all.

A thread🧵
1. Android Code Search -

2. Chromium Code Search -

3. Ember Observer: Code
Search -

4. CodeSeek -

5. Codota -

#OSINT #cybersecurity #100daysofcodechallenge
6. Debian Code Search -

7. Google Code Search -

8. krugle -

9. JExample -

10. Libraries -

#OSINT #programmer #100DaysOfCode #100daysofcodechallenge
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I spoke with #TSMC's Former General Counsel Richard "Dick" Thurston on how to interpret the #China provision in the #CHIPSAct. One provision prevents recipients of the funding from expanding advanced chip capacity in China in next 10 years. What is exactly restricted? (1/11)
"..the covered entity MAY NOT engage in any SIGNIFICANT TRANSACTION....involving the MATERIAL EXPANSION of semiconductor manufacturing capacity in the People’s Republic of China." The restriction is designed for advanced node under 28-nanometer (28nm not included). (2/11)
As for memory, analog and packaging technologies, the restriction would be on any #legacy generation of semiconductor technology relative to logic chips under determined by Secretary of #Commerce. Not clear how to define the technologies mentioned above yet. (3/11)
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Feeling spicy today $Qnt

#IETF114 #SAT #MIT #IBM #INTEL @quant_network

Secure Asset Transfer Protocol

Feeling spicy today $Qnt

#IETF114 #SAT #MIT #IBM #INTEL @quant_network

Secure Asset Transfer Protocol

Feeling spicy today $Qnt

#IETF114 #SAT #MIT #IBM #INTEL @quant_network

Secure Asset Transfer Protocol

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The organization behind TCP/IP, HTTP etc is going public with SAT (ODAP) - HUGE ✅

These guys literally make the worlds🌎 internet standards and they choice this one (gateways) for WEB3 interoperability of digital assets🔥

$QNT besides #INTEL #IBM #MIT talking 🗣

1/3🪡 ImageImage
Its an invite to the whole network of Thomas Hardjano, CTO of MIT connection science. Some nice interactions on his Linkedin last year:

✅Head of tech, Bank of Japan
✅CIO worldbank
✅EY Global head
✅UBS head
✅Head BIS Singapore

Great exposure💪🏻

The world already decided on DLT API Gateways as THE interoperability standard.

SAT mailing list is also very impressive with likes of:

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Российская Федерация попрощалась, спасибо ВВП♥, с поставками процессоров Intel и AMD. Задумался… Ниже аналитика методом «Палец, пол, потолок». Про Яндекс и возможное теперь отставание от Google.
Раз в месяц Яндекс покупает себе процессоров на сколько?… На 20 млн долларов? На 100 млн? Короче, дело даже не в цифре. Важно, что новые сервера непрерывно монтируются и сразу индексируют бесконечно и постоянно расширяющийся интернет.
Новые серваки Яндекса должны индексировать и хранить копию всего нового интернета. Точнее даже несколько копий (да, внутри каждого поисковика есть копия всего интернета несколько раз, раз 5!). «Прямой индекс», «обратный индекс» и куча всякой другой фигни, миниатюр, и др.
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1️⃣ Uzun vade yatırım yapmak isteyip hisse ya da coin alan arkadaşlar bazen uzun süre zararda kalmaktan dolayı usanıp satmaya karar veriyorlar. Saygı duyarım. Kaliteli hisselerde ne kadar sular altında kalırsanız kalın bir noktada kara geçeceğimizi hepimiz biliyoruz.
2️⃣ Ama bazen size de oluyor mu “ya bu hisse hep sular altında oluyor, hiç gün yüzü göremiyoruz” dedirtiyor mu size de? Hadi şimdi önce birkaç yabancı hisse örneği üzerinden başlayıp sonrasında da Türk hisselerinden birkaç örnek üzerinde bu konuyu incelemeye çalışalım.
3️⃣ Ele aldığım örneklerin tamamı temettü ve sermaye artırımlarına göre düzeltilmiş veriler olacak. Hisse zirveyi görüyor herkes hevesle giriyor, sonra bir düşüyor bir gün yüzü göstermiyor dediğimiz sinir bozucu hisseler var mı aklınıza gelen? Bir ona bak bir de S&P500’e bak.
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多維新聞: #Walmart is accused of completely delisting #Xinjiang products in its stores in #China, as per the US "Prevention of Uyghur Forced Labor Act" (in effect Dec 23). Chinese consumers are calling for a boycott 沃爾瑪被曝下架新疆產品,會員紛紛退卡抵制…
Reports on #China's #Weibo claim that when the "Sam's Club" app is keyword searched using "#Xinjiang," relevant products do not display after being clicked on (inc. Xinjiang cantaloupe, Hotan dates, raisins, etc.) 疑似下架新疆产品?沃尔玛旗下山姆超市回应…
Just prior to the exposure of Sam's Club "quietly removing #Xinjiang products," an open letter from #Intel demanding that suppliers to ban labour, products and services from #Xinjiang circulated on social media in #China, drawing strong reactions...
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Now Intel is stepping up their game to compete w/ TSMC & Samsung on cutting edge semiconductor manufacturing!

Imagine: huge companies COMPETING & building chip plants all in Western countries w/ friendly Democracies! ❤

Intel made Pat Gelsinger CEO in Feb. 2021 to chart a new course in semiconductors to make Intel competitive again

"I think I have more concrete trucks working for me today than any other human on the planet"…
Intel CEO Gelsinger:
"We have construction in Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Ireland and Israel. And we expect to plant our next major fabs in the U.S. and Europe before the end of this year."
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Oneday soon, you are going to hear commercially that there is a new internet scale architecture coming to handle all Virtual Assets.


It is called the
' Open Digital Asset Protocol '

As you can see some household names.

#Intel #IBM #MIT.... $QNT

It is building a network of networks achieving interoperability via gateway to gateway.

Any to any blockchain
Legacy networks
Eg. core banking

$Btc $Eth $Xrp
#Corda #Hyperledger
#Quorum #Ripple

There was some recent development with another household name


With reference to the #ODAP
The #TC307 blockchain standard…

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China has warned investing in Metaverse stating its still infancy and could likely end in tears for investors

Meanwhile ByteDance has bought VR gear maker Pico for $1.4 billion

#China #Bytedanc #Metaverse #Pico #VR #VRChat
#Pico was valued by PE investors in March 2021 at nearly $155 Million and now #Bytedance has purchased Pico at $1.4 Billion… a very aggressive valuation for a VR gear manufacturer
VR is the interface of Metaverse, but at present, the most widely used scene of consumer VR is games.
#VR #Metaverse #AR #GamingNFT
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#McAfee #Afterlife dropped this PUBLIC PGP KEY earlier today. So I suppose if anybody needs to send him an encrypted message, you would secure it with this PGP key, and then only HE can read it.
go to:… Image
#Mcafee #Afterlife Telegram drop this afternoon: DATE WITH THE QUEEN and much more.
1/ Whoa! Some serious #McAfee #Afterlife drops tonight. No decoding necessary. "HILLARY, WE'RE COMING AFTER YOU."

Hey Killary Clinton
Remember Me. . .?
I’m Coming back to
Haunt You like You
Did to Me: +
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1/ $QNT- the most experienced enterprise team in #crypto:

✔️GILBERT VERDIAN-CEO(founder of #blockchain ISO Standard TC307)

✔️GUY DIETRICH-Managing Director of #Rockefeller Capital

✔️MARTIN HARGREAVES-Vocalink/#Mastercard Vice President

✔️NEIL SMIT-Vice Chairman #Comcast Corp
2/ #Quant_Network has groundbreaking #Overledger technology offering any:any #interoperability acknowledged by SIA (the leading financial network provider; 580 banks), #Oracle, Simba Chain, #Deloitte, #KPMG, #MIT, World Bank, #SDX(Six Digital Exchange), UK, US, AU governments… ImageImageImageImage
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Update on 1st lady of #Indian Punjab. 1️⃣ She’s paramour of P@k #Intel chief also.2️⃣Her rpt on Agosta-90B #SUBMARINE deal lead to arrest of Pak Naval Chief in ‘973️⃣Another Congressi leader helped her son get a visa to India. 3️⃣Her mother ws #GeneralRani who hd enticed YAHYA Khan.
Thanks to Pak journalist Hamid Mir who has opened a can of worms recently. To b honest, I dnt care what they do in Pak— bt hey c0ngressis when will u stop stooping so low?
The quoted tweet on Capt Sahab ws written last year by me. I hd assumed Capt’s story ws known to everyone. Bt I ws wrong! Here r few articles u might like to read>>>… …..…
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Taiwan, Semiconductors and the Geopolitical Tech War

The market value of the global semiconductor industry has recently overcome the global energy sector. The market is telling us that chips are more important than oil.

Chips are the commodity of the future.

At the end of 2019, the market value of Taiwan's TSMC was $200b, while Intel was $350 billion. Today, TSMC is at $570 billion, while Intel has dropped to $260 billion.


Last summer, TSMC came out and said they can now make 7nm chips and will make 3nm chips in 2023.

Whereas Intel said they won’t be able to make 7nm chips until 2021. So in 2020, we witnessed the passing of the technological baton from Intel to TSMC. The leadership in the semiconductor industry now belongs to Taiwan.


#Taiwan #semiconductor #intel #TSMC $INTC $TSM
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@lenovode Wäre schön, wenn's bei euch echten #Support gäbe, statt nur DM-#Spam...

@Lenovo mir egal, ob @intel/@Intel_DE oder @FibocomW dafür zuständig sind:
Liefert mir nen #Treiber für's #Intel #XMM7360 / #Fibocom #850GL - #LTE #Modem für @ubuntu LTS 20.04 #Linux. Image
So langsam bin ich einfach nur noch pissed...
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New evidence suggests #SolarWinds hackers likely compromised the software build infrastructure of Orion platform & added malicious code, which was then eventually delivered within new updates that the company compiled, signed, and delivered.…
SolarWinds attackers mimic the software developers' coding style and naming standards to blend in their malicious code with the rest of the code.
Although first version containing the backdoor was traced to 2019.4.5200.9083, new report says version 2019.4.5200.8890, from October 2019, included an empty .NET class that attackers added to verify if their modifications to the codebase were being delivered into new updates.
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Why #Tesla needs to double/quadruple down in #China now by increasing EV production, FSD dev; starting RoboTaxi & insurance!

#elonmusk, 4X in China will greatly accelerate transition to sustainable energy and cement Tesla’s leadership.
1/10 Quick thoughts & winner/loser prediction after watching #NIO day. Impressive event, nice sedan, wish NIO to be successful, but some concerns:
1. FSD HW from #Nvidia. HW spec does not equal good AI results. #Tesla chip is custom & optimized for Tesla only, super efficient...
Additional thoughts/info on #NIO after #NIODay, & which #EV#Battery companies I think are best bets 2021.

Again I am rooting for NIO's long term success, while I try my best to focus analysis 100% on facts & share my rationale for your own consideration & benefits.
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