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Dear @HiltonAbuja,

1. Thx for ur statement. Apparently, u have serious difficulty stating clearly even under consumer duress that u don't exclude unaccompanied women. so, I'll try & spell it out to u quite clearly.

2. U are being disingenuous& I'll tell u why.
3. Ur staff have told us this "policy" exists. U want to split hairs & suggest "policy" is something that is written down & approved by the board. I have no way of knowing whether that is so here but u know that we know u have this policy & that it's bn there for a long time.
4. This is what we know from ur own staff: U instituted this thing to ensure u exclude #sexworkers - real or imagined - from ur establishment.

5. To achieve that, u created a presumption that every black woman who comes unaccompanied is a suspected #sexworker.
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#SexWorkers remind us sex work is about work. Like all workers they #deserve #rights and #protection against violence at workplace, stigma and discrimination in society.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #AwarenessToAccountability #dignityatwork…
Current criminalisation (in majority of African countries) of sex work means #sexworkers are on the front-line of #GBV in that the perpetrator knows they are unlikely to report it, and that they are vulnerable and unprotected.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork
In the context of #MeToo: sex workers face judgement, stigma, blatant systematic discrimination. In media, they’re punished 4 their nonconforming sexuality by being criminalized/slut-shamed.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork #sexworkiswork…
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Good morning! Will be tweeting as long as I can last at the #DecrimDC hearing! It’s gonna be a long day and if you want to join in spirit & watch the livestream, link here! #sexwork #rightsnotrescue #housingnothandcuffs
No matter what happens, today is HISTORIC and the work of @DecrimNowDC made this happen. @HIPSDC @NJNP_DC @SafeSpacesDC and many other groups are immeasurable. It’s truly a win. This moment is a win.
@councilofdc opens w @charlesallen setting an ask for respect and the necessity of this debate. @JackEvansWard2 gives some history on the issue in DC & approaches to prostitution - all rely on policing, inc “creative solutions” which were considered unconstitutionally harsh
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Undercover stings against #sexworkers are acts of state sexual violence. While the loss of Yang Song should make no one question the truth of that, unsurprisingly there is so much pushback on the idea, so I wanted to organize my thoughts in a thread (1/12)…
It's intimate physical contact through fraud. That's sexual violence. Think about what it's like to then have to sit with the cop you gave a blow job to who then arrested you. What about when you're giving info on your experience of trafficking? (2/12)…
Many police departments don't ban sexual contact during sting operations (see above) - when states have tried to ban the practice, police have pushed back and said it was necessary to, you know, sexual violate people in the course of policing… (3/12)
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If your feminism doesn’t include supporting sex worker rights, than you aren’t a real feminist. Here are 10 reasons why decriminalizing sex work is a real feminist issue.…
Prostitution is absolutely just another job, as is stripping, pro-domming, cam modeling, and porn performing. These jobs should absolutely be decriminalized and de-stigmatized. #sexwork #sexworkiswork #sexworkersvote
Many intelligent, well-informed self-described feminists believe sex work should never be decriminalized. In fact, the decriminalization of sex work is perhaps the single most divisive subject within feminism today. #sexwork #SexWorkIsWork #sexworkersvote
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“We’re 5 whores at @Yale -It feels really good! We are used to being excluded from institutions & places of power & being invisible. We think of #sexwork as being totally separate from these kind of spaces & we walk among you every day and everywhere.” #RebLaw25 -@MissLoreleiLee
"We have to convince legislators that we chose this work in a way that no other workers have to." - @MissLoreleiLee #RebLaw25 #sexwork
"I've worked retail, too. I much prefer stripping." -@thotscholar #RebLaw25 #sexwork
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I try very hard these days to take the time & expend the emotional labour explaining to people who have lots of "opinions" on sex work why their "opinions" might not be a) accurate and b) in fact harmful to the workers they claim to really want to 'help.'

It gets exhausting.
This is a lot of what filled my feed today. Initially, I thought this was someone just a little misguided, with good intentions. But after reading & re-reading their blog, I heard many of the same insults & misdirection that gets thrown in my direction on a daily basis.
I was going to put my thoughts in an email or a blog, go point by point, explain what my concerns were, explain why - I was going to try & be a grown up. But after hearing the opinions of workers who I respect, who are way smarter than me denegraded AGAIN as just 'ranting' -
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There are three major issues with @tumblr's decision that have very little to do with porn. Firstly, Tumblr's audience skews slightly female and overwhelmingly queer, taking a space to explore sexuality away from communities that don't otherwise really have one. #riptumblr 1/
Second, there is a butterfly effect to consider. As the people who produce non-adult content, but consume in part adult content, jump ship they take their contributions to the platform with them. This makes people who consumed the non-adult content that's lost also leave. 2/
Thirdly, there are issues determining what "adult" even is. Reports are circulating that #transgender bloggers are being told that their material is adult because of their transness. I can't verify these reports, but their existence shows users don't trust Tumblr as arbiter. 3/
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Claiming #sexworrkers R “decriminalized” under Nordic regime is 100% bold faced lie. Canada’s #sexwork laws make exchange of sexual services for money illegal 4 the 1st time in Canada. @Puglaas @AHousefather @theJagmeetSingh @R_Boissonnault @MurrayRankin #cdnpoli #RepealPCEPA
When #sexwork is understood as criminal, #sexworkers suffer. Arrest plays a role in this, but being part of criminal activity — and all of the surveillance, isolation, stigma, discrimination, and targeted violence that comes with this — its what is also dangerous. #RepealPCEPA
Since the implementation of #PCEPA some #sexworkers have been arrested and prosecuted for material benefits because of their participation in third party activities #RepealPCEPA
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I actually sat with the CEO of @BasisSexWork whilst this journalist @charleshymas interviewed her for this article. Not only has he not mentioned Basis once, but he has deliberately excluded all the positive facts she gave him about the work they do. So I’ll help you out, Charles
We’ll start here, because it’s kind of embarrassingly obvious Charles. In your article, you blame an increase of STD rates in Leeds entirely on the managed zone. The sex workers of Leeds are not responsible for this. In Leeds, people also have sex with non sex workers (weird!)
Since the managed approach has been brought in, reports of violent crime from sex workers to the police has TRIPLED. I wonder why that stat didn’t make it into your article?
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How many times will media outlets print this story? "Few convictions for #sextrafficking & forced labour... because most victims do not report it. Unfortunately, people often don't feel they are victims, for them it's a form of work." Unfortunately!
The story's the same no matter what countries migrants leave from or arrive to. They feel they've got work, even if it's worse than what they hoped for. They're making more than they could've. All outsiders' trying to get them to feel like victims to be 'sent home': Waste of Time
What do police & #RescueIndustry achieve? Few convictions because so-called victims won't cooperate. T'would be better to admit defeat and announce drastic deportation policy: 'We're getting rid of migrants we don't want'. But wait, then they couldn't feel good about Rescues.
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I finally have some energy after my surgery to talk a little bit more about #FOFSTA/#SESTA. Today, I want to talk to you about why a lot of anti-trafficking agencies were not able to say much against the acts publicly.
I don't know how many of you know that a lot of the federal #humantrafficking funding is tied in some weird political crap. While generally a bipartisan issue, there is a lot of conservative control of the way funding gets distributed.
One of the biggest issues with federal funding is that you have to sign an agreement not to promote engagement in prostitution or promote the legalization in prostitution. Not to be confused with the decriminalization of prostitution.
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1. In times when ad venues are drying up, networking is paramount. Pool your resources among a trusted group of friends. #wednesdaywisdom
2. Its tempting to hoard, but being an island can prevent new opportunities. Don't just fake flirt on twitter; invite someone to lunch.
3. Before any1 says, "but there's so much drama," If you see it coming, don't ignore the signs. Quietly bow out. Ur not obligated to anyone.
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