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Chief of Army staff & 10 other #Nigerian offcrs died in a chopper crash yesterday.
In Jan 2020 #Taiwanese Chief of staff and 9 other offcrs died in a chopper crash jst b4 elections.
Interestingly, Nigerian female combat pilot ws killed aftr successful fight agnst insurgency.
Combat *helicopter pilot.
What's happening?

Whenever I read abt chopper crashes it reminds me Gen Zia Ul Haq who too died in a chopper crash.
The Nigerian female combat pilot too ws killed recently.
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It’s not about bragging, but sorrowful anger that so much of 2020’s horridness for friends around the world was avoidable.

How did #Taiwan ‘beat’ Covid-19 (with no lockdowns, little disruption, 7 deaths)?

A Collared Bush-Robin thread:
1. Universal healthcare. It works well, catch up America!

2. Not trusting China. We’ve had decades to learn how our neighbor lies and spreads disinformation.

Sambar Deer in the central mountains.
3. SARS. The experience in 2003 gave us clues how to prepare, and what to look out for. We had a plan.…
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Why PTT, #Taiwan's largest terminal-based bulletin board system (BBS), will remain an experimental battleground for CCP #disinformation campaigns, esp. given its Mandarin user base: "A Pilot Study on PTT in the Context of Influence Operations" via @INDSRTW…
"The initial quest of this research began with the question: Is there CCP influence in PTT?

PTT is the world's largest non-commercial, forum-based, open-source online bulletin board system in the Chinese language. It was created here; it is unique to #Taiwan."
"PTT was the beacon for public opinion in #Taiwan during the #SunflowerMovement in 2014, leading it to be seen by the CCP as an important anti-China and anti-CCP platform. In its aftermath, the CCP ... emphasized the importance of incentivizing and attracting Taiwan's youth."
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Following news of the upcoming #Taiwan-US economic dialogue, #China's Taiwan Affairs Office criticized Taiwan's ruling party @DPPonline for "hurting Taiwanese compatriots' interests in the name of 'economic and commercial interests.'"…
The spokesperson from the Taiwan Affairs Office reiterated the talking point of #Taiwan's main opposition party @kuomintang, claiming that Taiwanese people are very aware of the fact that the dialogue could have something to do with the "problematic pork and beef that ...
... might be imported from the U.S." She accused the DPP of "colluding with foreign power by ignoring Taiwanese people's opposition. She also said the @iingwen administration insists on approving the import of certain products, creating extreme anxiety and frustration among ...
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[Secret deal: China's security cops can investigate in #Switzerland]

1. @NZZaS: #China & #Swiss signed a secret deal in 2015 allowing #Beijing's security officers to investigate Chinese nationals WITHIN #Switzerland for 2 weeks, even w/o official status.…
2. Five years after the secret deal was signed, no Swiss MP had ever heard of the deal. In contrast to similar agreements between #Switzerland and other countries, the one with #China is harsher as #Chinese cops can come and investigate without prior discussion with Swiss govt.
3. Even though the treaty claims only covering smugglers and illegal immigrants, it is doubtful whether this extraterritorial enforcement power can be abused under the newly enacted #nationalsecuritylaw that covers foreigners.
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Rahul was chased from #Amethi

You did not even run for elections, scared to loose deposit

Sure you both can teach China 🇨🇳 a lesson

#Taiwanese newspaper headline

"India's Rama poised to slay China's dragon over Ladakh border dispute"

Read - Image
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This dissociation of the #Taiwanese identity for political supports also happened in the 2019 Federal election in Australia. Labor's #TaiwaneseAustralian Candidate Yang (Not me) claimed to become "the first Chinese-Australian woman in Parliament".…
This seems to mirror the idea of "the persistent pressure to soften identities and avoid confrontation" described in @catielila's "Andrew Yang is #TaiwaneseAmerican". Sadly, this might be the reality for Taiwanese diaspora in political participation.…
But you can also see in the article: "Jennifer Yang hesitates when she talks about making history.", "But she also shifts uncomfortably when asked about race — she doesn't want to be pigeon-holed." It seems like ABC was trying very hard to impose this 'Chinese' identity onto her.
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I've always wondered, how did friendliness & generosity get ingrained into the "#Taiwanese DNA"? What makes Taiwanese people nicer than, say, people from other East Asian countries? Here are a few potential theories that popped into my mind this morning: (thread)
(1) The necessity of cooperation & reconciliation in a multi-cultural settler society & new-world frontier. This is comparable to #Australia where settlers came together, put their old-world conflicts (ex. Irish vs English) & hierarchy behind, to build a more egalitarian society.
(2) The lack of an egoistic national identity due to its long history of being "culturally peripheral" to the imagined identity imposed by ruling alien regimes (Manchu, Japan, ROC etc.) This is perhaps why some Taiwanese don't think TW deserve as much & don't expect reciprocity.
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Little known WW2 history for #AnzacDay: Formosan civilians (from now #Taiwan) were considered 'Japanese enemy aliens' & were interned in #Australia during WW2. More Formosan soldiers were captured in POW camps in New Guinea, & later Manus Islands. My great uncle died in one. (1) ImageImageImage
In the Loveday camp alone, there were 600 Formosan civilians. In addition to the hardship and lack of freedom, "Formosan internees were bullied for not signing allegiance to the emperor (Japan)". Tbh smart move considering you're in an Australian camp. (2)… ImageImage
In March 1946 at Sydney harbour, in order to avoid being repatriated on an over-crowded hell ship, some Formosans defiantly argued that they're now not Japanese but Chinese. The Chinese vice-consul came & told them that "as Chinese, they would have to suffer too". Bit harsh. (3) ImageImageImageImage
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As it is obvious that the #Taiwanisation of #ROC drastically accelerated recently, it is probably a good time to share some songs that reflects on the ever-changing #Taiwan Identity & imagine what constitutes a decolonised #TaiwanAnthem that could better represent the people.
1921: 'Taiwanese Cultural Association Theme Song' (臺灣文化協會會歌).
Written by Chiúⁿ Ūi-súi (蔣渭水), a leading figure in Taiwan's resistance movement at the time. It emphasises on the pan-Asian identity「我等都是亞細亞黃色的人種」
and a rather modern understanding of the difference between 'Nationality' (Japanese) and 'Ethnicity' (Han)「漢族血脈日本百姓」There is a history of Taiwanese making the distinction, because of the long historical mismatch between 'colonial nationality' and 'cultural affiliation'
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Kuo Hsueh-hu was one of the first artists who depicted everyday #Taiwanese culture and scenery in grand #gouache paintings. His 1930 iconic work "Festival on South Street" remains one of the most celebrated pieces from #Taiwan.… ImageImage
Kuo specialized in #gouache paintings. The vivid use of the green hue and the exquisite techniques he employed were representative elements of the Hsueh-hu school of painting. #Taiwan… ImageImageImageImage
In his prime, Kuo traveled to Japan, China, Southeast Asia, the US, and Europe, where he broadened his horizons. Kuo thus reinvented his #painting style by using an outlining technique, blending rich colors to create simple yet poetic #art. #Taiwan… ImageImageImageImage
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So #Taiwanese media Up Media reported on Thursday that the US informed #Taiwan in February that @WHO chief @DrTedros, who has been criticized for his repeated praise on #China throughout the #COVID19 outbreak, complained that he believed the negative comments against him ...
... are orchestrated by #Taiwan, arguing that there are political motivations behind these online attacks on him. @DrTedros said he believed these smearing campaigns are initiated by Taiwanese online trolls and the intention is to let #Taiwan join WHO.…
The Taiwanese government responded to these allegations on Saturday, claiming that @DrTedros' allegations are not true.
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Latest for @dw_chinese - Today marks the three years since #Taiwan citizen Lee Ming-Che was arrested by the #CCP. It was followed by a televised forced confession and a string of deprivation of basic rights in prison. Since #COVID19 outbreak,...…
... his wife has been deprived of the rights to visit him and Lee was also banned from writing her letters or making phone calls to let her know his conditions in the prison. On the eve of the three-year anniversary, she called on #Beijing to let Lee call her.
"I beg the Chinese government to let Ming-Che take up the phone and tell me that 'I'm still alive.' I beg the powerful Chinese government to let me hear Ming-Che said this one sentence to me. I beg the strong Chinese government to show me this mercy," Lee's wife said.
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It's 2 am here in #Taipei, yet I'm sitting in front of my laptop, trying to type out all my feelings after some rather upsetting conversation with my parents. Tonight is not the first time that we argued about my career choice, but it is the first time that I felt ...
... that maybe they will never come to appreciate what I do and why I choose to do it. Almost a year ago, I shared a long thread here, talking about my mom asking me to keep a low profile and stay away from writing about topics that might upset #Beijing.
That time, the conversation ended in an upbeat, as I somehow seemed to successfully convince her to put her support behind my decisions. But almost a year later, similar requests came up again during our weekly chat on the phone, and this time, she and my dad both seemed ...
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