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#Ukraine: Latest news from #UkraineWar:
1. Around #Bakmut UA continue to make gains & N of the city operations are in play along #Rozdolivka-Krasnopolivka & #Berkhivka-Yahidne frontlines. UA forces have advanced another 1 km nr #Vuhledar. #tweet100
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#Ukraine: 2. S of #Novodanylivka UA forces says they have retaken & secured an area 4 km long & 1.5 km deep. "Noose" is being tightened at #Rivnopil but is not finalised yet. #Urozhaine is now a contested "grey zone".… #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. Reports RU have lost 7,000 troops killed & 15,000 + injured since June 4th & start of UA #counteroffensive. UA also destroyed RU Borisoglebsk-2 electronic warfare unit & a counter-battery radar system Zoopark-1 (worth $ 20 million). #tweet100
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#ExxeGroup #Audit update tweet chain.

#Exxe $AXXA

$AXXA #Exxe Group periodically releases updates on Twitter and / or via Press Releases as it progresses with the #audit.

#Exxe has made a few announcement over the past months specifically with respect to the #daskonzept audit as the progress has been made.

$AXXA 2/9
This tweet chain provides a summary collation of the #audit related statements that have been made

*as well as*

a mini-update on the #current audit status.

#ExxeGroup #Exxe $AXXA 3/9
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You must be thinking #Switzerland is a beautiful country, but I know it has an ugly face when it comes to Bharat!


Because it has started interfering in Internal Affairs of MY Nation!!


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Some Persons of Indian Origins (PIO) and European officials are planning Govt change in 2024.

It has already started from December 2021. Several small gatherings are held in London and Delhi since then.

Let me give you details on latest 3 such meetings held recently.

1st meeting was held at a Private Residence at Moti Bagh in New Delhi with 20 participants.

2nd meeting was attended by 12 PIOs & #European Diplomats at #Swiss Embassy in South-west Delhi.

3rd meeting was held at Office of a Lawyer at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg at New Delhi.

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Not sure of @myogiadityanath expected his #Swiss Holiday to turn into a case of Criminal Case filed against him under Swiss Law. CM Yogi's visit to Davos to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, between January 16 and 20…
The complaint was filed with Office of the Swiss Federal Prosecutor today by Guernica 37 Chambers, a specialist group of international criminal & human rights lawyers under the principle of universal jurisdiction as provided in Article 264 of the Swiss Criminal Code.
Article 264 deals with ‘Genocide and Crimes against Humanity’. CM Yogi Adityanath is being accused of having ordered the false imprisonment, torture & murder of civilians between Dec '19 & Jan '20, to suppress protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.
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News from the EIR Daily Alert For SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2022:
"The #Swiss #military expert Jacques Baud’s Operation Z Describes How West’s Misinformation Makes #War Worse—for #Ukraine. ..."
..."The #Swiss #military expert Jacques Baud has just written a new #book, Operation Z, out in #French on Aug. 30. In a lengthy interview with The Postil Magazine, posted Sept. 1, Baud explains that his book isn’t so much about the #Russian special military operation..."
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-Deputy head of #Taiwan defence ministry's research & development unit Ou Yang Li-hsing, leading missile production, found dead in S Taiwan hotel
-Traitors are in every country
-Reminds me of various #Indian scientists killed under mysterious circumstances

-8 Jun 2009:, 47-year-old senior scientific officer at the Kaiga Atomic Power Station in Karwar, Karnataka, L. Mahalingam went on a morning walk & never returned
-5 days later, his highly decomposed body was found Kali river.
-A DNA test confirmed his identity
-24 Nov 2009: Tritium was mixed in drinking water at Kaiga Atomic Power Station
-More that 20 staff fell ill
-Over 90 staff received treatment
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E99 - 26th July 2022

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread.

#aapKaNews #aap #News

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018

#thread : post 1 / n
#news Thread 2/n

The probe agency said the mountain of cash found at Chatterjee's aide's home belonged to the minister.
#WestBengal #sscscam #politics #corruption… #MamataBanerjee #Bhubaneswar #ParthaChatterjee
#news #thread 3/n
#Gujarat hooch tragedy: Village head had approached police in March seeking action against illegal #liquor trade…

#ModiHaiToMumkinHai #bjp @AAPGujarat @HasanSafin @AAPYouthWing
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Throwback Thread: #Italy attacking set-pieces routine in #EURO2020, and how Mancini working on the small details.

#Azzurri scored from the set-piece today against #WAL, but it wasn't by chance, repeated the same routine against #TUR and #Swiss.

I will attach examples
Here we continue with one against Turkey.

the explanation on each picture
Again, against Swiss-1
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DI BERN, SWISS, 30 MEI 2022 Image
Pencarian Sdr. Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz (Eril) di Sungai Aare, Kota Bern terus dilakukan para aparat kepolisian dengan mengintensifkan pencarian dengan metode jalan kaki, perahu, drone, dan selam
Pencarian dimulai di pagi hari dan mencakup area Eichholz hingga Wohlensee, dan berfokus di antara pintu air Schwelenmaetelli dan Engehalde
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Pencarian Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz di sepanjang sungai Aare, Swiss, berlanjut di hari keempat, pencarian dimulai di pagi hari pukul 09.00 waktu setempat, yang di pimpin langsung oleh Kepala Polisi Maritim Bern Urs Käser
Pencarian di sesi pagi hari dilakukan dengan metode Boat Search dengan menggunakan teropong untuk memantau situasi bawah air. Area pencarian telah mengerucut pada lokasi yang dinilai paling potensial di wilayah Marzili
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A student studying in #Switzerland writes: While studying in #Switzerland, I rented a house near the school. The landlady #Kristina was a 67-year-old single lady who had worked as a teacher in a secondary school before she retired.

Switzerland's pension is very good, enough not to worry about food and shelter in her later years. However, she actually found work to take care of an 87-year-old single man. I asked if she was working for money.

Her answer surprised me: I do not work for money, but I put my time in the #timebank, and when I cannot move in my old age, I can withdraw it.

The first time I heard about this concept of time bank, I was very curious and asked the landlady more.

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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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Has India become a corruption-free country already? Or, are the crooks getting smarter? Just one dot from Madhya Bharat in the @guardian expose of “criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians” holding £80 billion worth accounts in the notorious Swiss bank @CreditSuisse.
“We can reveal today how #CreditSuisse repeatedly either opened or maintained bank accounts for a panoramic array of high-risk clients across the world”: How the @guardian showcases its expose of “criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians” over 7 pages.
On 9 Jan 2014, four months before he became PM, @narendramodi promised to bring back money “stolen” from India and deposited in foreign banks: “If we bring that back, each poor Indian will get Rs 15-20 lakh just like that.” @PMOIndia #CreditSuisse

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1 - So, whoa! At the end of the day mr #Devasini and mr Daniele #Sestagalli, the Italian man behind Wonderland ($Time), Popsicle Finance ($ICE), and Abracadabra ($MIM) projects in #Switzerlandmistress are connected. During last drawdown Sestagalli cashed out 30 mln to #Bitfinex
2 - One of the #Wonderland #Sestagalli project managers is a well known name of #QuadrigaCX scandal, @0xSifu aka Michael #Patryn aka Omar #Dhanani, see

3 - there's plenty of "stolen money" in this story Image Image
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The lady who Designed the PARAM VIR CHAKRA, #IndianArmy's highest gallantry award, Savitri Khanolkar, was a Swiss national whose real name was Eve Yvonne Maday de Maros, married to an Indian Army officer, Vikram Ramji Khanolkar 1/n ( please read all) Image
In 1929, she met Vikram Khanolkar, a young Indian Army cadet undergoing training at Sandhurst who had come to Switzerland for a break. She was still a teenager then; however, both fell in love although Vikram was much older than her. She came to India in 1932 and married Vikram
After marriage, she changed her name to Savitri. In spite of her European background, she quickly adapted to Indian culture and traditions. She became a vegetarian, learnt to speak fluent Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit. And also learnt Indian music, dance and painting.
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#FreeIran2021 world Summit -𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟮
#JoinUs & Share with anyone of interest!👇

𝗝𝘂𝗹𝘆 𝟭𝟭, 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭
𝟭𝟱𝟬𝟬 𝗖𝗘𝗦𝗧 | 𝟵:𝟬𝟬 𝗮𝗺 𝗘𝗗𝗧
𝗘𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲- 𝗔𝗿𝗮𝗯 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱 Stand With The #Resistance…
Mrs. @Maryam_Rajavi said, “It is clear how regime continued to advance towards developing an atomic bomb at every step by deceiving world & receiving concessions...Any agreement he signs to reduce these activities, & any promise he makes, are pure lies.”…
Baroness Betty Boothroyd at #FreeIran2021 summit - day2

"After Raisi emerged as president in Iran the UK, EU & USA must unite behind NCRI its president-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi & people of Iran because they are our best allies to secure a free Iran."…
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On @euronews today commenting on major crisis in #EU - #Swiss relations.

Interview by great @Brusselsness

👇 🧵on why this breakdown & what next, in 8 points
1/ This is obviously sovereignty vs economy all over again.
Swiss focus on freedom of movement, “benefit tourism”, pressure on wages & “foreign judges”
I think🇨🇭have bad case- EU has been accommodating & numbers don’t add up to problems they pretend. But again, it’s politics.
2/ For 🇪🇺, final sign🇨🇭gov not ready for fair single market settlement w/ EU.
Benefits more than anyone, gives little in return. Single market adds €2900 to every Swiss/year, costs €14
Biggest problem lack uniform application of rules (incl. state aid) for single market LPF
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@adfichter 1/9 How world's most advanced #eID system works in #Estonia and how it compares to proposed #Swiss #eID?……
@adfichter 2/9 Everyone in Estonia has national #eID smart card issued by the government(police officer) with authentication and #qualified #digitalSignature certificates signed by private company #eIDAS trust service provider…
@adfichter 3/9 #eID card can be used by the e-service for user identification and #qualified #digitalSignature without any middleman directly from the browser. Only the service you are interacting sees your data.
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The Youth IGF Movement has formed an alliance with ICANN Next-Gen and the #Swiss government to launch a series of focused youth debates on the most burning digital issues. @dw_akademie @dwnews
1/4 The first series of battles will take place in 10 regions in five different languages, and will be based on the eight focus points of the UN Secretary-General Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. @UNSGdigicoop
2/4 @ICANN is excited about this collaboration with the #YouthIGF through its NextGen@ICANN Program- said Deborah Escalera. Engaging young people from all of ICANN’s global regions and the broader Internet ecosystem is a key priority and an important step.
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This is a plot of the daily reported #COVID19 (c)ases (light blue), (h)ospitalizations (light orange), and (f)atalities (light red) in #Switzerland. In addition, I plotted the cumulative numbers added up over 14 days for (c) and (f) and over 22 days for (h), corresp. dark colors.
What do we learn from the data? The second #COVID19 wave in #Switzerland has reached levels in all indicators (c,h,f) (somewhat) larger than the first wave. The peak daily reported (c)ases are a factor 8.5 times higher than in the first wave.
The peak reported (f)atalities and (h)ospitalizations per day are 1.5 and 1.25 times higher than in the first wave. Both likely have not reached their maximum yet. Also (h) data comes in with a delay of up to 7 days from the current date, while for (c) and (f) it is ~3 days.
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This itvu (in German) with #Finma boss Mark Branson is an ideal complement to the media blitz by Daniel Thelesklaf recently:

Branson talks about suspicious activity reports in #Switzerland (#MoneyLaundering) surging to about 8,000 per year, from 1,000.…
That's still low internationally (and remember Switzerland remains world's largest offshore haven), but Branson is arguing that notifications are high quality.

Whatever the quality, officials still can't keep up. We know this from the guy who oversaw it:…
Branson also says that #1MDB is one of the most brazen and biggest graft cases the world has ever seen.

1MDB had art, jewelry, luxury property, Hollywood blockbuster, etc. but #PDVSA is not only much larger in scale, it also has far more tragic real-world impact on Venezuelans.
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Really interesting for us media types who have been watching to see what real-world impact, if any, this report on #SNB and #diversity will have.

One marker is, who picks it up? Today, more than a week after the piece ran, Bloomberg did. Sort of.…
On the same day as the report, 12 parliamentarians asked the #Swiss government to answer a few questions about the #SNB's culture, fair hiring, and promoting practices.

It's available here:…
(Bloomberg somewhat misleadingly says the motion – it's not a motion, it's what called an interpellation in parliament-speak – was tabled, which in large parts of the world = suspended. It was not suspended. The government has yet to respond but is obligated to do so eventually.)
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[Secret deal: China's security cops can investigate in #Switzerland]

1. @NZZaS: #China & #Swiss signed a secret deal in 2015 allowing #Beijing's security officers to investigate Chinese nationals WITHIN #Switzerland for 2 weeks, even w/o official status.…
2. Five years after the secret deal was signed, no Swiss MP had ever heard of the deal. In contrast to similar agreements between #Switzerland and other countries, the one with #China is harsher as #Chinese cops can come and investigate without prior discussion with Swiss govt.
3. Even though the treaty claims only covering smugglers and illegal immigrants, it is doubtful whether this extraterritorial enforcement power can be abused under the newly enacted #nationalsecuritylaw that covers foreigners.
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