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"I want to warn the world about an unprecedented danger that’s threatening the very survival of open societies.

…I’ll focus on #China, where President #XiJinping wants a one-party state to reign supreme."…
"Xi is trying to consolidate all the available info about a person into a centralized database to create a 'social credit system'..people will be evaluated by algorithms that will determine whether they pose a threat to the 1-party state. People will then be treated accordingly."
"#China is not the only #authoritarian regime in the world, but it is undoubtedly the #wealthiest, #strongest & most developed in machine learning & #AI.

This makes #Xi the #most #dangerous #opponent of those who believe in the concept of #OpenSociety."…
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#Huawei‘s rightly being scrutinized for their ties to #China’s intelligence services, but #Hytera‘s totally escaped attention. Both are based in #Shenzhen, #Guangdong Province, but while the former focuses on 4G/5G phones & infrastructure, the latter focuses on radios & bodycams.
… in addition to supplying OTA-encrypted mobile radios for law enforcement, it seems #Hytera’s goods‘ve made their way into the hands of some *not-so-legitimate* customers, too. And then there’s the issue of #Norsat, a #Canada-based satellite comms provider purchased by Hytera…
… whose clients include, per #Norsat’s site, @NATO, the @DeptofDefense, @USMC, @USArmy, @USNavy, @USAirForce, @FoxNews, @CBSNews, @Reuters, @Moto, @Boeing, @GeneralDynamics, & others. Scary, huh?

Might #China’s #Hytera be an even bigger threat than #Huawei & #ZTE… combined?
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1) The #MockingbirdMedia is drunk on #RussiaRussiaRussia.
We need to talk about ZTE and Tony. #TooBigToIgnore @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @ABC @CBS @MSNBC @CNN @nytimes @nbc 03/18/17 🇨🇳🇮🇷🇰🇵#ZTE Pleads Guilty to Illegal Exports to Iran and North Korea…
2) 04/17/18 US bans Chinese telecom maker ZTE from buying parts for 7 years
Illegal exports to rogue states raise Washington's hackles…
3) The many who tout @POTUS folded when he made this move just don't understand LEVERAGE

05/18/18 Just about everything is odd about Trump’s support of Chinese firm ZTE…
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#Meng was charged with conspiracy to defraud banks. Canada’s Crown lawyer told the judge she has incentive to #flee the country. #Dishonesty is a factor in deciding her bail. The Crown lawyer argued that it’s difficult to set #bail high enough to prevent her from fleeing.
#Huawei Used #Skycomm to do #BusinessInIran
Canada’s prosecutor said the case against #Meng is for #fraud in deceiving banks on the relationship between Skycomm and Huawei. The U.S. claims Huawei used its Skycomm unit to do business in Iran, breaching #USsanctions
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#G20 中共最核心的利益,既不是貿易也不是國際地位,而是執政黨地位。任何直接或間接有可能動搖這一核心利益的條件都無法被接受,沒有任何妥協的餘地。美方想要兩樣東西:一個是開放,一個是公平。這兩項若要滿足美方的標準,短期看就是會導致中共政治控制力下降,長期看,就會影響到執政地位。
#G20 中共幾十年高度管制之下,如今的中國已經發展到任何經濟問題都有可能轉變成政治問題的地步,任何政治問題都有可能動搖執政地位。所以,中美談判,中方最希望的結果就是「大訂單模式」,每年花錢買美國貨,這樣就能夠在不觸動根本制度的前提下消除中美貿易順差。
#G20 中共希望不動制度,花錢消災。美方希望制度變革,一勞永逸。這怎麼談?要想讓習讓步幾乎不可能,他斷然不會拿自己的江山去做賭注。那麼就只有川普妥協,放棄長遠利益,先拿個大訂單再說,以後的事交給後人。如果是這個結果,那川普就真的是搬石頭砸了自己的腳了。
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@SpicyFiles @blackstone @jaredkushner Hey, Saudi regime!

Remember how *bad* it would be if everyone realized they could just break down algae in biodigesters for the natural gas?

And that convention GTL tech would then put a $25/barrel cap on oil prices?
@SpicyFiles @blackstone @jaredkushner Remember how oil peaked internationally on 6/24/14, the day after someone really began pushing that point on Twitter?

And how it dropped during that push until it went from $110 to $105/barrel (Brent/WTI) to bottoming out around $26 or so?
@SpicyFiles @blackstone @jaredkushner Yeah, good times.

So I'm going to give every oil-producer reputedly involved w/this Russian-Chinese conspiracy a... gift.

Yes, even Russia.

Just a critically useful piece of information.

Just between us &...
.@FBI .@DHSgov .@NSAGov .@GCHQ .@USTreasury .@DARPA .@DeptofDefense
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@ericgarland @20committee So, .@ericgarland gets a new kind of botnet targeting, & .@JamesFourM runs into issues w/his article on @Medium?

There was a warning about harassment & the countering release of evidence on the conspiracy.
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ
@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ The warning: Any egregious harassment of Kremlin critics could release or expedite yet *another* major evidence source against the conspiracy.

While unpleasant, I think these two each warrant something modest… yet formidable.

& apropos.
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ
@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ So, Eric you brought up the agencies rating investments recently, as well as AIG, stock markets, etc.

What, you might ask, is so deadly about global finance & the conspiracy? Beyond the obvious flows of money & influence?
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ
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@SenatorMenendez he was rough on #Pompeo during his conf. hearing. IMO Pompeo has not kept his promises in regards to taming Trump on the world stage.

Senate FA comm. still has not seen or heard anything from the #SingaporeSummit 😱
🚨🚨🚨Alarming news:🚨🚨🚨
“The State Department is allowing internet posting of do it yourself 3-D printable firearm blueprints. Why on earth is the Trump administration making it easier for terrorists and gunmen to produce undetectable plastic guns?”

@SenatorMenendez “while the president may be a stable genius (🤣) we need to call the Presidents statements out for what they are. I find them to be misleading and untruthful.”

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