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Today's #ArabianStorms thread took a bit of a detour into looking at today's fatal floods in #Benelux and #Germany, and the causes for the weather pattern that brought them.

Turns out that a #WestAfricaWaterPlume is involved. When it comes to weather we are #AllInThisTogether.
Here we see satellite images for the three days leading up to this. And a close look at this satellite imagery [@zoom_earth] suggests that the the persistence of the storm, which is far from over, is due to it being mainlined tropical water from the West Africa Monsoon.
On @zoom_earth you can watch animations of the satellite data to check this for yourself at this link >>,-1,…
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It's raining cats and dogs in the highlands northern Ethiopia tonight. Across all of Tigray and south into the #Abbay basin which is busy filling the GERD. The #ArabianMonsoonBlast is getting into gear now but it is far from over.

Today's Rainfall forecasts follow.
The Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea are ultimately responsible for all of this and so we begin with a couple of satellite images of them today. I will post another picture of the #GERD as soon as it reveals itself from under the clouds.
Here's a rainfall map from @Meteoblue which can be followed live at >>….

Mekele isn't right under the rain but Aksum and Shire are. Hopefully this will slow down the warriors.
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Satellite images of the monsoon winds path to the #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast in three pictures.
1. The source... Bay of Bengal
2. The voyage.... The Arabian Sea
3. Landfall

Today's rainfall forecasts for the wider area follow.
The big picture this evening.

Europe is stormy in the East and the West.

#ArabianStorms have returned to a less unusual format.

Big Rains continue in the Nile Basin.

And night has fallen on the Indian monsoon.
Four North Africa 10-Day rainfall forecasts for today June 18th. Forecasts for the West Africa Monsoon are continuing to move north particularly in the West.
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This time its personal!

The image below shows a large storm headed directly towards me here in Brittany, France which will arrive shortly. And it’s part of a bigger picture. #EuropeBigWet update.

NOTE: Today the Euro @ECMWF model is unavailable due to a data feed issue.
And appropriately given my two and half months monitoring this phenomena the storm that is approaching has also come 6000kms due north across the Western Sahara. I.E. its a #WestAfricaWaterPlume.
The wind is now coming up. The cows are sitting down and it’s eerily quiet. Earlier there was rumbling sounds of thunder in the distance.
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A big day for #WestAfricaMonsoon observation.

A full plume event is becoming obvious in central & eastern Europe + Russia. We also have thunderstorms over the Red Sea, and a low circulation heading towards a collision with water vapour over Israel.

Today's forecasts follow.
Visually speaking this is the most extraordinary looking satellite observation of the day.

Now into its sixth day the #EastAfricaWaterPlume has been generating lots of rain over the Red Sea, both last night and today, & right now just off the coast of Jeddah. @Arab_Storms
Here we see a wider view while it is not that obvious in this view, the stream of water vapour heading up the Western Sahara coast is running fast and hot. Later I will post an initial post tracking its impact in Europe. But for now its worth looking closer at North Africa.
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With Cyclone #Yaas soaking up all the moisture east of the #MiddleEast and #HornOfAfrica it was a relatively calm day. Albeit not without another intense set of storms along the Red Sea Coast in the Jinzan mountains.

Today's rainfall forecasts follow.
The days began relatively quiet on the #WestAfricanMonsoon front thanks to Cyclone #Yaas. This image shows a strip from the Libyan Coast across the Sahara down to the Congo.
And it remained fairly quiet over the great forests of equatorial Africa today. But further West over the Ivory Coast and the West Sahara the #WestAfricaWaterPlume continued to pump water vapour across the Sahara into Europe.
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Here is the continuation of the #WestAfricaWaterPlume transformation of European weather this morning into something which is both unpredictable and not particularly nice, i.e. windy wet and cold.
The following three animations are offered to help Europeans who are curious to understand what is going on. Our weather reports tend to be geographically confined in a manner that obscures the bigger picture.
The first shows the water vapour picture over 84 hours till Friday arpund midday. The #WestAfricaWaterPlume can be seen coming in bottom left over Algeria. simultaneously another storm is coming in at speed into the British isles. Hence all the rain.
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Cyclone #Yaas is just 2 days away from landfall on the North Eastern Indian Coast in the Odisha and once onshore is forecast pass over the ancient city of Jaipur.

Today's #MiddleEast #Sahara and #HornOfAfrica forecasts follow.
We have a stunningly clear image of the #NileBasin this morning from @NASA Modis from Cairo to Lake Victoria showing the impact of the April and May rains on the landscape.
In today's 10-Day North Africa rain forecasts the European @ECMWF model remains unconvinced about the impact of #WestAfricaWaterPlumes on the Sahara, which as you will soon see are once again having a spectacular impact on European weather.
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This morning's rainfall forecast is actually last nights (I am in the process of moving - a bit stretched. There is a lot going on.

Here we see the ongoing impacts of a #WestAfricaWaterPlume coming into the Middle East and 2 large storms, one over Syria and one over Medina
Here are last night's 10-day rainfall forecasts for North Africa which are nothing short of astonishing with respect especially to what is expected in #Algeria and #Mauritania. The largest forecast #DesertRain event to date.
This animation is from the is morning and shows the current status of both #WestAfricanMonsoon events. The Plume directed at the #MiddleEast is continuing and the one in the west Sahara is strengthening.
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We have another large #ArabianStorm which was not anticipated by the global weather models. And like those before it, it is fueled by the #WestAfricaMonsoon and a #WestAfricaWaterPlume. This time across the Red Sea in the vicinity of #Makkah.

Today's rainfall forecasts follow.
This animation shows the current state of a weather event that has been a few days in coming. #ArabianStorms

The origin of this event is very similar to that which caused several days of extremely severe thunderstorms in #Oman earlier in the month. This animation is from May 18th shortly after it first appeared in the @zoom_earth satellite imagery.
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I am beginning to think that this sudden climate change business is getting a bit out of hand. Especially as nobody seems to be noticing except those in Yemen and Somalia watching their cars being washed away down the roads and rivers.
I have been tweeting a lot about the weather in the Horn of Africa lately.

Including asking for images of flooding from eyewitnesses.

I received a response on April 24th the day after the Norwegian Refugee Service published there article about droughts.
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<< Baltic Faceoff >>

These two storms now look fairly evenly matched.

The storm on the left (over the UK) is powered by the North Atlantic, while the one on the right over Russia is powered by the #WestAfricanMonsoon

& bottom left over the Med. a spoiler is arriving.
I didn't see this earlier but the marked triangular bit in the top left of this image is the reason the UK Storm didn't manage to push the Russian Storm off the mat.

That's a jet of airborn water that has somehow managed to find its way both into & out of the Arctic.
The Nordic interloper is there at the beginning of the sequence before the sun sets.

These four images show the sequence of events.
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A Tale of Two Storms.

In pictures.

[Check out #WestAfricaWaterPlume & @althecat for the words....]
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A side by side comparison of the impact on Northern Europe of the...

April 30-ongoing #WestAfricaWaterPlume event (left)

...VS the...

April 17-19 #WestAfricaWaterPlume event (right).
The current plume event has a far larger, longer plume. The area affected by the resulting low pressure system is far larger - and vastly more populated.

So far I have found one news report:…

#Россия #Потоп #РоссияПотоп
Unfortunately its just a preview.
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The interconnections between global weather systems is becoming a trend of a fascinating voyage of metereological discovery that started in The #WestSahara in March, moved focus to #Ethiopia and #ArabianStorms in April and has now widened to include Europe and India.
Around lunch I did a wrap up thread about #EuropeanStorms activity caused by Round 1 of the #WestAfricaWaterPlume.
And to see what happened in Round 1 yesterday, this thread is the best place to start.
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Round two of #WestAfricaWaterPlume vs #EuropeClimate is about begin. As dawn breaks round one continues to play out over Poland.

Meanwhile in the Middle East the 13th consecutive day of #ArabianStorms ovrer the Arabian Peninsula has begun.

#ClimateChange ImageImageImage
If you are new to this very rapidly unfolding, and rather epic story a good place to get up to speed is this #WestAfricaWaterPlume vs #EuropeClimate thread from yesterday.
As the sun went down last night plume driven storms were underway across Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria Germany and Czechia. Image
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I have been tracking the cause of the suddenly extreme weather which is currently underway for past month. The immediate cause is described in this thread

There was a precursor event from April 17-19.

This one is a lot bigger.
And it is far from over. There is at least three more days of incoming #WestAfricaWaterPlume
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The transformation of #WestAfricanPlume's presentation overnight is extraordinary. It's line has moved 1000kms east. It's still running as hot as last night.

A rough estimate of the speed of the cloud movement last night put it an over 220 kms per hour.
To comprehend the scale of this thing a series of three animations follows.
Africa and Western Europe...
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This #WestAfricaWaterPlume thingamy is ruining May in Europe. /1
The wet Atlantic air is set to make its way up into the arctic and settle a low pressure system over Scandinavia.

Together these two factors result in a continuous flow of cold air from the arctic over Scandinavia and North Sea and the UK.
I spent May 2017 in Glasgow and it was glorious. By the end we were getting 29 degree days and everyone was out in the Botanic Gardens with shirts off.

And in Geneva the past two years it’s been a bit thunderstormy, but only in the afternoon.
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In the world of Africa/Europe/MiddleEast weather today has been quite spectacular, in a new and revealing way. And the star of the show has been the #WestAfricaWaterPlume.

See also.. a thread from this morning....
.. and for a full backgrounder this thread from April 27th.
The plume has now stolen the European stage entering stage left and heading directly towards Moscow. The precipitation animation below is from @Meteoblue. Rain reports are not 100% accurate as they are satellite & not radar driven.

But as for #DesertRain?
There has been a lot.
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The #WestAfricaWaterPlume is rather spectacular in its presentation this morning. Roughly the size of Mexico and growing rapidly - a massive river of moisture which has just reached Italy.
This view shows satellite estimations of rainfall. Again the European @ECMWF weather model appears to have massively underestimated this event. Also on the face of what we can see so far it is turning Eastwards - which is not what many models were predicting.
Here are the current ECMWF predictions as of now, at midnight today, and at midnight Saturday and Sunday.
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Today is the 10th consecutive day of extensive thunderstorm activity across #MiddleEast.

Meanwhile the #HornOfAfrica little rainy season which began in the 2nd week of April continues to strengthen.

29 April rainfall forecast reports for the region follows. [Images 29/4 @NASA]
This thread contains images and animations of today's storm activity. /2
Today's 10-Day forecasts for North Africa [GFS, ECMWF, CMC, and KMA ]are now all expecting rain in West Africa as a #WestAfricaWaterPlume transports Atlantic water across the Sahara to the Mediterranean.

However they have divergent views on intensity and impact in EU/ME.
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This thread will provide updates on the progress of the #WestAfricaWaterPlume as they come to hand. Sometimes animations, sometimes threads/commentaries....

The presentation of this Sahara water transit event this morning..... /1
And the presentation of the #WestAfricaWaterPlume tonight. It has got a lot bigger.
@zoom_earth has a nifty measurement tool which can probably be used to estimate the quantity of water in transit. At this stage the plume is being fed both directly off the Atlantic and also by the West African Monsoon through Mali. Image
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