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(1/19) I left off yesterday with the #Taliban seizure of #Kabul in Sept. 1996. The #UnitedStates & much of the international community had largely ignored #Afghanistan since the 1989 Soviet withdrawal, so US policymakers, journalists, & others were startled by the Taliban's
(2/19) seemingly sudden seizure of power & were especially troubled by the Taliban's treatment of the people of Kabul. Had the US news been paying attention before Sept. 1996, they would have seen that, although the Taliban initially positioned themselves as wanting to rescue...
(3/19) the Afghan people from the depredations of the mujahideen, once in control of an area they only added to most people's already considerable suffering.

Once they controlled an area, they imposed draconian codes of “pious” behavior based on their twisted view of Islamic...
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@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 1. And what about the Green delegate

Who's co-leader

And a councillor

Who are #Channel4 to rule that Gove as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster-effectively Deputy Leader of a major UK party-& former Secretary of State for Environment wasn't a suitable opponent to debate her
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 2. And what right has anyone never mind #Channel4 to expect #BorisJohnson to accept an "invitation" to a "debate" being run by a body whose

News boss brands Boris Johnson a ‘known liar’ & likens him to Putin
Dorothy Byrne said it's time for broadcasters to start using the L-word
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 3. Incidentally all claims about #Boris being a liar racist etc are based on out of context quotes from satirical parliamentary sketch type articles-verbal lampoons & cartoons about OTHER people NOT his own beliefs & opinions

And no I'm not a #BorisJohnson but a TRUTH supporter!
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The biggest casualty of 370 was secularism in Kashmir.
Sunni dominated 4 Districts had Radicals who joined hands with Paki Terrorists.
Worst was Politicians, separatists made Terror a Business to blackmail n enrich themselves at the cost of Kashmiris, Dogras n Buddhists.
Kashmiri Pandits were evicted by Separatists n Terrorists, Abdullah n Mufti were complicit in this crime against humanity.
Just a surname Pandit was enough for Radicals2 kill.
Business, Tourism suffered n 370 ensured that no investment came in.
People who looted under 370 r the 1s making noise.
I again ask list 5 points how dilution of 370 is bad for people of #Kashmir.
No reply just senseless rhetoric.
Ths ppl allowed Radicals long rope 2cause mayhem.
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1/This is me, protesting against #ForcedHijab. I was pushed, badly injured&put into prison by men whose ideology promotes the burqa. Sadly,@amnesty compares us w/ our oppressors by putting freedom&equality-fighters alongside misogynists&enemies of freedom.
2/In this video @amnesty shows brave Iranian women alongside the women who oppose the burqa ban law.
Iranian women have been fighting against the repressive & misogynistic laws for the past 40 years and they’ve been arrested, beaten, tortured & jailed for demanding their rights.
3/I’m one of those Iranian women that fought against the backwards extremists laws and I’ve paid the price. I’ve been arrested, beaten & got convicted for fighting against the extremists & their inhumane views towards women.
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Mon brave et simplet @MadjidFalastine, you made my day! 😀
Quand je pense que vous êtes conseiller municipal, je me dis que la bêtise humaine a quand même son propre génie.
Le voile est bel et bien un signe d'oppression mon ami, et cette photo en est la parfaite illustration. ↩️
@MadjidFalastine Cette photo est prise en Afghanistan, environs de Kaboul, en novembre 2012. Lorsque je parle d'islam, je sais de quoi je parle, car je vais sur le terrain.
Le voile que je porte ici a pour fonction de m'éviter d'être la cible de tirs ou de coups de couteaux, car c'est cela le ↩️
@MadjidFalastine Sort de toute femme ne portant pas ce torche-cul que vous affectionnez tant : la mort. TOUTES les femmes, sans exception, sont forcées de le porter en Afghanistan, sinon, elles sont tout simplement tuées.
C'est exactement pour cette raison que je combats le voile. ↩️
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#Fear is the #WeaponOfTyranny.
When slave owners in America wanted to control any desire their black slaves might have to escape or rebel they did not need to break every slave's legs. That would have been to lose an asset. They #lynched the odd slave to send a chilling message.
When the Taliban in #Afghanistan wanted girls out of school, and women in #burqa, they did not beat up or terrorise all women. They merely brutalised - in public - the odd woman to send a chilling message.
When #India's #RightWing fascists wanted to keep the minorities (muslims, dalits, women) in their place in the heirarchy they merely had to send out the #LynchMobs on the odd occasion, video the atrocity and share it on #WhatsApp to send a chilling message
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