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Dàlli al falegname! Dàlli all’idraulico! (La cortina fumogena del mainstream..)E nel frattempo...😑⚡️🔻“2018: #Evasione #GrandiImprese 16 volte maggiore delle piccole imprese. Allarme #Cgia. Nel 2017 era 18 volte maggiore ANSA
VENEZIA -Ottobre 05,2019-News…
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[Draadje] Ter achtergrond bij het artikel dat we vandaag @FTM_nl publiceren, is het interessant om het vonnis (hoger beroep) van de meest recente Amerikaanse #Roundup-rechtszaak, die van het het echtpaar #Pilliod, in te zien..(1)…
De rechter verlaagt in het vonnis het schadebedrag dat #Bayer-Monsanto moet betalen van $2 miljard (!) naar $86,7 miljoen. De rechter onderschrijft echter het oordeel van de jury, dat het bedrijf verantwoordelijk is voor de ziekte van het echtpaar..(2)…
Volgens de rechtbank had Monsanto namelijk op basis van de beschikbare wetenschappelijke & medische kennis kunnen weten dat Roundup een risico geeft op non-Hodgkin lymfoom, een agressieve kanker..(3)
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Bayer? Same company facing multiple class action lawsuits for pretty much killing people?
Australian women are joining a class-action suit against the maker of the Essure permanent birth control implant, which they say has injured thousands of women.…
Bayer and Johnson & Johnson Settle Lawsuits Over Xarelto, a Blood Thinner, for $775 Million…
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India (Bhārat), aka Republic of India (Bhārat Gaṇarājya) constitutes a mosaic of paradoxes and contradictions starting with the existence of gigantic socio-economic disparities which are in sharp contrast with the spectacular technological development in most productive sectors.
Such contradictions reflect significant measurement discrepancies which, in India's case, could be on the order of hundreds of millions of people.
Furthermore, there is the problem of Islamic terrorists, who are trained abroad and find easy fuel in the contradictions within it.
Finally, there’s agriculture which, by some estimates, accounts for 90% of India’s water consumption. Farmers meet irrigation demands by indiscriminately extracting groundwater, which some say accounts for a quarter of the world’s groundwater usage.
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"It has emerged that an institute co-run by the chairman of the #UN’s joint meeting on pesticide residues (#JMPR) received a six-figure donation from #Monsanto, which uses the substance as a core ingredient in its bestselling #Roundup weedkiller."
2. "Professor Alan #Boobis, who chaired the #UN’s joint FAO/WHO meeting on #glyphosate, also works as the vice-president of the International Life Science Institute (#ILSI) Europe.
In 2012, the ILSI group took a $500,000 (£344,234) donation from Monsanto!"
3 Lawyer, ClientEarth group: "There is a clear conflict of interest here if the review of the safety of #glyphosate is carried out by scientists that directly get money from industry.This study cannot in any way be reliably considered when deciding whether to approve glyphosate."
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Reanimation of your cyber sonic soul
Transforming time and space beyond control
𝑹𝑰𝑺𝑬 𝑼𝑷 and resist to be the master of your fate
Don't look back before today- tomorrow is too late

The People 𝑹𝑰𝑺𝑬 𝑼𝑷 Against Monsanto's 𝑹𝑶𝑼𝑵𝑫 𝑼𝑷

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Hardeman v. Monsanto: Jury is seated and Phase 2 opening statements are about to begin. Judge Chhabria is giving the jury an outline of what Phase 2 will entail. Plaintiff’s atty Aimee Wagstaff is now up.
Wagstaff is hammering home to the jury that Monsanto allegedly ghostwrote significant studies on glyphosate/Roundup and cancer, and in turn influenced the science as well as regulators, who have all determined that gly/Roundup aren't carcinogenic.
W told the jury about the 2000 Williams et al. study, which internal Monsanto emails indicate the company ghostwrote in Roundup's favor and passed off as conducted by independent scientists. To support her argument that Monsanto influenced the science & regulators, she said:
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Retrouver dans ce fil mon intervention dans la discussion générale pour interdire l'usage du #glyphosate en France. #LoisFi2019 #DirectAN
⬇️ A dérouler ! ⬇️
Le constat est clair et sans appel : une exposition régulière au #glyphosate augmente de 41% les risques de souffrir d’une forme rare de cancer du sang. C’est un chiffre effrayant. #DirectAN #LoisFi2019
D’autres études, comme celle de Gilles-Eric Séralini, ont déjà démontré que le #glyphosate est cancérigène pour les animaux. Et l’OMS reconnaît même ce pesticide comme cancérigène probable pour l’homme.
A minima, le principe de précaution devrait s’imposer. #LoisFi2019 #DirectAN
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Plusieurs des 124 signataires de la tribune contre l'#homéopathie (les "no #FakeMed"), volontiers accusateurs s'agissant de @DemonceauxA, entretiennent des liens d’intérêts avec l'industrie #pharma : au moins 55 000€ d'avantages. On fait les comptes dans ce thread ⬇️
#1 Céline Berthié, médecin généraliste en Gironde et no #FakeMed :
💰 1418,00 € (par @AstraZenecaFR, @BMSFrance, @Lundbeck, @MSDFrance, @novartis_france, @PierreFabre, @SanofiFR et d'autres)
Le détail ici 👉
A suivre...
#2 Pierre-Marc Lallemand, cardiologue dans la Somme et no #FakeMed :
💰 +2679,00 € (par Bayer Healthcare, @bostonsci, @MSDFrance, Mylan, @novartis_france et d'autres)
Le détail ici 👉
Sous-total = 4097,00 €
A suivre...
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@GrumpyDaddd @Futureworldxxl Reality-Check: #Germany has 1% of the global population & wants to safe the #earth by charging among the higest #energy-prices on earth? Sounds more like a bunch of idiots allowing themselves to be ripped off big time!
#GreenEnergy #ClimateChange #Klimawandel - Part 1
@GrumpyDaddd @Futureworldxxl 2. At the same time Germans happily use their #iPhones, produced in #China by near slave-labour under conditions that are far from green.

German #Chemical companies happily produce in #Shaoxing, #China with a pollution (I have seen it) which takes your breath away! #Bayer #BASF
@GrumpyDaddd @Futureworldxxl 3. And the missionaries of #ClimateChange & #GreenEnergy, like @LeoDiCaprio, are the biggest jokes: Talking about climate change, but leaving a carbon foot-print the size of a village, with their #yachts, private #jets & several #villas with several servants! #ABigCon!
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@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 1. As a lawyer I would call it “coming to the nuisance”: #Bayer knew about the challenges against #glyphosate (#Roundup). They exist in the #EU, in Africa, in #Asia & the #US: Bad news for Bayer - In the US you have to pay huge damages! Good for the consumer! #Monsanto
@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 2. I would love to see what the due diligence report stated during the #Monsanto-takeover - It seems that #Bayer underestimated the risk-impact of #glyphosate somewhat! Many concerns on #Roundup existed for years! There is also a reason why #Monsanto was called #Monsatan...
@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 3. Never understood why a 150 year old #Pharma-company, with good brands,a very decent goodwill and high margins would expand further into #CropScience (never did well for #Bayer) with a company like #Monsanto (soso reputation, lower margins & obvious risk)!
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1/ Dopo quello più famoso, ma alquanto dimenticato, contro i #criminali di guerra che avevan cospirato contro la #Pace (come ha fatto anche #Blair) e ordinato lo #Sterminio, si tennero altri 12 #Processi di #Norimberga, 3 dei quali contro i capitalisti industriali tedeschi
2/ I tre processi furono tenuti non dal tribunale internazionale (IMT) istituito per il primo, ma davanti a tribunali degli #USA, e sono noti come processo #flickr, processo #IGFarben e processo #Krupp.
NB L'IMT tenne altri processi, come quello contro le SS.

Gli imputati Krupp:
3/ In generale, i capi di imputazione nei tre processi furono:
1 Cospirazione contro la Pace
2 Crimini di guerra e contro l'Umanità per il saccheggio dei Paesi occupati
3 Riduzione in schiavitù di milioni di persone, prigionieri e civili e loro maltrattamento, tortura e uccisione
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