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From the Cheese to the Decline: A Case Study on the Fall of Chuck E. Cheese's

Do you remember the days when Chuck E. Cheese's was the ultimate destination for fun-filled family outings and birthday parties?

So, what happened to this once-beloved chain...

⚠️Deep & Shocking 🧵 Image
Chapter 1: Introduction

You might remember the days when Chuck E. Cheese's was the go-to place for a fun-filled evening with family and friends.

But, have you noticed that the atmosphere in the restaurant has changed? Image
In this case study, we'll dive deep into the ups and downs of Chuck E. Cheese's and explore the reasons behind its decline. Image
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Do you know how much The productivity tool-NOTION is valued at?

A thread 🧵
If you are a productivity orientated person you would have surely heard about NOTION

Incase if you are wondering what it is?

Notion is a productivity and organization tool that helps teams and individuals manage their work and tasks.
It was launched way back in 2013, since its launch it gained a lot of loyal following.

It has become increasingly popular in recent days as people's interest towards being productive has increased.
#Notion #Casestudy
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Neil, the IPOBase strategy you shared in your newsletter - which was shared by your friend - was popularized in India by my research which was published in March 2021. It is actually O'Neil's work, but had never been popularized here because no one ever did a #deepdive on it. (1)
But #IPOBase in not only about buying the high of the listing week. It is infact an extremely poor interpretation of the work.

A strategy is not only limited to a setup, what makes it effective is when you manage it according to its nature & potential. (2)
The entire fintwit community took the setup from my research - which was done on all IPOs listed since 2017 and parts of it was published on twitter - but didn't paid attention to the trade management rules which resulted into underperformance for them. (3)
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[#THREAD — 1/11]
In 2015, we created a game around an animated 3D map.
A little exclusive #MakingOf of how we built it.

#3dart #HTML5 #casestudy #sotd
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[#THREAD — 2/11]
The concept is inspired by the game "🔎 Where’s Waldo".

We wanted to push it a bit further by creating a fully animated 3D map 🗺️, with a profusion of 2Dcharacters 🧍‍♀️🧍🧍‍♂️.

This mix of 3D and 2D gives a unique look to the game and saves a lot of production time
[#THREAD — 3/11]
To create this illustration, we made a first 3D topography, based on first ugly sketches 😅.

(It's not the latest version, it's from 7 years ago...)
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My niece is Going Through It, & she agreed to use her suffering for educational purposes! So strap in, #NEISvoid & #MedTwitter for a #CaseStudy on "early ME" or "peri-onset ME".

This is what your patient may look like if they are developing ME but don't YET have PEM.

(1/19) 🧵
Recent history of sometimes overlapping infections you normally see in immunocompromised individuals.

Our pt (over ~3 mo):
~ COVID-19
~ MRSA (!)
~ Strep
~ Cutaneous infection - pathogen unclear. Ablation required.

Following lab values are often clinically low or borderline; in our case's case, borderline.

Together these indicate potential anemia. Check ferritin, iron, B6 as well. (3/19)
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#Draghi a #scuola, #casestudy di un flop di #comunicazione

Doveva essere l’operazione simpatia del “nonno d’Italia”(ipse dixit) ma si è rivelato un flop mediatico (nonostante il supporto di stampa e tv di regime) per almeno 2 motivi, uno di immagine e uno di sostanza:
1) immagine perché lo scatto fotografa un’ingiustizia: l’unica persona che, stando a narrativa sul #Covid, corre un potenziale rischio (per età è tra i “fragili da proteggere”) è la sola a non usare il “dispositivo di protezione”(cit.); mentre i bambini, in fascia a quasi zero
rischio sono stati costretti a mascherarsi (con disagi vari ormai noti). Per la serie: come apparire un satrapo egoista, iniquo e prepotente.
2) sostanza perché il senso di affetto, cura, prossimità che si voleva trasmettere viene smentito dalla pervicace volontà governativa di
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/30/2021…
Manatee death rate spikes to highest number in nearly 50 years…

#manatees #DeathRate
Brilliant GIF shows how Humans, Birds and Insects Breathe…

#GraphicVisualization #breathing #animals
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Et si je vous disais que je suis devenue storyteller parce qu'on m'avait un jour demandé de ne PAS écrire l'histoire de mon client ?

Prêt-e pour un thread #CaseStudy ? ⤵️
Je ne m'en cache pas : je n'ai pas de formation ou grandes études. Tout ce que je sais, j'ai dû l'apprendre par moi-même en analysant et pratiquant, me trompant, expérimentant.

Comme l'écriture d'ailleurs. Et ce n'est pas un hasard, je pense.
Donc, imaginez bien que mon premier client en storytelling, c'est LE patient 0 pour moi. Je lui fais tout un tas d'expériences - que je ne lui facture évidemment pas. Et c'est là que je prendrai conscience que je ne suis plus une rédactrice web.
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#CaseStudies #IPOBase #Shankara

As mentioned, here is my next study on #IPOBases on Shankara Building Products. The public offer for Shankara opened on 22nd March, 2017 & closed on 24th March, 2017. It saw good response in public offer, got subscribed 41.88 times and got (1/n)
listed at 18% premium on 5th April, 2017.

Post listing what the stock made, we can call it a model IPO Base. It just can't be any better. The stock rose for 5 days post listing, signifying good demand before forming its left side high of the base. For 2 weeks we saw a (2/n)
little pullback, after which the stock starts carving its bottom. Continuous 6 weeks tight closing, something which can't be more constructive for an IPO base.

Lets see this in daily. There are 3 entries available here - 2 as cheat & one at standard breakout level. (3/n)
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Conducting study on how we would have done if we would have bought every valid #IPOBase breakout since 2017. This will help us in finding the success rate of IPO bases and also in identification of the characteristics of a high probability setup. While I wish to publish (1/n)
complete study & the results on completion, but as it includes too many stocks and multiple charts of each setup, it will become too much complicated to publish on twitter. Hence I will share some #CaseStudies here which I hope will be beneficial not only in understanding (2/n)
IPO bases but also trade management, scaling in & out, identification of warning signs and selling into weakness.

To achieve consistent success in trading, it is essential for us to reduce subjectivity in trading though we can't eliminate it completely. So, am following (3/n)
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45. Understand the edge in trading. (Directional).
47. Preparing self custom dashboard series on Youtube
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I decided to do case studies of super performers of past few years for research purposes. Will publish some of them here for learning purposes. Today am publishing case study of #AvantiFeeds of year 2017. (1/n) #CS1
We need a beginning point to start studying, and here we will use the point from where we'll determine that the stock is in Stage 2. This is Jan 2017 chart on weekly.

I used bar replay feature of tradingview for this study. On weekly charts these are 10 & 40 period EMAs. (2/n)
And we got our first setup very soon. This is a weekly inside bar, which can be used for a swing trade. WIBs are not bases, they're only temporary pause in upmove, so our expectations should be according to the setup. (3/n)
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1/ How hard is it to write a new chapter for a book?

Where do you start? What do you do for inspiration?

Anything which is worth doing well takes time.

During the launch for Founder Puzzles in July, I thought, I should document this as a #casestudy for #founders & #startups
2/ I already had a short lecture on road map to launch in my #bootcamp for founders. We had run two exercises on how to sell a million copies of your book. We had just executed on a #launch.

One would think that would be enough to put together a short chapter? It wasn't
3/ For me the most common starting point is paper. I jot down a few points in my journal. If I am lucky the words start to flow.

In this case I wasn't.

Backup plan is a morning walk where I dictate a short lecture to myself. This tends to work well but in this case, did not.
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How an industrial adhesive product like Fevicol became a household name in India?

A thread :

#Pidilite #Fevicol #Fevistik #Brands #GameOfBrands #Branding #Marketing #CaseStudy #Advertising #Ogilvy
Fevicol is one of the most iconic brands owned by Pidilite since 1959. The company was initially called Parekh Dichem. At that time, the textile business was booming, and, the company was also producing pigment dispersions. Hence, 'Pidi' in Pidilite came from Parekh Dichem. Image
Late Shri Balvant Parekh founded the Company along with his brother. Shri BK Parekh distributed speciality chemicals manufactured by a German company. This gave him a few years of exposure in terms of products and industry.
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