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Stock market quotes for Dummies

1)You get recession, you have stock market declines. If you don’t understand that’s going to happen, then you’re not ready, you won’t do well in the markets. – Peter Lynch

2)No price is too low for a bear or too high for a bull. – Unknown
3)In the short run, the market is a voting machine. But in the long run, it is a weighing machine. – Ben Graham

4)The four most expensive words in the english language are, “This time it’s different.” – Sir John Templeton
5)Learn everyday, but especially from the experiences of others. It’s cheaper! – John Bogle

6)Everyone has the power to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth grade math, you can do it. – Peter Lynch

@PassivefundsIn @IndiaEtfs
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There is only one chart that you should see in current market scenarios. The daily rise in #COVIDー19 cases in each country. All the stock market bullishness, IPOs, investments, stake sales you see around doesn't signify any recovery.
#StockMarket #DowJones #Nifty
Who will businesses sell their products to if the consumer demand is not going to shoot up significantly? Why are the stock markets rallying then?
No institutional fund holder will like to sell at loss. Especially when they can afford to stage a coordinated pump to artificially inflate the prices to stage a bullish recovery to convince the retail investors enough.
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Le #krach boursier est là, engendré par le cours du pétrole et le Coronavirus. Rappelez-vous: les crises de ce type sont nécessaires au néolibéralisme pour transférer les richesses du plus grand nombre vers les détenteurs du capital financier.
Pas un sou pour les banques. Cette fois, nous avons l'occasion unique de sortir du néolibéralisme et d'instituer une société démocratique, égalitaire, capable de juguler le réchauffement climatique (et le Coronavirus).
Dès les premiers signes que ce #krach là atteint l'ampleur de celui de 2007-2008, il faudra être dans la rue pour empêcher les responsables de l'ordre néolibéral de nous le facturer. Pas comme pour les retraites il faudra être des millions……
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Coronavirus and India - A thread about the distribution and impact of Coronavirus -

Coronavirus, started in China, is now spreading around the world. India is not decoupled with other nations with regards to the spread of Coronavirus.
Let’s see the distribution & impact of this deadly disease -

#CoronaOutbreak #Coronvirus #ItalyCoronavirus #irancoronavirus #indiacoronavirus
Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected. Check out the Virus & Human death rates -

#COVID2019 #swineflu #SARSCoV2
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Stocks resumed their plunge, wiping out more than $3 trillion in value this week alone, and U.S. Treasuries yields hit record lows on Thursday (27/2) as the #coronavirus spread faster outside China and investors fled to safe havens. #DataNow
More #DataNow:
🔹Global equities have now fallen for six straight days.
🔹Spot #gold rose 0.5% to $1,649 per ounce and #silver gained 1% to $18.03 an ounce.
🔹Gold hit a 7-year high at near $1,688 per ounce on Mon (24/2)…
#Oil prices slide for fifth day to lowest in a year as #coronavirus fears grow. #Brent crude was down $2.29, or 4.3%, at $51.14 a barrel at 10:31 a.m. ET/ 1531 GMT on Thurs 27/2 - just off the session low of $51.13 a barrel. #COVIDー19 #DataNow
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1. Bütün #piyasa'lara yön vereceğini düşündüğüm temel etken, şimdilik soğumuş olan ABD-ÇİN arasındaki ticaret savaşı.
2. Bu noktada belki de marjinal bir analiz yöntemi bile uygulanabilir. ABD-ÇİN arasındaki ticaret savaşının #elliottwave Elliott dalga sayımı :)
Evet bence insan ilişkilerinde ve ülkeler arasındaki ilişkiler için de bu dalga sayımının yapılabileceğine inanıyorum.
3. Geçen sene ABD-ÇİN arasındaki ticaret savaşı bence önümüzdeki dönem yaşanacaklar için bir fragmandı. Elliott birinci dalgasıydı. Şu an ise elliott ikinci dalgası devam ediyor. Bu düzeltme dalgası sırasında ve sonrasında piyasalarda ne bekliyorum?
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Is the World on the brink of a new #Recession? Apparently it is.

With today's #DowJones Industrial Average fall of 800+ points, the market flashed a warning sign about a possible recession for the first time since 2007. Follows @jchatterleyCNN assessment.
Banks are paying people to borrow money. That’s alarming news for the global #economy.

A must read @washingtonpost article that explains in plain english and in detail the storm/tsunami ahead.… #recession2019
With Europe's main economic engine - #Germany, fully contracted, the #Eurozone industrial production continues to declined sharply raising tangible fears of a new #recession. #EuropeanUnion #recession2019…
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😆 merry Christmas @DavMicRot “Fly Roths fly”
😂 Biggest single day #DowJones gain in history happen to day...How you feeling @DavMicRot I think you should stfu..
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The #DowJones is down 2% at the moment for the day (470 + points)
I spoke too soon 👆👆. Down 586 points now
-666 and diving
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The ghosts of 2008 are back. We had #Lehman. Today we have #ILFS and #RupeeAt75. The bulls have given up. #Sensex is down 4500 points in 25 sessions. As shared by @Prashanth_Krish over 50% of stocks traded on NSE are down 50% or more. Friday’s fall would have made it more brute.
Most of serious investors are fully invested. With the kind of sell-off witnessed in #Bajaj twins, #HDFC twins, #Reliance, #Kotak, quality midcaps/largecaps, no one is spared. Even Portfolios of respected investors like Rakesh J, @porinju, @VijayKedia1, SP Tulsian are down!!
In 2017 everyone made easy money. 2018 made you realise how difficult it is for traders and investors to make money in #stocks. I wish @adhia03 realises the gravity of his mistake by imposing #LTCG by referring stock markets as easy money making medium. #Nifty #Sensex
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Okay, I think I figured out what is Trump's ultimate game in this escalated US-China trade tensions and I think he will get it. Will share my thoughts in a thread soon! 😎
1) What is Trump's ultimate game? RECIPROCAL TRADE & INVESTMENT. Pissed off about higher tariffs vs the US & non-tariff barriers. Regarding #China 🇨🇳, doesn't like forced tech transfers, Chinese industrial overcapacity, gov subs. But how to get this? Investment+Trade policy
2)Implemented #taxreforms that impacts 50% of global FDI stock & favors US as a destination; USD2trn of REPATRIATION of funds, lower retained earnings of foreign affiliates; higher INVESTMENT in the US b/c of expensing, re-shoring of manufacturing. Basically, good for earnings💪
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Top bollinger V-bottomed on $INDU #Dow ... Put your seat belts on, equities about to rip... (Yet another confirmation signal $USDJPY about to run as well)
#Dow Daily: First Posted back in April 🤓 . Took longer than other indices but finally breaking out to ATHs. Updated chart with long term TLs, and although we have decent amount of room to run, #Dowjones is approaching a hard limit soon. #Markets #economy #stocks #SPX
#Dow Daily: $DOW backtested 13MA and bounced aggressively. Upper BB shape indicating strong push upwards to new ATH. Stoichs indicating one more pulse before a deeper pullback #Dowjones is approaching final high soon (purple). #Markets #economy #stocks #SPX
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#QAnon Revelation 2/5/18

I have some striking information concerning Q’s
🏦 #StockMarketDive 🏦
posts today.

Keep in mind there are #NoCOINCIDENCES💸
#QAnon Revelation
Please be patient as Twitter messes with me...THREAD⬇️⬇️⬇️
2️⃣First,the #DowJones Industrial Average.

The Market Index tracks the weighted average of 30 specific +distinct multi-BILLION $ companies.It gives US an idea of market performance. How the Index behaves should have NOTHING to do w/what one person does or says.
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