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Starting a thread of my favourite rejected cartoon roughs... /1 4 apparently skinless peopl...
A thread of my favourite rejected cartoon roughs... /2 A boss is talking to a sad ...
A thread of my favourite rejected cartoon roughs... /3 Image
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#Wonk warning: a #thread on social cost of #carbon (SCC). We at @CVEPLLC expected @JoeBiden not just to reinstate higher SCC in his #dayone #climate order but also to look at incorporating #environmental #justice into it.

He did, and it matters. #OOTT /1
Background: when #federal #agencies write rules, they try to maximize net benefits or minimize net costs.

The goal is that adding up all benefits for (and costs to) society + all costs to (and benefits for) regulated parties should be > 0. /2
In this context, SCC offers a way for agencies to “monetize” societal benefits of #climate rules. Oversimplification version: Benefit = (tons of GHG avoided) * (SCC, in $/ton). There are couple of quirks, tho. /3
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"Neoliberalism sees competition as the defining characteristic of human relations. It redefines citizens as consumers, whose democratic choices are best exercised by buying & selling. . . Attempts to limit competition are treated as attacks on liberty." 1/ .. #cdnpoli #cdnecon
"In the opinion of neoliberals, tax & regulation should be minimized, public services privatized. Unions & collective bargaining are market distortions that impede the natural hierarchy of winners & losers. Inequality is recast a reward for generators of wealth" #cdnpoli #cdnecon
Ed Finn: "Neoliberals view efforts to create a more equal society as both counterproductive & morally corrosive. The market (left free and unregulated) ensures that everyone gets what they deserve." 3/ ..… #cdnpoli #cdnecon
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Why were tech platforms reluctant to moderate Trump’s posts, even as he repeatedly violated hate speech regulations?

The same reason why #Grenfell happened, why most jobs are insecure & low paid, why $26 trillion is held offshore, & why democracy is on the ropes: #deregulation. Image
Libertarian billionaires push to deregulate *everything* to help consolidate their power & wealth: they fund deregulatory political parties & try to saturate online, print & broadcast media with voices sympathetic to reducing Governments' ability to regulate their activities. Image
In particular, Libertarian-billionaire-funded, deregulation-supporting populist nationalist politicians' leverage of social media to spread bigoted conspiracy theories & #propaganda has gone largely unchecked amid a vacuum of laws regulating government speech on social media. ImageImageImageImage
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Happy to see this paper with @thoatley published in Socio-Economic Review. Building on the literature on the exorbitant privilege, we explore the drivers of American #financialization. The US financial sector almost doubled in size between 1980 and 2005. 1/n
Few other industrial democracies witnessed a similar increase in the value added by finance. Financial intermediation did not rise everywhere. Rather, it shrank in some countries, grew moderately in others, and expanded significantly in CA, AUL, IRL, the UK, & the US. 2/n
Interestingly, this growth does not appear to be due to internal financial #deregulation. Relative to other countries, the US deregulated little bn 1980 and 2017. Yet, it experienced one of the largest increases in the size of its financial sector. What explains this puzzle? 3/n
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Part 1: The transition from subsidy to under-recovery and then liberalisation to deregulation of PMS locally referred to as Petrol and gasoline to others have had been rapid and all in a space of three months. Image
Nigeria has now entered into a market based demand -supply era all precipitated by the international oil price crash.
Part 2. The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA), shall monitor market trends and advise the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and oil marketing companies on the monthly guiding market-based price.
#PMSsupply #Nigeria #deregulation #NNPCgroup
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🔴PREMIERES at 9:15pm ET:

"The $3000 figure is the much broader figure that really gets to the heart of the success of this president's deregulatory agenda."

@RussVought45 talks #Deregulation on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
@RussVought45 @JanJekielek 🔴LIVE:

"If you break the debt up into how much people owe, are they getting that much in value from the federal government? My suspicion is that they're not."

@RussVought45 talks about the #Budget2019 on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
@RussVought45 @JanJekielek "[Trump] is a fascinating person…he's an incredible quick study…I wish more Americans had an opportunity to interact with him."

@RussVought45 talks about President Trump on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek

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"1/3 of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Simply put, bees keep plants and crops alive."
🐝 If All The Bees In The World Die, Humans Will Not Survive:…
Deregulation and control of judiciary appointments: The core tactics at the heart of GOP anti-governance. Here's the latest in banking deregulation and it's corrosive effect on the living standards of us 99%:
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The #GST Should Never have Been Applied To ANYTHING, it only exists bc over 30 years of #Privatization of Public Assets that produced Revenue, the Revenue has Disappeared,on top of TaxCuts for Corporations & the removal of tariffs which had the
double wammy of sending manufacturing,textile industry,car manufacturing either offshore,broke or closed
#GST need to be removed From Everything
Corporations DONT Pay GST only Consumers pay GST
Introduce a #SugarTax on ALL Processed Food/Drink 20% per teaspoon(5g)of price,source of revenue &Healthier Population,long term Lower Health Budget
Raise Corporations Tax,Any #ProfitShifting
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