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This is a new #DarkPattern Went read this Motherboard article (on my iPhone) & a cookie/tracking notice was embedded in the article appearing like an ad you might skip. Sneaky…
Visting the article on the desktop gives a different (& increasingly standard yet poor experience & more #DarkPatterns).

Visitors are first presented with a notice advising “We Need Your Consent” with a question "Would you like to accept these cookies?”
Visitors are asked "Would you like to accept these cookies?” and presented with two choices - one highlighted ‘i Accept’ nudging people towards this option; and one choice configure preferences.

There is also a lnk to a cookie policy. Let’s quickly look at a few thingss
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I have an ‘ad free’ subscription with @WIRED but that does not mean its free of tracking & ad-related surveillance… Such a failure.
@WIRED Ad-free. But not tracking free. I downloaded the data into a CSV file.

See next tweet
@WIRED A quick video of the data. That’s a LOT of tracking for an ‘ad-free’ experience.

Wired. A veriable nest of #DataVampires
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It’s a full house at the @ICOnews #adtech event — I can’t see a single spare seat.
@ICOnews Opening from Simon McDougall, saying that some people have come today “full expecting to get it in the neck”.
@ICOnews The @ICOnews is still at “fact-finding” stage when it comes to #adtech — expect more meetings and engagement before conclusions are drawn.
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Our privacy analysis of data flows in Real-Time Bidding systems, including the assessment of how much user data is valued. #ePrivacy
Some publishers used clever mechanisms to bypass blockers and smuggle in cookies. #ePrivacy
Following analysis of the high-frequency trading of user data. #ePrivacy #DataProtectionDay #DataPrivacyDay
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Went to read the article. Talk about tracking. What an #ePrivacy experience

It should have a “No, I Don’t Accept” but that would be too easy eh @motherboard
@motherboard Talk about tracking. What an #ePrivacy experience

It should have a “No, I Don’t Accept” but that would be too easy eh @motherboard
Number of third parties by category:
Information storage & access: 324
Personalisation: 259
Ad selection, delivery & reporting: 240
Content selection, delivery reporting: 167
Measurement: 196
Essential: 5 (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, New Relic, Segment, Google Tag Mngr)
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Dear @eBay @eBay_UK What the heck!? No. No. NO.

Might I ask who is your data protection officer or EU representative? Thank you

#ePrivacy #EUdataP #AdSurveillance #DataVampires
@eBay @eBay_UK There is so much wrong with this I hardly know where to begin.

Oh my goodness. Just NO. It appears so #DeceptiveByDesign so untrustworthy. Just NO.
@eBay @eBay_UK I think eBay missed a principle be ethical.

You also forgot, adopt data protection and privacy by design and by default.

Cold you please confirm the name and contact details od your data protection officer - EU representative. Thank you
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using the UK government @metoffice weather app.

It has SEVEN trackers embedded

Trackers include Amazon Ads, Google Ads, Google Doubleclick cos you might need wellies or a brolly ya know .. It says Ad supported & you can pay £2.99 to be ad free
@metoffice The app also has another tracker Appsee - "View aggregated touch heatmaps of all the gestures performed in each​ ​screen in your app.​ “ or "Watch every user action and understand exactly how they use your app”
@metoffice So, I decided to download the app …. and well, …… here goes ….
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1/ This becomes EU law soon - a Directive establishing the European Electronic Communications Code (recast)

Recital 16 impacts on the current proposed #ePrivacy Regulation & current law on ‘cookies’ & adtech surveillance practice is problematic to say the least.
2/ this impacts not just personal data but also non-personal data that is used to drive adtech today, but essentially any activity of a provide of an ‘electronic communications service’.

I can imagine many moving from consent to legitimate interests.
3/ Recital 10. "Certain electronic communications services under this Directive could also fall within the scope of the definition of ‘information society service’ set out in Article 1 of Directive (EU) 2015/1535 …./ 4
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1. Good piece on where business is up to on #GDPR & personalisation:… However, #ePrivacy Directive sets out cookie consent req unless "strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested"
2. There is significant EU case law on "strict necessity", as well as some on "explicit" & "specific" consent. It does not really suggest a "take-it-or-leave-it" rather than opt-in approach to additional "services"/"intrusions" (depending on your perspective) is OK/"debatable".
3. Rather it strongly points to such an approach being NOT legally OK. That may be inconvenient to #ecommerce & even v silly on the part of #EUDataP. However, those factors alone cannot change the meaning of v specifically crafted law, albeit law widely bent (or ignored) online.
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Will #eprivacy be the next expansion of #gdpr? MSFT #Skype, #Whatsapp, Facebook #Messenger would have to provide #privacy controls/consents/disclosures for tracking/logging realtime communication and messaging.…
This matters in a few ways. First, live chat and messaging are features of many kinds of products and services. So #ePrivacy jurisdiction may touch nearly every website, service, and gadget.
Second, #ePrivacy demands transparency for the middle part of a call, exactly where companies like @Amazon, @Google, @Skype and @SlackHQ create new value and new partner ecosystems. Translation, bots, commerce to enhance your conversation will need specific disclosures.
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Back in Brussels 🇪🇺 after 3 weeks in DC & NYC 🇺🇸

High on my 'To do' list:

Catching up on avalanche of news on #CambridgeAnalyticaFiles.
Starting here:

‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool.’

Meet @chrisinsilico, the data war whistleblower.

#CambridgeAnalyticaFiles #CambridgeAnalytica
#InformationWarfare #BigTech #BigData…
Read & follow @carolecadwalla for outstanding reporting on the big, dark tangled web of Brexit, Trump, Russia -- and how Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, WikiLeaks, Bannon, the Mercers, are involved.

#CambridgeAnalyticaFiles #BigTech #BigData…
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Wide debate on #eprivacy right now. I see a lot of misunderstandings, let me clarify a few things (& further info:
Should I not be asked before my emails are accessed and used? Don't you think the same? Is this asking too much? #eprivacy
New #eprivacy rules = more flexibility for all businesses to process communication data w/ user consent. Under current rules #telecoms can't
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