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I was live on @BBCNews last night talking about the language of #climate change. Here's a thread of short clips. First, I was asked to address what we call it: #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #GlobalWarming Great to talk with @bbcdavideades!
Then we discussed a great term: #GlobalWeirding. Because human-caused #climate disruption is so much more than warming. It's the increased frequency & intensity of #extremeweather #heavyrain #Heatwaves #Wildfires #drought #flooding and more.
I explained why #greenhouse gases or #GHGs are not a great term for the public and why I prefer heat-trapping #pollution - it explains the mechanism.
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1/25 Why is destined to become one of the future leading blockchain ecosystems of the world?

In this thread, I will take you on a journey and explain the revolutionary $FET ledger driven by the power of decentralised AI and Autonomous Economic Agents🤖⚡️
2/25 You still with me? Alright, lets begin with the basics:

There are many different blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. They all have a different technological focus. $BTC is digital gold due to its scarcity while $ETH is a chain to program smart contracts.
3/25 Now, Fetch has built its own #blockchain combining its mainnet with the power of #AI, and that is where the magic happens: this is the birth of decentralised Artificial Intelligence
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#LandGovernance: Today is DAY 1 of the Political Economy of Land Governance in Africa short course.

The class of 2021 comprises 88 land professionals from 29 African countries.

Thread 👇

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@NELGA_AU @PLAASuwc @UWConline @ECA_OFFICIAL @giz_gmbh
Colonial conceptions of customary tenure continue to inform conceptions of the customary today. The "customary" is not fixed from some time immemorial; it has been reshaped for ideological & political purposes.

Prof. Kojo Amanor, African Studies, Ghana
@UnivofGh @IASUG Image
@UnivofGh @IASUG It's thrilling to get to know the land officials, activists, professionals and academics from across the continent.... The next generation of African land expertise.

The Political Economy of #LandGovernance in Africa short course - now online. Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/24/2021…
Changes in farming practices could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2036…

#FarmingPractices #greenhouse #GasEmissions #reduction
Mindat: The Wikipedia for Minerologists, Miners, and “Rock Hounds” (Except Not)…

#minerals #database
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Test yourself on the tradeoffs between a #verticalfarm and #greenhouse!

👨🏻‍💻 👩🏽‍🌾 🌱 🌶

We’ll run through a real-world scenario and then pose a new question to you each day this week.

(Thread ⬇️)
SCENARIO: You’re analyzing 2 potential farming setups in Mexico City.

1️⃣ is a building with available indoor space of 250 m2 for a #verticalfarm, within walking distance of several top restaurants

2️⃣ is an empty lot on the outskirts of the city with 750 m2 for a #greenhouse ...
... both farms will grow Genovese Basil.


Which farm do you think is more expensive to build (higher total “CapEx”)?

➡️ Respond with your guess! Check back tomorrow on this thread for the answer + a new question.
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#Tesla in India calls for a thread: Read in detail

Have you seen a more ugly interior with a sea of plastic for a 55k USD Model 3 ? The 100 USD Screen is not even built it. It's bolted in. Has a loud cabin at 120 kmph. Put 3k USD more and you get a luxury Lexus. (1/10) Sea of plastic filled tesla model 3 interior
So much for being a fan boy eh ? Lexus is a premium luxury car with far superior build quality, fit and finish, rich materials, better options, and a quieter cabin at 120 to 130 kmph than the aforementioned Tesla. “Premium” should stand for more than a price tag. (2/10)
They lack the sound insulation, double pane window glass, and active noise cancelation in Lexus. Tesla build quality is low, below any average Indian car you can see. Let's compare it to other luxury cars of the same price range ? (3/10)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/04/2020…
Study blows 'greenhouse theory out of the water'…

#ClimateChange #greenhouse
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#COVID19 has opened a window for transformative change in #foodystems:
"COVID has provided an opportunity for socio-economic transition. We should not be looking to 'go back to normal' but taking this opportunity to restart-to decide on and put into place ways we can improve...
...the #sustainability of our lifestyle, including but not limited to, reducing #greenhouse #emissions, ways to adapt to the inevitability of #climatechange and ways to transform our #economy from #growth, #consumerism and reliance on overseas products to an economy...
...with increased domestic manufacturing of essential products, and #sustainableagriculture, to support a #healthy #egalitarian, not polarised, society. Why not pursue the dream? #Marketgardening used to be a part of our society and often when I was a child in #Sydney we would...
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With my wife, we are building an extremely ecological self-sufficient house (made of straw, wood and earth), while being modern too.

The house is out of the grid for electricity & water, and there is no heating system.

The construction has finally started after 1.5 years.

1/3 ImageImage
We share our story on a blog, in French only so far (I will translate the story in English later).

Last week was the first day,…

And yesterday it has started for real,…

If you have any questions, please ask. Answers will land on the blog, but I will be happy to answer here now.


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The UK could be #CarbonNeutral by 2050, meeting its #ParisAgreement targets, according to a new report from The Royal Society and @RAEngNews. Here are 8 technologies and approaches that could be vital (a thread)…
Forestation – whether it’s replacing lost trees or creating new forests, this technique means more trees. Better management could remove as much as 12 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide per year.
Habitat restoration – 80% of the UK’s wetlands, peatlands & coastal habitats are considered to be in poor condition. Restoring these could prevent previously trapped carbon from escaping, & store up to 18 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year…
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