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1/ Welcome to the bi-weekly #CleanTechEU thread!🧵👇

This week is a dive into the recently adopted #hydrogen delegated act on #additionality, what we asked for, why, and what made it to the final text & what got lost in compromises.🔎
2/ 1st things 1st: making #RenewableHydrogen means needing #RenewableElectricity ⚡️

When connecting an electrolyser to most of #EU’s electricity grids, the #H2 produced will have a very high #CarbonFootprint🏭👣 Image
3/ But, this can be fixed. Here are a few rules that can ensure that #hydrogen produced on the grid has a minimal climate impact:
⌛️temporal matching
🗺️geographic correlation Image
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Looking for an easy and economical way to reduce your household's carbon footprint?

Check out these alternative energy options that you can easily implement at home! 🧵⤵️

#solarenergy #windpower #geothermal #bioenergy #hydroenergy #carbonfootprint Looking for an easy and economical way to reduce your househ
1/ Solar power is one of the most popular alternative #energy options for households.

It's easy to install and maintain, and can significantly reduce your electricity bills. #solarenergy #gogreen ⤵️
2/ Wind power is another great #alternativeenergy option for households.

Small-scale #windturbines can be installed on your property and generate #electricity for your home. #windpower #cleanenergy ⤵️
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Hey everyone, let's talk about the business model of #AdaniEnterprises! Adani is a diversified conglomerate with interests in a wide range of industries, including #energy, resources, #logistics, and infrastructure.
One key element of Adani's business model is its focus on infrastructure development. The company has a strong presence in the construction and development of #ports, #airports, and other transportation infrastructure.
Adani also has a significant presence in the energy sector, including #coal mining and power generation. The company has invested in a number of coal-fired power plants and #renewable energy projects to meet the growing demand for electricity in India.
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1/4 Dec 5th is annually celebrated as World Soil Day to observe the importance of soil as a critical component of ecosystem health. It is also a day to advocate for regeneration of soils globally.

#worldsoilday #soil #soilcarbon #carbonmarkets #climateaction #netzero #climate
2/4 One of the biggest concerns is that by degrading soils, humanity is not only reducing crop productivity, but is degrading human and animal health, and particularly the soil-gut biome. This needs to be immediately reversed with better management.
@earthbanc is a promoter of reforestation, conservation, protection, and tree planting which restores soil organic carbon and biology, prevents erosion and restores local ecosystems.

#climatechange #reforestation #carboncredits #carbonpricing #carbonfootprint #conservatio
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"#ClimateCrisis" #FEAR porn started as early as 1800s. #KhazarianMafia #USA's #ClimateScam engineering and #ClimateEmergency #CarbonFootprint #propaganda chronology for at least half a century:

1966: Oil will run out in 10 years
1967: Famine in 1975
1968: World is overpopulated "#ClimateCrisis" ...
#KhazarianMafia #USA's #ClimateScam #ClimateCrisis #FEAR porn chronology:

1969: We will disappear in a cloud of blue vapour by 1989
1970: The world will exhaust its natural resources by 2000
1970: Cities will need to wear gas masks from 1985
1970: Pollution will kill all fish #KhazarianMafia #USA's #Cli...
#KhazarianMafia #USA's #ClimateScam #ClimateCrisis #FEAR porn chronology:

1970: Killer #bees arrive
1970: New ice age by year 2000
1970: Water crisis rationing in 1974 and food crisis in 1980
1971: New ice age by 2020
1972: New ice age by 2070
1972: Oil will run out in 20 years #KhazarianMafia #USA's #Cli...
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1/12: YOUR GREED, OUR #DEATH: #ClimateDebt is killing us!
📢“We as a country and as a region did not start this war against nature. We did not provoke it. The war has come to us.” #DebtForClimate
2/12: The richest tenth is responsible for almost half of all carbon emissions…
… ‼️Whereas the poorest half are only responsible for a tenth of #emissions.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
3/12: The average #carbonfootprint of someone from the richest 1% of #humanity is 80 times the size of someone from the poorest half.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
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So you're ready to take some #ClimateAction...but don't know where to start?

Here's some 'pick and mix' ideas! The #IPCCReport2021 says ALL action counts so start where you are, do what you can 🧵👇
Fill your newsfeed with solutions, not doom mongering! It'll keep your eco anxiety at bay and help you have constructive, inspiring and action-sparking conversations. Recommended: @EthicalHourNews @PositiveNewsUK @HappyEcoNews
Read @ProjectDrawdown to understand that we have all the solutions to the #ClimateEmergency - we just need the political will to make them happen.

No time for the book? Here's the TED Talk!…
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“I stopped eating rice the day I learnt how much water it takes to harvest a kilogram of paddy.” Sunderlal Bahuguna thus spoke of #carbonfootprint decades before we even started using the term. He could see a looming #climatecrisis like no one else of his time did. 1/4 Image
Bahuguna was one of India’s early environmentalists. He walked 4,700 km from #Kashmir in the North to Kohima in the North-East to draw attention to the destruction of his Himalayan homeland by mega development projects. 2/4
He joined the #Chipko (tree-hugging) movement in the 1970s, started by women in #Uttarakhand to save the hills from loggers. Bahuguna drove the movement forward, till it spread to other parts of #India, including the south. 3/4 Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/16/2022…
The Homemade Air Purifier That’s Been Saving Lives During the Covid-19 Pandemic…
#COVID19, #AirPurifier
‘Traumatised and terrified, with nowhere else to go’: huge numbers of people stuck at US border…
#USMexico, #AsylumSeekers, #BorderCrossing
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Wichtiges Thema und richtige Schlussfolgerungen. Aber bitte, bitte, bitte nicht immer wieder die #TragedyOfTheCommons hervorkramen und Menschen als reine Egoisten framen. Ein 🧵zu #Kooperation, #Gemeingütern und #ClimateAction
Zuerst mal zur Idee der Gemeingüter als "Tragödie" von Garrit Hardin: Wie Felix Lobrecht in der Sendung richtig sagt, Hardin "war ein ziemlicher Rassist". Und das ist noch nett ausgedrückt (2/10).
Hardins Argument basiert außerdem auf einem überholten, neo-liberalen Welt- und Menschenbild, das kaum mit der Realität zu tun hat. Wie konstruiert 'homo eoconomicus' eigentlich ist, erklärt z.B. @KateRaworth in ihrem Buch #DoughnutEconomics (3/10)
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Are Northern Ireland's environmental policies sustainable or a load of rubbish? This week we explore the gap between our #climate goals and the reality while looking at ideas for the future 🌍

Environment In Focus 👇


Viewpoint: Kicking off a week-long series focusing on the climate crisis and how it affects Northern Ireland. #climateni #greenweek…
Invasion will be an environmental disaster for both Ukraine and rest of world, writes John Breslin…
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The strikes are hurting unis, raising solidarity, but the pain is mostly felt by staff/students. Unis lose face (a bit – press coverage sucks), are inconvenienced, but it's abundantly clear *managers don’t care* about HE/HE people.

A 🧵
#UniCivilDisobedience #OneOfUsAllOfUs
Industrial action's impact on unis is watered as limited to specific union members who will/can afford to, ASOS/strike. But unless (and even if) union membership were greater, we’re limited by anti-union legislation and that we care so deeply about our work and students.
There was a great thread (that we can’t find) by @JamesBSumner on the varied personal/political reasons that folks don’t engage with unions locally/nationally. It’s nuanced, not either/or. We need more membership, coordination between unions AND to co-opt non-union peeps.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/20/2022…
The Conscious Cultivation of Ignorance ⋆ Brownstone Institute…
#agnotology, #IgnoranceCultivation, #AnthropologicalResearch
We're Entering the Control Phase of the Pandemic…
#PandemicPhases, #PandemicResponse
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1. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

Over the years I have tweeted about various aspects about how we travel and its affect on the #environment and the world around us. Through those years I've become more conscious of the travel decisions I make and it hasn't... Image
2. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

...always been easy. In my small way I'd travel for business by train rather than car, using rail to travel to #Brussels #Paris, offsetting my #CarbonFootprint when travelling by air. Now I'm looking to #EV, 2replace my car... Image
3. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

A couple of years ago whilst I was in #London, I decided to visit the #ExtinctionRebellion protest in #Whitehall where I managed to speak with one of its members, talking about the #Climate and Travel:
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The Electric Mobility dilemma of Legacy vs New-Age

There is no doubt that Legacy Auto businesses might be able to leverage their scale, capital & experience to roll out EVs faster than EV startups..

But does that make them a better investment?


#Megatrends #investing

Historically, disruptive #innovation has always come from outside the traditional bounds of the industry.

From #Apple's iPhone📱 & #Amazon's AWS☁️ to
#SpaceX's Reusable Rockets🚀, the incumbents have more often than not, failed to innovate and/or spot the disruptors.


In case of Electric Mobility though, there's one critical factor that's keeping incumbents in the race: POLICY📜

Since EVs are now a necessity to reduce global #carbonfootprint & control the #ClimateCrisis, incumbents have no option but to cannibalize their products.

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Indian Dietary Guidelines Entail Smallest Carbon Footprint—77% Less Than US: Study…

(📸: Rajesh Mehta/BCCL, Delhi)
Most countries around the world, including India, issue a set of dietary guidelines from time to time to help citizens follow a healthy lifestyle.

Over the past few decades, these dietary guidelines have evolved in line with the emerging scientific evidence with an aim to make people healthier while not compromising nature’s ability to sustain future generations.

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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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#CarbonWatch — India’s first mobile app to calculate your #carbonfootprint. Are you looking forward to using it?

How does it work? Read here:
#CarbonWatch is India’s first mobile application to help users understand their individual #carbonfootprint. It takes in details like water consumption, energy use, waste segregation, and transport to tell you the extent of your #carbonemissions.
The application can be used by anyone across the country, but the data offered up by the residents of #Chandigarh will be used to compile a study assessing consumption.

#CarbonWatch #carbonfootprint #carbonemissions
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Giving Green's mission is to combat the climate crisis by connecting donors and volunteers to organisations working to fight climate change. Here's how we do our work. 👇(1/8)
🔍 Our team researches and recommends organizations working to combat climate change in different ways. Right now, we focus on organizations working to shift US national-level climate policy, and carbon offsets. (2/8)
✅ For 2020, our priorities for the US national-level climate policy were 1) Activism and 2) Insider Policy Advocacy. You can read more about why we chose these as our priorities at… (3/8)
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Carbon capture: is it worth pursuing?

Get the basics in this thread 👇

#cleanenergy #carbonneutral #carbonfootprint #carboncapture #CO2

The global energy demand is growing and so are the associated emissions.

In order to meet goals of Paris agreement, cutting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are needed.

Current CO2 concentration in atmosphere: 410 ppm
Target to meet 1.5 deg rise: 350 ppm
2/Carbon Capture
Adopting low carbon and renewable sources of energy along cannot help reach target emissions .

Carbon (CO2) capture at-scale is a bridge as the energy mix shifts.

* CO2 can removed from flue / burnt gases
* Pulling from ambient air, direct air capture
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The world is causing #GlobalWarming through excessive #CO2 #emissions: The #CarbonFootprint, which equals CF per person multiplied by #population, of the current (2016) world population of 7.5 billion uses the carbon sequestration capacity of 2.4 Earths. Image
The maximum #sustainable (“#CarbonNeutral”) #population at our current CF per person is only 3.1 billion. The maximum that would give everyone the current #QualityOfLife in the US, as measured by the UN’s #HumanDevelopmentIndex, is only 2 billion. Image
Since the start of CF tracking (1961), 64% of our #growth in CF has been caused by #population growth and only 36% by growth in personal #emissions (CF per person). Image
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The US is causing #GlobalWarming through excessive #CO2 #emissions: The #CarbonFootprint, which equals CF per person multiplied by #population, of the current (2016) US population of 323 million uses the carbon sequestration capacity of 3.7 Americas. Image
The maximum #sustainable (“#CarbonNeutral”) #population at our current CF per person is only 87 million. The maximum that would maintain our current #QualityOfLife, as measured by the UN’s #HumanDevelopmentIndex, is only 195 million. Image
Since the start of CF tracking (1961), 91% of our #growth in CF has been caused by #population growth and only 9% by growth in personal #emissions (CF per person). Image
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Things I am over - hypocrisy and inconsistency

1) If peaceful #protest on the steps of government buildings is a right, than it also is on a football field #TakeAKnee, in a park, etc

#Thread #equity #rant (1/8)
2) If we ban #guns from some buildings in the interest of security, that means for all people - not just those that aren't white

3) If #BlueLivesMatter, do not risk our brave protectors’ health by protesting near them without #masks

#MichiganProtest (2/8)
4) If you are not wearing #facemasks given your personal #liberty, than why do women not get extended the same for #Reproductiverights

5) If all life is sacred, than why would we sacrifice 2-3% of our population by #ReopenAmerica too quickly?

#COVID__19 #pandemic (3/8)
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