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NEW-"Watching the images of Pres. #Putin & #Iran's supreme leader meeting yesterday in #Tehran did not exactly fill me w/nostalgia" @CIA Director William Burns tells #AspenSecurity

But "The reality is Russians & Iranians need each other right now..."
"...both heavily sanctioned countries, both looking to break out of political isolation" per @CIA's Burns "But if they need each other they don't really trust each other in the sene they're energy rivals & historical competitors"

"Both sides are looking to demonstrate they have options" per @CIA's Burns

Says mtg shows "the deficiencies of #Russia's defense industry today,the difficulties they're having" but notes "there are limits I think to the ways in which they're going to be able to help one another"
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So far, we have Chris Wray using his position as FBI Director to spread national deza campaigns on the following themes:

🔸Certain FBI active-duty deaths stem from the employee's work as a first responder at the 9/11 sites [where this possibly covers for slow-kill murders by +
...RF/MW directed energy weapons a/k/a #HavanaSyndrome deaths].

🔸The foremost domestic terrorist threat is from so-called "lone wolf" individuals [where this definitely obscures the reality that it is extremist groups and networks -- corrupt sheriff offices and police depts, +
...militias, paramilitary orgs, coalitions of former military and LEOs, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, Proud Boys, etc. -- that constitute the greatest domestic terrorist threat.🧐

🔸Law enforcement officers are subject to recurring violence [which may be true or not, but +
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🚨Fuqqery Report🚨

The stalkers have gone back to parking by me between 1am and 5pm -- after I have fallen asleep but before I wake up.

This morning I heard an engine start up near me at about 4:30am, followed by the sound of a car driving away.

Those are the #HavanaSyndrome +
...hours, so this may have been a car with a portable unit.

I also experienced some odd bird behavior around 6am. I saw a bird with its inner compass broken fly crazily around the back end of my car.

The bird crashed into the car a couple of times trying to get out of the +
...beam that was messing up its navigation system.

I have seen this behavior before at properties I cared for.

The beam trajectory indicates that one of the exterior lights -- possible the one over the fire exit door -- was conveying more than just light.

I half expected to +
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NEW: US intelligence experts examining #HavanaSyndrome say the only plausible explanation for a small number of cases is a device or a weapon of some kind
“Pulsed electromagnetic energy, particularly in the radiofrequency range, plausibly explains the core characteristics" according to a new report on #HavanaSyndrome, released Wednesday
“Sources exist that could generate the required stimulus, are concealable, & have moderate power requirements" per the US intel report “Using nonstandard … antennas & techniques, the signals could be propagated w/low loss through air for tens to hundreds of meters..."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/28/2022…
Illegals Can Now Use Arrest Warrants As Identification To Fly: TSA | ZeroHedge…

#IllegalImmigrants, #NationalSecurity, #PartisanPolitics, #TSAGuidelines
Humans Didn’t Invent Mathematics, It’s What the World Is Made Of…

#mathematics, #HoneycombConjecture, #PrimeNumbers, #discovery
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With the rise of the #OmicronVariant "none of us will be safe until all of us will be safe," says @SecBlinken in @StateDept remarks about US actions for greater global health security.
There are lessons from the #Afghanistan evacuation and re-location "that we're learning for the future," says @SecBlinken.
"Later today I'll visit the executive medical center" of Johns Hopkins Hospital where @StateDept personnel are getting treatment for #HavanaSyndrome.
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1/Let me explain why we should not use term #HavanaSyndrome to describe #UnidentifiedHealthIncidents (UHI).

I have been working these cases for nearly a decade. I rep victims from @StateDept, @DeptofDefense, @CommerceGov & @CIA.

Using Havana Syndrome undermines our efforts.
2/First, I get it. Media likes a simple term to fit all examples. They don't know how else to describe what has been happening.

Respectfully, not a good enough reason.
3/These cases started LONG before Havana, Cuba in 2016. Evidence exists tracking back these symptoms & incidents 50 years. My first client #MichaelBeck, @NSAGov employee, was impacted in 1996.…
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ICYMI here's my article on #HavanaSyndrome. I figured I would hit a few key points for the tl;dr crowd.…
The story initially blew up thanks to an AP article reporting on info from CBS Radio News. WaPo reprinted that article, deleted it, and essentially reposted it by a different writer with a focus on Trump. News outlets then credited WaPo.

Shortly after, AP followed up with a possible source for the alleged attacks: a sonic weapon. In October, they posted the "dangerous sound" heard by diplomats.…
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BREAKING: Russian intelligence has been observed engaging in R&D into use of both sonar and directed energy disturbance operations at a GRU facility in St. Petersburg, Russia. But based on the locations of known cases…
Cuba, China, Russia, Germany, Georgia, Poland, Austria, US, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Taiwan, Australia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam sources in multiple countries now think that the technology behind the attacks may have been shared and is now being deployed by multiple actors/countries.
IMPORTANT DETAIL: A victim tells me, “newly injured victims desperate for help, are approaching victims from the Cuba/China group because they are getting so little assistance from State.”
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It seems from 2013-2016 the @FBI under @Comey was comprised of agents doing their best @Jim_Jordan impression & I think it's healthy as a nation to ask WHY.

Not just with sexual abuse, but with white supremacy, #TargetedIndividuals, mass shooters, religious abuses, EVERYTHING.
#McKaylaMaroney's full transcript:…

If you're a #TargetedIndividual, a #gangstalking victim, if you've been attacked by anything resembling #HavanaSyndrome, or by a sexual predator, the #FBI protecting someone else NOT YOU will resonate.
How many victims can say the same as #McKaylaMaroney?

Going back to #AaronAlexis & #MyronMay how many people took evidence of #abuse & trauma to the @FBI & were ignored? How many reports were doctored or misconstrued so that the #FBI could protect someone else, NOT THE VICTIM?
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Departure of @VP from #Singapore to #Vietnam was delayed due to an apparent concern about #HavanaSyndrome, according to the US Embassy in Hanoi.
“This has nothing to do with the vice president’s health,” @SymoneSanders46 told reporters on Air Force 2 en route #Vietnam.
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#HavanaSyndrome is proof we are in the middle of electromagnetic warfare. So I have been diving into intel files, hoping to gain more credibility for TIs. Here's a document: The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Biological Systems ('93). In this thread, I will dissect it.
Here is the document, straight from CIA files, for anyone else who wants to dig into it and try to help make sense of everything relevant to TIs. 2/…
Right in the table of contents, there are summaries of important highlighted information. In the summary of the first article it states:

"Clear demonstration of an E&M interaction with a wide variety of animal and human biological systems."

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RECAP: @POTUS visits US intelligence community, @ODNIgov

"The main reason I came, & I mean this sincerely, is to say thank you"
"You're the eyes and ears around the world & the front lines of our national defense" @POTUS tells US intelligence community

"You serve the American people no matter which political party holds power in Congress or the White House" per @POTUS
"It's so vital, so vital that you are & should be totally free of any political pressure or partisan interference" adds @POTUS "It's basic"

'll never politicize the work you do. You have my word on that"
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Happening now: White House - #China - #hackers

"We are actually elevating & taking steps to not only speak out publicly but top certainly take we have from #Russia as well" per @PressSec
"We are not holding back. We are not allowing any economic circumstance or consideration to prevent us from taking actions where warranted" per @PressSec

"We reserve the options to take additional actions....this is not the conclusion" w/response to #China #Russia hackers
Earlier, from my colleague @W7VOA ...…
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Twelve million Americans "lack confidence they can meet next month's rent," according to @PressSec. Image
"It's going to take time, effort to heal the economy," says @PressSec. "We need to do more."
No @POTUS meeting with Putin yet "locked in," according to @PressSec.
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Happening now: @CENTCOM Commander Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie & @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend testify at SASC
.@CENTCOM's Gen McKenzie tells lawmakers he has all the tools he needs to complete the withdrawal from #Afghanistan
"We will lose the abilities we have now to see completely into #Afghanistan" per @CENTCOM's Gen McKenzie, asked by @SenJackReed about impact of withdrawal on intel collection vs #alQaida #ISIS
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Happening now: Senate Intelligence Committee considers nomination of Amb. William Burns to lead @CIA

"You deserve a well-earned retirement, but your country still needs you" Chairman @MarkWarner tells Burns as hearing gets underway...
"After four years during which the expertise & judgment of America’s civil servants were at times belittled & discounted, the next director must lead & inspire patriotic professionals w/humility and compassion...& dispassionately judge the actions of adversaries" per @MarkWarner
"I'd like to hear how you plan to reinforce the credo, no matter the political pressure, no matter what, that @CIA’s officers will always do the right thing and speak truth to power" per @MarkWarner
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1/I rep many of those @StateDept diplomats suffering adverse effects from #HavanaSyndrome. I candidly don't know what caused it but claiming "mass delusion" explains everything is insulting, to say the least.

I've heard this before:…
2/When I rep'd #GulfWarSyndrome (GWS) victims, ppl claimed "mass delusion". We proved it wasn't.…
3/When I rep'd those forced by @DeptofDefense to take #AnthraxVaccine & suffered adverse health effects, ppl claimed "mass delusion". We proved it wasn't.

Even persuaded Fed Judge to impose permanent injunction on grounds of unlawful experimentation.…
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