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Here is a thread on all the #Pogroms on Muslims in India post Independence.
1. 1969 Gujarat riots: 512 died, majority from Muslim community. Property worth 42 million destroyed.
(1/n) Image
2. 1984 Bhiwandi riots: placement of saffron flag on the mosque. 278 died and more than 1000 injured.
(2/n) Image
3. 1985 Gujarat Riots: more then 250lost lies and 1000s of them injured. Mostly from the Muslim community
(3/n) Image
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Islamophbic Indian Media spread propaganda against #TablighiJamaat and blamed Muslims for Corona.
Part 2
Part 3
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I have documented a thread on Cow vigilante violence in India. @UNHumanRights must keep a watch on it that how in a country who itself is the biggest exporter of Beef 'Al Kabeer' Kills innocent muslims & Dalits in name of Beef eating.(1/n)
14 August 2014,Haryana:Muslim meat sellers beaten up in Delhi border.

23 August 2014Pumpwell,Karnataka:Three men were transporting 13 cattle when a drunk mob attacked them.

7 October 2014,Gujarat:Alleged cow slaughter; Police and Muslims clashed.

8 October 2014,Bihar:Rumors of beef related issue on the occasion of Bakr-Eid that led to communal tension.

11 October 2014,Bihar:Following rumors of a severed cow head being found at a temple across the town communal tension arises in Kishanganj.
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Some recent non communal love crimes our secular mainstream media did not bother about as much as the communal hate crimes against the peaceful minority...
1. Sanatan Deka, murdered by Faizur Hoque and Yusuf Ahmed…
2. Sourav Das, killed Rahimuddin Ahmed,Bahadur Shah Ali in June 2020.…
3. Rituparna Pegu, stabbed by Hussain Ali and his family members, June 2020…
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Girl attempts of disrupting peace & harmony, over volume of Loudspeaker for Azan; says noise troubled for 30yrs.

Problem is not with loudspeaker but with the Azaan.

She Ignores of noice her own rituals & traditions encourages.

Roots of Hatred strengthens.
Blinded by Hatred, disrespecting a religious sentiments is the most cowardly attempt of Hate monger to divide India.

A successfully trail without an error & people fall for it, Addressing it as biggest issue for Nation.

They fool & they rule.

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Several mosques in India have been converted into gurdwaras. Here the some prominent list which Indian Muslims may forget about.

1).Jama Masjid, Meham, Haryana:

It dates back to the era of the
Mughals. The mosque was converted fairly recently into gurdwara.
2.Gol Masjid, Amritsar, Punjab:

Sharifpura was a Muslim enclave in Amritsar. During the Partition of India, the area was home to a huge Muslim refugee camp and Though this mosque has been used as a gurdwara for decades now, it is still referred to as the Gol Masjid.
3.Khail Bazaar Jama Masjid, Panipat, Haryana:

The city is home to several iconic mosques including the Jama Masjid of Khail Bazaar, which has now been converted into a gurdwara.
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Soon after the #USRIOTS, #Islamists in #India have given a call for similar riots in India. They are trending #MuslimLivesMatter. Shame they didn’t say that #LivesMatter, & not the religion.
In this thread, I would like to prove that #Islamophobia_In_India is a MYTH.
India was partitioned on the grounds of religion twice. First in 1905 and second in 1947. But the 1947 Partition is significant to the current scenario. All of us know the demographical condition of India at that time. It was a #Hindu majority and it still is.
Despite this fact, #India has always been a secular country. The basics behind this #Secularism is in the ethics of #Hinduism. NO religious text in #Hinduism promotes hatred on religious backgrounds.
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Indian anchor @AmanChopra_ of hate channel Zee News forces a Muslim participant to say "Jai Shr Riam" to prove Indianness. Remember, many have been lynched on the streets in pretty much the same manner for not chanting the slogan #Islamophobia_In_India
Zee News is a sister concern of @WIONews - Sudhir Chaudhary is the editor of both channels. Incidentally, Zee Itself is broadcast all over the world, including the UK, US, Europe and the Gulf, fueling hate across the Indian diaspora
One could go on and on about Salam being a greeting like namaste and not a religous slogan, or whether one can force @AmanChopra_ to shout Allah o Akbar at gun point. But that's not the point. He knows exactly what he's doing. This studio lynching is to appeal to lynchers offline
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Kashmiri Businessmen attacked & abused by 3 from same locality, targetted Identifying him as Muslim looking at his beared and skull cap.

Another hate Incident at this time when India is in grip of a renewed wave of Islamophobia amidst coronavirus lockdown.
Another hate crime: Kashmiri Businessman attacked by goons in Mumbai…
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Accordingng to the police & locals,the violence which broke out in this part of Hooghly dist #Telinipara West Bengal was a planned, systematically executed attack targeting the #Muslim residents.
The locals allege that the attack was carried out by people coming from ‘outside’.
#Muslims Get #Corona’: How Stigma Burnt Down A Bengal Locality

#Telinipara locality in Bengal's Hooghly saw communal clashes between 10 and 13 May.

‘They Keep Taunting Us Wherever We Go’ ‘Look, look, corona is here’.


You can see whose prop were damaged. So many petrol bombs were used that the road is completely covered with pieces of glass. I guess they used acid too,as liquid from a bottle discoloured a wall

They came in such large numbers & with so much ammu, we couldn’t even resist them
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3 Videos थ्रेड के माध्यम से समझिये भारत में #Corona ,विदेशी मीडिया और #Islamophobiainindia का भूत 👉क्या है #FakeNarrative षड्यंत्र!

रावण हृदयँ विचारा
भा निसिचर संघार
मैं अकेल कपि भालु बहु
माया करौं अपार

शत्रु सत्य को छिपाने हेतु मायाजाल बनाता है
यह सही है कि #TablighiJamaat के कारण भारत में #coronavirus फैला किंतु इस को मजहबी रंग देने का कार्य संभाला भारत विरोधियों ने👇

Fact Check 2
यह भी सच है कि भारत ने बहुत ही सजगता से #coronavirus संक्रमण पर अभी तक अच्छे से काबू पाया है। इसका श्रेय समाज ,जागरूक जनता व सरकार को जाता है
यही बात विरोधी तत्वों को पच नहीं रही है👇

FactCheck 3
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1) THREAD on how Hindutva Zealots Harming India’s Goodwill in Muslim World, also trying to explain (put in perspective) why suddenly Arabs Twitterati (and SM influencers) are criticizing India (based on my article in @HeadlinesBeyond… )
2) Sample this tweet by self-proclaimed Hindutva-nationalist-patriot @Payal_Rohatgi. Hindutva trolls like her are harming India's interests and damaging its relations with Arab countries by sharing such Fake News and other Islamophobic contents.

3) Little Background: Since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Muslims in India have been accused of doing “Corona jihad” after it came to light that a congregation called by Tablighi Jamaat at its Markaz turned into “super spreader”, resulting in one-third of known cases.
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India's pro-regime media firms are now trying to target & intimidate people who reported hate speech against Muslims by RSS men in the Gulf. Interestingly, "My Nation" is itself a wing of @asianet (owned by a BJP MP), that has a large presence in the Gulf! #Islamophobia_In_India Image
Never mind the fact that "doxxing" never took place. All these bigots were freely spewing hatred and inciting violence sitting outside India under their own identities. Why does the Modi regime now want to protect those who indulged in anti-Muslim hate epeech?
Asianet, particularly it's Malayalam channel @asianetnewstv has a significant presence in all countries in the Gulf region. (See Can @asianet tell us why it is intimidating those who reported anti-Muslim hate speech in the Gulf? Are Gulf regimes aware?
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We came across calls for spamming certain hashtags and using templates from tweet banks while scrolling through a large Hindutva group (>3500 members) on @telegram.

The trends were related to the Palghar incident and scapegoating of TJ and Muslims in India.

Tech savvy users and @TwitterSupport can match the times mentioned in the screenshots below with the exact moment these trends exploded.

#कोरोना_जमाती_वायरस ImageImage
Since #कोरोना_जमाती_वायरस is an older trend, the tweet bank google doc and inforgraphics folder had unfortunately been emptied. However, we were able to retrieve a snapshot of a cached copy from when the link was shared.

#coronavirus Image
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My Hindu friends say,
Muslims must refrain from seeking help from Arabs in fighting #Islamophobia_In_India
It's our internal matter
It's Damaging India's name world wide.

I said - Fcuk off,Ask Hinudtva to stop atrocities & hate crimes on us.
We will seek help from whole world Image
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(Quick Thread #Islamophobia_In_India)

In Feb, at least 53 people’s were killed in the worst religious violence the Indian capital witness in decade.

Muslims in NE Delhi were attacked by Hindu mobs, who went on rampage for 5-days killing dozens, burning houses, shops & Mosques.
Violence erupt after Leadership of ruling party delivers hate speech against the CAA Protestors.

Among the killed were mostly Muslims.

More than 800 people been arrested for violence, while Police continue to pick & investigate Muslim boys.

#DelhiPogrom #Islamophobia_In_India
1. Ashfaque Hussain (22): Hit by bullets

2. Mohammad Sulaiman (27): Left for work never returned home.

3. Musharraf (35): dragged from home beaten to death

4. Shaban (22): left for home never returned.

5. Mubarak Husain (31): Hit by bullet died ok spot

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Here is a thread on all the #Pogroms on Muslims in India post Independence.
1. 1969 Gujarat riots: 512 died, majority from Muslim community. Property worth 42 million destroyed.
2. 1984 Bhiwandi riots: placement of saffron flag on the mosque. 278 died and more than 1000 injured.
3. 1985 Gujarat Riots: more then 250lost lies and 1000s of them injured. Mostly from the Muslim community
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#Islamophobia_In_India (1/1)
I'm Madhu Chindiki, a tribal Dalit Youth, was beaten to death as I couldn't control my hunger and theft some rice. I'm not alone several Hindu Dalits has been killed, my sisters have been raped to death. That's why I've #Islamophobia ImageImageImageImage
#Islamophobia_In_India (1/2)
I'm a Dalit, My only mistake is I believed #Gandhi's Non-violence & Brotherhood. Although they insult my Deities, my belief, my Temple yet I never fought back. But they took our tolerance as weakness, now I'm a #Islamophobia ImageImageImageImage
#Islamophobia_In_India (1/3)
I'm a Hindu Dalit Girl, I begged on the name of Allah, plz mercy upon me don't do to this to me, but whom I thought as my brother raped, filmed me. That's why I'm #islamophobia ImageImageImage
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grampradhan spreads fake news about 12 #TablighiJamaat member in #kaushambi police found they were actually Hindus *कोशाम्बी में पकड़े 12 जमाती निकले हिन्दू*
तबलीग़ी जमात पर ग्राम प्रधान ने झूठा आरोप लगाया था, प्रधान पर माम्ला दर्ज।
#TablighiJamaat Chief Mohammad Saad appeals to Jamaat's workers and all Muslims who have been cured of #COVID19 to donate blood plasma for those still infected and under treatment. Image
The chief of #TablighiJamaat Mohammad Saad has appealed to all #Muslims and especially his members who have been cured of #Coronavirus “to come forward and show this act of kindness to humanity, and help the society and government by donating blood plasma.…
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