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Back in 2017 Long Island Ice Tea - known for its undistinguished, barely drinkable sugar-water - changed its name to "Long Blockchain Corp." Its shares surged to a peak of 400% over their pre-announcement price. 1/ A graph depicting the Gartner hype cycle. A pair of HAL 9000
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The company announced no specific integrations with any kind of blockchain, nor has it made any such integrations since. 3/
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Qualora fosse autentico il report pubblicato da #Iran International ci troveremmo dinanzi ad un fatto tanto nuovo quanto clamoroso: la presa d'atto del regime di #Tehran che le
proteste nel Paese costituiscono una minaccia senza precedenti per la Repubblica Islamica.
In un documento di 123 pagine attribuito alla Fars, l'agenzia dei pasdaran, redatto ad uso e consumo del comandante in capo delle Guardie Rivoluzionarie Hossein #Salami, è all'ayatollah
#Khamenei in persona che viene ascritta la seguente profezia: "I disordini non finiranno presto".
La Guida Suprema ne ha per tutti: ne ha per il presidente #Raisi, recentemente contestato in pubblico (fatto inaudito in Iran, come si nota dalla sua stessa sorpresa), ne ha per
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Notizie inquietanti in arrivo dall'#Iran. A tra poco.
Hossein #Salami, comandante delle Guardie della Rivoluzione Islamica, ha avvertito i manifestanti che da + di 40 giorni protestano per la morte di #MahsaAmini: "Oggi deve essere l'ultimo giorno di disordini. Non venite in piazza. Nessuno vi lascerà ribellare in questa terra".
Un messaggio sinistro da parte del capo dei pasdaran, che suggerisce la decisione da parte del regime di passare definitivamente alle maniere forti.
Con quella che ormai si configura come la più importante ondata di proteste dalla nascita della Repubblica islamica, a #Tehran
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Har aldri lest så mye svada samlet på en plass som dette Iver Huitfeldt sendte til @Justisdep og @helse_og_omsorg med @Riksadvokaten på kopi! Tror dere på dette selv eller @KrFNorge @frp_no? #NarkoTwitter #Salamidoktrinen
#SalamiIver rider igjen.
Rart hva en finner når en graver på rett plass..
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#Russia redeploying its 217th Airborne Regiment from #Syria to #Ukraine is part of a larger months-long drawdown of Russian forces in Syria.… 1/7
Moscow faces severe manpower shortages in #Ukraine and is pulling some units from #Syria to inject into the fight. This continuing drawdown is facilitating the expansion of the #Iranian presence in Syria and exacerbating the Iran-Israel escalation cycle. 2/7
#Iran likely seeks to fill the security gap caused by this #Russian drawdown to expand Iranian military influence and maintain stability. 3/7
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#Vegan #Salami #DIY
1. Gewürzmischung
2. Weizengluten mit Tofubrocken
3. Vermengen
4. Gut durchkneten... ImageImageImageImage
#Vegan #Salami #DIY
5. Laaange durchkneten
6. In Rollenform bringen
7. Einpacken
8. Kochen... ImageImageImageImage
#Vegan #Salami #DIY
9. Die Stunde kochen konnte leider nicht eingehalten werden, die Teile sind nach 40 Minuten sich ausdehnend geplatzt.
10. Also neu eingepackt und 30 Minuten in den Backofen.
11. Danach auskühlen lassen.
12. Naja, Theorie. 😅 Schon mal warm gekostet. Lecker. 😋 ImageImageImageImage
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So, my point here was that "building public trust" only makes sense as a research goal in circumstances where such public trust is in fact a public good.

For example, public trust in effective vaccines (like the ones we have for COVID-19 and many other diseases) is important, because widespread vaccination brings about public goods (lower burden of disease, less pressure on the healthcare system).

Likewise, public trust in democratic systems (to the extent that they are truly democratic) brings about public goods, because broad voter participation makes for better governance.

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Which is the greater military power: #PRC with 60,000 troops massed on India’s border(for ~2 years) or #RF with 100,000 troops massed on Ukraine border(for ~ 2 months)?
2/rus #Russian massing of troops around Ukraine is not just a message to #USA and #Europe, but also to #China and #India, not to write off its Military power & ability to use it; even though Russia’s economic power is now much less than that of USA, EU, China, India.🧐🤔
3/rus The #Russian’s have learned from the #PRC aggression against India in 2020, which rapidly lost credibility after Galwan. They have done everything to ensure that the threat of invasion is credible enough to achieve their coercive objectives without fighting.
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188/ns The urgent need for an Indian (conventionally armed) #Rocket #Force & associated #ISR to deter a decapitating strike by #PLARF 🧵
190/ns #National #Security #Strategy: #India's upcoming #Rocket #Force; Background, current state & future prospects 👍🏼…
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21. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1 to 20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
"#Iran's president Hassan Rouhani presented an ultimatum of two months to the #EU to save the #Iran nuclear deal. However, the deal is likely to continue to deteriorate, says The Independent's Patrick Cockburn"
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