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1/5 Ohio Train Disaster A Vivid Case of Corporate Capture of the EPA, by @SDonziger…
Tell the Biden admin to restore the train safety rules Trump killed!… Image
2/5 Poison and private police: Norfolk Southern destroys East Palestine via @YouTube
Residents Feel Sick and Pets Are Dying After the Ohio Toxic Train Derailment… Image
3/5 Politico Caught Helping Rail Giants As The Lever's Reporting Leads To New Safety Bill via @YouTube
Demand Republicans Stop Blocking Train Safety Rules… Image
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Allerorten wird jetzt eine #Pandemieaufarbeitung gefordert. #HeribertPrantl auf @BR24 Peter Dabrock (@just_ethics) fordert eine Versöhnungskommission und @alex_neubauer spürt im Spiegel seinem inneren kleinen Diktator in der #Pandemie nach. 1/
Also Ärmel hochgekrempelt - packen wir es an. Es folgt ein very #LongRead
Aber davor noch zwei Verweise zu anderen Threads 2/
Der vormals angeheftete Tweet zum Wandel der Natur der Pandemie durch zunehmende Immunisierung findet sich hier:

Wem dieser Tweet hier zu lange ist, der kann gerne auch bei #65 im Thread starten.
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In July 2021 President Biden issued an executive order promoting competition in the U.S. economy.
It included 72 different actions.
18 months later, I figured out how many got done.
Change is hard, but it's happening.
#longread from me:…
The goal of the executive order was to change a mindset, to bring competition back to the fore of government policy. The architects are leveraging the power of the president to push the agencies outside their usual trajectories.…
Among other things, this piece was the product of several hours of discussions with @superwuster, who devised the executive order. This was his lasting contribution to the country, and it was fascinating to track. I hope you can make time for it today.…
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🚨 Journalists can't reveal an MP being investigated for alleged rape, nor a Tory donor suing the BBC for his Paradise Papers naming

Is that fair?

Editors and legal experts worry media gagging is worsening

🧵 A thread on my #LongRead for @theipaper:…
2) The Government says it wants to protect freedom of the press

But critics say that two of its proposed laws - the Bill of Rights and the National Security Bill - actually risk making things worse

Barrister Geoffrey Robertson KC calls the legislation "squalid" and "dishonest"
3) Journalists have long faced legal obstacles in reporting allegations of wrongdoing

But it became much harder for news organisations to name suspects in criminal investigations in 2018, after Cliff Richard won his privacy case against the BBC
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OK, it’s on!

To #Ukraine With Love
Essays on #Russia’s War & #Europe’s Future

- is now out on @amazon Paperback and #Kindle

➡️a short(ish) thread of thanks
- & promotion as 📖 raises awareness &💰for 🇺🇦.

(UK order link below
others follow in🧵).…
So what is the book about?

- it collects a lot of my Essays, Interviews, Op-Eds & Analytical Commentaries for media & think tanks from Dec 21 - Dec 22

& adds ➕➕➕…
➡️ a brand new #Longread piece
‘The New Idealism’

- the deepest development of #NeoIdealism so far as an emerging approach to #grandstrategy & #internationalrelations.

- what is Neo-Idealism (& why the name?) & who are the Neo-Idealists.

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2023 @Ford Everest Platinum Vs 2022 @Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Kakadu: Is the new Everest the vehicle that can genuinely challenge the dominance of the Prado? @4X4AusMag lines them up in top specification to find out...
Ford's 2022 Everest 4X4 wagon is all new and could be the vehicle to finally challenge the decades-old dominance of the Toyota Prado on the mid-size 4X4 wagon segment.
The aging Prado has really had this segment to itself for so long, while even the second-best selling vehicle in the segment, Isuzu’s MU-X, hasn’t come close to matching the Prado in sales numbers.
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#भारत_जोड़ो_यात्रा आणि "रि"डिस्कव्हरी ऑफ इंडिया

जेव्हा कन्याकुमारी ला विवेकानंद, थिरुवल्लर आणि राजीव गांधी यांना नमन करून 7 सप्टेंबर ला भारत जोडो यात्रा सुरू केली होती तेव्हा विरोधकांसोबत काँग्रेस समर्थकांमध्ये पण शंका होती की यात्रा कशी होईल, लोकं येतील का,राहुल खरंच
एवढं चालेल का वगैरे. त्यासोबतच अनेक आक्षेपासोबत प्रश्न सुद्धा होते की फक्त तिरंगा का? पक्षाचा झेंडा ऐच्छिक असं का? यात्रा मार्ग असाच का , तसा का नाही, xyz ठिकाण का मार्गात नाही, ज्या सिव्हिल सोसायटी व लोकांनी सत्तेतून घालवण्यासाठी नसलेल्या मुद्द्यांवर बदनामी करून आंदोलन उभारले
ते यात्रेत काय करत आहेत वगैरे वगैरे.. जेव्हा जवळपास 1500 km चा प्रवास करून भारत जोडो यात्रा महाराष्ट्र मध्ये दोन महिन्याने पोहोचली तेव्हा या सगळ्या शंकेचं निरसन झाले होते. तामिळनाडू, केरळ, कर्नाटक, आंध्र प्रदेश आणि तेलंगणा मध्ये लाखो लोकांना भेटत, त्यांचे प्रेम घेत, एकही दिवस वेळ
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In most of America, the story was about a red wave that never materialized

In Michigan, the story was about a blue wave that made history

This is what it looked like…
And for those who missed it, here’s my #longread pre-election profile of Gretchen Whitmer, which includes a close look at her political profile and how it plays in Michigan.…
And yes, I have thoughts on how it might play elsewhere in the country.

Topic for another day.
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NEW: This Post Was Written By #AI:…

From idea to content and published post in under 30mins, using free tools. This tech is developing *fast* and will have implications for teaching, learning and our graduates.

☝️Using tools from @playground_ai @peppertype_ai @AiWritesonic @copy_ai and inspired by @Suhail @kaifulee @FryRsquared @DeepMind @daniel_eckler and more. Follow them all for super-interesting news. #AI
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🚨My latest: An in-depth feature tackling global vaccine inequality🧵

1/ This is bigger than Covid. It’s about unsafe policies & practices ensuring that profit & power stays in the Global North.

It’s about what needs to change.

#longreads #CovidVaccine…
2/ COVID demonstrated the folly of relying on goodwill & the West.

Nearly 80% of people in rich countries have been vaccinated & fewer than 20% in poor countries. This is cruel AND dumb. Economies are connected. Variants spread.…
3/ Covid vaccine inequality is unjust but not surprising.

Years passed before HIV drugs were available in lower income countries. Decades passed before vaccines against pneumonia were available. Cancer treatments, monoclonal antibodies...people die in these delays.
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Much virtual ink is spilled over the term “cancel culture.” Conservatives complain about it while perpetuating it, some progressives deny that it exists. @TheFIREorg’s @Komi_Tea & I explain in our recent piece for @thedailybeast. 1/12…
Last week, @nytimes published an editorial on America’s “#FreeSpeech problem,” citing a poll that showed that over the past year, 55% of respondents self-censored for fear of retaliation or harsh criticism. 2/12…
Former @TheFIREorg intern @emmma_camp’s @nytimes op-ed on self-censorship at @UVA provoked some unhinged reactions, demonstrating the censorial behavior Emma warned of. 3/12…
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1. I sure wish the internet existed back when Stephen D. Lee, first president of my alma mater @msstate, led textbook censorship and targeted educators to ensure historic lies. Here, @11_mcgee and I explained what #SDLee did to and from Mississippi.…
2. Keep reading about #SDLee’s censorship sins … more at…
3. If you didn’t know this, Stephen D. Lee was a real son of a bitch and racist and is a favorite now of racist organizations. My university @msstate still glorifies the hell out of him. More from our piece about #SDLee’s censorship leadership:
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On #Christmas, introducing few Jesus's flock who harmed Bharat in unpardonable ways.

Before that, a brief preface.

A text book claimed “The Advent of Europeans brought Light & Civilisation to India”.
I don’t think there’s any other country in this planet which has brutally stabbed its own glorious past like we Indians have done.
Century after Century, Church (Church of England, Scotland, France and Portugal) has spent Billions on India to extract Multi Billions from Donors.
On one hand, they showed Little Existing Sati as India Burning, they showed Indians are Poor, they showed Indians push their Daughters to Prostitution, they showed Indians are always suffering from diseases without cure, they showed Indians as illiterate and the ignorant
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Open kaart

#longread (15)

Ik vertel niet vaak hoe het écht met me gaat en wanneer ik dat doe is her vaak 's nachts en verwijder ik m'n tweets snel.
Vandaag deelde ik overdag en haalde ik niks weg.

Ik vind het lastig; de nare dingen delen. Enerzijds snak ik dan even naar >>
een beetje aandacht. Anderzijds wordt de aandacht me al snel teveel en voel ik me bezwaard. Van nature ben ik niet iemand die 'zomaar' moeilijke dingen deelt of heel open is over wat me écht dwarszit.
Ik ben heel goed in praten zonder echt iets te zeggen.
Ik ben open over >>
dingen die ik heb verwerkt of onder 'controle' heb. Maar veel blijft bij mij en een kleine groep mensen die ik bewust kies op gevoel of omdat ze er al jaren zijn.
Ik vind ook niet dat ik alles hoef te delen hier. Sommige zaken zijn gewoon echt privé. Sommige wonden liggen >>
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Fear along the Nile
Why Egypt sees a massive dam in Ethiopia as a matter
of life and death

By @ereguly
Visitors would be remiss thinking Egypt is a
water-rich country. The Nile — the world’s longest river — flows through it before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.

Egyptians know they exist only because their river exists.
And yet, Egypt’s water riches are a mirage. The African country as a whole is classified by the United Nations as a country on the verge of “absolute water scarcity.”
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A shoutout to the DC bureau @thisisinsider team for picking up an EPPY award today for best news/political blog. Our entry included this #longread story on how Trump took over the GOP back in 2016.…
Also part of our award-winning EPPY entry:…
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On 8th Oct 1952 the worst civilian rail disaster in UK history happened in London. 112 dead. 340 injured.

That accident, and the actions of one woman from Florida have saved THOUSANDS of lives.

Because the disaster helped invent the paramedic

Read on /1
Not going to go into the mechanics of the crash. For that, my #longread's below.

At 8am an express running south slammed full steam into the back of a packed commuter train at Harrow & Wealdstone.

The wreckage was then hit by ANOTHER express flying north…
You can see from the picture just how awful it was. Made worse by old wooden carriages splintering on impact, and carriages crushing up under the bridge at H&W, which still bears scars today.

But after the disaster two pieces of luck: Who was on the train, and where it happened wrecked carriages strewn across the full width of the statio
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First up on #FridayNightZillow — a *stunning* Versailles-ish New York mansion built by William J. Levitt — the “Father of Suburbia” who struck it rich pioneering cookie-cutter homes, lived an insane life, then lost most of his wealth, this home & his yacht… ImageImageImage
Levitt's life is a classic American saga that I’m frankly surprised hasn’t been turned into a major motion picture starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Scarlett Johansson. #FridayNightZillow 2/
Levitt built Levittowns all over, and he and his family pioneered treated house-building sort of like how Ford treated car building, with an uber-emphasis on efficiency. Made cover of Time as a developer of cheap houses in 1950!,… #FridayNightZillow 3/
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Some thoughts on the Nooma Bio insights from @new299 's substack blogpost:
I saw this picture and it reminded me a lot of another similar schematic, which is for photolithography of semiconductor chips (right-hand picture)
The whole point of the more complicated setup in the Nooma Bio approach is that, by having 3 electrodes and two pores, one can control the flow better. But also, read the same single molecule more than once in the same pore pair. Nava puts it clearly here:
Further down, it seems there would be a limit to how fast/slow the molecules go through the pore, which would make it difficult to reach DNA base resolution (even worse for #NGPS protein sequencing)
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Higher ed in the West has become a hot commodity in the developing world—not for the education but as a route to immigration. As @nickhunebrown writes, with so much money to be made, the business is built on exploitation.… 1/6 #CdnPoli #EdChat
What’s the pitch? First, get a student visa—the school doesn’t really matter. Then get a postgraduate work permit that lets you stay in the country for a few years. Then apply for permanent residency. The problem? It’s never so simple.… 2/6 #CdnPoli Illustration of a universit...
Foreign students face tuition that starts at $20,000 a year in Canada. Families in rural Punjab are literally mortgaging their farms to send one child to community college. It’s a bet on a path to a better life that rarely materializes.… 3/6 Illustration of hands holdi...
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NEW: A deep dive into the privacy war raging within the World Wide Web Consortium, where some of the most secretive companies in the world are wrangling over the future of your data — and their own power — in plain sight. #longread…
As companies like Apple and Google have announced plans to kill off web tracking techniques, the W3C saw an influx of new members from the ad and data industry, who argue these changes are just power grabs by tech giants that are already too powerful…
But longtime members of the W3C say these new entrants are just concern trolling, using fears about Big Tech's power to derail the development of new privacy standards. And, they fear, these tactics are working.…
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'the implication of physical gold inevitably revaluing to something like USD 55,000 per ounce is gravitational'…

'It’s the 100-year life story of the US dollar reserve monetary and financial system (the $IMFS), now
afflicted with so grave an ailment that only time will tell if it will succumb or be left, at the very least, in a state of virtual absurdity. I predict it will succumb ..'
what happened in 1971 was essentially the collapse of the international monetary and financial system. The London Gold Pool was a last-ditch effort to control the free-market
price of gold in support of the Bretton Woods gold convertibility scheme, and that collapsed in 1968.
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New #longread this morning: How CNN obtained the dramatic videos of the January 6 attack.

It’s been a struggle for months, and one that’s become more urgent as political disinformation persists…
This is the statement from a judge that’s stuck with me, as to why it’s important to see body camera and surveillance footage: Image
“It’s shocking ...I had to look at these a couple of times before it really sunk in”

Another judge, commenting on what he was seeing (well after January 6 and the impeachment trial, which showed some angles of the insurrection on tape): Image
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#longread: "Why Do Individuals Exhibit Investment Biases?":… Preparando mi sesión s/ #EconomíaConductual próxima @IEF_org Summer School patrocinada por @EDM_AM #MustRead
Al margen trabajos Ariely/Kahneman, mejor fuente para aproximar la psicología humana es leer experiencias de practicioners; esto de Munger sigue siendo miel (y mucho más sólido que la obra académica de Thaler, bastante flojito):… #HumanMissjudment
Barber & Odean, "Depression babies: Do Macro Experiencies affect risk taking? (spoiler, yes, of course): NBER.
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