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The investigation by @fisayosoyombo on #CashAndCarryPrison isn't getting as much airtime as it should because for many people it's a #longread. So, here's a brief peek into some of its highlights in pics & bits…
There's a booming market in the criminal justice system from the magistrates court to the prisons. Everything has its prize - bail, booze, babes, sex, sodomy, drugs, you just pay up & you'll be just fine
At #IkoyiPrison, for instance, there is an apartment called #NiconLucury. "If u want to have sex, just tell the warders. They will bring a girl to the Nicon Luxury for you, set the 2 of you up; you f**k, you pay." The rate is said to be about N50k per night
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Take a few moments to brew yourself a cup of tea and read Andrew O'Hehir's #LongRead in @NautilusMag:

The Common Genius of Lincoln and Einstein
The president and the physicist teach us a lesson about moral genius…

@NautilusMag Abraham Lincoln would still be remembered today as a self-taught prairie prodigy and an astute political operator who crushed the Confederate uprising, even without the Gettysburg Address, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the end of slavery. Albert Einstein would still be the
@NautilusMag most famous physicist of the 20th century, and the author of the most famous equation in history, had he not called on his fellow scientists to address the moral consequences of their discoveries, speaking out against war and nuclear weapons. But both men possessed a quality that
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(1/12) "Geben Sie uns Ihr Handy!" Mit diesem Satz begann vor Monaten unsere @SZ Recherche zur #OperationHonigbiene

Ein Informant hatte uns eine App zugespielt, die ihm an einer Landgrenze zu #China auf dem Handy installiert wurde.

(2/12) Sieht eigentlich ganz harmlos aus. Die Beamten erklärten nicht, was die App kann oder warum sie installiert wird. Ohne Anfangsverdacht muss jeder Reisende seine Geräte aushändigen. Sie bekommen sie später kommentarlos zurück. Deshalb haben wir uns das genauer angeschaut.
(3/12) Wir ist untertrieben. Dabei waren von der @SZ @Remrow @cutterkom @femeb @n_richter @f_obermaier @Lea_Deuber Aber auch Experten von der @ruhrunibochum, dem @OpenTechFund und dem @citizenlab. Dazu die großartigen Kollegen @josephfcox @hilaryosborne @zhonggg @sveckert
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"Simple stereotypes about the Middle Ages aren't just wrong; they have become weapons for white supremacy." I've spent 2 years reading 8chan for medievalism, even as terrorists consume it and reference it as they murder. A #longread for @PacificStand -…
@PacificStand "The discipline of medieval history, like all history, has always been political. For many scholars and fans of medievalism in fantasy or other genres (Renaissance festivals, architecture buffs, European martial arts), this simple truth remains uncomfortable."
@PacificStand "Scholars of the Middle Ages are increasingly organized in their responses to white supremacy. Foremost among these circles is a collective called Medievalists of Color." Citing particularly @slomuto and @dorothyk98 here.
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@Raveline @Oscar_Pescher Il faut absolument lire cet article terrifiant.…
@Raveline @Oscar_Pescher Extrait : transfert *volontaire* d'une tumeur à la mère de la patiente O_____________O…
@Raveline @Oscar_Pescher Henri Vadon "was a medical student in the 1920s who poked his left hand with a syringe after drawing liquid from the mastectomy wound of a woman being treated for breast cancer. Vadon, too, developed a hand tumor. Three years later, he died of metastasized cancer."
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Looking forward to releasing a digital edition this week compiling the work coming out of my Dark Data course this semester. Stay tuned.
The syllabus for our #DarkData course revolves around four prevailing and competing international models of data rights (or lack thereof therein):
🇺🇸USA: laissez-faire light-touch
🇪🇺EU: the GDPR
🇮🇳INDIA: Aadhaar
🇨🇳CHINA: “internet sovereignty”…
If you’re in NYC, hope to see you next week at our thesis show events. @mfadt #prism2019
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Ten years ago today I started @Longreads. I created the Twitter account and hashtag (#longreads) because I thought it would be a fun community experiment, to share what we're all reading and celebrate in-depth journalism on the web. Thread. 1/
At the time, news sites were moving toward short aggregated blog posts. With the arrival of the iPhone, I wanted longer essays to read on my phone during subway commutes. The #longread took off from there. 2/
The community was the center of it all—so many smart, well-read people, sharing stories they loved, and the writers themselves sharing work they were proud of. 2009 was a big year for indie pubs like The Awl & The Hairpin, Electric Literature, This Recording, The Rumpus... 3/
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"How behavioural economics helped me kick my smartphone addiction" - my #LongRead for the @FT magazine is here:…
I promised my colleagues I'd come back to Twitter to tell y'all about it. I'm aware of the irony. I'll be disappearing again after these tweets. Twitter's fine, but I personally prefer my ability to focus on writing.
There are some good books on the topic, mentioned in the piece. The pick of them is Cal Newport's "Digital Minimalism": Well worth your time.
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Just finished reading @DerSPIEGEL's report on how Claas #Relotius duped them, and all I can say is #factchecking clearly means something different in Germany, because most of what he got away with never would have flown at a US magazine with fact-checkers.…
"Every text printed in DER SPIEGEL," they say, "goes through a thorough fact-checking and vetting process to review the accuracy of every fact stated in an article." As far as I can tell from their mea culpa, this vetting process is limited to what can be Googled from Hamburg.
I've been preparing fact files for 19 years, and they always include phone numbers and e-mail addresses for all my sources, copies of any documents I cite or relied on, and often photos of signs I describe. Translators and fixers? They get called too.
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“We cannot continue to make people keep suffering in pain over and over and over again for a debt that’s already been paid.” 

Excellent #longread on the people behind Florida's #RestoreTheVote campaign, inc a GOP lobbyist convicted in the Abramoff scandal
"A report by Washington Economics Group, whose clients include businesses like Nascar, projected that automatic restoration of voting rights would lead to $365 million/year in gains for Florida's economy, from lower prison costs and increased productivity"
Amazing statistic: the recidivism rate for people who had their voting rights automatically restored under Gov. Crist is 12.4%, vs a state average of 30%.

Also noteworthy: Charles and David Koch's network has declared support for Amendment 4.
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Folks are lining up for the latest antitrust trial that kicks off this morning over @NCAA rules governing how much student athletes get paid. Stay tuned for live tweets.
Opening arguments should start within the hour. ITMT check out @ZachZagger’s great recap of what’s at stake.…
The judge is in the courtroom. She says she read each side's opening statements, which were submitted in writing. Just a recap - this is a 10-day bench trial and each side has 22 hours and 30 minutes to argue their case.
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done #LongRead 2 for #brexitforensics launch
Car industry worried: Customs conundrum cant be solved "just-in-time":…
1/10 Long Read seeks to see how modern car manuf can function post Brexit -this is Just-In-Time arrival of right front of MINI to right body
2/10 that "front end module" didn't exist four hours before, parts from across EU, made in diff factory, has to arrive at exactly right time
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