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1/ Elon Musk on ollut merkittävä vaikuttaja Big Datan hyödyntämisessä. Hänen investointinsa Twitteriin ja Teslaan ovat auttaneet keräämään ja käyttämään valtavia määriä dataa. #ElonMusk #Tesla #Twitter #BigData
2/ Microsoft on toinen Big Datan kerääjä ja hyödyntäjä. He ovat keränneet dataa tuotteidensa, kuten Windowsin, Officen ja Androidin, sekä palveluidensa, kuten Bingin, Azuren ja LinkedInin, kautta. #Microsoft #BigData
3/ OpenAI, jonka Elon Musk perusti, keskittyy yleisen tekoälyn (AGI) kehittämiseen. Vaikuttavia tekoälymalleja, kuten ChatGPT, on kehitetty tätä tarkoitusta varten. #OpenAI #ChatGPT #AGI
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Ṣatru abhicār from #palm (enmity), life threatening from palm, ṣatru sthāna, #loans, #debts, court cases, allegations. Rare Insights into #Vedic #Palmistry

A line from ṣatru sthāna cutting the prana rekhā indicates ṣatru abhicār. From below the base of thumb it indicates
mohana, from ṣatru sthāna it indicates maraṇa, vidveṣaṇa & staṃbhana etc.
When the line cuts punya rekhā or vidhyā sthāna then the person loses name due to court cases or allegations, court cases etc. When ṣatru sthāna carries many lines and the hand is devoid of punya
rekhā or punya rekhā is weak then person suffers from lot of debts.
If the line from ṣatru sthāna cutting the prana rekhā also forces the prana rekhā to stop at the same position where it is cut, then the person dies at the same point where there is a clash. The person in this
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Sliding (LOOKING) GLASS DOORs (#3) ..

You see how [They] have mocked the Trinity? ..

Everything “Wrong” has been right f& kept hidden from humanity, the world has been PROGRAMMED & kept asleep.
There should be no illness/Cancer.
[They] proved this with “C-19”.
Nikola Tesla, Same thing.
Cars that run on water, Same thing.

FOR GENERATIONS, Humanity has been PRE PROGRAMMED to be HARDWIRED TO SELF DESTRUCT—A corrupt system was created specifically for when & if the people were ever to Awaken ..
The second humanity started awakening,
All [their] indoctrinations creating programmed minds which would ultimately cause humans to destroy this world so the truth never had the chance to see the light of day.

All those upon the world stage have been fake, good & bad actors SPECIFICALLY placed within the public eye
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- Un système de stockage moléculaire de l'énergie solaire permettant une restitution sous forme d'électricité ... beau potentiel
- #PaLM le nouveau modèle d' #IA de #Google : expliquer des blagues, corriger du code informatique… rien ne lui résiste. Derrière ces perf. : 540 Mds de paramètres et 9M$ pour l'entrainement…
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Skyrocketing #global #foodprices, panicked low income and poorer fringes of the population facing severe #hardship, struggling #emergingmarkets and #SriLanka on the verge of #anarchy - all wrapped up in a massive #market sell-off: what is happening 🌎 ❓
Things did not improve in April on #food prices:
the #FAO Food Price Index fell 0.8% month-over-month to 158.5 points in April 2022, but still remained close to the all-time high of 159.7 points in March.
#vegetableoil prices declined significantly (-5.7%) after hitting an all-time high in March under pressure from #palm, #sunflower and #soybean #oils.

In addition, #grain prices fell slightly (-0.4%), after also rising to all-time highs in March.
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The release of impressive new deep learning models in the past few weeks, notably #dalle2 from @OpenAI and #PaLM from @GoogleAI, has prompted a heated discussion of @GaryMarcus's claim that DL is "hitting a wall". Here are some thoughts on the controversy du jour. 🧵 1/25
One of @GaryMarcus' central claims is that current DL models fail at compositionality. The assessment of this claim is complicated by the fact that people may differ in how they understand compositionality – and what a "test of compositionality" should even look like. 2/25
Compositionality traditionally refers to a (putative) property of language: the meaning of a complex expression is fully determined by its structure and the meanings of its constituents. (There are good reasons to doubt that language is always compositional in that sense.) 3/25
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@LorenaSGonzalez @LorenaAD80 #UPDATE: #Free #Food Opportunities #SanDiego County:

#School #Summer #Meal Services by School District
#Pandemic-#EBT (#PEBT) - Deadline to APPLY, July 15
Food Resources During Coronavirus Crisis
School Summer Meal Services Listed by School District:
#ChulaVista #Elementary #School District -

#Meal #distribution will continue through #summer. #Drivethru meal distribution of #breakfast and #lunch takes place daily at the sites below, beginning at 10 a.m. and ending when all #bags are distributed.
#Bags will be placed into #automobile trunks; they will NOT be handed through #vehicle #windows unless absolutely necessary. #Meals are intended for our neediest #children between the ages of 1 to 18 years, & #students should be present when receiving meals.
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Brought this article by @hillaryrosner in @NatGeoMag w/ me to Surat Thani, Thailand as I pondered this quote: “Palm oil is unavoidable. Can it be sustainable?” Agree? Read. Ponder & Follow this thread for more…

The link:

#SDGs #Sustainability #PalmOil
In case you ever wondered where #palmoil comes from. Have a look at the #palm oil fruit here. From my visit to Surat Thani, Thailand to learn more about #sustainability in this industry. Read more here via @hillaryrosner
DYK: The oil palm tree—Elaeis guineensis—is not native to Asia but comes from West & central Africa. At the heart of the “sustainable #palmoil” debate though are #Indonesia & #Malaysia, which account for 85% of all production. 📷: young #palm in Thailand
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