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A thread on the historical importance of 5 Blythswood Sq. The building was the home to The Glasgow Society of Lady Artists (est.1882) in an attempt to combat sexism in Scotland’s art scene. The society moved to the building in 1895 & purchased it in 1896. Image from 2018. Photograph of 5 Blythswood ...
An important space for women to gather, exhibit, socialise, train & hold meetings. The clubhouse allowed women their own space as many clubs such as the Art Club did not allow women to become members. This did not change until the 1983. Photograph of a large woode...
To raise funds for the purchase of the building & a new extension the society held a ‘Fancy Fair’ in a Tudor Style in 1895. A big party with stalls, entertainments & speeches. The women running the stalls dressed in 'period clothing' or in fancy costumes. Copy of a newspaper clippin...
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1. The U.S. sees a vital role for the Security Council to tackle the negative impacts of climate on peace and security.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said this when he addressed the U.N. Security Council on the impact of climate change on security.

Thread 🧵

#Climate Image

2. Blinken said climate change is taken into account at every foreign policy decision because of its devastating implications and the cascading effects on virtually every aspect of our lives, like #agriculture, infrastructure, public #health, or food.…

3. Blinken said: "The consequences are falling disproportionately on vulnerable and low-income populations. And they're worsening conditions and human suffering in places already afflicted by conflict, high levels of violence, instability".

🧵 #UNSC…
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1. Yesterday, the UN Secretary-General warned: "We face the greatest cascade of crises in our lifetime."

World leaders gathered at the U.N. General Assembly, where the climate crisis and other 'Great Divides' are on the agenda.

➡️ RT

Thread 🧵

#UNGA #ClimateCrisis #peace

2. Unlike just five or ten years ago, it's now only the odd one out who is not alarmed about the climate crisis.

Especially the younger generation doesn't need to be convinced of the seriousness of our global challenges.

#youth #schoolstrike…

3. Being alarmed doesn't always lead to concrete action.

Nobody can ignore the daily news about extreme weather disasters or the latest scientific report about the climate crisis.

But our leaders still don't treat the new reality as a crisis.

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There’s a gaping (loop)hole in #climate reporting, calculations & countermeasures—#BlueCarbon!

Must finally put #Seabed #CarbonSink on agenda for #COP26...

Here too #China leads world in #carbon damage—by far.

Time for accountability on #RoadToGlasgow!…
#Ocean covers 71% of world’s surface..<10% mapped w/ modern sonar.

Salt marshes, mangroves, seagrass beds & ultra-deep abyssal #seabed absorb large quantities of #CO2 from atmosphere & balancing critical #climate systems.

Disrupting risks grave & potentially irreversible harms
.@Nature: “#marine sediments are the largest pool of organic #carbon on the planet.”

Est. vol. ~7 trillion metric tons—>3X cumulative anthropogenic #CO2 emissions since 1750.

Bottom trawl #fishing & #seabed mining—both #PRC-led—risk damaging disruption.…
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📢 it’s time to share a *big* project i’ve been working on.

…and ask for *your* support. 🙏

#Climate200 is aimed squarely at restoring integrity to politics and delivering the climate action that australians want. 🧵 #auspol #ausvotes #independentsday
firstly, on climate…

the closer we get to november's #cop26 climate conference in #glasgow, where most nations will outline their stepped up net-zero CO₂ plans…

…the clearer it becomes that @ScottMorrisonMP will not — cannot — take the climate action most australians want.
the recent IPCC report issued a 'code red' climate warning.

for many the main message isn't new, but a potent reminder that our gov't is in deep denial.

morrison’s response to the report was to blame china, to deflect attention from australia’s lost decade of climate inaction.
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I remember #Glasgow slums; poverty has a stench - despair
Didn’t expect to write about it 30yrs on; kids denied 1 free meal a day for a few million; a mere drop in the #Covid spend
#Poverty's not as visible now as then, covered by #food #banks, #charity shopping
PERHAPS you have to be a certain age to have witnessed real poverty when it came in ragged clothes and dirt-encrusted faces with the impetigo scars of deprivation.
Now poverty can be disguised in warm clothes that hide the spindle shanks of children under fed;
malnourished on a carbohydrate diet cobbled up from the pennies left after feeding the heat and light.
My first, but not last encounter, with this demi-monde came in 1970s Glasgow shocking me to the core of my being and leaving me with an anger that has never abated.
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Only word to describe how we are feeling after 7 hours in Glasgow City Centre last night. There wasn't a part of the night we weren't walking in blood or broken glass.

We worked alongside @BTP, @policescotland, @Scotambservice and @ScotambSORT to help those injured
in and around George Square but no denying it was a dangerous and difficult night for ourselves and the other frontline services.

We helped 17 people last night and ran out of gloves and gauze by the end of the shift! Only silver lining to last night was the members of the...
public who tried to help those badly injured and those that stayed behind to clean up the mess left in the streets of Glasgow. 😴🤕🩹🩸🩸🩺🚑🚓💪

#partnershipworking #wecare #charity #glasgow
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THREAD: A few more thoughts about this v welcome announcement from @DefraGovUK

I know many of you are thinking "Why the need for a consultation?" and I COMPLETELY understand the frustration, of course!

But, it is probably necessary to ensure a ban is legally watertight
It is now ESSENTIAL that @DefraGovUK launches that consultation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we get peat sales banned before the UK hosts the UN climate talks #COP26 in #Glasgow in November

No later than that, please @DefraGovUK

Sooner if at all possible
The peat companies and retailers will no doubt complain that they "need more time" to adjust their business model.

Well, they've had 30 YEARS, and if they are not ready yet they only have themselves to blame:
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A Round up of what happened yesterday in #Glasgow

[Please RT & Follow]

#GlasgowSaysLetThemGo #GlasgowWelcomesRefugees #antiraids #solidarity #Pollockshields #ACAB
Around 9am on 13/05/21 - A FB message was sent out to let locals know what's going on.
9.30am - There was a noticeable and visible disapproval of the early morning raid by locals.
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Behind scenes across #Glasgow there were acts of kindness yesterday & just sheer practical care - folk ensuring food & water supplied, phone calls, peace talks & messages zigzagging every network. People sitting with those dawn-raided or detained in past & shaken to core 💚🙏🏾💚
This doesn’t happen by accident. This is built up over years of many strong small organisations that mean everyone’s who fae somewhere can know someone. The kinds of community trust #KenmureStreet demonstrates was also policy in Scotland over 10 years #NewScots
The policy is built from the ground up, through many, many grassroots organisations, NGOs, public service & endless practical & caring and sometimes fraught conversations & debates. Social bonds are actively foster BECAUSE it keeps people safe. And our neighbours. #NewScots
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Some earnest thoughts on the events in #Glasgow #Pollokshields.

What happened there today epitomises everything that's wrong with the Home Office and this Government - but also shows us how we can oppose them. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
When the Home Office chose to send immigration enforcement vans on Eid, it wasn't an accident. Raids rely on foreseeing a person's location. They're also intended to be incredibly distressing, disorientating and confusing. Imagine being torn from your family on Xmas day.
The conflation between policing and immigration enforcement is something to be extremely concerned about. The classification of people as "illegal" is what makes it absolutely fine for 20 police officers to enter your home, trash it and shove you in the back of a van.
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To mark #EuropeDay today we researched Glasgow’s European links. Well,to be honest @JWils60 did most of the work!
Now we have 6 walking routes tracing European connections across the city;proving Glasgow is a European City & always has been
#TeamGlasgowLoves at the Necropolis ⤵️
Fascinating visiting Glasgow’s Necropolis today seeing its architecture, sculpture. Interesting to note it is modelled on Père-Lachaise in Paris, it’s estimated 50,000 people are buried there - many with European connections
#WeareEuropean #EuroWalk #EuropeDay2021 @euromovescot
Our #Eurowalk today started at #Glasgow necropolis; here the memorial to Henry Dubs - the german locomotive engineer who played a significant role in Glasgow’s locomotive manufacturing industry, building train engines to be shipped across the world #EuropeDay2021 @srpssteam
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We are now LIVE tweeting the panel

‘Beyond Covid: Global Public Health after the Pandemic’

with @abdulla_shahid @MoYS_SriLanka @MdShahriarAlam @shoba_suri

Moderated by @MalikAshok


@MalikAshok opens with the Q of vaccine haves and have nots. Inequity/ inequality and being left behind.
@MoYS_SriLanka Countries like us and Maldives are facing much bigger challenges - because of traditional reliance on tourism for economic lift.
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David Hencke investigates why Boris #Johnson’s Government handed out £1.7 million for #election management services without a competitive tender.
A large software company whose shareholders include #Brexiter and former #Conservative Cabinet minister Peter #Lilley
has been given a lucrative contract by the Cabinet Office without competitive tendering to revamp the management of the electoral register in extraordinary circumstances.
Though local government is in charge of the electoral register, the Government has responsibility
to contract an annual national canvas of people entitled to vote. #Idox Software Ltd, part of the worldwide Idox Group, won the £1.7 million contract for its revamp just in advance of purdah imposed by the 2019 General Election –
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MONDAY: #AgricultureBill is back in the Commons.

Most MPs are well-intentioned & #BackBritishFarming, but the truth is, unless standards are enshrined in law, there is a high probability risk farming will be undermined. .@Keir_Starmer understands this.

.@trussliz thinks it's worth undermining our food, farming, animal welfare, countryside & Enviro standards to get trade deals, but has she weighed up the trade-offs? Trade deals gains are tiny compared to losses from trashing our standards —not just £ losses.

Losses from trashing our food, farming & environmental standards are not limited to the 25-50% of British farms DEFRA expects to go bust.

There'll also be massive costs to public health (those who suffer + the #NHS) from food produced by methods banned here.

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1️⃣ Members of an #Irish group arrested on terrorist charges after seeking arms from #Hezbollah met with officials at #Iran’s Dublin Embassy.
Former members of the Provisional #IRA reactivated Hezbollah contacts to obtain finance and weapons for the New IRA (#NIRA).
2️⃣ The #Irish terrorists have been seeking advanced bomb-making technology developed in #Iran and #Lebanon that would allow them to penetrate police armoured vehicles in Northern #Ireland, intelligence sources said.
3️⃣ Nine members of the #NIRA, including two women, were arrested last moth after a long-running undercover operation run by #MI5, the #British security service.
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1/ Here's the thread for me hand-soldering a lead-free Glasgow board. This will be🤞the first PCB that I fully assemble. Likely to have major problems due to my n00b soldering skills which should make it very interesting to test and troubleshoot 😀
Soldering the iCE40 FPGA took two tries. First chip floated off the pads and deposited its solder balls at random. Cleaned up with braid and Metcal blade tip. Second chip looks good to me. (Have to separately reball the first chip for reuse.)
USB controller was a shit-show. I've never soldered a heat-dissipating ground pad using lead-free solder before and I really struggled to make solder flow both with the iron and hot air. I'm not convinced I succeeded. And that's with a preheater cranked up underneath the PCB!
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📷 It’s #WorldPhotographyDay so we’ve picked out some of the finest images captured by RN personnel. We begin with @RoyalMarines captured here by CPO(Phot) Nick Tryon who joined X-Ray Company, 45 Cdo, on a patrol between two Forward Operating Bases in Feb 2009. Royal Marines X-Ray Company...
Leading Phot Sammy Seeley won the 2019 Photographer of the Year at the #PeregrineTrophy awards. Here’s one from his portfolio – we can see why he won!

📷 For more pictures:

#WorldPhotographyDay A Royal Marine sniper in fr...
Leading Photographer Will Haigh captured Type 45 destroyer @HMSDefender perfectly reflected in a puddle alongside in #Glasgow. #WorldPhotographyDay.

📷Did you know the #RoyalNavy has an extensive online image library open to the public?🔗visit: for more. Image
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TOMORROW (Sat 8th Aug 20)
Peaceful #SaveOurRights #SaveOurFreedom rally, speakers, march
#Aberdeen St Nicholas St
#Belfast City Hall
#Birmingham Victoria Square
#Bristol College Green
#Manchester Central Library
#Plymouth Plymouth Hoe
#Newcastle Theatre Royal (ALL 2PM)
TOMORROW (Sat 8th Aug 20)
Peaceful #SaveOurRights #SaveOurFreedom rally, speakers, march
#Brighton Peace Statue, Hove
#Cardiff Cardiff Castle
#Leeds Millennium Square
#Liverpool St George's Hall
#Southampton Central Train Station
TOMORROW (Sat 8th Aug 20)
Peaceful #SaveOurRights #SaveOurFreedom rally, speakers, march
#Glasgow 12 Midday Glasgow Green
#Edinburgh 12 Midday Middle Meadow Walkway
#London 12 Midday Hammersmith Tube Station
#Nottingham 1PM Council House
Please RT!
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A short thread about resisting the #kleptofascist takeover, with an added last-ditch family appeal. 😐✊🌹🇪🇺 #resist #StopFascism #RuleOfLaw
When the execrable Cummings/Johnson regime launched its attack on Parliament back in August, I was horrified: this was in fact a coup against democracy. Like thousands of others, I hit the streets to protest. 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #StopTheCoup #resist #JohnsonMustGo #RuleOfLaw
As a historian with Asperger’s & misophonia, the idea of giant crowds is truly horrifying to me, and I’d much rather be quietly writing books in the countryside… 😐✊🌹🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #autism #Aspergers #AutismStrong #resist
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As details emerge of #ParkInn with a police officer critically injured & 5 others still in hospital -the true picture is of dehumanising & humiliation of vulnerable, frightened asylum seekers housed in hotels during #COVID19 by Mears given a £1 Billion contract in 2019-thread👇🏽
During a media briefing organised by Mears on Thursday, its chief operating officer said a “blanket decision” was made in late March to move people into hotels, & no assessments were carried out of individual needs before people were transferred…
Mears with its £1 Billion contract from Home Office to manage asylum housing admitted to MPs it failed 2carry out assessments b4 placing trafficking victims, pregnant women & children in accommodation that put them at risk – then backtracked on the statement hrs later.
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Knifeman 'stabs three victims dead in Glasgow hotel before being shot by armed police'

After multiple stabbings incident, the police is evacuating people through a stair, near the main entrance of ParkInn hotel, 151 W George street, #Glasgow Scotland

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Several people have reportedly been killed in the “serious incident” in #Glasgow.
One attacker has reportedly been shot by armed police
The scene of the incident in #Glasgow is a hotel used to house evicted Asylum Seekers. Situation still unfolding.
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Racism is another public health crisis, one that's killed many more than #COVID19 #SARSCoV2.

But actions we take now shouldn't give the virus an advantage. If you plan to #BlackLivesMatter protest in #Scotland #Glasgow #Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Sunday - a thread 🧵 on reducing risk.

@NicolaSturgeon has already pledged support of #BlackLivesMatter & acknowledged the strong feelings about the protest.

However, it's important to follow gov't guidelines on what's permitted in #Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 on Sunday.

If they happen, & you go, here's how to reduce risk:

Protest risk reduction:
- Walk, cycle, drive there, no public transport 🚶🏾‍♂️🚴🏿‍♀️🚗
- Don't attend with *any* symptoms 🚫🤒🤧
- Wear a mask 😷 & change every 4 hrs 🕓
- Stay 2m apart always 🕺🏿↔️💃🏽
- Bring own water, signs etc - don't share! 🥤🚧
- Follow organiser guidance 📢🦺

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