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#Segezha is largest Russian representative of #timber industry. Company benefits from world's drive to move away from deforestation. Foreign politicians have pledged to end deforestation by 2030.
All over the world, area of ​​forests is decreasing, while in #Russia it is growing.
#Brazil, as one of largest timber producer, has pledged to end illegal logging, which will require aggressive reductions in forest harvesting.……
Area of ​​forests in #Russia is growing and deforestation sometimes is necessary to grow systematically (to solve problem of fires, sufficient supply of light, etc.). In addition, 80% of #forests of Russia soft #woods, more suitable for production of packaging due to its density. Image
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I asked for 150 likes and 50 retweets. You guys gave me 286 likes and 77 retweets. Let me blow your mind on how easy it actually is to run a Google Ads agency that brings the most important thing in the agency business - results for your clients.

THREAD 🧵 (1/19)
In order to run a Google Ads #agency we need a few things:

- A niche
- A vertical
- An acquisition strategy
- Knowing how to set up a #GoogleAds campaign for your client which brings results sustainably.

Since I want to make this thread as bulletproof as possible, let me give you a foolproof way on how to make this work for you - even WITHOUT any previous knowledge.

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(1/) #unicorns and where less obvious opportunity in #AfricaTech might hide…
#India produced +35 #unicorns in 2021. While the number is staggering, it's much more interesting to see in which verticals value was created and what one can learn in relation to. Hold on #deepdive:
(2/) 38% #eCommerce. Many in #B2B (not just food and retail). Starting to see some unique & alternative models in continent, but a long way to go. Weaker manufacturing infrastructure and fragmentation makes it more challenging. Could be huge wins for those who crack this one up.
(3/) ~14% #fintech. Not just flashy #neobanks. Helping small merchants accept cash, SMEs and services manage subscriptions and of course access to credit shine above.
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@harmonyprotocol approves 12 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @CryptoFamily3 @AegisCustody @MutualKnowledge @0xMagicland

💳Payments: @grindery_io @HarmonyPayOne @HundredFinance @QiDaoProtocol

🎭NFT: @thecosmicguild @ShowMeNFT @Marketplace_1 Story Line Image
1/ Cosmic Universe @thecosmicguild is a play-to-earn fantasy #CryptoGaming #Metaverse MMORPG on the Harmony blockchain where players explore realms, build advanced settlements, and engage in PVP competitions 🎯


#NFT #Gaming #CryptoGaming Image
2/ Crypto Family Bridge @CryptoFamily3 is a decentralized and permissionless inter-blockchain bridge that allows instant and cheap transfer of assets such as tokens and #NFTs across multiple #blockchains 💯


#DeFi #DeFiChain #Blockchain
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#Metaverse Thread!

If we look at technology trends (Not only crypto).. one of the biggest buzzword right now is #Metaverse

We will take a deeper look at what it is, its history, usual in a newbie friendly way!

Some great #Crypto picks at the end! 🧵

1/ Background: So why is there so much buzz around #Metaverse right now...Well this hype started in Sep 2021 when #FB announced an investment of $50m to develop their Metaverse

There's also a feeling in the tech industry that finally the tech to support #Metaverse is here!!
2/ With advancements in VR gaming and connectivity like 5G being closer to implementation

But the reality is that the #Metaverse has been there for a long time and many companies have invested billions of dollars in it already

Let's look at a brief history of the #Metaverse!
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What are the pitfalls of checkout UX? A thread. ⤵️

#ux #uxresearch #uxr #uxdesign #ecommerce
Did you know? According to our #UX studies, 68% of users — after having added items to their cart 🛒 — then choose to abandon their purchase.
During our 9 years of large-scale checkout usability testing, we have also consistently found the checkout #design and flow to frequently be the sole cause for users abandoning their cart 🛒 during the checkout flow.
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Resumen del evento Google #SearchOn de ayer.

En general, muy centrados en AI y comprender las búsquedas, en aprovechar su grafo de productos para ecommerce y en mejorar el aspecto visual de la búsqueda (algunas novedades recuerdan bastante a Pinterest).

Ejemplos en el 🧵
Ahora podremos mezclar imágenes y palabras al usar Google Lens, gracias a MUM (Multitask Unified Mode).

Ejemplo de Google: apunta a una bici averiada y pregunta ¿cómo arreglo esto? Mi opinión: esto va a tardar en funcionar bien, pero quizá, combinado con la siguiente novedad...
podría ser bastante útil. "Refinar esta búsqueda" y "Ampliar esta búsqueda" serán opciones que podremos aplicar a las búsquedas dentro de unos meses.

IComo hacer zoom o agrandar una imagen, pero con keywords. El modo Refine puede hacer más importantes aún los términos long tail
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Like a lot Amazon seller business, we are heavily (90%) dependent on Amazon and our top priority is to diversify our revenue mix. Here is our game plan.
Here are our 10 themes to growing our business off of Amazon
1 - have great products. This sounds obvious, but we spend 6 months making some changes to packaging, product inputs and finding new manufacturing partners. This is critical as our mktg model is heavily LTV dependent and a shitty items tanks repeat rates.
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Think of an Amazon listing as a limitless bazaar with merchants all selling the same item. With a few exceptions, anyone can plug into any the listing and sell that item so Amazon developed a tool to decide who gets to fulfill the sale. This tool is called the Buy Box.
The general rule to win the BB is whoever has the best combination of full landed price (price + shipping cost) and who can get the product to the customer fastest wins. Here is an example from Vital Proteins. Image
There are 10 other sellers trying to sell their inventory, but can't because someone else (in this case, Vital Protein themselves) has the buy box. Want a fun fact? You can't advertise in sponsored products unless you have the buy box.
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Je vous raconte alors une mésaventure qui nous a beaucoup enseigné chez @lamatermarket
Quand on dit souvent qu'entreprendre est dur, on ne sait pas toujours exactement de quoi il est question😭


Je fais un petit partage d'expérience en espérant que ca pourra aider ceux qui se lanceront apres ou qui se sont déjà lancés dans le #ecommerce ...

Bon, nous sommes en 2019 (année de lancement du service @lamatermarket), on essaie de se battre comme on peut pour ...
faire connaitre le service, on communique, on participe à des foires, et tout et tout. Puis BIM, durant une foire avec @DelicesMilly, on rencontre une très haute personnalité qui s'intéresse à notre stand (il n'y avait que des jeunes là bas lol (moins de 20 ans à l'époque))
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#TikTok is supper the 1.3 billion monthly active users (and I) can testify.

Its strength is in the #algorithms that use the 15-30 second videos to figure you out really quickly...and then feed you a never ending diet of video shorts that tickle your fancy Image
#TikTok captures more "signals" about you than any other social media platform...and in double-quick time

(Think about it...on #Netflix, you need to watch a whole show before they know if you'd more of the same. On TikTok, they've figured that out in a couple of minutes) Image
Which all makes TikTok a perfect place for #ecommerce. Especially when you can add influencers like 16 year old #CharlidAmelio and her 123m followers (her videos have been Liked 9.8 billion times...which means they've been watched many more times than that!)

#dunkinDonuts Image
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We've reached a major milestone in solving #dcommerce. A hard problem & gargantuan opportunity in #Web3. We raised $36M in funding, assembled a protocol dream team & designed the next version of @BosonProtocol - 'v1'. A DEX for anything.
Next blitzscale execution. A thread.
@BosonProtocol our vision is to prevent a dystopian future where monopolies control commerce and value-farm us all.
Instead to enable decentralized commerce where people share in the value they create.
We aim to create thousands of millionaires instead of a few trillionaires
As FAMGA eyes the #metaverse, @BosonProtocol represents core infrastructure for an open metaverse economy, by enabling open commerce between the metaverse and the universe.
@jamie247 @pierskicks @TimSweeneyEpic @RyanCrucible @ballmatthew @RaoulGMI…
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#Amazon’s investments have fuelled job creation and economic growth in communities across the USA

Amazon invested more than $167 billion in the U.S. on infrastructure and compensation to employees Image
#Amazon has created more than 950,000 full- and part-time jobs in the U.S.

No other company has created more jobs than Amazon in the past decade

Last year Amazon created an average of 1,000 jobs per day in the U.S.
@WiserIn10 Image
Since 2010, #Amazon’s investments have led to the contribution of more than $499 billion to the U.S. GDP Image
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Overview some emerging tech sectors, niches which become major trends in next 5-10 year with growing thousands startups unicorn and great companies.
Check the thread 👇

#startups #tech #innovations #investors #fintech #financial #cybersecurity #ecommerce
Autonomous shipping
Autonomous trucking
Blockchain real estate
Cannabis breathalyzers
Commercial space launch
Digital freight brokerage
Election tech
Food service robots and machines
Ghost kitchens
Indoor mapping
Short overview each niche 👇…
Industrial workplace safety
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)
Smart packaging
Sports tech
Supersonic travel
Warehouse management tech
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Next steps how to increase #vc #investments and boost #innovations as they are one of major drivers for post pandemic recovery and transition for digital economy.
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#startups #ecommerce #startup #growth #fintech #ai #ml #rpa #edtech #biotech
#Tech sector provide opportunities into #early, #growth and #late stages companies for #vc #financial #investments and #allocations capital into #startups for sustainable investments

#fintech #innovation #ecommerce #startup #growth #ArtificialIntelligence
@dseinnovations #VC fund increase investments into #Fintech, #AI, #RPA, #Cleantech, #Agtech, #Edtech, #Marketplaces, #biotech and other #tech sectors

For #LP’s who are interested to join, please contact directly or email, DM @igorperep
#startup #innovation
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How do you grow a #D2C startup from idea to 8 figures?

After working with 100+ brands, I have seen some raise millions and others go on Shark Tank.

Here are the 22 things to do.

See thread:
1/ Get the Product Right. If Not, Nothing Matters.


- Be different >> @WearAtoms has 1/4 sized shoes
- Know your persona >>> Bala Shoes Has nurses
- Solve a problem >>> @wearehims and balding
2/ Launch on the Back of Your Flagship Product

What product do people talk about the most? What has the highest conversion rate?

- @gf_collective >> Leggings
- @Bonobos >> Dress Pants
- @universalstand >> The Geneva "Travel Dress"
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A Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (#RCEP) @DrRimmer #trade #intellectualproperty #ecommerce #humanrights #SDGs #health #plainpacks #access2meds #COVID19 #Asia #auspol #auslaw
TRIPS Flexibilities and TRIPS-plus Provisions in the #RCEP Chapter on Intellectual Property: How Much Policy Space is Retained? @South_Centre… #trade #intellectualproperty #SDGs Image
How a new trade deal could make it harder to improve life for Australians in aged care… @AFTINET are concerned about the trade in services provisions provisions in #RCEP. #agedcare #agedcarerc #trade #services #auspol #auslaw
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How to Grow on TikTok

Get Mass conversions to your brand with this method

Hello hello my friends

For the past 3 weeks, I have dedicated a team to focus directly on dominating TikTok

We were inspired by a close friend of mine that I look up to @MrFourToEight who has over 1 million followers on the application
He has built an empire that leads towards his very own community and is sitting at about 150,000 followers

I had calls with him, he broke down his strategy, we took it and reversed engineered what he does and added on top of the strategy with our unique twist.
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This week's stock idea: Farfetch | $FTCH | an online luxury marketplace

The leading global online platform for the luxury fashion industry, connecting creators, curators, and consumers.

Core business: income from transactions between sellers and consumers.
1. About

$FTCH's main businesses include:
Marketplace: the only global luxury marketplace at scale connecting consumers in over 190 countries from over 1,300 brands.
Platform Solutions: white-label enterprise which builds and operates e-commerce and technology solutions for luxury brands and retailers.
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1. Le temps passé sur mobile a cru de 20% en moyenne dans le monde en 2020 (pandémie). Aux US, il dépasse désormais le temps devant la TV (4h versus 3,7h/jour)
2. Toutes les générations sont concernées par cette augmentation du temps passé sur les applis mobile. En France, de manière assez égalitaire pour tous els âges #mobile #business #usages #trends
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Q1 on #SEOTalk ➡️ Why #SEO for #eCommerce matters? Aren't the other channels more #ROI driven?
Q2 on #SEOTalk ➡️ How to Develop an eCommerce #SEO Strategy? How does the checklist look like?
Q3 on #SEOTalk ➡️ How to do keyword research for an eCommerce website? Is it required to go beyond search intent?
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As #Flipkart and #Amazon try to quash India's antitrust investigation, trader lobbies accuse them of 'monopolising #ecommerce'…

@Krittiiii Walmart-owned homegrown e-commerce giant #Flipkart and rival #Amazon have separately challenged Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) decision to launch an antitrust investigation into their business practices.

@Krittiiii Notably, the companies have denied any wrong doings in their respective appeals. The antitrust investigation would look into the alleged policy violations and anti-competitive behaviours by both #Amazon and #Flipkart.

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To help countries engage in more informed discussions on #digitaltrade, including in the context of the @WTO JSI on #ecommerce, we developed this #DigitalTradeInventory.

Read the full @OECDtrade report:
Follow🧵for quick download
1/The rules affecting #digitaltrade are complex and spread across a diverse set of issues and fora.

Did you know that there are over 52 instruments that are directly relevant to digital trade in 24 different fora? 🧐
2/ Currently, due to progress at WTO, there is strong consensus on
👉#telecommunications; and
👉market access for ICT goods
But also
👉#ElectronicTransactionFrameworks, with UNCITRAL instruments having substantial influence
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After the memes slow down on crypto and you are asking what the next big thing is.

Look no further:


@worldtoken_ is going to be THE marketplace for all.

$WORLD will be the bridge used for mainstream, mass crypto adoption.
$WORLD will include the following:

Gas-less NFTs 🖼
#opensea #nftmarketplace

Virtual Items 🧑‍💻
#g2a #beatstars #skins #steam

Physical Items 🏍
#amazon #ebay #deals

Services 👨‍🏫
#lessons #freelance

Adult Services 💌
#onlyfans #snapchat

Subscriptions 🗞
#patreon #paywall
BUT before we get to that, let’s cover a few things...


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:



#DeFi #CryptoCurrency #eCommerce $ETH $BSC #FutureOfFinance #AltCoin ImageImage
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