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BREAKING: #BNNNetherlands Reports.

This year alone, the police have shut down 328 fraudulent webshops. The police reported on Tuesday that victims of fake web shops spend an average of 357 euros. Image
According to the police, the number of fake webshops removed from the internet has more than doubled this year.

New fraudulent webshops typically appear around the holidays. As a result, the police expect to shut down even more of these websites.
According to reports, fake webshops have already caused more than 3.3 million euros in damage this year.

This is nearly a million euros more than the previous year. But because not all victims report the crime, the total amount of damage is likely to be even greater.
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If I was making LinkedIn content for @SEOKeval

Here's exactly what I'd do to drive more Inbound Leads

Strategy & Examples Below

// THREAD 🧵 //
@SEOKeval Quick overview of what I'll cover

1) Profile
2) Content Strategy
3) Connection Requests
4) Growth Strategy

Let's dive in
@SEOKeval 1. Profile

With a few optimizations, Keval's profile can drive more calls

Here's some I suggest:

1. Twitter Banner → LinkedIn Banner

• It's clear on the benefits
• It's obvious who he helps
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⚠️We know #ShopifyPixels and #CustomerEvents are tempting, but hear us out before you take the plunge.

All the risks and cons involved with the new feature coming to you in this thread 🧵(1/6)
🔐Privacy & Security (2/6)

More pixels=slower load time
If the pixels bypass customer consent, especially in California or EEA, they are a legal liability.
🧑‍⚖️GDPR Compliance (3/6)

Hello, European stores! You are on your own. Here's what #Shopify says about the new feature's #GDPR compliance:

"Compliance with applicable laws, consents, code security, troubleshooting, and updates are your responsibility."
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Krótka nitka na temat wpływu #ecommerce na środowisko.

Wpływ handlu elektronicznego na środowisko jest pozytywny. Zakupy w Internecie są znacznie mniej emisyjne niż te w sklepach stacjonarnych.

Zakupy offline powodują od 1,4 do 2,9 razy więcej emisji gazów cieplarnianych niż zakupy online. Handel elektroniczny wymaga wprawdzie poruszania się samochodów dostawczych, ale i tak zmniejszają one ruch samochodowy od czterech do dziewięciu razy.

Zużycie gruntów na potrzeby handlu elektronicznego jest niższe niż w przypadku fizycznego handlu detalicznego, jeśli uwzględni się logistykę, powierzchnię sprzedaży i powiązane miejsca parkingowe.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: BTS STUDIOS and VAGABOND are joining forces to disrupt #hollywood with #WEB3 decentralized technology; taking back control, data & content rights from the middle man to the creator
BTS & Vagabond are building together a new decentralized ownership model from the ground up, giving more rights and ownership to the content creator and their community instead of studios and agencies.
From convoluted contracts to biased pay structures, the cultural engine of Hollywood is well-known and in need of a major change. The transparent & more equitable nature of decentralized technology together with Vagabond BaaS infrastructure will allow that change to happen.
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Hilo de #recursos de #IA 🤖
que puedes usar hoy mismo
para mejorar tu negocio online
(muchos gratuitos) ⤵️
Primer grupo: asistentes de IA para la escritura de textos.

Con estos vas a poder:
- generar contenidos web más rápido (⬆️ SEO)
- mejorar tus fichas de producto
- mejorar tu email marketing
La aplicación que he usado para hacer pruebas es Neuroflash

Aunque parezca que sólo funciona en inglés y alemán, el español lo habla muy bien 😉
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5 things to learn from @AbleCarryCo , an amazing brand from Hong Kong that sells backpacks & accessories while runnning their online stores on Shopify.

#ecommerce #shopifystore #konigle
1. Focus on a niche
Start small, focus on a small niche and then grow profitably. All backpacks sold by Able Carry
2. Exit Intent Pop ups
Most exit intent pop ups really suck. They increase drop off and slow down the store. Able Carry's exit intent pop ups are well executed.
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We launched a new #python #wrapper for #website #classification of domains and URLs:…
Added a new #nodejs module for #API which returns categorized domains in terms of 440 categories for general content and 1110+ categories for #ecommerce.…
Classification is based on #machinelearning model.
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#EXCLUSIVE | Meet India’s Real Gully Boy: Vidit Aatrey of Meesho is taking the entrepreneurial dream deep inside Bharat

@Meesho_Official @viditaatrey…

By @malinibhupta
Shaan Ansari is a 19-year old entrepreneur who lives in the historic city of Panipat, 100 kms north of Delhi, and he may never qualify for any list celebrating under-20 #entrepreneurs, but his story is no less inspiring than #RanveerSingh’s character in Gully Boy.
The pandemic put his father out of work and Ansari out of school. He went scouting for opportunities online that would require zero #investment and found it in Meesho.

Today he manufactures mats from a rented factory, employs 50 people and clocks revenues of ₹30 lakh a month.
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Want an easy way to beat your competitors? 🏆

🧵 Google Ads Series Day 5/14 🧵

How to bid on your competitors' search terms in Google:
As you'll see in the example below, when you type in the term "Trello" on Google, 3 of their competitors show up before them. Image
Using a research tool such as AHREFS or Semrush, you can view what keywords your competitors are running bids on, the ads they are running, in addition to what keywords they rank for organically.

First, go to "Site explorer" at the top Image
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[THREAD] Comment j’ai perdu 15 000€ avec le #dropshipping / #ecommerce en 6 mois💸 ( ne fait pas ça !)

🔃 & ❤️⤵️
1. Le commencement !

Suite à une remise en question complète sur mon mindset et la vision de mon futur, je dégustais un bon Otacos Nuggets Tenders sauce algérienne devant une vidéo de @YomiDenzel96 , je me dis ptn de merde faut que je me lance dans le drop !
De plus, une connaissance avait récemment explosé avec son équipe dans le #dropshipping donc je savais que c’était possible. Bien évidement je ne me voyais pas travailler toute ma vie et le but était la retraite anticipée (toujours mon goal)💸
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𝘾𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙎𝙩𝙪𝙙𝙮 101

How to lower your ACOS down to 3% while maintaining ROAS 27% ?

Case-study to control ACOS in high CPC / Cut-throat niches.

𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚 = 5 𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙩𝙚𝙨
Ever faced the heat from fierce competition in your niche & have no breathing room?

Follow these Tips to make your lives easier and your accounts more profitable:

✅Where avg CPC on TOS > Profit.

✅Reducing TOS% results in dropped ranks.
What I did:

✅ Reduced daily budget on High SV Keyword campaigns with high TOS placement to improve TACOS.

Now the Sales velocity got low, so we had to cover it up with something.

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I increased % of email in total client’s revenue from 0% to 32% in a month. Here’s what I did.

So, the client (an apparel brand) came in on a summer month with seasonally declining sales.

We rose up to the challenge & within 30 days 30% of revenue was already coming from @klaviyo!

Sounds insane? Let’s break it down.
1. Started with meticulous audit. From main problems:

❌no list segmentation
❌no basic flows
❌too high bounce rate

To sum up: email channel was UNDERUTILISED [see: leaving money on the table].
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Sabies que la Unió Soviètica tenia el seu propi domini (Top-Level Domain o TLD), el .su? Va ser creat l'any 1990 i a dia d'avui encara hi ha més de 100.000 pàgines que el fan servir. (1/n)
I a què ve això ara? Doncs resulta que parlant amb la @gemmafontane, em va passar una entrada de la Wikipedia on s'enllaça un projecte seu ( La pàgina en qüestió és (2/n)
A primera vista pot semblar una pàgina de la Wikipedia normal. El primer que destaca, però, és el "et.". Revisant-ho, veiem que simplement és la configuració de l'idioma. Aquest enllaç és la versió en estoni de l'entrada. Fins aquí, tot bé. (3/n)
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It took me years to learn an incredibly valuable business lesson, i.e. the difference between visionary entrepreneurs and integrators.

Knowing the difference can be the difference between your business stalling out and your business taking off. 🚀

Here's why. 👇
Visionaries, as you might imagine, are entrepreneurs who see the big picture and are constantly coming up with new ideas.

They see into the future and have lots of ideas and big dreams.
The problem with visionaries is that they aren't great at doing the work to make their dreams a reality.

It's just not how their brain works.

They're great at seeing the future and coming up with ideas, but not great at planning and executing what needs to be done.
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DTC #eCommerce Monday Marketing Update

Have you been wondering what #marketing strategies are working the best right now for @Shopify stores?

Here's the answer... 👇👇👇
#1: Organic Social
Organic social is still a great way to reach customers and to get "free" traffic to your site.

Regular IG traffic and engagement is⬇️, but brands we're working with are getting the best results from being active on stories, Reels, and TikTok.
If you want to see an example of how to use Reels and TikTok for your brand, check out @BURLEBOoutdoors (@Burlebo on IG and TT).

Burlebo does a great job of creating fun and on-brand organic content.
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Looking for an inspiring success story?

@FEIntl recently posted an article featuring @AJAgrawal24.

Here's how he launched, built, and made a high 7-figure exit from his wildly successful CBD business @VermaFarms.

1/ Agrawal launched @VermaMedia, a business that allowed him to hone his marketing skills.
2/ He began struggling with sleep, so he turned to CBD. It worked.
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Need to improve your customer service but don't have the resources?

Try these 8 things:
1. Create thorough product descriptions.

Inquiries will decrease when customers have a clear picture of your product's benefits and features.
2. Offer live chat.

73% of consumers find live chat the most satisfying way to communicate with a business.
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🧵New investigation into e-commerce giant We uncovered a huge range of child sex abuse dolls including replica toddler girls marketed for men's sexual purposes on @madeinchina_b2b
#madeinchinaDOTCOM #MICchildsexabusedolls #ecommerce #endsexploitation Image
We found numerous listings for the replica female children designed with penetrable orifices for men's simulation of child rape. @madeinchina_b2b #madeinchina #MICchildsexabusedolls #ecommerce #EndSexploitation #CSAM #CEM #EndSexploitation #b2b #ecommerce Image
The products are listed with descriptors including 'young', 'child', 'girl', 'flat chest', 'real' and 'loli'.

The number of penetrable 'holes' - mouth, vagina + anal orifices - is usually listed.

@madeinchina_b2b #MICchildsexabusedolls Image
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How I engineer my TikTok accounts to constantly find me winning products… 🔎

// 🧵
1). Set up a fresh TikTok account, so the algorithm has no previous data on what content you like to watch
2). Search the product/dropshipping hashtags (e.g amazonfinds, tiktokmademebuyit ect.) and interact with every post
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Let’s settle the debate of “is MRR black hat?” — A THREAD:
MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue for those who don’t know already & in the eComm community it seems to be a hot topic at the moment.
MRR In and of itself is not blackhat. Pre-Checking a box on a Shopify Checkout IS. You cannot preemptively opt your customers into a subscription that they “may or may not” know about..
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Nykaa competitor @letspurplle is the latest #unicorn after a $33 million fundraise…

By @Krittiiii
Cosmetics ecommerce company @letspurplle — which competes with Falguni Nayar’s Nykaa — is now valued at over a billion dollars after its $33 million fundraise. With this, Purplle has become the 102nd #unicorn in India.
The #unicorn round saw participation from Paramark Ventures, along with existing investors like Premji Invest, Blume Ventures and Kedaara Capital. It was valued at $1.1 billion.
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I've spent $40M+ on ads and learned I can't control the cost of advertising.

Instead I focus on improving conversion rates through split testing.

Here are 9 product page tests you can start experimenting with today.

RT if Valuable Please 🙏 Quick 🧵👇
#ecommerce #DTC
Let users buy out of stock products by clearly extending the delivery date.

If a potential customer is trying to scratch an itch, chances are if they don't buy from you, they will find somewhere else to make the purchase.

Just be CLEAR on the extended delivery date.
Style your "Add To Cart" to be PROMINENT. This could mean making the button bigger, or changing the button color.

Other ways to make the add to cart button pop is making sure it is above the fold on mobile, or making it sticky as the user scrolls.
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