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Per chi volesse approfondire i temi trattati nel servizio di #PresaDiretta di ieri sera, ho raccolto in questo thread le fonti e i documenti principali citati in trasmissione. 🧵1/
Cominciamo dalla missione dell'#OMS a #Wuhan, all'inizio di quest'anno. Qui trovate il rapporto finale che considera "estremamente improbabile" l'incidente di laboratorio. 2/…
Qui invece la famosa lettera scritta a @ScienceMagazine (primo autore @jbloom_lab) per chiedere di indagare tutti i possibili scenari. 3/…
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One last thread on the origins of #SARSCoV2 before the upcoming publication of the US intelligence report. First of all, there are two things that might be even more important than the origin itself: research ethics and scientific debate. 1/
Since the beginning, some scientists working in Chinese institutions haven't been fully transparent. The history of #RaTG13 and the issues with its sequencing data, the miners pneumonia, the missing database, the pangolin CoV data. Hiding info, playing with words. Bad science. 2/
The second thing that I didn't like was the suppression of an open dialogue between scientists, which lasted for several months. Now it's easier for scientists to freely talk about the different scenarios, but do you remember how difficult it was one year ago? 3/
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Eccoci qua! Secondo thread su origine di #SARSCoV2!
Dopo avervi spiegato perchè il virus potrebbe essere artificiale (ma anche no!), oggi invece vi raccontiamo perché NON abbiamo delle prove che il virus sia naturale 1/ Image
Se #SARSCoV2 è naturale, esiste un animale portatore, cioè animale in natura infettato da un virus quasi identico a quello umano. Non vale 92,4% del #coronavirus nei pangolini malesi, né 96,2% del virus trovato nei pipistrelli ferro di cavallo. Punto. 2/
Come per le scale in Harry Potter, anche ai virus piace cambiare. Pipistrello e pangolino potrebbero essere “serbatoio” naturale, da cui #SARSCoV2 è arrivato a noi, attraverso varie mutazioni e salti di specie intermedi. Il punto è ricostruire la mappa degli eventi. 3/
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Ok, affrontiamo l'elefante nella stanza: da dove deriva #SARSCoV2 ? Un thread per spiegarvi perchè NON siamo certi sull’origine del nuovo coronavirus. Noi ricercatori siamo così: nessuna prova, nessuna parola 1/
Immaginate la vostra palazzina inondata dall’acqua, causa un tubo rotto. Di domenica. Agosto. Prima delle ferie. La frustrazione di quel momento può portare nostro cervello primordiale a cercare e creare una risposta. "Colpa del vicino invidioso, il tubo passa nel suo muro!" 2/
È uno scenario abbastanza improbabile, no? Anche la casa del vicino è inondata! Ecco, credere all’ipotesi del virus creato in laboratorio e volutamente messo in circolazione non è diverso da questa storiella. Aggiungiamo però anche altri aspetti su sequenza di #SARSCoV2 3/
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A #thread on our recent paper in @PLOSNTDs examining ecological #evidence-base for #DiseaseControl management practices for #KyasanurForestDisease #AcademicTwitter #Scicomm #OneHealth; paper led by @SarahBurthe from @MonkeyFever_ consortium
#Diseasecontrol strategies originate through endorsements by Governments/academia/authorities; they're often not field-tested robustly; even when they are, evidence is limited to one sector (cf. #OneHealth #Intersectoral approaches);
#publichealth approaches ought to be contextual & their effectiveness ought to be evaluated, yet strategies for disease control often spread through word of mouth and are sometimes untested;
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#Österreich profitiert unter den "Geizigen Vier" (AT, NL, SWE, DK) am meisten von den geplanten 405 Mrd. € an #Zuschüssen beim #EU-#Corona-#Wiederaufbau. 1/4
Gegen nicht rückzuzahlende #Hilfen für Süd- und Osteuropa am #morgigen #EU-#Gigfel zu sein, #konterkariert somit Österreichs nationale #Interessen. 2/4
Hilfe nur über #Kredite ist ein ökonomisches #Nullsummenspiel, weiß @OliverPicek. EU-Kredite würden nationale Kredite ersetzen, womit kein zusätzliches Geld die Wirtschaft stützen könnte. 3/4
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மீண்டும் சொல்கிறோம்:

சின்ன அம்மை,போலியோ போன்ற நோய்களை மனித சமூகம் வெற்றிகொண்டதற்கு இரண்டு முக்கியமான காரணங்கள் உள்ளன. முதல் காரணம்,அந்த நோய்கள் கிருமிகளால் மட்டுமே ஏற்பட்டன. சின்னம்மைக்கு காரணம் வரியோலா வைரஸ்,போலியோவிற்கு காரணம் போலிசாமியிலிட்டிஸ். இந்த இரண்டும் விலங்கிலிருந்து
மனிதர்களுக்கு தொற்றிய கிருமிகள் அல்ல.மற்றொரு காரணம், சுகாதாரத்தில் (Sanitation) ஏற்பட்ட முன்னேற்றங்கள்.ஆனால் எய்ட்ஸ், எபோலா,monkeypox,bovine tuberculosis, Lyme disease, West Nile fever, Marburg virus disease, rabies,hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, anthrax,Lassa fever,Rift Valley
fever,ocular larva migrans, scrub typhus,Bolivian hemorrhagic fever,Kyasanur forest disease,Nipah, கொரோனா போன்ற நோய்களுக்கு காரணமாக உள்ள கிருமிகள் விலங்குகளிடமிருந்து (Zoonoses) தொற்றியவை.பெருவாரியாக இவ்வகை நோய்கள் சூழல் சங்கிலியில் ஏற்பட்ட சீர்கேட்டால்/மாற்றங்களால் ஏற்பட்டவை.
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Global shifts in mammalian population trends reveal key predictors of virus spillover risk. Out in Proc Royal Society B @RSocPublishing @CKreuderJohnson @EpiCenterUCD @PREDICTproject @OneHealthUCD @ucdavisvetmed @LairmoreDVMDean @NIH…
Co-authors include @petaleeh @PanditPranav, @SmileyTierra, Julie Rushmore, Cristin Young, and Megan Doyle. The study was supported by @PREDICTproject and @NIH
The study concludes that the exploitation of natural habitats is not only a conservation issue, but an important driver of spillover transmission zoonotic viruses. Here is a thread that discusses three key points highlighted from study.
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