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JUST IN: #BNNGeorgia Reports.

Irakli Garibashvili (@GharibashviliGe), Prime Minister of Georgia claimed that Georgia could have been turned into a “shooting range” if opposition leaders had managed to take control of the country.
He said Kiev tried to pressurise Tbilisi into joining the conflict with Russia. #Georgia #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #Tbilisi

Irakli Garibashvili said this in an address to parliament on Friday.
Garibashvili said, “These people [the Georgian opposition] are their [Ukrainian officials] allies. Imagine if these people had been at the helm of the Georgian government today.
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Hoy se cumplen 31 años de la (re)declaración de independencia de #Azerbaiyán, así que lo celebramos con un hilo sobre esta Tierra del Fuego que nada tiene que ver con Ushuaia, el país de los volcanes de barro y los mares que arden 🇦🇿🔥 Image
La historia de #Azerbaiyan empieza en la cueva Azykh, en donde habitaron los primeros humanos (o casi) en la zona.

Se encontraron fósiles de neandertal de unos 300 mil años. Pero además tenían ¡CHIMENEA! La 1° de la historia. La hermandad entre azeríes y fuego comenzó entonces. ImageImage
(Sí, sí, la cueva está en el territorio en disputa de #NagornoKarabakh, pero bajo control de Azerbaiyán y reconocido internacionalmente como territorio azerbaiyano)
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today, EthnoFest in #Tbilisi (alas only realized it happening late afternoon), with plenty of great things you can get if you
-- enjoy #crafts
-- want to support local business, or
-- are thinking abt gifts already
Below some of my favourites. 1/n Image
This won the overall prize (congrats!!!) & was my favourite: fairly simple, evocative of #Tbilisi & #Batumi #architecture, nice #lighting addition somewhere in a flat, neat product. 2/n Image
More on Lampino & link to FB presence here:… 3/n
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final town-hall session still many in audience after very full @TbilisiZeg day.
Ukraine, the broader context, notes on caution & context & reflections.
"are we here today because there wasn't a Nuremburg trial for the Soviets?", asks @antelava w reference to comment by Giga Bokeria that there hasn't been enough of a reckoning with the crimes of communism. @TbilisiZeg
maybe not so much Nuremburg, but "West" could & should have paid much more attention to what happened earlier in Chechnya, etc., so some hope that this focuses minds on such crimes in the future, says @AnnaNeistat
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Forgotten Wars, Open Wounds -- @NorthAndrew and @saadmohseni abt the conflicts that we do not pay attention to. #Georgia slipping from minds; Iraq protests in 2019; Afghanistan now.
Third session in @TbilisiZeg in #Tbilisi.
.@saadmohseni In Afghanistan, "we paid a very heavy price for the victory over Soviets", the question I ask about #Ukraine -- how will this end? "The American have been very fickle."
"It's easy to cheer from the sidelines, but people get killed. We have been seeing that play out in our own lives in 44 years of war."
(In my view: fair point, but UKR is & wants to be in Europe, and that does matter.) #zeg22
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Esta semana, el 21 de septiembre, #Armenia cumplió 31 años de independencia, así que lo celebramos con un hilo sobre el primer país oficialmente cristiano del mundo, que tiene un Arca de Noé, una mano de oro y es cuna de todos los sufijos "ian".
Cuenta la leyenda que el arca de Noé encalló en el monte #Ararat, en la actual Turquía. Y dicen que descubrieron los restos del navío.

Se supone que el patriarca Hayk, fundador de Armenia, era tataratatara nieto de Noé. O chozno, que es una palabra que no uso nunca.
#Armenia fue reino y/o imperio y también parte de muchos otros imperios, entre ellos el Persa, el Romano, el Bizantino y el Otomano, que dividió Armenia y a su población en Occidental y Oriental en el siglo XVI. Esto traería unos cuantos problemas más adelante... y hasta hoy.
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#ThisDay Sep 16, 1822, Tserents, a prominent Armenian writer, was born in Constantinople. Together with Raffi, Tserents was the founder of Armenian historical novel. Novel "Thoros of Levon" was dedicated to the tragic events in the history of #Armenia'n Kingdom of Cilicia, 12th c
His best known novel, The Travails of the 9th Century, reflects the liberation struggle of the Armenian people against the Abbasid Caliphate in the 9th century. Tserents' novel Theodoros Rshtuni is about the historic struggle of the 7th century for a strong centralized state.
Tserents studied at Venice, at the San Lazzaro degli Armeni of the Mekhitarist Order between 1831–1837 and continued his education in Paris (1848–1853). He returned to Constantinople in 1853 and lived for several years in Cyprus, working as a teacher & scientist.
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#OnThisDay, September 15, 1906, Dmitriy Nalbandyan, a prominent Soviet #Armenia'n painter, People's #Artist of the USSR, member of the USSR Academy of Arts, Hero of Socialist Labor & twice winner of the Stalin Prize, was born in Tiflis (now #Tbilisi), Russian Empire.
The beginning of Nalbandyan's artistic career happened to be during the 1930s, the time when active restructuring in the artistic sphere has begun, and Social Realism started to gain its momentum. He worked in the field of graphics, painted portraits, still lifes & landscapes.
In his work, the artist tried to convey the image of the typical Soviet man and reflect important episodes of the life of the Soviet Union, embodying the ideology of the Party and following the appeal for the formation of a new citizen and building a new society within Socialism.
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Unweit von Gelati liegt dann noch das Kloster Motsameta, das wie man sieht, häufig für Hochzeiten genutzt wird. Hier befinden sich die Gebeine der Märtyrer Davit und Konstantin, die im 8. Jahrhundert ermordet wurden, als sie eine Rebellion gegen die Araber organisierten. ImageImageImageImage
Wenn du „Gamardschoba“ (georgisch für Guten Tag) so akzentfrei sprichst, das dich alle für einen Einheimischen halten. 😅
Es ist wohl einer der skurrilsten Gebäude in Kutaisi mit einer tragischen Geschichte. Ende der 2000er wurde Initiative des damaligen Präsidenten Micheil Saakaschwili entschieden, das georgische Parlament nach Kutaisi zu verlegen… Image
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okay, let's talk about what Boris #Nemtsov said after the 08.08.08 aggression (#Tskhinval)
Boris Nemtsov is a well-known russian opposition politician who was killed in 2015. there will be tweets with his direct quotes🧵
#Немцов #AbkhaziaisnotGeorgia #SouthOssetiaisnotGeorgia
“Let's start with the most dramatic and bloody events about Ossetia and Abkhazia. the problems of South Ossetia and Abkhazia have been dragging on for a long time, they did not arise during the time of Putin or even during the reign of Yeltsin, they are much older… 🧵
…The conflict between Abkhazians and Georgians dates back hundreds of years. During the time of Stalin, who was a Georgian, there was a forced Georgification of Abkhazia. That is, Georgians moved to the territory of Abkhazia and had to assimilate there…🧵
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A biolab in Ukraine has conducted unethical human experiments. #BiolabsinUkraine😱. The allegations concern a lab located in Merefa, a city in Ukraine’s #Kharkov region. The Russian military claimed that “American scientists from the lab” conducted a series of human experiments.. Image
between 2019 and 2021, using patients at a psychiatric ward in Kharkov as subjects.
The research involved testing “potentially dangerous biological preparations,” the ministry claimed, without explaining what exactly was being tested. Image
The subjects were screened based on their age, nationality, and immunity status and were closely monitored, the ministry said. The ward kept no records about the alleged trials while its staff members were made to sign non-disclosure agreements, it alleged.
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.@FRANCE24 reports that Russian advances in Ukraine have stalled. No significant territorial changes on the ground in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, US sources put the number of Russian soldiers killed in this reckless invasion at around 6,000. #Kyiv
I don't know what will stop Vladimir Putin," says journalist Manon Loizeau on @FRANCE24. "Yes, we should all be afraid." #Ukraine #Kyiv #Moscow #Russia
Interesting point from @JasperMortimer on @FRANCE24. While Lavrov said today that he doesn't have the authority to agree on anything with his Ukrainian counterpart, this raises questions about what on earth is going on with the bilateral negotiations held on the Belarus border.
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❗️Belarussians are not the enemy to Ukranian people

At the protest in support of #Ukraine in #Tbilisi a #Belarusian woman asked to stop discrimination by passport

"My passport does not indicate my position. My heart and soul pray for Ukraine," she wrote on the poster.
It has become known that citizens of Belarus, despite their political position, have been subjected to discrimination in Europe.

In Poland, there were cases when they were denied housing or employment. The number of attacks on Belarusian truck drivers has increased.
Most Belarusians in Europe are political refugees who left dictatorship. They fully support Ukraine, as do most of Belarusians.

The fact that Lukashenko let the Russian troops come in is just a new article for his criminal case, but not a reason to hate our people.
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#Ukraine 🇺🇦: the mayor of #Mariupol is holding a press conference. He states the city has been facing heavy Russian shelling since the early morning but as of this moment remains under Ukrainian control. Image
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: destruction in #Odessa
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: utter destruction at the #Lutsk airport, close to the Polish border.
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I recently submitted my PhD dissertation titled "Illiberalism Beyond Borders. Dissecting Russian and Turkish External Influence in Bosnia and Georgia" at @FU_Berlin. Interested in what I found? Read this thread ⬇️
To begin with, I hypothesise that illiberal external influence (IEX) is more likely to contribute to the contestation of #democracy in a given polity when it appears in the context of a favorable domestic environment and the absence of liberal external counterpressure.
I particularly scrutinise the role of domestic elites in facilitating/obstructing IEX, based on findings by J. Tolstrup, @otansey, R. Vanderhill et al. I also look at how liberal ext. counterpressure can help prevent a major contribution of IEX to the contestation of #democracy.
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So, für den 🇬🇪-#Georgien-Teil des Kaukasus-Reiserückblicks 2014 leiste ich mir zur Feier des Tages einen neuen Thread... Zunächst nochmals die Reiseroute und ein ein paar Vorschaubilder zu georgischen Highlights...
Die 🇦🇿-🇬🇪-Grenzabfertigung mussten wir separat von unserem Fahrer und zu Fuss erledigen, nach dem Grenzübergang fuhren wir mit unserem aserbaidschanischen Taxi weiter...
Unsere Unterkunft im pittoresken Städtchen #Sighnaghi/ #სიღნაღი in der georgischen Toskana, auch Kachetien genannt :-)
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#Georgia 🇬🇪: thousands of people have gathered in front of parliament in #Tbilisi in a protest organized by being the opposition parties and civil society groups.

The rally was called following a decision by parliament to vote down promised electoral reforms ImageImageImageImage
#Georgia 🇬🇪: protesters are setting up barricades outside of parliament in #Tbilisi. They're determined to stay their through the night an prevent MPs from entering the building tomorrow morning Image
#Georgia 🇬🇪: riot police are surrounding protesters at Parliament this afternoon.

Last time police cracked down on a protest in #Tbilisi several people were seriously injured, some losing an eye ImageImageImage
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#Georgia 🇬🇪: the ruling party has reject a proposed changing of the electoral system from a mixed system to a proportional one, which was one of the main demands of protesters back in June.

Opposition parties are calling for new street protests.…
#Georgia 🇬🇪: protesters have already gathered, giving a not so subtle message to parliament Image
#Georgia 🇬🇪: the parliament building in #Tbilisi tonight
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I'm reading British merchant John Newberry's travel memories to our region of 1581.

"At the time of the last warres in Persia, there were many Christians taken slaves in Errewan, and other places"

He must mean events when in 1579 Ottoman army captured 60,000 Armenians, 2 yrs b4 Image
"In Errewan are very many Christians, and yet there is a Church standing of the

So he stays 3 days in #Yerevan, mentions very many Christians, but only 1 church (standing churches must have been at least a dozen at the moment). I suppose he didn't walk around a lot.
Another good source - Don Juan of Persia, publishing memoirs of traveling to region in 1599-1602. His 17th c. map republished in 1926. Azerbaijan just as it has always been, Kurdistan to south of Van, only Albania is strangely close to Black sea :) Image
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SHORT THREAD:Here comes Ramzan Kadyrov w/ his take on anti-#Russian protests in #Georgia:
- I observe events in GEO with anxiety.#Tbilisi is just 200 km from [#Chechnya's] Grozny & there's almost 1 mln of Georgians living in RUS. Friendship b/n our peoples goes back centuries 1/ Image
Kadyrov on anti-#Russian/n protests in #Georgia:
- In 2018, RUS citizens left in GEO almost $3.5 billions
- Now because of some anti-Russian radicals Georgian beaches,hotels & restraurants will be left empty
Kadyrov on anti-Rus protests in #Georgia:
- Rus & Geo people have a"thousand reasons to live 2gether in peace & not a single one to look each other in the eye w/ hatred"
- GEO "polluticians" egged on RUS by West
-@Zourabichvili_S wrong: #Russia interested in peace,security in GEO
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Some comments from afar on last night’s violence in #Tbilisi Several things can be true at the same time:

1. The police used violent force, apparently without warning, to break up a mostly peaceful crowd, hurting dozens of people. That's unacceptable.…
2. There were undoubtedly some provocateurs in that crowd, probably die-hard Saakashvili supporters , who wanted to storm parliament and force regime change. And last night was also deja vu of the night Misha used violence in Tbilisi in 2007.…
3. Ordinary Georgians were understandably offended at the sight of a Russian MP sitting in their speaker’s chair. Dip. relations were broken off over Abkhazia and S Ossetia in 2008 for good reason. There are still at least 7000 Russian troops illegally in Abkhazia and S Ossetia.
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