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@madebybadcode @smitty622 @jamespmanley @TaraBull808 Except all Putin wanted was for Ukraine (& small former Soviet Republics around SW borders) to remain independent & NATO to keep out of them

Russia's been saying they were Red Lines for three decades


Never mentioned anything else in past

Soviets let...
@madebybadcode @smitty622 @jamespmanley @TaraBull808 Soviets let 1,000s of square miles of former USSR & Warsaw Pact go free without a shot being fired

(At time China was mowing down protesters in #TiananmenSquare & "we" were giving away all our jobs & manufacturing to them)

Neither they nor Putin mentioned any Red Lines except..
@madebybadcode @smitty622 @jamespmanley @TaraBull808 Neither Soviets Russian Federation nor Putin mentioned any Red Lines about anywhere except Ukraine (& other small regions on SW borders)

Putin didn't even want Donbas

Wanted it to be autonomous region of neutral Ukraine

Then when broke away wanted neutral independent state...!
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Chapter 21 is titled

“The Great American About Face:

“There Was a Time When Kindness Was a Noble Thing; Nightmare Apparent”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

THREAD…… #Blue #compassion #MeanSpiritedness

CW22 21/1
“[*Chapter 21 text begins:*] “You don’t know what I’m getting at. But this is the indicator of the gradual change in our country that would be missed by those younger than myself.”

THREAD… #Blue #compassion #MeanSpiritedness #FBR #Republicans

CW22 21/2
“I only see this glaring discrepancy because of having lived many years in an America whose values were different, and who thought differently, more compassionately than today.”

READ/DWL BOOK...… #FBR #compassion #Blue #MeanSpiritedness #resist

CW22 21/3
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Oblivious of the anti-imperialist sentiment around the world, media is still  in the old mode, tells and relays imperialist lies, and does not relent in its false and venomous anti-China propaganda. 🧵
The latest is relayed from UK how China allegedly controls global bodies like WHO, Interpol etc even while gleefully saying the US and EU still control World Bank, IMF and the like.
Western Mainstream media operate as propaganda agents for US governments. #TiananmenSquare #hongkong #Taiwan
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Here's the latest Hamilton 2.0 data on
👉Russia's #Ukraine war propaganda
👉China's #Xinjiang denials

Read more 👇🧵 and subscribe here:…
U.S. missiles

Putin’s threat that Russia would hit targets in Ukraine “that we have not yet attacked” if Kyiv receives long-range missiles from the United States. Russian messengers claimed Ukraine was planning to hit Russia with U.S. weapons and threatened 🇺🇦's allies.
Food Crisis 🥕

Russian diplomats and state media continued to deny responsibility for a global food crisis that experts say was sparked by Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, instead blaming the shortage on the Covid-19 pandemic, a Western media stunt, and Ukraine.
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The greatest protest photos of all time were taken 33 years ago today. On June 5, 1989, six (not four) photographers captured a lone protester facing down a column of tanks near #TiananmenSquare. This version of the“Tank Man” photo was made by @StuartAFranklin for @TIME...🧵
I interviewed Stuart in 2009 for the @nytimes. He told me he shot the photo from the balcony of the Beijing Hotel and that his film was "smuggled out in a packet of tea by a French student and delivered to the @MagnumPhotos office in Paris." The contact sheet is fascinating:
Charlie Cole was working for @Newsweek next to Stuart on the balcony. His version is much tighter (taken with a 300) and won @WorldPressPhoto. He hid the film in his hotel room, attaching it to the flush chain in the tank of the toilet. Sadly, Charlie died in 2019. RIP 🙏🏻
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Today's the 33rd anniversary of the 1989 #TiananmenSquare 'incident'. I was a student in #Beijing as it unfolded. China and its politics have run deep in my bloodstream ever since. Below, a thread detailing the eye witness account of a Chinese friend (17) and my own observations. Image
Beijing witness (aged 17): “Saturday afternoon, 3 June. In the previous few days, the authorities have been arresting workers: morale is lowering. The government and PLA wait until people at Tian’anmen lessen, then move in the 27th Army in armoured vehicles.”
“The first lot of young soldiers sent in had joined forces with students in Beijing after students stopped them, and informed them of the actual situation: a peaceful demonstration for democracy. The tanks had turned back.”
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"Na China ninguém sabe do que houve na praça da paz celestial, gov apagou da história". Realidade:
Não só sabem como o @thinking_panda, que é chinês, fez um fio sobre isso e vou traduzir aqui:
Diplomata chileno em Beijing: "não houve massacre"
LiHong, estudante de Hong Kong que estava na praça: "não houve massacre"
HouDejian, cantor taiwanes e um dos líderes dos protestos: "eu estive na praça até 6:30 da manhã, não vi nada disso"
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Memory is a Weapon
#TiananmenSquare #1989 #Revolution #China
Memory is a Weapon
#TiananmenSquare #1989 #Revolution #China
Memory is a Weapon
#TiananmenSquare #1989 #Revolution #China
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Thread. Seeing the anniversary of one of Americas colour revolutions in China is coming up, I thought it was time to repost what was lost. There are many myths regarding the supposed #TiananmenSquareMassacre, knowing what we know now, how America fabricates information...
Take a look at that Iconic Image, the western media portrays #TankMan as a symbol of defiance, but what is the truth? Did you know he lived? Did you know he was actually stopping the tanks from leaving the square the morning after? Did you notice he has two bags? Lets see below Image
Here we have the full video, as you can see he goes on his merry way, his friends even give the soldiers a wave, that second bag, where did that go? A gift for the soldiers perhaps, but that is speculation. Facts are he stopped them leaving, and he lived
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Note what looks like polystyrene being added to make the Molotovs more potent - acting like a plasticiser or home made napalm.

A truly horrible but sadly necessary defensive weapon in this context unless the world rearms or better reinforces #Ukraine
This image says it all wife’s, sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers forced to prepare for war.

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦 Image
Saw this the other day and wanted to add it to the thread

A well known #Ukranian politician who needs to the know the world
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1. #NixonMao #rapprochement 50th ANNIVERSARY: SOME FACTS & LESSONS.
In only 50 years, everything changes. Strategic interests of two great powers aligned then as much as they clash today.
I hate threads but my blog is not out yet: here some disorderly thoughts.
2. In 1972, China needed to avert a terrestrial invasion from #USSR. The #UnitedStates was keen to gain a heavy-weight partner to checkmate #Moscow; but the long-term objective was to bring the most populous country into a rising US-led global economic order for the US to profit
3. In the following decades, the relationship was not void of tensions. However, strategic interests were important enough to save it from #TaiwanRelationsAct, #Reagan anti #communism and support for #Taiwan; #TiananmenSquare; #StraitCrisis 1995-1996; #Belgrade bombing
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A long thread on #TiananmenSquare Massacre: The Ugly and Brutal Face of Communism in #China on June 4, 1989

What exactly led to the peaceful protestors in China exactly 32 years ago?

Read till the end…
Tiananmen Square is located in the center of Beijing, the capital of China.

Tiananmen means "gate of heavenly peace."
April 15, 1989 - Hu Yaobang, a former Communist Party leader, died. Hu was a symbol of an open political system and democratic reforms.

April 18, 1989: Post his death, 1000s of mourning students march through the capital to Tiananmen Square, a walk towards democracy.
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Never forget. 🕯

Thread of some of the reports from 4th and 5th June, 1989. First, @MSNBC
The seminal Kate Adie @BBCNews report:
From @ABC which I find especially disturbing.
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“Remembering the lewd chatter around the dinner table every night, I felt for the first time that the system I had long considered sacred was in fact unbearably absurd.”…
“My experience with the study outline taught me that the ideas the party sanctimoniously promoted were in fact self-serving tools used to deceive the Chinese people.

I soon learned that they were also a way of making money.”…
“CCP had >3.6 million grassroots organizations, each of which was expected to buy a copy of a new publication. If the book was priced at ten yuan per copy, that meant a minimum of 36 million yuan in sales revenue—equivalent to more than $5 million today.”…
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#Thread : The Bloody History of #Communism - Chapter 2: People’s Republic of #China (PRC) and #Cambodia

#MaoZedong, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China, ruled China as the chairman of the #CommunistPartyOfChina...


#CommunismKills #SocialismKills Image
...from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976.

Ideologically a #Marxist#Leninist, his theories, military strategies, & political policies are collectively known as #Maoism.

(2/17) Image
Based on the Soviets' experience, #Mao considered violence to be necessary in order to achieve an ideal society that would be derived from #Marxism and as a result he planned & executed violence on a grand scale.

(3/17) Image
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NEW: @TheJusticeDept announces charges vs 2 #China nationals for trying to hack research on #COVID19 vaccine research, hit-tech manufacturing, solar energy, defense, pharmaceuticals and gaming

Hackers-named as Li Xiaoyu & Dong Jiazhi-stole "terrabytes of data" per officials
Per @TheJusticeDept, #China's Li Xiaoyu & Dong Jiazh began hacking efforts in 2014, & that efforts continued until now

In addition to US, the Chinese hackers targeted #Britain #Germany #Belgium #Australia
Indictment "highlights how the Chinese government is willing to turn a blind eye" to criminal activities within its borders, per @TheJusticeDept Assistant Attorney General for Nat'l Security John Demers
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[With its claws sharpened, Beijing toughens penalties under #NationalSecurityLaw]

1. Defying all oppositions, #Beijing will pass the law by June 30. NPC delegate Ip Kwok-him unveils, maximum penalty will be raised from 10 years to life sentence, heavier than previously expected. Image
2. According to Wang Dan, one of the student leaders of the #TiananmenSquare pro-democracy movement in 1989, #Beijing will arrest me Joshua Wong and the city’s pro-democracy media tycoons Jimmy Lai on Wednesday (July 1), the day after the law is put into place.
3. As Wang says, by throwing all the political leaders behind bars, what Beijing plans is to kill the whole generations of dissents.
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[One year later, #Policebrutality intensifies]

1. A year ago,millions of #HKers flocked to streets to oppose #AntiExtradition bill & #PoliceViolence. It was the time when demonstrations, protests, strikes, petitions, forming human chains & singing #GlorytoHongKong were permitted Image
2. One year later, #Hongkongers and the world bear witness to #Beijing's growing direct control on the city’s vanishing liberty. Ordinary citizens are stabbed by pro-#Beijing mobs, smashed to the ground and arrested by #hkpolice just because they sing in public. ImageImageImage
3. This is the time when teachers are fired for refusing to censor students, and even a satirical show was halted for mentioning #policebrutality. Image
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1. Today, June 4, marks the 31st anniversary of #TiananmenSquareMassacre by the Communist Party of China. Today, the day chillingly resonates with the Chinese people who find themselves in the same position as the summer of 1989. We recount the horrific events.
A Thread -
2. In mid-1980s, #China erupted in widespread student- led protests against the corrupt & authoritarian Communist Party. Among major demands were political reforms towards democracy.Naturally, the Communist Party viewed it as a threat.
3. In the spring of 1989, the protests had spread wide & were fuelled by the death of Hu Yaobang, the communist leader who had pushed for political reforms in China. Inspired by Hu, students took to the street and began a march from Beijing to Tiananmen Square in May.
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This is a dark time for #HongKong, long a beacon for freedom+#HumanRights—and the one place in #China where citizens did not have to “fear the midnight knock on the door.”

Hong Kong people need and deserve the world’s support:
#StandWithHongKong… Image
#HongKong's indomitable spirit is exemplified every year on June 4, when parents bring their children to Victoria Park to light candles for the future.

This year HK’s #TiananmenSquare candlelight vigil is banned for first time since 1989… #6431truth @hrw ImageImage
Because of ban on gathering in Victoria Park, #HongKong organizers of annual candlelight vigil set up a “Global Mourning Initiative” to “light a candle on June 4+observe a moment of silence at 8:09 worldwide”

Join with your candle and #6431truth hashtag… ImageImage
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A note on why it's important to recognize the anniversary of #TankMan and the 1989 events in #TiananmenSquare, as many did this week. 1/4
A friend in his twenties works for a private company, and his colleague is a young Chinese woman who worked as an English translator for Chinese government officials while she was in college in China. She lives and works in the U.S. now on a visa. 2/4
My friend mentioned #Tiananmen to his Chinese colleague, and discovered this coworker believed the massacre never happened. She thought #TankMan was a conspiracy theory. 3/4
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With the 30th anniversary of the #June4 #TiananmenMassacre now 2 weeks away, today I start featuring profiles of #CCP murder victims from @hrichina's excellent 'Unforgotten'. I also change my profile pic to #DuanChanglong & encourage others to do likewise.…
#HK journalists have made a new series of dozens of short video testimonies (w English sub-titles) about their coverage of the 1989 pro-democracy protests in China 30 years ago to commemorate #June4. #六四30…
The book to read for the 30th anniversary of the #June4 #TiananmenMassacre is @liaoyiwu1's Bullets & Opium about the ordinary people imprisoned in the crackdown's aftermath. Here's an excerpt. #六四30…
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