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Hach, hatte schon länger nur noch kleine Trolle. Aber gerade jagt #Homburg wieder seine Rest-Horden los, weil er #achgut ruiniert hat, ich antisemitische Verschwörungsmythen aufdeckte & beim echten #Wiesenthal-Institut in #Wien war. ☺️🙌🇩🇪🇦🇹🇪🇺
Das hier ist die Causa #achgut-#Homburg. Wenn die deutsche Wirtschaft aufhören würde, die Verbreitung von Verschwörungsmythen zu finanzieren, wäre das ein großer Erfolg für #Wissenschaft & #Demokratie, insbesondere #Medizin & #Klimaschutz:
Nun steigt die sog. #AchsedesGuten auch direkt ins Rechtsaußen-#Trolling ein! 🤭 Hoffe, fähige Journalist:innen gehen an die Story, die einen Einschnitt in die Finanzierung von Verschwörungsmythen durch deutsche Unternehmen bedeuten kann. ✊🙌 Dafür lasse ich mich gerne trollen! Image
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CROONICLE: Can Dogs Eat Cooked Mushrooms… #dogs #pet #responsiblepetowners
CROONICLE: Can Dogs Have Avocados… #dog #Avocados
CROONICLE: Can Dogs Have Apple Juice… #dogs #applejuice
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Guten Morgen- Tässle Kaffee? ☕️

Vielen Dank für ganz viel Solidarität. 🙏 Mir geht es gut, nur Rechtsaußen inkl. Teile #AfD unterstützen die Kampagne von Troll #Weinthal & dem sog. #SWC. Die jüdischen Landesgemeinden waren wunderbar klar. ✡️👇 Euch allen einen guten Rosch! 🧡🖖
Okay, Unterstützung bekommen #Weinthal & Co. auch aus der anti-israelischen & antisemitischen #BDS! 👇 Irgendwie bringe ich Extremisten verschiedenster Lager immer wieder zur Weißglut 😉💁‍♂️📚
Freue mich sehr auch über die klaren Worte von Ministerpräsident #Kretschmann & von Innenminister #Strobl. 🙏 Erlebe gegen das extreme #Trolling eine breite Solidarität der Demokrat:innen quer durch alle Parteien, Religionen & Weltanschauungen. 🙏🇩🇪🇪🇺🖖überregionales…
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Politicians and the media are trained to influence the way we think. This thread looks at how they do that.

Media Manipulation Tactics
1/17 #ManufacturedOutrage Image

Media Manipulation Tactics
2/17 #TacticalFraming Image

Media Manipulation Tactics
3/17 #Scapegoating Image
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#Troll expert @GingerGorman on the pattern of police after mass shootings saying “We had no idea, he wasn’t on a watch list” despite supremacist boards on 8chan inspiring the likes of #Christchurch. “I’m not tech-y and I could find this stuff - why couldn’t the police?” #nwf19
Murder as a product of online radicalisation is “an emergency” @GingerGorman says to @JaneCaro. “The internet is dangerous...and nobody is calling (social media companies) to account” #trolling #NWF19
There’s a stack of recommendations from a senate inquiry to strengthen Australian laws to crack down on cyber hate and harassment, and “they’re just sitting there” @GingerGorman says. #NWF19
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Trolling and Online Abuse - Is there a difference?

#onlineabuse #cyberabuse #trolling #cyberstalking #kudostrolling #flametrolling
The definition of trolling is changing.

Trolling was seen as luring others online into pointless, time-consuming arguments and to ‘get a rise’ for a troll’s amusement or to alleviate boredom.

It has now become intentionally malicious behavior to specifically cause distress.
Definition of Trolling:

A deliberate attempt by to create conflict and distress by communicating inflammatory, provocative, and menacing comments to the target.

Trolling is recognized as an antisocial behavior that is perpetrated online.
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How many names start w/ a 'Q'?
What are the odds of a 'Q' stocking?
What are the odds of a 'Q' stocking next to a 'T' stocking?
How many stockings in total?
How many letters used?
Logical thinking.
A little Holiday Fun for the FAKE NEWS media.
#Qanon #trolling
A little Holiday Fun for the FAKE NEWS media.
Think 'Elf on the Shelf'.
Can you find the next one?

(Psst it's the Santa with a hammer signed by QA)

#Qanon #hammertime #BringThePain
Think POTUS Tweet re: PEPE
Trolling the FAKE NEWS media IS SO MUCH FUN!

#qanon #seasonfortreason #WWG1WGA #indictments #trump
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#Copenhagen @NagiebK on reporting #syria & post-truth era. Strategy of creating confusion like calling #terrorists #TheWhiteHelmets form #RifDimashq part of @SyriaCivilDef, volunteers who risk their lives to save other. How journalists are fighting #propaganda & #trolling? Image
#visualconflict18 How news organisations respond practically and policy-wise to the broad production of media? @fedescher from @Channel4 about “we cannot independently verify what is shown in this video” on #Syria. Image
Reporters want to be on the ground but for editors is expensive to send #journalists. Covering #Syria with user generated content & verification process vs local filmed footage. Have a look at #BBCTrending 'hero boy' video faked by Norwegian director…
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