Since our Cdn #FakeNews is crowing about Trudeau "taking the highroad" with @POTUS, I thought it would be fun to have a look at how much truth there is behind that statement, and how we got to this trade war.
FACT: Trudeau had declared war on Trump before he was ever elected. 1/
A "War Room"??
Seriously, does your ALLY and friend create a "war room" to deal with you? 2/
Does this look like the behavior of a "friend"?
It looks more like the sneaky conniving tactics of an enemy to me, and a very cowardly one at that. Did they seriously think that Trump had no idea they were going around him to make deals with his opponents instead of him? 🙄 3/
Here's the article if you want to have a closer look... 4/…
This is a government that has taken MANY public passive aggressive cheap shots & sneaky backstabbing techniques, with lips dripping sickeningly sweet platitudes to the President's face. Trump knows it's BS, and frankly doesn't come across to me as the type to play these games. 5/
Of course, in true #FakeNews NYT style, they've tried to paint this growing tension as all on Trump. As I showed you at the start of this thread, Trudeau had made his position as opposition VERY clear, right from the start. 6/…
Our feminist PM Trudeau has been playing a game of "Mean Girls" with the most powerful man on the planet, the @POTUS. Did he seriously think this would end well for Canadians?
Who cares! If we get screwed b/c of it, well at least he can say he "took the highroad", right?
Then there was THIS.
Note that Trudeau pulled this stunt on US INDEPENDENCE DAY.
GROSS.... 8/…
Recently Trudeau was called out publicly on Twitter for blatantly lying about the NAFTA progress.... And not just by the US, but Mexico as well.…
There's a lot more, but I think I've pretty clearly established that there's no question of "friend of foe" when it comes to Trudeau's attitude toward Trump, and Trump is clearly not oblivious to it! #CBCisFAKENEWS
Now how about Trudeau's recent track record on TRADE.... /10
It kind of helps if you actually show up for big meetings...…
And not surprisingly, other nations take notes when you don't...…
Sometimes I wonder if Trudeau forgets that there's this little thing called THE WORLDWIDE WEB.…
Word gets around when you behave like a globalist CLOWN!…
Needless to say... the last thing on India's mind when Trudeau visited, was in doing a great deal of trade with Canada.
More lies..... More backstabbing.
Everyone wants to make Trump the bad guy, and I'm not thrilled about these new tariffs either, but let's face it, our PM is not exactly ingratiating himself to world leaders globally in the trade department!…
This steel issue has been a problem for a long time, and other leaders have been procrastinating on it. Trump is simply doing what other leaders have failed to do. And he's sending a clear message to Trudeau. "I'm done playing games."…
Will it work out for us? Probably not well, but can we put all the blame on Trump if we're intellectually honest? No, we really can't. We have a PM who's made an enemy of our closest ally, in the midst of NAFTA negotiations. Don't be fooled by his PR department.
What appeasement?
"High road"?
What high road?
This entire narrative is BS #FakeNews, and make no mistake, Canadians and likely many Americans too, will now pay for Trudeau's very foolish games.
Here I'll add more examples of Trudeau and his cheap shots on Trump....…
On the Global stage....…
Our former PM Harper warned us this was going south and being handled badly... When will we learn to heed his warnings??

What was Trudeau doing to remedy the situation?

And this...
Making passive aggressive jabs at the American President, in his HOME TOWN, making hypocritical speeches and declarations about himself that don't REMOTELY resemble his actual behavior in every day life.

This entire speech was basically a declaration that "I'm everything your leader is not."
Realistically, the speech was also everything he is not.
More here:

So basically, for the last several months, Trudeau's been globetrotting, undermining Trump internationally, and in his own country, while he should have been ironing out differences on NAFTA and the steel situation.

Uh oh, Trudeau's been busted lying on NAFTA

AGAIN: (See this thread)

Addendum 2:
Regarding the "National Security" element, I've been doing some digging.... I think there are reasonable grounds for US concern, and we should be concerned on many levels as well:
1) Specifically regarding steel...

2) Regarding Trudeau's affection for one of US's greatest security threats- China.…………

@SpencerFernando writes a lot on this issue. For more, go here:
Remember the steel imports issue.... Weak Chinese steel, the US resistance to the sale of Norsat to China due to it's involvement to US Military, Trudeau IGNORING all warnings to it.
3) Trudeau's open borders policies...
It's no secret, Trump is NOT A FAN.
So what do you suppose his thoughts were when THIS came under his radar?

We had ISIS sympathizers working in one of our nations largest INTERNATIONAL airports, and Trudeau's response was, "Let's have a CONVERSATION about it...."
Yup, that sounds like a guy that takes national security seriously!
Honest question... Canadians have been extremely concerned about how soft Trudeau is on terrorism. Given the last two years listening to Trump on the issue, did we seriously think he wasn't considering the threat of his closest neighbor's dangerous naivete on the subject?
"That Canada could be considered a national security threat to the United States is inconceivable" - @JustinTrudeau May 31/2018

All things considered, this is an LAUGHABLE statement on Trudeau's part, Anyone paying attention knows it.
It WAS inconceivable, before JT. Not now.
Can stupidity be considered a National Security threat?
Yes, I believe it can, and that Trudeau has the market cornered in the stupid department.
(attached thread)

Dear God.... this is the stupidest person I have ever laid eyes on!
After faking congenial host for the #G7, this COWARD waits until @POTUS leaves, to drop this bomb and pretend he has some balls.
Now WE all pay for it!

This thread, done expanded on my blog here:

1-4 of 5 Larry Kudlow statement regarding Trudeau/Trump post G7 blowup....
5 of 5 Larry Kudlow statement regarding Trudeau/Trump post G7 blowup....
Totally disagree with him on some things, but yes, although the Liberals will likely call this "interference", a CALM, REASONABLE voice is desperately in order. I miss our "boring" (levelheaded) PM @stephenharper....

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